King Lego (EUNE)
: Shield Bash Rune
Point of resolve is both to make you more durable (ie: Overgrowth), and also to make your durability effects empower you (Ie: Demolish gives pure damage, but scaling with your HP) No tree is limited to "gives pure defensives", or we would remove those effects from the other trees (ie: Nullifying Orb, Overheal, Triumph, any of the 5 or so different healing runes, etc)
: 5000 Health {{champion:223}} activates his shield when gone from 100% to 10% HP, converting 90% of his missing health. My math was about the same as yours, about 420 damage from Shield Bash. Add about another 250 magic damage from his full stacked passive and 540 physical damage from Titanic Hydra Active. Yeah, Unbench the Kench
His one game winning melee autoattack! {{champion:223}}
Ralanr (NA)
: You need to proc it within 4 seconds of activation.
You have at least 4 seconds to proc it (Riven E short duration shield still gives you 4 seconds), but otherwise it lasts until you no longer have a shield (ie: Malphite passive gives you infinite duration so long as the shield is on you)
: Correct me if I'm wrong, but is Bone Plating REMOVED for the sake of Shield Bash?
No, we wanted to remove bone plating independent of wanting to add shield bash. will have a follow up post soon(tm) detailing the runes changes
GigglesO (NA)
: @Riot Shield Bash + Morde
Should be fixed to work with his passive.
: wait this this work with the aery rune?
: Removing airblade lmfao Why don't we remove riven's animation canceling while we're at it How about we get rid of all buffer jumps too Know what, how about we just make every ability fuckin spell lock Everybody complaining how fast the game is, how about we slow it down a couple notches. Get rid of all buffering and animation canceling.
piggybacking on top comment these issues should be fixed with next deploy. keep these post coming, thanks hes not meant to have any significant differences other than his passive shield scaling with % healing/shielding and his E using irelia spell buffering
: "We made it so Urgot can't kill Tryndamere through Undying Rage with his ult
Hey, just wanted to chime in here. Am the designer on Urgot. This is currently working as intended, but **will ** be changed next patch to only pull Braum in if he is also below the HP threshold.
: > [{quoted}](name=GelsominoKiller,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GNl34YPL,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-07-27T13:45:59.202+0000) > > It's not bad coding, actually! > > That is just the correct interaction: if the impaled target is low enough, Urgot fires a missile (the chains) that will end up dealing 101% current health true damage to the target. > > Braum intercepts the missile like his shield is supposed to do and takes the 101% current health true damage and dies! > > "Solving" this interaction would actually **require to code an exception**. it doesn't do 101% hp, it does 9999 true damage.
that dmg number is actually just flavor text. it does up to 100% current HP + a million damage if it needs to @_@
KoKoboto (NA)
: Sejuani new perma frost passive mark
We tried. It really didn't read well ingame, so we settled for her flail
Meddler (NA)
: ... We need to talk.
Caenen (EUW)
: Keep that in mind for April fools... ;) Or just rename the whole arsenal for one day, hehe.
exclusively on meowkai (i wish {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} )
Glarblar (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Beluga Whale,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=HAQtAoTH,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-22T18:52:45.265+0000) > * **Rewarding Gameplay Mastery** - As one of the lowest Mastery champions as far as win rate improvement over games played, there's very little reward offered to players who take the time to learn Maokai's current kit. [...] Currently we feel most of the tanks in our game have fallen a bit short here. I thought this was the purpose of tanks? They were Low risk - Low reward champions that allowed new people an opportunity to understand with very few games played
No, that's the purpose of easy-to-learn champions, an entirely separate kind of categorization from role. And whether easy-to-learn champions should be biased towards tankier champions is separate to whether **all **tanky champions should be low risk/reward.
Ninavi (EUW)
: But Maokai is not twisted or vengeful. He is a nice tree protecting life on the island from the baddies. He is only vengeful towards the undead.
And Yorick is a holy crusader struggling to end the curse.
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: As a Maokai player who played him in jungle, will he still be viable there?
Currently exploring balancing for both, though may need to make gameplay calls if one role turns out degenerate when the other is viable
Sharjo (EUW)
: Regardless of what you do there is one thing that must happen: Get rid of the _name_ "Arcane Smash". Do what you want with the ability, but scrap the name. Since his updated lore came out he no longer has any connection to the arcane, so the name is completely out of place.
