Barraza (NA)
: Notify Me Option in Merch Store
Please Rito, just let us know for sure when to throw our money at you. I just want your cute, soft, furry things like the Tibbers Onesie DX
: A goodbye letter
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Wudon (NA)
: League of Legends song
Yooooooo this is pretty legit. The Broporo enjoys ^_^
Sakurie (NA)
: Anyway to do this?
Unfortunately not as far as I know, but if they're harassing you I'd call that a reportable offense. Just like we wouldn't let someone harass you in-game, it won't fly here either.
: Permaban pls
Ehhhh we don't really like issuing punishments for no reason at all, but you can always write in a ticket to have us either disable or entirely delete the account if you'd prefer. Think carefully about it though!
Yung Seng (EUNE)
: Problem with client. Please help!
It does kind of sound like it's probably a connection based problem off the top of my head, but let's dig into this! If you don't mind, run a traceroute using something like [WinMTR]( to the EUNE servers at, and post those results here so I can take a look. Be sure to block out the very top line, since that's a bit of personal info!
jawd55 (NA)
: Bugsplat during champ select
Unfortunately, the client doesn't actually have the ability to tell *why* you disconnected, only that you're no longer connected to the game/lobby. Getting a bugsplat is heckin' frustrating that's for sure, and in my experience, it's really good to start troubleshooting after the first time to try and resolve whatever caused it so you don't get any unneeded penalties. If you saw any specific errors during that crash, please send those my way so I have more info to work with, but until then try running a repair through the client options (if you haven't yet). It'd also be a good move to double check both your graphics drivers and DirectX drivers as well.
: Aw I was actually only hoping to get Ashe because I don't really play melee champions, but thanks alot for the help! And what do you mean by the one of the three "promo champs"? Aren't the three champs Ashe Garen and Brand
Weeeeeeell you're right about the new levelup system granting those 3 for free, but take a look at this promotional content you can get too! If any of those don't seem to work, feel free to pop back over here and reply to me letting me know!!
: No, I am doing it through client, and I said Third party because that is the message that was showing up when i went to the verification tab on the PBE client settings.
I must be a little confused here. You're trying to signup for PBE through the client? You'll need to signup and [**create a PBE account on this website first**](
: > [{quoted}](name=Broporo,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=UM53ziQJ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-02-01T22:13:33.884+0000) > > Ayyyy I'm glad you found an older article which worked for you before I had the time to get back to work! If that doesn't work again for some reason, you could try doing a manual config reset to see if that helps. It could be some kind of resolution confusion going on. > > - Log into the game client > - Navigate to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\ > - Delete the folder named **Config** > - Go into a practice game and verify that settings have saved properly. > - Leave game to sync settings I must had done something wrong. I copy pasted the Config file just in case. Entered a Practice game, changed my settings there to the ones I wanted. Left game practice mode and the bug happened yet again. So I erased the a new Config file that was created automatically and switched to my older one which I saved previously ;_;
It might not be a configuration file related problem if it's not helping, but did you *change* some options or *delete* the folder entirely? If you didn't delete the folder, maybe try again but this time just delete the folder named Config. If that's not helping, it might just be an issue that you need to keep fixing by using that ctrl +/- suggestion.
: Skins
We don't have exact dates for those skins, but you can look for those in the shop once the Lunar Revel 'event' starts. New skins are generally added shortly after the patch drops, so I'd start looking for those around Wed of next week. Also, be sure to check the [**news page**]( as well for any announcements.
: Riot Please. Help 4K Resolution
League doesn't fully support 4k quite yet, so, unfortunately, we won't have a direct fix for this. Your best bet for getting a larger, more obvious mouse cursor is gonna be to downgrade your resolution to 1080p until League fully supports 4k.
: Dreadknight Garen
Got that skin added for ya fam! Please remember to *never* give out your username ever. We actually won't need it either, and we can always find your account with the Summoner Name and Region ^_^!
: Got S but no chest pls help
It does look like you're not getting chests due to that recent punishment. That 2-week dropped you to Honor Rank 0 which will lock your hextech loot rewards. Once you've played enough games to show reform from the action that got you punished you'll be able to get loot rewards again.
