: new yuumi skin?
i made it personally about yuumi. But i made the point about riot putting there focus on champions with a few skins.
: new yuumi skin?
> [{quoted}](name=BlueLuna1325,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IHJJtLuG,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-08T22:01:30.223+0000) > > Okay so, while neeko, xayah, rakan, and zoe all got new skins, shouldn't yuumi have one too? > Yes, all of those champions don't have much skins, and i completely understand. But, when u give ahri, who has 11 skins, its just kinda, boring at that point. Instead of giving ahri or lux an 11th skin, I feel as though Riot, as a company, should put there attention to champions with, lets say, one or two. And my friends and I have come up with ideas for yuumi skins. like a Halloween skin or something. But, when a champion only has one skin, all you get to look at is the one change for a champion. yes, battle principle yuumi got revealed when she did. But, u can at least put some sort attention to her? And like, seeing yuumi with no skin is actually better than the skin she has. And I love looking at her fanart! It's so creative, and if Riot takes some time just looking at the ideas from people that play the game, that would make it alot easier.I'd like to know your thoughts, and hopefully see you in rift <3! I did make a point that yes, other champions should have more skins, and that riot needs to focus on those champions too
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: Halloween Yuumi Skin Idea
me and my friends have been discussing this. we would love for yuumi to have a new skin. As a yuumi main. (atm) I would love for her to have anew skin. She only has one skin and we would love our favorite cat to have a new skin. And, a skin with no glasses XD


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