: There are just way to many overloaded champs.
This is because Riot wants faster games, damage items are worth more than defensive for the most part unless you are playing super specific champs, or if building armor literally counters their whole team. They need to make defensive items worth more so you can actually build against someone who gets a couple kills early. Defensive items are so pointless it's better to just keep building your core items for damage. The champs themselves I do believe are okay, its the limited poorly optimized defensive items that give you no chance to counter these champs. At least that is my opinion.
: Remakes not functioning properly
He probably experienced the loading screen bug that connects him in game, but never actually connects him on his own end. This exact bug is why I don't play ranked anymore. It has got a little better, a month ago like 1/3 games either I, or someone in the game would get it. Now it is more like 1/10 games, but still not worth it imo. After getting back to back disconnects on my own end, I said screw ranked, I guess I am forced to play norms. I am sure riot knows it is an issue, but I don't think they have it as a top priority at this point.
: 10 game chat restriction
Good job riot indeed, couldn't agree more. At least you were able to see the error of your ways.
: Gemstones
After I saved up like 12 Gemstones I finally realized I dont play, nor want to play any of the champions that have Gemstones skins. So I finally just bought chests with them. Would it have been cool to get one of those skins, sure, but I got like 4 other skins including an epic after rerolling skin shards.
: Trying To Play A New Champ Upon Their Release Is Such A Shitstorm....
You could always play her in bot games if you want to play her that badly right now and dont want to bother with any other human interaction.
: Ryze in high elo has no counterplay
Well you are not high elo, so I dont see how that really affects you at all. Most Ryzes look like G2 Wunder and and up inting their brains out no matter what elo.
: A Detailed Thread Explaining the World's Fix Job
G2 is a lucky team to make it as far they did, FPX even called it, then 3-0 them. Simple as that. The fact they beat SKT was luck on their part.
Shahamut (NA)
: Season 10 ranked
Honestly, all I want next ranked season is to be able to play ranked. I havent played almost any ranked this season cause of the client bugs. I dont want free losses cause I cant load into the game. Happens about 1/10 games, but I dont know when that game is.
: Can we bring back green wards
Buy control wards, limiting ward purchases I feel is actually quite nice. A lot of games now can change very quickly if you can sneak a baron, or a dragon. You have to be smarter with where you choose to ward. Free wards has not taken any complexity of the game away, cause I know people who still dont ward. Even with their free ward, then flame when they get ganked.
: Just Revert to patch 9.21 U pieces of fluff
: Permanent ban for third party software....I never used any of any kind this is 100% mistake.
When you start your next account, try not to use third party software. Hope this was helpful, happy gaming. :)
Prowned (EUNE)
: I guess we're not playing league anymore?
I haven't been playing ranked as much this season cause of the 100% bug. It screws up my computer so bad I have to restart and then I get leaver. After 2 games in a row of that, I just said oh well, guess I will play norms. I really hope we get to play next season for real.
: Honor Progress
This is exactly why I just report everyone including myself after every game.
: can I request riot for per chat ban me
There is a way to reduce the chat box window to 0 so it goes away completely. That's about the best advice I can offer.
Thuban (NA)
: TFT proves just how stupid the world is
You sound a lot like someone who loses a lot and then vaguely complains about nothing to make other people bad for liking something simple.
Comentários de Rioters
: Gifted champion not appearing in champ select
Not a bug, probably just needed to restart his client before you guys started up a game.
: Ranked Roles
I mean, no one wants to play jungle, its more auto-filled than support I believe. So if it is your secondary you are going to get it that often. I would recommend changing it to like bot lane or something. Then you will always get mid.
: Give opt out of premades for unranked games.
You said short story then went on a rampage man. I feel you though, they should make a solo only que maybe for unranked. Might be a nice idea for players who dont play with others.
: I made it to Diamond!
Congrats! The highest I made it last season was my plat 1 promos, so I am hoping this season I can get them fat wins for diamond. :)
: I was banned for 'botting' but have never installed third party software for my league account
Sounds like a bot responding to me, no one loves playing league, they are called addicts.
: Just trying to understand your point. I don't know what you mean by "acted the same way you did" You mean someone was flaming the renagr and all he was saying was basically stop being toxic?
No, what I mean was he was acting like a little baby the whole game. Just like you acted. Who TF cares if they are flaming you, troll them, laugh at them and move on with your life. Don't say stupid stuff that will get a chat restricted or banned, then complain about it on the forums. Hell I will admit I got my 10 game chat restriction cause a Lee Sin decided to run it down mid in my plat 1 promos and end the game 0/15. Would I change that game if I could, of course, I know I flamed that boi hard. I deserved it. I moved on, it was a lesson in life.
: Got chat restricted only because 3 people falsely reported me ! :(
I mean, I wouldnt want to hear you talk in one of my games. I literally just had to deal with a rengar jungle that acted the same way you did, didnt like it. Why is it always the jungler?
Kalikain (NA)
: Leagues explanation. Explained!
They are giving some soft resets to the diamond+ players, this doesnt even affect literally 95% of the community. I am pretty sure D4 is still like top 1%.