So you're saying we should call the spell "Knock on Wood"
  Comentários de Rioters
: So just to clarify, even though Twitch and Vayne are considered ADCs, the classic drop a Pink Ward when they stealth trick will not work anymore, or is this change specifically for Assassin Stealths that are incoming?
: ~~hi hwale~~ ~~how's mumble~~
: >One point on other champion updates: we are reverting Kog’Maw because we believe that his pre-update state was a successful kit which hit our goals for champions in general and for Kog in particular, not simply because the update didn’t achieve its goals. >not simply because the update didn’t achieve its goals. You refuse to accept that something was a mistake even when you're reverting it, that's just pathetic
Would recommend actually reading the text you quoted
: > [{quoted}](name=Beluga Whale,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=QjJgio3P,comment-id=00140000,timestamp=2016-08-16T20:49:54.086+0000) > > No goal towards pushing her back towards AD kat, though gunblade is a pretty cool item if she feels special and gets to build it. I will cry if tank katarina is the right way to play her... > > Unlikely her ultimate will undergo significant changes, though grevious wounds is still a question we are figuring out. > > The 15% DR is probably not staying. The belief is she has enough mobility in this iteration that any other type of defense is basically unnecessary here. > > Bouncing Blades is getting reworked, but will probably retain the feel of the live spell Are you planning on keeping shunpo damage? it is an interesting aspect when fighting low health enemies, and offers her to keep abilities in her arsenal rather then spamming them.
We found pretty quickly that shunpo without damage felt preeeetty bad, especially for last hitting in high pressure situations.
Solideus (EUNE)
: Do you mean that you'll make her mainly AP or hybrid/choosing between AD and AP? Regarding AP-build being cooler, maybe there should be cooler AD items if that's the case! That seems like an issue with AD items rather than Katarina's or any other champions' kit. What if the pass on assassin items ends up making an AD build equally cool? Would you re-evaluate? I mean, it seems to me any changes would disrupt her builds anyway, so re-learning those will be the case either case. Her thematics clearly say AD, so the AP scaling is a bit of a thematic disconnect. I think thematics are valuable, so I might actually prefer her as AD, idk.
I would re-evaluate if our items work produced some sexy ad items, but if that happens that would probably be a follow up later on, as we do need time to balance as well. I would really prefer if an AP Assassin like Kat did not build Abyssal Zhonyas Rylais... Imagine if Zed's _optimal_ build was Maw, Frozen Mallet, AND like, Atma's Impaler/Wriggles (Old Armor AD item). :( Hybrid builds are difficult to support in a significant scope because how powerful flat pen is, and how it constricts hybrids from being able to actually choose from both sides. Gunblade would be cool though.
: As a Kat main I was REALLY hoping she would get left out of this. While riot does a pretty good job with these, I think kat is really good where she's at now. I'm happy the resets are staying but I'm still scared about other things. For example I feel like ward hopping is one or the things that sets apart a good kat from a bad kat. It also incentivizes riskier plays which I think riot likes. Many of my first bloods have come from me flashing under the enemy mid's turret, securing the reset, and ward hopping out. I've watched a lot of expert kat players and see the same thing. Removing ward hopping will discourage risky plays adrenaline pumped plays. It's also the one redeeming factor of her laning phase. She has a lot of trouble in lane but at least she can still hop on a ward when she gets into a sticky situation. Removing that will force her to play much more safe and under turret because as a squishy melee champion she will be in much more danger other wise. I trust riot to do the right thing but please don't remove her smooth gameplay. I like that they also acknowledge that she has a higher skill cap than people think. But my favorite part about playing kat is being a whirl of spinning daggers jumping around everywhere and I hope we don't lose that.
There is no version of Katarina that doesn't involve blinking around and whirling daggers.
: We had AD Kat, Tanky Kat, Bi Kat and AP Kat. Do you think the new spells (Or spell adjustment) she'll receive will push her into a side in particular? Will she keep the grievious wounds passive on her ultimate? You said you wanted to change her Shunpo gameplay, but will she still have the damage reduction from it after using the spell? Is her Q, Bouncing Blade, receiving a minor change or will be a completely different one, without having to proc the mark like Akali's Q?
