: Surprisingly, riot caster shout out "HONG KONG ATTITUDE" instead of HKA...
Oh boy time for a lesson in critical thinking. Have you ever heard of vested interest? Back when people were accusing Riot of censoring Hong Kong, there were credible clips of casters ‘biting their tongue’ after saying Hong Kong. In addition in the words group draw, HKA’s was the only name to be written AND READ in the condensed form. Unlike Blizzard, Riot has the benefit of the doubt on their side. After the ‘explanation’ from Riot, Riot now has a vested interest to call HKA by their full name to dispel accusations whether it be right or wrong. The forums were outraged as no caster would ever say something like “Unicorns of... I mean UOL”‘ so why would casters say “Hong Kong... or HKA rather”. This is awfully suspicious and the fact it happened twice gives more evidence to the claims of the outraged. I bet you hadn’t even seen the previous clips posted and Riot is banking on your ignorance so they can brush it of. I’m fine with them brushing them off as them calling HKA by their full name is a win-win.
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