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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 13
Lowering skill floor a.k.a. dumbing down champions.
: Preseason: Rise of the Elements on PBE!
Would you consider changing {{item:3742}} recipe to include {{item:2053}} instead of {{item:1031}} ?
: Preseason: Rise of the Elements on PBE!
* What do the pools of water do for Ocean Rift? * An idea/suggestion for Ocean Rift: River now "flows" (maybe a whirlpool where Scuttle Shrine would be?) * Also, I don't know how to implement this, but I always liked the idea of Dragon flying around the rift, seeing it's shadow & doing "random events" until it spawns (so it remains **untargetable** but able to attack those in the river?) * I don't mind Cloud Rift, I just don't understand the purpose of wind tunnel in the Dragon pit? The Brush from Ocean I understand for an ambush but not Cloud Rift.
: As someone who plays a lot of teemo ( not millions of mastery points or anything ) I would really really like to see some changes to his R. To his R? You might be thinking ? Yes Have you ever considered giving his shrooms some options ? Think of it as a heimerdinger R. You could have 3 versions of shrooms. Imagine this. Since as teemo you like to play around shrooms, imagine choosing a shroom that gives more poison and less slow, or one that gives a stronger slow but with less poison. Or maybe a shroom that helps teammates ? Granting ms. I know this could mean a challenge for clarity on how to distinguish each shroom but I feel like this could be an area worth investing time.
I would say make R visible but untargetable. Takes away frustration vs Teemo, while Teemo players will be happy the traps can't be killed (Think Caitlyn Traps). Make his W allow him to move while being invisible so it's not JUST a bonus MS abliity (boring). Make Teemo (passive) gain invisibility instantly upon entering a brush, which then goes on 10-15s CD.
Riot Jag (NA)
: Update on Teemo changes
Meh. Some people just hate change.
: So what does this mean: "Now I know that "12 year olds" isn't so much of a meme." I'm pretty sure that, anyone over the age of 12, would read it the same say..
I thought you were referring to my original comment?
: I was simply responding to your statement as it was an open ended comment about people not growing up. If you would like people to understand what you are saying then please clarify it in text that consist of more than 1 or 2 sentences. I am truly sorry that you have anger, and offense, like this towards people that simply respond to your comment placed on a public forum.
What anger/offense? You took from my statement what you wanted to mean. Jumped to conclusion, nothing more.
: This post was not intended for negative comments towards anyone's age ranges of who plays this, or any other, game. There are plenty of us older people that have great stable careers, own our homes and cars, and have a family and raise kids. Instead of us going an playing a round of golf, we play a video game. Instead of us going to a club with our friends, we play a video game with our friends. Just because you play video games doesn't mean you did not grow up nor does age make you a grown up. If someone acts like a child online then, your right, they probably didn't grow up and doesn't have all of the things that I mentioned in the above statement. Well, either they didn't grow up or they are just really drunk gaming because I have seen that too.
"You misunderstand. Now I know that "12 year olds" isn't so much of a meme." You're putting words in my mouth, Straw Man!
: If what you took away from your childhood was, "You have to give up the things you love to be an adult," then I feel truly, deeply, sorry for you.
You misunderstand. Now I know that "12 year olds" isn't so much of a meme.
: I am curious as to the age range of players.
Well that would explain a lot of "never grew up" mentality of players...
: > I didn't get any confirmation that my report did anything. We (the players) do not punish other players. We report other players when they've exhibited behavior that goes against the rules, and the system decides whether they need to be punished or not. One report does not necessarily equal a punishment, and even when players are punished, the system does not give punishment notifications frequently. If that kind of thing happens to often, then people feel rewarded for reporting others, and that's not the point of reports.
Not getting a feedback makes me wonder if I should even bother using the Report a Player feature. I'd be more inclined to use it if it did, because it happens in a lot of my games, just makes me want to quit playing the game :(
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: Malphite changes coming to PBE
If you ever do larger work, can you make his ult hit everyone in the path of his dash instead of just the end point? Also, was thinking that Malphite could morph himself into a boulder (bowling ball) and strike down all the pins (champions); collision would not stop Malphite, only distance. Was thinking of Nunu W/Sion R where he can turn but maybe not as much as Nunu/Sion.
l MrD l (NA)
: tbh i think they need to make his E affect attack speed too ... kinda rare for someone to reduce attack speed now
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: Item Shop Cleanup
Why not make {{item:3814}} give Camouflage as an active? Or it could grant invisibility but for only 1-1.5s
Kei143 (NA)
: Hey Mort !! Is it possible to adjust Corki's package timer on ARAM ? getting to use it 2 or 3 times only feels pretty bad.