VreliNuno69 (EUNE)
: No comment
When it comes to toxic punishments like this, it doesn't matter what other players said since this is pertaining to your account. It's tough sometimes to not fight back and defend yourself, but we're always in control of our own actions and you're able to simply mute others and report them in post-game if needed. Saying something in defense of yourself doesn't make those things okay, and calling the enemy team or your own teammates "tarded" is just something that cool. This account has been through the normal escalation process with chat restrictions and then this 2 week ban. This isn't a perma, so you'll be back in the game before too long. Just remember to report these people who lash out at you in post game, and try your best not to fight back. It's a lot more satisfying to report and see that they were banned rather than get yourself punished along with them =(.
Zeddronn (NA)
: Redirect Rewarded RP?
Since the RP was supposed to go to that specific account, I don't really think they'd be able to redirect the prize to someone else or a different account. To be certain though, I'd shoot our game team a [**ticket**]( to see if this might be possible whatsoever, but I can't make any promises.
Awerrq (EUNE)
: help pls
We've had some issues in the past with certain overlays or other software like OBS messing up replays if they were running during the game. Do me a favor and try disabling any extra stuff like Discord/OBS/Gameshow/Curse and test it out in a custom game, then load that replay to see if it recorded normally.
: Account getting hacked
If someone was able to change your password again after recently getting your account recovered, there's a really good chance they have access to your personal email as well. I'd be sure to change that email password too when you can just to be extra safe!! About the tickets, poor Blitzcrank does his best but still malfunctions every once and awhile. He's trying so hard sometimes lol xD! If it's still not getting to an agent, hit that request a human button and then make sure to type something and submit that reply. That should get the job done. If not, send me your ticket number and I'll make sure it gets to and agent personally ^_^!
: why cant i post on any other board
I believe the level for other boards is 7, and you might have just needed a quick boards level sync. Sometimes your level here doesn't update correctly with your summoner level, but posting here in H&S or using the [**Profile Syncing Tool**]( stickied at the top should get that level updated.
: I'm level 20 and I don't have Ashe or Garen from the early level-up rewards, only Brand?
Awww snap, it looks like you leveled this account before the new level-up rewards went into effect, and they didn't retroactively add that stuff to older accounts like were level 30. I can't get Ashe added for you, but Garen is actually one of the 3 "promo" champs you can essentially get for free. Doesn't feel good for me to send you away to try to claim it, so I just went ahead and got him added for you ^_^!
Deathcap (NA)
: Why if i have to reconnect does riot put me in a lower que?
It's definitely frustrating getting kicked for random issues like pc restarts or router issues, but a leave for any reason is still kinda screwing over the other players on your team. You shouldn't get punished for just one instance either, and if you're still having any of these issues we should get to troubleshooting asap before it happens over and over. Was this any kind of specific problem that you were aware of or did your pc just randomly restart on its own? Might be able to figure this out with more info.
Kienan (NA)
: 100% reproduction, no controls register input
Most of the time when this happens, it ends up being a mismatch between your config settings. If your client doesn't correctly download them when starting a game, then sometimes none of your keys work at all. Try doing a quick config reset and test it out in a custom for me. - Log into the game client - Navigate to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\ - Delete the folder named **Config** - Go into a practice game and verify that settings have saved properly. - Leave game to sync settings
: In game lag, but not ping related
Hmmmm it kinda sounds like you might be having some problems with packet loss or some other kinda of routing issue somewhere along the way. Generally, a really good sign of packet loss is getting some strange lag (but FPS and MS stay constant), or you see REALLY weird stuff like teleporting/moonwalking/abilities taking forever to register and work. Luckily there's a good way for us to check for packet loss, by running a traceroute to our servers to check the current health of your connection. Grab [WinMTR]( and run a trace to, then post those results here for me to take a look. Please remember to block out the very top line of it when you post it here!
: emote bug error code: EM01 and EM05,
Those two errors sometimes happen if the client doesn't correctly grab that info from the server, so it might be a good idea to try [**adjusting your firewall settings**]( for League. There's also an issue we're working on fixing where players with over 20 emotes get this error too, but hopefully those firewall steps help fix this!
aspect222 (EUW)
: My card got charged but didnt recieve RP
There's a good chance that it might be a pending charge that you're seeing, but our billing agents will be able to tell for sure what happened in our payment systems! Be sure to check back up on your ticket for their responses.
R1D3R (NA)
: My account is hacked
Be sure to reach out to us in a [**ticket**]( or live chat for account recovery stuff! We don't want your personal info or login info being displayed here for everyone, it's much safer to do these things one on one with us.