No goal towards pushing her back towards AD kat, though gunblade is a pretty cool item if she feels special and gets to build it. I will cry if tank katarina is the right way to play her... Unlikely her ultimate will undergo significant changes, though grevious wounds is still a question we are figuring out. The 15% DR is probably not staying. The belief is she has enough mobility in this iteration that any other type of defense is basically unnecessary here. Bouncing Blades is getting reworked, but will probably retain the feel of the live spell
: Will Kat still retain a good chunk of AOE abilities, or will she be pushed more to single target?
AoE is one of the main strategic elements Katarina brings as an Assassin
: Will she still build the same?
We debated whether we should swap her over to AD since it made more sense with how her spells feel, but ultimately choose to keep her AP based builds because the items honestly were cooler (Zhonyas), and the cost of forcing everyone to re-learn builds was not worth it.
Voracity (NA)
: I haven't seen anyone bring it up yet but are you touching her ultimate at all? I personally think that there's a lot of room to play around with her Q and W (so I'm excited to see what you do there) and you've already said that her passive and Shunpo will remain, so what about the ult? I really feel like the ability is super unique to League and it also offers a lot of counterplay considering its a channelled ability where she sits still in the middle of an enemy team that can be stopped with almost any cc.. I also saw CertainlyT mention in a stream that he felt the same way about her ult so I'm really interested to know what you guys are planning for it
Its unlikely that her ult will change in any significant fashion on a gameplay basis
: Hey, you're keeping resets? Cool! As much as I hate facing it, it's who she is and it's her "thing". Kudos. One thing I will say though, is it really so bad that Katarina has a poor lane phase and has to pluck opportune CS? For the amount of sheer power she can tap into, she has to work for it. Take a beating, but always keeping an eye out for an opening, or perhaps waiting for an enemy to let their guard down, and then assassinate them and snowball. I know feast/famine isn't exactly liked, but you don't play these types of champions for team utility. You play them specifically because you want to kill key targets and snowball, if you don't want to fall behind then you play Zilean or Morgana. When you famine, it punishes you for making selfish picks. But aside from that, I am interested to see how you will balance Shunpo with no ward hopping. I will have faith in what you do(for once, haha) because I think it can make her more skillful, to only overextend when she has a minion wave coming from behind to make her play smarter, but I think it could open up oppportunities to balance her better with only being able to hop to living things. Look forward to it
The ideal assassin can both feel like they are snowballing, and still create play for both themselves and the opponent. Certain kits devolve when snowballed because they are not ideal, and while I'm not saying we can even realistically create kits that exactly match this ideal, we certainly are trying. An example here is live LeBlanc's kit. Ideally she is constantly choosing between higher burst (mimic sigil) or mobility (mimic distort) or cc with the cost of staying in the fight for longer (mimic tether) - but the moment she gets far enough ahead that she can distort + mimic distort into Sigil + 1st hit of Tether, and actually nuke someone out of the fight with just that, a lot of the gameplay has vanished.
Unvictus (NA)
: I understand your take on removing Ward jumping as you have new reset mechanics with Shunpo, but I feel if you are to remove it from one champ wouldn't it only be fair to remove it from Jax and Lee Sin too?
No plans for this at the moment. If we were to, I would imagine they would be backed with significant changes similar to what we've been exploring on Katarina - probably even more so for Lee. Unlike Kat, Lee has entire combos and aspirations built around the function that extend past free escape.
: *deep breath* Will she still spin?
She probably spins more actually. Spin to win is the way to go.
  Comentários de Rioters
: Things are still really really early on him, so there is pretty much nothing solidified about him so far. That said, I don't expect him to turn into Caitlyn.
I dunno, when I see Urgot the first thing to mind is cop chick with fuzzy handcuffs...
: ***
Roster updates don't interfere with VGU updates
Cynika (NA)
: Ok fair for Annie. I know I said this a lot throughout the thread so far, so I'm sorry for beating a dead horse lol, but vlad's crimson rush bar really gives *too* much information. It would be nice to just have solid white bars indicating his stacks (turning red when he has crimson rush) instead of the sliding white to yellow to red bar he has right now, also showing his q CD. Make the opposing laner have to pay at least a little attention to counter play vlad, instead the current spoon feeding of info :(
The decision here was that both Vlad and his opponent should always be aware of and playing around his Crimson Rush timings. Its possible we are giving away excessive information that mostly just makes Vlad feel impotent. I'll pass your feedback on to the rest of the team, thanks!