I agree. Should be available every 5 or 6 mins imo
Meddler (NA)
: We believe Wit's End is much closer to being a stable, useful item. Ohmwrecker by contrast arguably fills a niche that doesn't need to be filled and wouldn't be good for the game if it were strong. We'd have removed the item if the name wasn't a refer a friend promise, possible we instead move the name somewhere else to both better deliver on that and let us take out an unsuccessful item design.
Sorry this is so late, but would you consider replacing Commencing Stopwatch with a 1-time Ohmwrecker active as a rune instead? It fits more into a certain playstyle rather than "never a bad decision" rune.
: Blitzcrank Changes Heading to PBE
Would prefer Blitz to have more of an actual kit instead of everything revolving around his Q key. His Q is more valuable than his ult.
Riot Jag (NA)
: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
Does E cd tick down while stealthed, or does Teemo have to break stealth first? e.g. Can E be ready again if you stand still long enough (while NOT in a brush)?
Riot Jag (NA)
: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
Also, would you consider reducing the radius/duration of {{item:3364}}/{{item:2047}} ? That could go a ways to make Teemo feel less bad.
Riot Jag (NA)
: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
How exactly is the Jayce healing? Also, looks a little weird seeing blood from his AA animatin when he's actually missing (in melee form). Though I understand it would be additional work adding new "miss" animations hitting the ground/dirt/water (river) or w/e.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 15
When will Manamune get a rework? Only Ezreal buys it. Not even Jayce buys it anymore except maybe on ARAM. Niche items are fine but not when only 1 champ buys it/the item is balanced around said champ.
: Champion Weaknesses in 2019
That's all fine and good about making sure reworks/VGU's offer weaknesses+counterplay _before_ they're released and become an issue in the first place. My problem is, why does it take the balance (design?) team **MONTHS** before fixing these issues? I'm not one to say "Riot wants to make money with them (plus skins)" but I'm legitimately perplexed why Riot would wait so long, SEVERAL patch cycles before making the necessary changes? And that includes waiting half a year to revert the 8.11 crit itemization as well as nerfing current top tier picks in 9.3 like Urgot & Karthus and Aftershock-Lissandra.
: Review of Season 8 Issues <-> Possible solutions
While I understand the idea of using a shield to bash enemies, I can also see Shield Bash reworked to "bash the enemy's shield" a.k.a. dealing bonus damage to shields by X amount (but not so much to overpower Aery. Then again, there is Revitalize).
: Conqueror is not being removed. that was just a lie. i had heard it on another topic.
Well it was Riot MapleNectar that suggested it... As well as his comment: > Just want to state that this is only one direction of several we've been talking about. No lock on what we'll actually ship yet
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iiGazeii (NA)
: I'd be fine with a simple ring-shaped cooldown indicator around the inhib, like Sylas or Yasuo puts on the ground for their per-target cooldowns.
soxboy11 (NA)
: Upcoming ezreal damage nerfs
> ezreal is god awful in solo q "Time for a true display of skill" most of his kit/gameplay is skillshot based. Doesn't surprise me if solo Q lacks skill
: Akali deserves compensation for her nerfs
I'm an advocate for reducing frustration vs Akali but even I think removing the Q heal is going too far.
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PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations Part 2
@PhRoXz0n What do you think of a component item that gave raw AD + crit chance that builds into IE/ER? Something like: [Blade of Sorrow] Cost: 1525g {{item:1037}} + {{item:1051}} +250g +25AD +15% crit chance Alternatively, 1-2 Long Swords instead of Pickaxe, possibly cheaper price like 1300-1400 with only 20AD? Inspired by{{item:3144}} and {{item:3155}} and even {{item:3077}} having 3 basic components.
: I really dislike the change on Essence Reaver since i really love that item as it is now and i think its good already
Is it because it won't have Essence Flare? I think it is a good item. AD + Crit chance + CDR, with mana on-hit? Sounds great to me!
: I really don't see the logic behind changing the old phantom dancer. The old way of knocking off damage from the last person you auto just feels way better I'm sure. As for IE and the fact that you now need 4 crit items for 100%? Just why would we want a defensive shield item anyway we can get GA if we want and I feel the shield from pd is gonna feel awful. Essence reaver is exciting and I like the last whisper changes but the fact that everything is in crit of 25% and that IE does even less dmg now I'm disappointed. #revert all attack speed crit items.
IE itself will have 25% crit chance. Yes the bonus crit dmg is lower but is way better than the true dmg conversion it has right now. Can be a rushable 1st item again. It's basically pre 8.11 just nerfed cuz ADCs were OP, hence the midseason changes.
