: Just make elder dragon just an auto win the game objective.
I literally have seen Elder Dragon 1 time in my last 20 + games. maybe more than that. maybe closer to 30? not even sure. but it almost never shows up. yeah it is an auto win and its fucking op as hell. but its condition to spawn is pretty insane. a team has to have 4 drakes already and THEN it spawns. if you can't win with a soul and control of the map to get 4 drakes early on then you deserve to lose. its honestly more of a last chance button for a losing team. You are losing the game? they can't close out just yet? well now you get one last shot to fight over elder. get that and you might be able to wipe them or get some control of the game. I think its hideously broken but they know that and they accordingly made it pretty hard to spawn.
: Please allow at least 1 dodge per promos
honestly I don't want dodges for promos. I want there to not be promos. its an archaic system that only serves to gate keep you and your luck around your promotion. The only promos should be for tiers. Diamond, Plat, etc because you get shielded once you get to a new tier. but having to do promos for 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 is just dumb. there shouldnt even be a tier gold 1 -4. it should just be 0-400 LP then promos once you get to 400 LP. promos can quite literally stunt your progress and make you have to grind more games. the amount of times ive had huge winning streaks to get into promos then run into two games that are pretty much unwinnable is unbelievable. sure it doesn't affect where you will ultimately end up, but it FEELS terrible. its so frustrating to have to grind more because of an outdated system.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 9
Hey Meddler, not asking for any future plans or anything but just wanted to ask your personal feelings on items with strong actives instead of passives and stats? {{item:3157}} is a strong active item that has a good amount of skill expression. On the other side you have items like {{item:3285}} which are mostly just stats and add damage. How do you feel about the difference in these two different item design philosophies when it comes to League of Lgends specifically?
DeusVult (NA)
: Riot, what is supposed to be the tanks response to ADC item changes??
it just comes down to what will happen when it comes out. if their dps is too high then tanks will go down way too fast late game. but if a carry is left unchecked with good positioning/peel then they can/should melt through the front line. thats their job. the issue isn't the idea of true damage but if the number is simply too high. If its too high they can always adjust. 10% even lower it further if thats too high. but for now just wait and see what happens. there are other changes that looks scarier for the update.
: Matchmaking search players to make team average mmr same as enemy team. If you win many games in a row your mmr is higher than mmr range for that certain division(yes there is range of mmr for divisions thats why skipping divisions exists), so to make up for that and make average mmr still in range to match with enemy team average mmr you get players with mmr of lower range value which means, they are worse than enemies with mmr in the middle of that range. Unfortunately for matchmaking both teams average mmr are equal so it tginks its alright. Thats where the feeling that you get bad players after winning a lot comes from. It is not a feeling it is a fact. You literally get lower mmr players than usual to make up for average mmr due to your mmr being really high.
I have never experienced what you are saying. On my account on LAN that i got to D4 I skipped divisions and both teams had equal skill level players. If my MMR was plat 2 for example even though I was plat 5 at the time then my team was mostly plat 3/2 and the enemy was mostly plat 2/3. It has always in my experience just paired you on both sides with players of similar skill level. if there is ever a much lower ranked player on your team either their mmr is high (likely smurfing) or the enemy team has an equally bad player. It is always balanced.
Aazzlano (NA)
: 18 lethality is 405 gold? So 18 lethality is worth 55g more than a long sword? LOL. Goes to show how BS AD items are when you are able to derive a 405g value for 18 lethality out of I guess a Serrated Dirk's extremely low cost, and use that to justify the gold efficiency of other AD items. Let's not forget also that Long Sword was arbitrarily reduced in cost over the past seasons which also reduces the "value" of AD to 35g per point instead of 400g. Even though the value of it hasn't gone down at all, just the price. And this is used to justify things like Serrated Dirk (1100g cost, 1000g worth of AD by the real value, so 10 Lethality+the passive costs 100g in reality) having way more stats/effects than it should for its cost, but that's ok because the AD on it is valued at way less because of the Long Sword change, so they can cram more stats in and say it's balanced. And then use that item's ridiculously low cost to set the 'value' of lethality and further justify other item's 'balance' because the stats on them aren't valued that much in gold, so their gold efficiency appears to be WAY lower than the item's actual impact with the stats that you actually get. A good start would be Long Sword being reverted to 400g, and all items adjusted to have the same gold efficiency as now by losing AD or having a price increase. Easier to show how stupid 18 Lethality being the same cost as a Long Sword anyway, when it's at that pricepoint.
But you don't understand that items when combined should be more cost effiicient than the raw stats themselves. Serrated Dirk is a good buy at 1100 gold and it should be. its a combine item. not a fully completed item, but still a combine item. ANY item is decent when combined. Compare it to warhammer at 1100 gold. Warhammer gives you 10% cdr which is 247.5 gold in value for upgrading. you get 25 AD which is worth 875 gold. Warhammer is worth 1122.5 gold in stats and costs 1100 gold. so its more than 100% gold efficient as a combine item. Serrated dirk is 25 attack damage and 10 lethality which is 875 gold in ad(again) and 225 gold in lethality. and the passive. Serrated Dirk is worth 1100 gold in raw stats without passive. So the passive is indeed a cherry on top sort of thing, but the damage is honestly negligible since it applies only on spells and only after you kill a minion or enemy champ. It makes it a strong early buy for lane, which its meant to be since you are not going to scale as hard as you would with crit. and for champs who don't need crit, it's not so insanely gold efficient that its overpowering to other very cost efficient combine ap items. Its normal. Lethality is not as broken as people think it is. It's just that Riot fucked up by removing base armor from mages so AD assassins are obnoxious in the mid lane and jungle and they fucked up by not putting MR on squishies so now mages/poke are obnoxious in the bot lane.