: Man you can't make good arguments @riot they aren't going to reply to anything else on this thread now x(
Cynika (NA)
: But they gave the 3rd yellow color to vlad's crimson rush bar. Why does he warrant the extra warning to opponents but not annie?
His uses the normal resource bar instead of a (rather bulky) additional secondary bar that both increases the size of the standard HealthBar and partially obscures the mana bar.
: Petition: Annie's Stun Bar
It's already one of the loudest ways to convey stack count - adding a third color would only make it even louder. Additionally, there is a line between "Exposing hidden information" that was Annie's stack count, and explicitly instructing the opponent what to do against Annie (ie: adding a danger ring around her for Tibbers range). A warning color treads a bit too close to the latter, while also increasing the noise on her Healthbar such that it is not worth the potential value gained.
: fiddlesticks new passive gives him MS for standing still.
: Completely unrelated to the MYMU or Veigar, but do you think by some chance we could get something like that for Wukong? Like how Irelia's passive is shown to indicate how much Tenacity she has. Wukong's passive just feels invisible ATM, so a little buff indicator would be nice. Sorry to bother about this in a thread where it holds no relevance.
Great Idea. I'll pitch it to live gameplay team.
exe3 (OCE)
: My thoughts on the list. Fiddlesticks: Personally I think he's a candidate for a big rework, his kit as a whole just doesn't synergize that well and is clunky imo. He has no reliable damage with Q doing no damage and W requiring you to sit there and hope the enemy has no hard CC and E just being some RNG. A new passive will be good so i'm curious as to what you guys end up doing but whatever it ends up being I still think he'll end up needed a big rework, whenever he's strong he seems to be on the unhealthy side (point and click fear for example, it could be an AoE cone instead imo, with those facing him getting feared and those facing away having no effect). Veigar: "Current passive just feels like an excuse to give him higher-than-average mana costs" *Glares at Xerath* Good calls on what needs work, I look forward to what you guys do. I always felt that his Ult was too dry and personally liked the idea of the enemy AP portion of the spell being changed to an AoE explosion to distinguish whether you just wanted that one ADC dead or wanted to cause mass damage to the entire enemy team via the APC. /edit: Ah just saw that you're scrapping enemy AP damage. Kinda sad, partly because I thought it was cool and partly because it kinda removes his anti-mage identity unless you have something else appropriately anti-mage to replace it with. Also I was just thinking of his passive, with the push towards flat AP for mages won't this by default make his current passive a lot stronger? Kennen: Nothing much to say here, your direction looks good. Ziggs: Same as Kennen. It'll be good to have ult on a low cooldown again and the satchel turret play could be interesting, i'll be curious to see how exactly it functions. Xerath: I agree with others, half of his ults problem is the pathetic visuals/sounds. Again I like the overall direction. Swain: No real thoughts as anything you do here will just be tweaks before his eventual full VGU. Anivia: Interesting choice. Some usability changes will be good. The main thing I can see you guys doing for her zone control is giving her control of its direction (i'm guessing click and hold where the center of the wall will be then drag the mouse in the direction you want it to span) though to do that you'd need to lower its length. I just spectated a game yesterday where an Anivia singlehandedly won the game through her walls. Those things be can exceptionally powerful when done right. If you did go down this road would you do the same for Karthus's wall and Malz's wall (assuming you keep that one). Viktor: I like Viktor so any love he gets is good in my book. Should be interesting what you do as I never felt like he had major problems except maybe R being a tad weird to cast (kind of just appears and then you can control it *shrugs*). Syndra: Again I like Syndra so any love she gets is welcome. Can't fault the direction either.
>Fid VGU where Fid could certainly use a lot more love than we can give him in this scope. However when hes in the game,gameplay feels very different compared to other Junglers without it being a major game health hazard. Basically just having this keeps him from being a "must rework now" >Veigar as anti-mage Always felt this was a very arbitrary thing, and pretty bad for game health. Imagine if the next Marksman did bonus damage on attack equal to his target's AD+Crit+AS. That would be a nightmare for the game whenever it was viable. Veigar's passive is also even less functional than Xeraths - Xeraths at least informs a purpose, which is "As a mage who can clear the wave from off the screen, I still want/need to get into AA range and interact with the enemy champion" >Eggnivia We haven't had very good experiences with Vector casting @_@. It's a shame, I personally like the paradigm.