DrM934 (NA)
: Wasn't there an idea floating arround for a super powered infinity edge with 40% crit. That would fix all the problems if the zeal items are left untouched, so you can get 3 item 100% crit builds.
5000g is way too expensive. We don't need a Stat-stick of Stoicism.
DrM934 (NA)
: This is utter trash. Now to get 100% crit chance for an ADC you need four items. BUT YASUO NEEDS ONLY 2. So we have an overloaded champ scaling harder with crit than ADCs. If crit adcs needed defense they could go for 3 crit items (100%) with GA and mercurial scimitar or blood thirstier. If the whole niche of an ADC was DPS and they are made to suck at everything else then why nerf their only strength? Now everyone might as well play yasuo in bot lane because he can get 100% faster plus build defensive oriented items and he has enough mobility to dodge enemy abilities. I am actually praying that you keep crit ADCs at their current abysmal level of strength.
These changes are fine. If you're concerned about Yasuo, he should just get a flat 20% crit chance (or maybe scaling by level like +10-20%) rather than always doubling. Or nerf his crit from 90% to 80%. If you bought Stormrazor, you didn't have 100% crit chance until your 4th item unless you skipped Stormrazor. I'll gladly give up 25% chance to have 25% bonus crit dmg that works vs everything.
Skarf (NA)
: I really dislike the IE and PD changes. The shard buff is very welcome because the item itself was so horribly gold-inefficient; same with the last whisper change. I think those 2 item updates are very nice and should be implemented. I really don't like the IE changes. Not having the tank-shredding aspect (true damage) in it anymore forces ADCs to burn an item slot on last whisper instead of another defensive option; it makes them even harder to function versus tanks and assassins alike. The only benefit this IE change does is help ADCs win off of RNG sometimes in the early game or be a tiny bit more bursty (not even that much compared to true damage because it's only 225% now). It also actually puts a really hard cap on their lategame. In regards to the item changes, I don't think it'll feel very good for a lot of people. It'll feel really bad if you lose to a lucian who dashes into you and crits twice in a row with 20% crit chance from essence reaver; that just isn't fair given how snowbally this game can be, and you can lose the game literally off of a diceroll. For champs like caitlyn, jinx, and jhin, I can easily see stormrazor -> IE -> RFC becoming the go-to build. This also isn't really fun for anyone to interact with; no one wants to play against a champ with only 2 items (stormrazor being relatively cheap) getting a point-and-click crit for over 200% damage then running away with fleet + storm movespeed. It also falls into the same problem as what I described with lucian and ER: you can get undeserved wins/snowballing with a 25% crit chance highroll. This doesn't represent skill well at all. I can legitimately expect caitlyn and maybe even jhin to go mid after these changes and the AP item nerfs since they are far less susceptible to burst and have decent ways of managing the waves such as waveclear, and can easily bully the opponent with the stormrazor + IE combo. I don't think these changes are sustainable through different meta cycles and riot will probably have to look over the items again in the future and change them; I think the current iterations are actually fine because in all honesty, most of the super low win-rate ADCs are either there because their skillcap is extremely high (caitlyn who has a lot more depth to her than she seems, or kalista for a more straightforward example), the champ itself just needs buffing, or the games currently are too short for some of the super lategame ADCs to take over (Tristana, also caitlyn if you go the 100% crit chance build). I feel the proposed changes won't make any parties happy.
Last Whisper + upgrades was always meant to be THE anti-tank item for ADCs and Last Whisper is getting twice its stats for a mere 150g extra. IE will now be more effective at everything other than high armor tanks. Current iteration is gold inefficient (overcapping on crit chance) with low agency when game pacing keeps getting faster &amp; faster, favoring early-mid game champions. I'm ecstatic that IE is getting reverted, albeit nerfed, and ER is just too good to pass up.
Aszarhy (NA)
: I don't think flat shield from PD will work. Why don't you make it so it scales? Because in late game, that shield would be useless.
280 isn't low in early-mid game and will work vs all damage types instead only magic. And you still get offensive stats with it. But if need be, they can always make it scale from 250-350.
Aszarhy (NA)
These are explorations, not patch notes. None of these numbers are final. They are tentative and subject to change. Literally says in the disclaimer... > Usual Disclaimer: Not all of these things are guaranteed to ship and are subject to change
: I thought the whole point was to make the itemization a bit stronger and fun to build. {{item:3508}} - Decent change, It'll help the ADC's who relied on Essence Reaver before 8.11 {{item:3046}} - Lose 15% AS, 5% Critical Strike, Lament Passive and Spectral Waltz passive for a shield that **DOES NOT SCALE** and has the same cooldown as a QSS. Flat out nerf and I'd be very surprised if any ADC or melee carry picks this up. {{item:3085}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3087}} - All I see here is NERF NERF NERF. Losing 5% crit per item is not worth 2% Movement Speed. Runaan's is just being flat out nerfed for no real reason. {{item:3031}} - This needs to go up to 230%. 225% isn't gonna cut it with all the across the board nerfs to zeal items. Honestly, I dislike these changes heavily. All I'm seeing is nerfs. Guess I'll stick to Rageblade ADC's then.