: White Screen on Mac- Ruining my life
Oh man that sounds really frustrating, especially if your friends are starting to make comments about it now =(. I might need a little more context, like if this is on a Mac or not, but in the meantime try changing your video settings to windowed and check it in a custom/practice game to see if that helps at all.
Yolodogi (EUNE)
: hello Rito
SKT T1 Jhin is right actually! Shoot me a quick sketch of what you're hoping to get from that chest and I'll make sure that 2 RP gets to your account. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: 14 day suspension and no information on why...
It does look like this punishment was toxic chat related. Go ahead and shoot us a [**ticket**]( and our agents can provide the logs and go over them with you there since you aren't seeing them for some reason.
: Unfair report system!
You might have muted them, sure. I can even see you said that you muted them in the chat game. Before muting them however, you were calling your own teammates stuff like "retarded" and "tard", which just isn't cool as is punishable. Now that's not to say doing just that got you this suspension, because this account has also been through several warnings before this one. This two-week is the result of the normal escalation process when previously punished toxicity continues. I'm not listing the full chat logs here, since that's honestly disrespectful in my eyes. But if you did want to go over them in depth, we could definitely go over it all in a [**ticket**](
: Help Needed! Small LoL Client Window After Every Game! Bug or no??
Ayyyy I'm glad you found an older article which worked for you before I had the time to get back to work! If that doesn't work again for some reason, you could try doing a manual config reset to see if that helps. It could be some kind of resolution confusion going on. - Log into the game client - Navigate to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\ - Delete the folder named **Config** - Go into a practice game and verify that settings have saved properly. - Leave game to sync settings
Afara 3D (EUNE)
: Here.. A Quick Sketch Of A Blood Moon Poro.. I Don't Draw That Good Sooo.... Yeah.
Aaaaaahhhhhhh it's so precious!!!! Make sure you check your RP the next time you login ^_^!!
: Now I have 2 runes pages...thanks if you did anmything to help me
Must have been something connection related, since I actually just now got back to work and saw these updates. Didn't ever touch anything on my end xD!
: Do I have to trace it while playing a game? Here are the results without that: |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | WinMTR statistics | | Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last | |------------------------------------------------|------|------|------|------|------|------| | ROUTER - 0 | 78 | 78 | 0 | 0 | 1 | 0 | | - 0 | 78 | 78 | 8 | 12 | 24 | 8 | | - 0 | 78 | 78 | 10 | 17 | 68 | 17 | | - 0 | 78 | 78 | 11 | 19 | 33 | 11 | | - 0 | 78 | 78 | 15 | 21 | 34 | 19 | | - 0 | 78 | 78 | 12 | 18 | 72 | 14 | | - 0 | 78 | 78 | 12 | 19 | 49 | 16 | | - 0 | 78 | 78 | 12 | 18 | 31 | 16 | |________________________________________________|______|______|______|______|______|______| WinMTR v0.92 GPL V2 by Appnor MSP - Fully Managed Hosting & Cloud Provider
Nah don't need to trace while playing, but it would be a good idea to check this trace or use the [**lag report tool**]( to check your scores if you notice any problems in a game. That trace actually looks pretty clean with a steady 78 ping with no packet loss. Since you ran the trace about 15~ hours after posting this, hopefully that means the packet loss had cleared up. Are you still seeing any moments where you can't move or do anything? Things might be okay now, but let if know if not so we can try a couple other things to smooth this out.
: I don't know if you can send DMs through these boards. I submitted a ticket (#33563949) with the screenshot, but I don't wanna show my IP here. As of this morning, my ping is back down to 40ms at the Riot IP above, but I will keep an eye on it.
Can't DM sadly, but that's a good idea sending it over in a ticket too! I'll be sure to check in on that, and with a ticket the techs will be able to take a look as well ^_^. Glad to hear that ping is back down, might have been some weird hiccup in routing or something? Hopefully it doesn't start spiking again anytime soon!
: what email is it sent from so I can just look up the email in the inbox? I cant seem to find it
Should be the verified email on the account, or the email that you submitted the ticket from. We can't give out that info though since it's kinda personal information. Be sure to check any emails you could have used to send it.
GigglesO (NA)
: Hey, its been awhile. Thanks for noticing this post, when did support get orange banners instead of red?
Not too long ago actually! We made the change to help make it more apparent who was Player Support (fixing all the things) and Riot Devs (who *make* all the things).