Adalvar (EUW)
: So 2/3 things...wasn't Annie included in the Big 6 rework list with her own forum post and everything? Syndra and Viktor, i feel, suffer from a very similar that their passives have so much power tied to them, yet they yield such small rewards. Generally they have one breakpoint that gives them a major spike and everything else is just forgetable. Lastly...these lower scope updates...will they deal with mostly number changes or will there be actual ability remakes albeit at a smaller scale to the Big Seven?
Shes like, in limbo between the two I guess. We weren't quite sure how to message her since she was the first one of the non-6. Ended up deciding that it was a bit misleading on scope to put these guys up on there own post and everything.
Nuyinto (NA)
: All i request is that you keep fiddle's idea of being a teamfight legend, while providing more unique ways to do stuff so it isnt "hey, im just gonna stand here and go get a cup of tea while i drain you" or "oh you're just gonna cc me with all the new champ kits, so im worthless unless i ult." fiddle needs change, but please keep his ult relatively the same. that thing is so Kreygasm i look forward to this tho, thanks rito
Theres some usability tweaks on his ult, but otherwise its not really changing. It does get affected a bit by the passive though
: > [{quoted}](name=Beluga Whale,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=a4Az9htA,comment-id=004f0000,timestamp=2016-04-09T01:14:21.200+0000) > > Lissandra's at least makes you use your skills differently sometimes how so? You either just wait for the cd to come back up on the passive and get a free spell, or you use your abilities for their intended purpose and the passive is up sooner. There's a severe lack of interaction with her passive. It's just a way to justify her high mana costs which wouldn't be there if she didn't have a mana passive. It doesn't really require you to think about using your abilities differently.
Right, no ones really defending it as some paragon of design, but like you said: you can actually wait for the cd or just use the spell anyways - perhaps even using a cheaper spell so your next expensive one is free. There's literally none of that with Veigar's live passive.
Sixith (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Beluga Whale,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=a4Az9htA,comment-id=001a0000,timestamp=2016-04-08T22:45:02.722+0000) > > Yes Having played a lot of Veigar, I'm going to be very disappointed if you make it a skillshot and take away the enemy AP scaling. Being point and click gives you some much needed answers to very mobile glass cannons that get in your face and dodge everything you try to throw at them (Dodge this, Vayne). Scaling off of enemy AP makes you ask the question "Do I want to save this for an enemy AP assassin (Leblanc, Diana, Fizz) or do I use it on the fed Tristana, or do I maybe have to blow it on the Garen trying to smash my face in?" There isn't a ton of mechanics to it, obviously, but it has a lot of decision making associated with it, especially because of its AP scaling.
: On Veigar: >Current passive just feels like an excuse to give him higher-than-average mana costs Wait. So {{champion:45}}'s passive is out of line but {{champion:127}}'s passive is a-okay? Rito y u do dis
Lissandra's at least makes you use your skills differently sometimes
: Can we get Veiger's Q stacks to show as a buff on his character like Nasus? It's fairly vital information to know when playing against him. This would be a great QoL feature.
: {{champion:17}}
I wish also :(. Ever since scuttle ruined my baron shrooms i've been a sad teeto. Unfortunately there are no current changes being worked on for him.
: Please tell me you're going to remove Veigar's ult enemy AP scaling in favor of something else.
: Are you not touching 'support' mages like Sona and Morgana? I see Morganas mid as often as support, like Zyra or Lux. All the other support mages seem to be in a very good and healthy spot already and don't need adjusting (Janna, Lux, Lulu, Nami). I don't know what your specific plans are with Syndra, but have you considered making her spheres actually do something when on the ground? Like damage over time or something (they just seem like they should when I see pulsing spheres of dark energy on the map)? Her passive obviously needs some work, and she seems like she'd have Veigar-like scaling with her theme of gaining ultimate power. You looking to keep Fiddle primarily in the jungle? Or do you want to support support and mid fiddles as well? Do you consider Galio a mage? Will he get some love?
Fiddle is definitely aimed at primarily Jungle
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