> All I see here is NERF NERF NERF. Losing 5% crit per item is not worth 2% Movement Speed. You're losing 5% crit on each but getting 25% on IE. Idk why people keep forgetting that IE will have crit chance as a raw stat now, even higher than before (was 20% pre 8.11), though the crit dmg is nerfed.
: On necessary items for Disclaimer. The images are descriptions are intentionally left vague. I am not arguing what each item should do. I am proposing an example solution that optimizes for build choice. This solves the issue of most crit ADC building same items. Core Build Item * I like the idea of having two options for crit chance and damage. For example: {{item:3508}} Helps if you use Abilities to deal _tons of damage._ {{item:3031}} Helps if you use Auto Attacks to deal _tons of damage._ Energized attacks. I love the idea. * I do think the stats for these items should be more the same. And have passives be what is different Example: {{item:3094}}{{item:2015}} Siege Increase Energized attack range {{item:3087}}{{item:2015}} Waveclear: Increase Energized attack can waveclear... {{item:3095}}{{item:2015}} Poke: Increase Energized attack damage {{item:3085}} Teamfight On-hit: Defensive Options {{item:3156}} MR + Magic Shield {{item:3139}} MR + QSS {{item:3026}} 1UP + Armor {{item:3022}} Health + Slows {{item:3080}} Sustain + Shield for auto attackers {{item:3812}} Sustain + Damage Prevention for caster Armor Penetration * This has to historically be one of the worst parts of adc itemization. * More options now that ever before, if you can call the later two options... {{item:3036}} Get this one unless they have {{champion:36}}{{champion:16}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:8}} Then get this {{item:3033}} {{item:3031}} True damage = 100%... (because that's totally how it works) {{item:3124}} If you are {{champion:96}}{{champion:498}}{{champion:110}}{{champion:145}}
You forgot to add {{champion:50}} to the Mortal Reminder list :P
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 18
One thing I hope you are keeping in mind is the fact that Riot has been lowering CDs on champion kits over the past, and making items with CDR more accessible. More rotations (as well as mana) means more overall damage output. Presence of Mind and/or Manaflow Band contribute to the continual use of abilities and makes mana costs harder to balance. I suggest raising either CDs or mana cost so that players have to use their mana wisely and a bit conservatively. Another thing is double flat magic penetration. I'm aware that Oblivion Orb/Morello's is getting nerfed, it doesn't take away the option of having double pen so early in the game, allowing champs (mages, not just AP assassins) to deal nearly true damage to squishies, including their opposing laner. Maybe consider a nerf to Sorc Shoes magic pen passive?
Ałice (EUNE)
: You need to do something about giving the winning team a bigger advantage by getting Baron, yes just Baron...
The proposed changes are halving the AD/AP baron buff gives at 20mins, though I imagine probably needs more changes than that.
: The whole point of my question is NOT to include Kayle, or Morgana (or even a third, if one was listed) - the point of my question is to talk about the champions who AREN'T listed, and get an idea for WHEN those champions. I.E: Planned Updates without information on when. as such, ergo there are quite a few MORE planned update champions over the 3 they continue to list ( ) pick any 5...2 of them have a chance at being up there next, a third possible, 4 and 5 wont even be discussed. I want to know about 4 and 5 fuck 1-3
Think you replied to the wrong comment, don't think they will see it xD
Profirix (NA)
: Jungle experience scaling nerfs will have absolutely no effect on jungler effect on the game.
It'll certainly hurt the junglers that want/need Level 6 the most because it'll delay them from getting to that powerspike. This might make counter-jungling stronger to keep your opponent low level'd, then when your laner pushes, they can contest the enemy jungler even harder. I can see the 9.2 changes being paired with lower respawn timers though to keep Junglers in the jg, as you said, to make up for the loss XP. But Riot keeps saying one thing and then saying another. First, they say they want junglers to have more PvP interaction (hence the 8.10 scuttle changes) but now they want less interation with laners. Yes, it's much harder to take a tower just one gank but a gank could still be worthwhile to get a plating or two. Better make your ganks count!
Glîtchy (NA)
: Can we please do something about raka heal?
Hard engage onto her or have a blitzcrank pull her into your team. Silenced in more ways than one.
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