DoomRPG (NA)
: League Crashes when I attempt to get into game at complete random
Yea it doesn't sound like these crashes would be related to firewalls or antivirus(but it *would* be smart to troubleshoot that by [**turning off your firewalls or adding exceptions for League**](, best to cover all your options!), but more than likely related to background processes like youtube and discord. Do a quick [**clean boot **]( and let me know if that helps or not too.
: Game Crashes/Freezing
Hmmmm yea that doesn't sound too fun to deal with at all. I'm curious if something in the background is causing your pc to freeze up for some reason since League shouldn't be locking up your entire computer even if it does freeze. Try doing a quick clean boot if you can, and I'd also make sure the Windows Game DVR is turned off since it can cause some fps issues in League. It might be heavily impacting it in this case.
vykos G2 (NA)
: connection problems
Do me a favor and try updating your DNS settings to if you haven't yet. That can typically get you a smoother connection with our servers overall, and you should see some better ping with that. I'd also probably try switching to ethernet instead of wifi if you consistently have issues with ping on wifi (since wireless can be pretty unstable in general).
SoreTDC (NA)
: My name changed now I have no match history?
It took me a bit of digging, but I think I probably found the reason for what happened here. It looks like you've been with League since about the beginning (props on that fam), and all of those previous matches played might have been logged under an old system we used. After switching over, we won't have any of that data any longer. It looks like there was a lengthy break which leads me to think that might be the case here.
: Draven OR VARUS?
Ya boy's Varus. 3's better than one imo xD PS: You'll get a lot more responses if you post this over in Gameplay or General Discussion!
: > [{quoted}](name=Broporo,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=1Gf2RQiG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-31T21:53:02.411+0000) > > I'm not sure what is, but it sounds like you're trying to change your account's verified email? If you aren't getting the emails, try reaching out to our account team in a [**ticket**]( After you verify yourself as the account creator they'll be able to help you out from there! I did and i also gave you a shout out in the ticket. Thanks for looking out!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Ayyyy thanks for that! They just yelled at me and I swore I must have messed up somewhere lol. Turns out it was just a shoutout from A Smokin Penguin xD! (love the name btw ^_^!)
Profeten (EUW)
: In-Game freezes in seconds (Specially when fighting.)
Looks like you've covered a lot of the potential issues, definitely helps to narrow things down a bit that's for sure. Your pc seems to meet the min specs as well, so I don't think the problem lies there either. Take a quick second to make sure the Windows Game DVR feature is turned off too, since that's been known to turn itself back on after Windows update and can cause a lot of fps issues in certain games. I'd also consider testing League *without* the Radeon Software to see if maybe it's been negatively impacting League possibly. I'd also maybe consider opening your ticket with the techs again, as there might have been more steps they needed to try if what they gave you hasn't worked yet. Feel free to poke me here in a reply if my suggestions haven't helped yet either. Sometimes we need to go through a lot of troubleshooting to narrow down what the real issue is, but stick with us here or in the ticket and we'll get something figured out for ya ^_^!
: league of legend is taking 17+GB data
Unfortunately our client doesn't have a pause feature for patches or the initial download, so you'll need to let it finish up in one setting somehow. The initial install can be a little large, but ultimately it won't take up that much space once it's downloaded and patched up.
: yeah i kinda did some research about things that could get me banned and im definitely not saying that again. how do i send tickets in to riot or whatever; i posted here bc i didnt know where else to go to
You can shoot those tickets over from this link -> [**ticket**](!
: I don't have any ticket # because I did the account recovery and I haven't gotten a response yet
Ah, thought you might have had a response in your email by now possibly. No worries, they'll respond to that ticket and you can just ignore it. Won't be a problem. Just respond to whichever ticket you'd like to continue working in whenever you get a response.
: I have been having having the same issue. 40 ping normally. Yesterday it was 110, today its steady at 135. I ran "tracert" and the response time jumped from ~28ms to 135ms at []. Does that help?
Ayyyy could I get a full copy of that trace? If there are indeed spikes around riotdirect it could signify a problem, but we'd need the full trace to confirm. Mind shooting me a screenshot instead of copy-pasta?
GigglesO (NA)
: When do we get a mass disenchant button for all of these useless champ shards?
Ayyyy that may actually happen sometime soon tbh! We recently got mass chest opening, so I wouldn't be surprised if this was added sometime soon.
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