: Nerfing Quinn's early game - her single true strong point - is not the way to approach this IMO. I feel like there are better ways to mess with her power spikes. The ult changes, however, are BEAUTIFUL. I'm really happy with this and expect most of my fellow jaded Quinn appreciators to feel the same way. Crazy idea time: The only thing that needs to be done now is to switch it - _visually only_ - from Valor carrying Quinn, back to Valor. Just looks less clunky that way. She'd need a new model/texture for Heartseeker Valor, but the files for Val's animations are still in the game, as are - I assume - Valor's textures and models for all her other skins.
Agreed! I understand the thematic disconnect, but having Valor carry Quinn just looks silly.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 9
Pretty basic idea, but a Metal drake that increases champ defense. The 4 we've got buff basic aspects of a champion, but none of them are particularly useful for tank champs, like the Fire drake is for AP/AD carries. Like, Malph, for example. Mountain drake? He doesn't do anything to towers anyway. Ocean drake is useful out of combat, but once he's in, forget about it. Same for wind drake- good for positioning, but not something he's going to want more than the others. When I'm playing Janna or Quinn, I get excited to see a wind drake! Something cool that synergizes well with my kit and playstyle. Same with a Fire drake on Ori, or a mountain drake on Nasus. But there aren't any drakes a tank can look at and be excited for. Taking drakes to help teammates is fine, but isn't as cool as getting a drake you can go "YESSSSS" about.
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