Mihalikb (EUW)
: Yes. His massive win rate surge and spike in Masters+ is because people "don't know how to play against him".
I don't understand why you'd respond with a straw man argument, but to each their own.
Kazekiba (NA)
: Could you not start Sweepers + W? You cant really burn a lot of mana in lane, so 50 mana every 14 seconds is easily sustainable, and effectively wards. Theyre lower durartion and easily killed, but the opponent takes damage doing this (thus youre getting Spellthief procs + potions out of it), may miss CS, and you can always just drop another. Right? Or is it preferred to stick with Yellow first, or situational
To each their own. I like the ward to either put in river brush or in enemy jungle camps to track their jungler. Also I play a little more aggressive so I run out of mana sooner
: im seeing shaco support as a meta pick and im wondering what are some tips to play shaco support
Short answer: Watch Pink Ward on YouTube Medium answer: play A LOT of normals as shaco support to learn this play style. Long answer: set up boxes at common gank paths, in brush, and in your tower when the enemy looks like they're going to dive. typically go comet, mana band, transcendence, scorch or whatever it's called, and cosmic insight, biscuit delivery for secondary. Liandry and rylai are key on him as well as the blue support item. Go trinket after first back to constantly deny enemy vision. Shaco sup is a decent roamer as well and can help secure kills at mid. Plant wards/boxes in enemy JG and play to collapse on them with mid. The people you're watching play Shaco support and do well aren't causal players. Shaco sup isn't a casual pick. You gotta play a lot of it to get a feel for how to bait, how to engage, how to trick, etc. Yes he does well vs engage supports that seem to be a pain right now (i.e. Pyke). If you hope to just watch some videos and think you're ready for ranked Shaco sup you'll more than likely die a lot, lose lane, and get players angry at you. Just my 2 cents
Yenn (NA)
: Shaco's win rate is continuing to climb after the nerfs. Please stop overbuffing champions.
As a shaco main, his W nerf is actually a big deal. Especially as AP shaco. It weakened his mid/late trap setting effectiveness (which, as AP, is his main damage and reward for going AP) That aside, as a shaco main, I have no problem playing against him. Why? Because I play as him, I know his tendencies, his mind games, his ganking starting points, etc. Shaco has been a very low pick most of the last couple years and I wonder how much that is contributing to his win % because people don't know how to play against him since they rarely see him in games. Post assassin rework shaco was essentially gutted from the champ he was before. Only OTP players knew how to play him well enough to still win but overall he was a very underwhelming champ. F tier at best . Now he got buffed yes, and he needed buffs for sure. This has increased his playrate (and brought back many ex-shaco OTP players as well I would think). People are starting to see him more in games after so long and have no idea how to play against him since they barely see him. So they get wrecked. I do feel this plays a part in his WR increase, however I would hesitate to boldly say that it's only because of his buff. Even now, as I play vs shaco, I am not concerned because I know how to play against him. His buff certainly strengthened him in some places but also weakened him in others (especially AP shaco whose AP assassin identity was nerfed and it's now more of a delayed trap setting, play making style). Perhaps as people see him more in games now they'll learn how to play against him too.
Cräfty (EUW)
: Teamfight Tactics' ranked update... Are they for real? Like... REALLY?
I don't see the problem. When you win 1st place you gain a huge amount of LP, which is rewarding because you outlasted 7 other players--its like winning 7 games of 1 on 1. Likewise when you end up in 8th (and effectively lost to 7 other players) then you should lose the equivalent amount of LP. Your reaction seems more emotional than logical. That's fine, not judging, but just saying the reward/punishment scales just fine, in my opinion.
FFrazien (EUW)
: Nexus Blitz canceled as permanent gamemode
Easily the most fun game mode riot ever had. Very disappointing news.
CLG ear (NA)
: I want to know why they made the Design choice for Alita: Battle Angel for her to have those giant
Xavanic (NA)
: Plz make nexus blitz permanant
Yes please do! Best game mode I've ever played!
: dude the best player of the losing team should not lose lp period
I really like this idea. It will make sure people try their best
: Can we do something about the endless amount of people entering ranked who are not ready...
You shouldn't be able allowed to pick a champ in ranked that you aren't currently at least a level 4 mastery in. This way people will have had time to learn their champ to a decent level, and they'll understand some of their mechanics, their counter plays, how to team fight, etc. This also disincentivises smurfs who will have to spend more time to move up the ranks, ensuring that the people at any given rank are actually at that level of skill. Furthermore, you should only be allowed to play ranked once you've got level 4 champ for 1 role in every lane/position. This way you'll know how to play all roles, you'll understand all roles and how they work within the team. Then if you want to focus on only one or two positions, at least you'll understand the plight of your fellow teammate and not want to end up flaming them .
: Camille players hate him! Learn a simple trick to counterpick her!
Hmm I just play AP Shaco. Counters her every time.