: Still waiting
I am not arguing with you that it sucks really bad to have that happen, but no one is going to get banned for that. He probably did not even get a 10 game chat restriction. When reporting players, it is best to report and move on, and not waste your own time dwelling on it. You can not expect a ban on someone who is just playing a part of the game, does it suck, yes. Is it actually a reportable offense... No.
: Morgana visual rework underwhelming
As a Morgana main, I kinda like it, it has its ups and downs. I think all the skins look worse for the most part, there is less to each one of them. Her walk I dont really notice, but it is weird. Her Icon is kinda meh. The only thing I like really is the updates on the abilities
XaVïor (EUW)
: Gain/Lose LP base on the "During the game performances"
It's a neat idea, but as someone who is a support main, I wont be toping the damage charts to maximize an LP gain. I wont be getting CS. Depending on who I play I also wont be taking a ton of damage. You have only thought this idea through from the view of a carry, which is understandable. There are players who like to play supports and tanks that would not fit into your metrics of LP gain.
: What? The yi (and at the time, Taric or Lulu) strat was going on like 6 months ago before they nerfed funnelling. That was the main reason it even got nerfed in the first place, because it was going on every game that it could be done in. What makes vi super compelling is that she's a fast-paced fighting game character kind of champion. You combo (much less than Riven) and you knock em around like a pinball. Her power budget clearly wasn't extravagant enough to warrant losing .2 and .3 off her AD scaling on 2 major abilities (the E nerf is pitifully small so i dont care, but it went from 1.15 to 1.10.... 1.10 is also how much scaling her ult now has.) The main problem is she's going to get blown up while using ultimate (until she lands), then focused like always and killed pretty fast. Her only defense up *is on her W proccing a few seconds off her passive*, which is a clearing-focused buff that allows her to make early ganks like other meta champs without the looming threat of dying before you get to them in the process, and the shield is up from 10% to 15% of her health. Which would be huge, if that amount wasnt still easily poppable by a mid/late game poke spell worth. She'll still die, just a half second later. She won't leave as much of an impact on the fight because of her reduced damage output. It's a downgrade. Look at Super Metroid, the only challenger Vi that i know of, he posted last night on twitter "@RiotAugust These changes are bad and you should feel bad". If the only professional vi player agrees with the majority of vi players that its a shite change, that's gotta be at least worth *something*
Not that I don't listen to high end players, I do, I learn a lot from them. That does not always mean that they are right. I do think that ALL Vi mains, not just the challenger player, should be heard. But if Vi is turned into more of a tank than an assassin, she will last more than .5 seconds longer, because she will build different, she will most likely take aftershock and front line for teams rather than just blow up 1 person and die. I do believe you that all the 1 trick Vi players are upset by this change because her damage was fairly high, but just because she is headed down a different path does not mean she will not be an even more viable pick now. I was not a huge fan that my most played character went from a mid laner to a support (Morgana). Heck, they even tried to make her one of the viable AP jungles, which I have tried and I think Gragas is just a better AP jungler. I still play Morgana a lot, and I mean a lot. I hope you still can find joy in playing Vi, even if it is in a new way.
: Can you please please please for the love of god nerf Zed
You could either ban him, or try playing against him. I am not sure on your role but if you are mid, take exhaust. Build an hourglass early and take the free stop watch. Every time I play mid into him I have to adjust my play style, and I still hate him, but I do not think he is "Broken."
Seen (NA)
: Is it just me or is Renekton a really strong pick this patch
That is simply because he is a very strong early/mid champion and games do not last as long as they used too. I still think in a late game true team fight he probably would not fair as well as other champions, such as Darius or Nasus.
: Nasus Needs A Change
I agree. I think he needed to scale quicker now that game time has decreased, but I feel he is overly powerful in his current position. Not like TOO much, just a tiny bit. Maybe a CD increase on Wither at earlier ranks would make him more balanced.
: AR URF is bad
The mode is not meant to be taken seriously, don't like it you don't have to play it. I enjoy playing it though myself with my friends, cause it doesn't matter how hard anyone feeds, and whether defeat or victory those games do not change anything.
Xyries (NA)
: Yes, as I said before, people who want to queue as tank/healer, or "Fill" in this case, are perfectly capable of that, they don't need to be forced into "Fill" when they didn't choose it, therefore, making the entire system of forced into roles you didn't select worthless.
> [{quoted}](name=Xyries,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tF1spd7c,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-03-06T06:02:21.312+0000) > > Yes, as I said before, people who want to queue as tank/healer, or "Fill" in this case, are perfectly capable of that, they don't need to be forced into "Fill" when they didn't choose it, therefore, making the entire system of forced into roles you didn't select worthless. With positional rank people are not going to want to queue for fill in ranked queue. They will want to focus their time in 1 role. That is why I do not believe that the positional ranking system is as healthy as they intended for it to be.
Xyries (NA)
: Why do we ever get queue'd into roles we didn't select?
