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: What do you consider to be the biggest issue with playing this game?
It’s just really the player base that is the issue with match making, though yes in my opinion I think How match making works for ranked could be changed/edited. I’ve talk with my duo partner who I play with when ever we can or feel like it in league about what could help ranked Match Making. As much as people complain about damage and defense, honestly you can play around that it’s just about being smart and actually having team members that work together to help- it’s not an issue. It’s called adaptive play style. Onto the idea to help ranked match making- _ Few ideas ranged from_- -You need a certain cap of mastery points in the champion to play them in ranked, because too many times people play champions they barely play in ranked and it cucks over the entire team. -Completely disallow Different Elos playing together in ranked matches, because multiple times I’ve come across a Silver duo with a Bronze and that has cucked over a number of my games. -Not allowing players with over twenty reports within a month play Ranked for a long period of time. It’s harsh, but it’s needed at this point. -and so far that’s about it....{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Tbh they could have though of this themselves if they actually put TFT aside,
: Riot, Why Gouge Prices and Swindle New Content?
It was really heart breaking as a SG fan to realize there wasn’t an Event ticket (which does help cut costs by the way by earning the icon, ward, and border more than usually) and that the bundles to get the skin with border was going way over what I can normally spend given these skin line releases. The most heart breaking I do play Xayah and Rakan with my duo best friend, we both wanted the border with the skins but sadly neither of us could afford that and won’t get to ever have it once it’s gone. And I agree, there is lack of content with these bundle to garner such prices and owning the champion doesn’t help at all with lowering it down. With how random the Eggs are for little legends they could have added a free egg with the bundle and maybe some Prestige Points for at least the Xayah and Rakan bundle. I can understand, making all this stuff is time consuming for the workers at Riot who put so much into this for us to enjoy, but it’s hard to do that when they don’t help us to be able to afford it or make it worth wild for the price they put it at. Heck, we even just got missions for more BE and a chest- Maybe they could have offered harder to complete missions for a deal price to earn for the skins?? Maybe just earn the icon and ward as rewards to help lower the bundle prices?? Not like they keep releasing skin line after skin line, with Chromas, wards, icons, and new champions instead of updating their older champions. Not like they have so many skins and champions they still earn pretty good money, especially now with the little legends being part of major skin lines and how those eggs work, as well that disaster of paying over $5 for achievements per champion they almost released. {{sticker:sg-lulu}} Yeah, I mentioned it, Riot. I hope Riot reads this, I really, really do. I hope they can understand their player base isn’t made of money, we all also work jobs and have to pay for things in life; that this is a hobby for many playing league and we need good reason to buy their product to support them. As of lately it’s been more Quantity than Quality which really hurts considering I do love the game League of Legends. If it means anything, I play an app called KingsRaid- Even though I can earn a lot of the gems for free it makes me want to support them with how good quality their game is along with their content and bundle offers. Just, stop being so greedy it’s breaking your player’s hearts.
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: Guys I WAS KIDDING when I made the trashy over-simplified logo
Is there any way for us as players who are fans of League of a Legends to just- Stop them from doing this? Band together making a lot of the same forum posts telling them not to do this and it’s a bad idea, because it is. I swear, next I’. Expecting their entire map to also look bland then for them to go back start making the female skins more covered that show a lot of skin. Somebody slap riot a few times before it gets too far. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
: Join Us Oct. 15th to Celebrate 10 Years of League
You already ruined the tiny logo, it was simple yet strong in its design before you made it office man boring level. Now this, this isn’t even a logo- It’s just words slapped on with some little design. You can design amazing skins, why can’t you design something better? Riot/League is a complex game filled with variety of people, a the old logo fits the game and company for who and what it is. STANDOUT! You are so different from any other company! Be unique and you, be yourself and keep your standout design that shines from all the other bland looking logos. Stop erasing the pieces of you that make you unique, because people remember you most by the uniqueness. May or may not be the best example, but I feel you adding TFT and the tiny logo design is the first signs you are starting to follow other footsteps, you’re starting to become like any other company. Don’t- Do YOUR thing, because people come here for that NOT for what other companies do. Also maybe since it’s 10year anniversary the players could earn some nice loot or be gifted a good chest to be chanced with a skin for champions we regularly play?
CLG ear (NA)
: riot has no idea what they are doing
The only ones I can really see replacing Zoe is Morgana and LeBlanc, because the others I can’t fully visually see them fitting, but then again Zoe has that chaotic trickster vibe that does fit- The issue is she... she is a kid, basically. Heck, they could have just used Anne since she is chaotic evil herself with flames. There is also Kayle who could fit, but over all I can see why they chose Zoe, but at the same time I’m a bit mixed since I’m also mixed at the character choice making her an immortal child basically. All in all, I’m pretty indifferent to the choice and hopefully maybe next time Syndra and another are chosen to be added Anti-StarGuardian as added further to the lore of the story progression. {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
Leufaya (OCE)
: A Solution to the Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan [LIGHT VERSION] debate
I think it’s worth it, at least see it more often than just every few seconds. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Let's have a little talk about Little Legends
I completely agree. I fight with you on this, fix the little legends gacha. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: 2019 Star Guardian Chromas
To be honest, they probably would have made more money off SG this year if it was posted around Halloween with the concept design with Zoe. Heck, a Pure form of Zoe would have been interesting for Chroma too. Guess we won’t though cause it ‘conflict with the lore and VoiceLines’. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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