Kr1sys (NA)
: I definitely just lost two rerolls during the 4 or 5 champ selects in ARAM
Confirm as well. Happens to me every time in aram on the new client
: That an amazing set of information you got right there, Ive seen some of gosu's flash jukes and they are amazing. A question doe, how would you suggest for me to understand and learn each champions movesets and when to know that I can get in or not? Is it something of experience or is there a technique to understand champion skillsets and cooldowns and such
you gotta fail forward. play and get owned by it enough times to notice it. it becomes second nature soon enough. the key is to be aware. don't just die an be like 'arghh this vayne sucks'. ask yourself 'ok what could i have done differently here? was i too close? was my position bad? was that brush warded?' etc. The answer is always in the environment. Look for it. You'll find it. Also, always blame yourself. Sure your support may suck but it just serves you better to always take responsibility and see what you could have done better.
: AS or CDR on Rek'Sai?
I main Rek and have played close to 70+ games with her. My runes are +9 armour, +4.5 AD, +20% AS, -15.03$ CDR and build somewhat tanky with about 370 AD at end of game (typically i go: Skirmisher jungle item with warrior enchant, Mercury Treads, Hydra, BT/Maw if vs heavy AP, Randuin, and the last item is a toss up between Visage, Sunfire, or more attack like LW). It works very well. You can check my match history and runes. I win just about every trade (where I'm not ganged up on, but even then i win some of those) and I got a penta with her on the first day. For champs like ChoGath, i don't fight them too much cuts they can kill her pretty good (depending on the situation) obviously we all have bad games here and there so some of those will show up in my history, but the majority of them are clear successes. Also, I play her with Smite/Exhaust.
: Ok, thanks for giving me advice! I'll be sure to remember this. :)
Also, USE QUICKCASTING. you need to use it. her burst is half as effective without it IMO. learn to zone with your E. For tanks, the combo is ERQW (start with DFG if you got it). For other squishy targets the combo is typically QRWE (i almost never need to finish with E as they're dead at that point).
: How to master LeBlanc?
What are you having trouble with? I main Leblanc and, yea, it took a while to get her down but now I feel very comfortable playing with her.
: Consistenly being a bad player with vayne.
I mained Vayne for a while and went through the same issues you're talking about. Only recently actually have I gotten consistent with her and feel comfortable with her in lane. Here's what I've learned: 1. If you have a random Support on your team, don't trade early. I don't care what anyone else says, unless your Support shows promise in knowing how and when to poke/initiate, don't do it. Vayne will lose most trades early game. Exception: i have several great Support friends that play with me and we do very well together. 2. Learn to properly last hit. Learn to use your Q to get you 2 quick last hits in succession. Just prioritize CS early game. Don't worry about kills unless there's a good opportunity for it (i.e. let's say the enemy is overextending and you can get a couple free pokes, or your jungle comes and messes 'em up while you focus for the kill). On that topic, always get CS. You should be aiming to get 70 cs every 10 minutes (it's not easy). Your gear--and mainly your AS gear--is key to your kit, so the more cs you have, the more gold you have, the more you can buy the items that make Vayne the powerhouse that she is. 3. Learn the basic poke/initiate combo of: Attack>Q towards enemy (attack)>E (condemn) them away/into a wall>retreat (if poking). Your 3rd hit deals true dmg based on their max hp so this is a very effective, and quick, poke. 4. Learn to bait/notice the enemy support's cc, and how to Q out of it. i.e. Nami loves to throw her bubble around. Learn her patterns and try baiting her bubble so you can q out of it (or towards her/adc if there's a kill opportunity). When vs Blitz/thresh, know that their grab is a collision skill, meaning it'll work on the first target it hits. Knowing this, always keep minions in between you and them and you'll greatly increase your longevity in lane. For Nami: a little circle appears where the bubble is going to land, before it lands. Look for that and Q away. For blitz/Thresh, there's a half second of their ability making the noise to activate it. Listen for it and notice the trajectory. For Braum, he jumps up nice and high before using his ult, for his Q, you'll have a half second to notice it's trajectory and dodge away, etc. 5. Know thy enemy. Trist can jump right onto your face, Lucian can dash in, Twitch can increase his range to ridiculous lengths, Cait will always outrange/poke you, Ashe will slow you (or stun you with her ult). Twitch goes invisible to so buy Pink wards. If you can successfully bait/avoid these moves, then you're in a great position for some counter-play. 6. Don't be a hero. Don't try to walk by an enemy support with Cc just to chase down the adc that needs 2-3 hits left when you, yourself, have 2-3 hits left. Their support will cc you and their adc will quickly come back for the easy kill. 7. Vayne excels on AS items very well. Her ult gives her the necessary AD that makes up for her lack of AD items (not saying don't get any AD items, just saying you don't need to go too crazy with them). I typically get BOTRK first, then berserkers boots, then Phantom dancer or Shiv, then IE, then Youmu, etc. One important thing to notice though is that you gotta react to the landscape of the game. Don't just stick to a build order because it's the build order you know. If their AP mid is getting super strong then maybe consider a Mercurial Scimitar since it gives you both AD and MDEF. 8. Know how to use her ult. Her 1 second invisibility is KEY to her ult. KEY. Don't just Q out of an attack and then quickly attack them again. Disorient them. Q out, walk in a direction for a bit (usually you want to attack from your furthest attack range possible), then attack again. Better than that, Q to go invisible, then position yourself so that you can E (condemn) them into a wall. When ganked by 2+ enemy champs and you know there's no running away, Q in all sorts of random directions to disorient all of them--allowing you the opportunity to pick one or two off and creating an opening to run away (or finish the kill, depending on how it's going). Unpredictability is key. If you're running in one direction, Q and run back in the opposite. Also, if you really need to run away: R, then Q, then flash away while still invisible. I've juked many an enemy this way because they sit there waiting for me to uncloak. 