If I remember correctly the queue times in those MMORPGs were literally god awful for DPS, and instant for tanks and healers. Therefor almost everyone I knew would queue up as a tank or healer. Now, on the other hand I do understand your point, and I believe it is what has been plaguing the ranked system horrifically. Every ranked game is a blow out one way or their other 9/10 because someone got auto filled jungle and has no clue what they are doing. As someone who doesn't jungle, I would probably have the same affect on the game, but I am a support main, so I get my role, lol. Therefor I do believe SPECIFICALLY for ranked and ranked only, if they are to keep positional queue rankings the way they are now, they need to guarantee people their primary role they are queued up for, or get rid of positional ranked, because not once have I been in a game where someone has asked for another role than fed their brains out. For normals though I do not see it as big of a problem.
: Petition against new Fizz skin...
I can agree it is very odd, but rito likes money, and people are going to buy it regardless. That being said, after watching a short clip of the skin, I do not think it fits Fizz well, but there are a lot of skins nowadays that are like this where they are more for fun than to be a part of the champion. Good luck on your petition. I don't like being skeptic, but even if you get 100k people to sign that it still will not be removed.
: hey so quick question rito, WTF are you running Vi into the ground for?
I see where the concern is, but I believe what riot is trying to do is make her able to survive true team fights better as a diving front line for her team, rather than just someone who gets blown up for ulting into a team. That being said, if she has the capability to ult into a team and survive her damage should be reduced in return. Having more sustain and less damage is a fair trade for a diving champion. As your concern to the fact that she has not been played in pro play, that is not 100% true. She has not been played in pro play in the major regions such as LCS or LCK. She has seen play in other regions whether you choose to watch them that is up to you. Just because a champion is not seen in pro play though does not mean that they cannot still be really good in solo queue. Example, the old boosting strategy that is constantly done in solo queue by pick Kayle top and Master Yi jungle and funneling the Yi while Kayle builds support for him. That has does not get seen in pro play, but is VERY good in solo queue. Pro play and Solo queue are very different. Pro play (for the most part) is played around team comps and strategy. Plus honestly if they make her as viable as a tank such as lets say Sej, she could start seeing more competitive play. Just my thoughts though. I think she would be more useful as a diving tank into a team, than a diving assassin.
: Is Glass Cannon Amumu a thing now?
It is not meta, but it tends to work really well up till about gold when players are better at kiting.
: Will ranked 5's ever come back?
You can Flex queue as 5, granted you may not get a full 5 man premade EVERY GAME, but as someone who plays almost every night with a group of 5 in flex, 99% of games is vs another 5 man premade. Flex as 5 is the samething as ranked 5's basically, not identical, but basically the same thing.
: Can we admire it for a while?
As a support main I do not believe Thresh is broken by any means. He is just the most fun support to play, and almost every support main feels the same way. And I dont think any champ besides reksai needs a nerf. I think they need to tone down the items that make the champion broken. Just my 2 cents though
: no we are both out of promos, have been out of promo's for awhile, and i mean i always have to carry his useless ass xD
That's rough then. The game might believe that he belongs in a higher ranking, though still gaining 40 points seems a bit high. I am gaining like 30 at gold 1 and I think that's pretty high. I also believe winning streaks improve the amount of LP you get and getting a loss kinda breaks that.
: I’m just saying cause I feel my previous post was unjustly removed and I don’t get why they did so :/
I was being ironic. I have no idea why your post was removed. I think most posts get removed pretty quick if no one has responded to it.
: Blocking suggestion
I mean you are probably going to hate me for "playing devil's advocate" here, but you could also just ignore them if they are not hurting anyone. Down vote their comment and move on. Plus I bet at least 50% of the time someone brings up a valid argument whether trolling or not you will instantly dismiss it because they are... I dont know... "Someone like that." But I am probably wrong, and you are probably right. #BlockEveryone
: Dear riot why did you delete my post about Wukong that is clearly supposed to be there.
: Getting screwed out of LP
I mean you are probably boosted... In all seriousness though, he might be in his promos for a position rank he has not yet completed.
: How about adding some counter play to twitch's stealth ganks?
Control Wards general work pretty good. Also a sweeper is nice to have if you think he could be trying to gank.
: Expected daily dose of League
I have to say you are punishing yourself as much you are them by keeping yourself in the game and not allowing yourself to move on. I have a code I live by which is never surrender (At least in ranked). I have won games were the enemy team was beating the nexus down and we were able to turn around and win. That's why I never give up. You keeping someone in a game they are trolling in, wont stop their trolling. They are just going to keep trolling. The best thing you can do is FF and report them. Also blocking someone because they have a bad game is kinda lame IMO. Block the flamers and the Toxic players.
: account banned
Chat logs bruh if you wanna complain.
: this assassin meta is really annoying and tanks need help
Please no, tanks need to be tanks. The game needs front line, and taking that out of the game would just make assassins even worse than they are now. Also, hell no to MORE non-skill shot CC. All CC abilities should be skill shots IMO, or like alistars were if you are quick enough to react you can flash it, or morgana can black shield it. Fiddle fear is one of the worst CC's in the game just cause there is close to 0 outplay.
koshkyra (NA)
: Guinsoo’s Rage (double on-hit rageblade passive) is problematic
: Statikk Shiv and Rapid Firecannon Nerf
I could be wrong since I am a support main, but I thought that was changed months ago... Look back in previous patch notes.
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