9. In team fights, YOU STAY AT THE BACK AND ATTACK WHOEVER IS CLOSEST. It is not the ADC's job to pick off the enemy adc/assassin. It's your front line's job (Ally Tank with CC, ally assassin, etc). Don't use your Q in team fights unless you're dodging/saving yourself from THEIR front line, or, once their front line is dead, you're finishing up the enemy tank or support. Same for E (though depending on the location, a well placed E on their adc/assasin can shut down their firepower (i.e. if you're all squished in the jungle, the frontline and back line kind of become one sometimes)) 10. Learn how to use your E. It's KEY. I've accidentally pushed enemies away--and subsequently saved them--more times than I'd like to count. A well placed E will secure you a sure kill so many times. Don't just rely on her aa. Know the range it will push them back. Draw an imaginary straight line from you, to them, and then extend it that distance to determine if using E is a good idea or not. 11. Learn how to stutter step/orb walk. This is the act of moving after your attack animation has started so that the arrow still flies to the enemy, but you are also moving towards/away from the enemy in quick succession. This allows you to kite and chase enemies and provides you with a couple extra hits that make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in a duel. (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=how+to+stutter+step+lol) 12. I kind of said this before but DON'T BE PREDICTABLE. If you're running away, don't run the predictable path because they can line up their skill shots to get you(unless, you're doing this to bait their skill shot and dodge). If you always go into the brush, they'll expect you there and a good Cait will place her traps. Mix it up. Keep them guessing/paranoid. 13. Know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. You can't win every battle. Know when it's worth helping you allies when you are 3 shots away from dying, and when it's better for you to run back to your base and heal (and you'll probably also get them bitching at you for not helping, but who cares. It's better than giving the enemy a free kill sometimes) 14. Figure out your own style. I simply expressed to you the things that have helped me develop my own play style. It took me a while to know how to fight with Vayne's ultimate on. That alone got me a lot farther on. BONUS #15. If you haven't turned quickcast/smartcast on everything, do it now. It'll take some learning to do but do it. Quickcast is the best way to play (i do it with all my champs). SUPER BONUS #16: Watch Vayne highlight videos on youtube. This will teach you SO MUCH. Don't just watch highlights where she kills, watch full games by Doublelift, Hi im Gosu, Piglet, and other pros and well known Vayne players. See how they play in lane, mid game, late game, etc. See how they play when behind, ahead, etc. Hope that helps. If you have any questions lemme know. P.s. The numbers are all in proper order when creating this post, but after I publish it, #5 turns into #1...Don't know why.
: > [{quoted}](name=FalconPawwwwnch,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4EQ8NFgk,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2014-12-18T16:31:08.153+0000) > > Are you suggesting that a non marksmen class deserves a late game fantasy > > Enjoy your ban When? How? Where? Since when Veigar, Nasus, Poppy, Jax, LeBlanc, Tryndamere, Yasuo, Yi, Warwick, Vi, Shyvana, Malzahar and Irelia are not late game demons?
: F is for flash so I can put ignite on and hand out the D all day
D is for Flash cus I want to leave you with the D
: sarcasm? because she is balanced.....
katarina is in no way, shape or form balanced. Ive played her. she's too easy to get pentas with. She can ult all the time with her passive. Honestly i don't think you have to do too much to balance her, maybe lower her dmg since she can deal it so frequently.
: On the first point, I believe that accuracy is determined by... well, how accurate you are. If you're the only one reporting people all the time, you'll be marked as inaccurate. It's a simple statistic. You've reported a dozen people who didn't even get reported often enough to reach the tribunal? Well, you're not a very accurate reporter.
the fallacy here is that many player can't be bothered to report. When I report i fill out a proper description of why I did so. If someone else just clicks the report button and cause, that should be treated completely different.
: sounds like its not so bad for you if thats all your experiencing for problems
Well I didn't know we were trying to out-do each other. I was simply reporting my issues and, maybe to you they're not bad, but to me not being able to QWER is basically not being able to play. Furthermore, with the loading screen issue, I've had to close the loading screen and re-log in just to try and get it to work. Know what happens when i do that? I get a warning from Leavebuster. That's not a fair response to the situation. Also, I'm reporting so Riot knows what's going on. Feedback helps them the most.
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