: Can we just get nemesis draft again?
one of the most unpopular modes ever and for good reason. it was garbage to most people. if you enjoyed it, that's cool, but most didn't. I tried it a few times and all that happened was it was the same champs with no one being creative in their picks for the enemy team. Hell you'd often get trolls who would last pick an adc after the entire team has picked supports so the enemy team has a win condition and we don't.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: I used to have 55% winrate in normal matches.
nothing is wrong with it. the system works like this: If you win = mmr goes slightly up. Win more than 50% and your MMR will slowly increase or rapidly increased based on how high your win pct is. Eventually you will hit an MMR that you belong at or are not good enough to be at if you went on a lucky win streak at which point you are probably going to start losing because you are overmatched. If you are winning 50% that's fine, its your skill level. You hit a plateau. Now you just gotta work to get over that plateau. If you are only winning 30% chances are you went on a lucky streak and your mmr got a bit too high for your skill level. maybe you duo'd with a higher elo friend and won a few games, or maybe you just got carried a few times. It happens, nothing to worry about. Eventually you will end up where you belong with a close to 50% win rate ^.^ that's how the system should work. It should give you and your opponent and equal chance to win based on your skill level. It just has adjustment periods too like any competitive system will.
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: Depends what you mean about really long time. Mordes going on 2 years Waiting for a Rework (alot longer if consider his last Rework slot was stolen and used for insane experiments). He has been in a declining state for a long time and won't get any help until his VGU. Which is. When. Noone knows. Luc Cait's had some tuning because they were oppressive last season. It's a long wait before riot will acknowledge the struggle. That's because Riot thinks they are fine. Oh wait nvm your talking about Marksmen. Expect a buff in 2 patches
I'm sure Morde at this point has to be pretty high on the VGU list. he's definitely S tier in terms of need. once they can find a good direction for him im sure he'll be picked up.
: Videos or never happen. I know we like to embellish our tower stories, but a Vayne eating a full thresh combo is already enough to half health her. I doubt she took more than 2 tower shots after that.
the anecdotal tales never happened in the first place my guy. these are clearly made up. that it's upvoted shows you why rioters don't take the forums seriously.
: Whose damage though? Most cleaver users have been nerfed enough that a 6% difference in armor reduction won't do too much, i think this is more aimed at toplane for champs like Darius, wukong.....maybe Riven? Who can rush it against tanks for extended fights. Among the ranged only MF might notice a difference, but it´ll be pretty marginal since she´ll never grab the item before Duskblade and ghostblade if she can help it.
you always go cleaver on mf second if they have a tank. if you go double lethality you will never be able to do anything to a tank even with your ult in the mid game.
: There are WAAYYY more ‘overbearing’ support champs than Sona
besides Xerath right now I can only think of Karma and Leona. and I'd say she's better than karma and Leona. Karma has more dmg in her poke but no sustain. Leona has a better all in but is useless in certain matchups (like vs morg/tahm) Sona can go into basically any matchup even Leona and if played well is oppressive. I think she's still strong, but just not as obscenely broken as she was at first.
: fiddle needs a vgu
the problem with Fiddles is he already HAS distinct playstyle that the players who play him love playing. Its hard to give him power anywhere else while keeping that playstyle. like you could change literally anything else about his kit and keep his ult and that's fine, but his ult is so fucking strong that I can't imagine he can do much else outside of it. It's like old sejuani syndrome or current malph syndrome. You put that much power in an ultimate and the rest of the kit suffers. I personally want to see something that doesn't include his stand in place drain. that ability is literally fucking useless vs competent players. they just walk away from you or instantly displace you out of it. Not only that, but the heal is so pitiful even with a ton of ap and you are so squishy that you really can't often afford to even stand and drain away. Its a gimmick that helps him jungle which supports his SURPRISE PARTY playstyle. I would like to see a kit straight up centered around his ult. give him 3 new abilities that are cohesive instead of "hurr durr point and click cc chain" whats crazy about fiddles to me too is he has some of the best CC in the game that is reliable, but because he's so short range and squishy its basically useless. it makes no sense on his kit.
: > [{quoted}](name=DoktorKaiser,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PQEP5T0v,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-12-07T22:40:29.925+0000) > > He is already the champion who gets fucked the most by ALL assassins in the game EASILY {{champion:136}}
Yeah I was gonna say. poor sol. he's this bad ass star dragon who is basically useless vs assassins if his ult isn't up.
: Complaining about last season meta picks. Being gutted for a long time. There are champions who have been suffering for alot longer and alot worse. NuNu, voli, eg.
those champions have been addressed though in terms of why they aren't getting major changes. I'm not saying the champions I've listed are more deserving of reworks or attention than maybe champions like mordekaiser, nunu, voli, udyr, etc. I'm saying the players of these champions are left in the dark. whereas players of those champions at least know that SOMEDAY a VGU is on its way and thats the only reason they don't get too much love in the short term. I mean they have let us know whats going on with those. With Lucian and Cait no one is talking about that. With Graves they are kind of starting to address it, but previously he was trash for a very long time. Lucian in particular to me is alarming. he basically got nerfed into oblivion. found a new build, got nerfed again, and then was uplayable. people started picking him up mid lane cuz he could at least still bully and riot said "nope we dont want that" and its like "well what do you want, this champion can't go anywhere if he can't go mid cuz you've gutted him". I would like some insight because I'm 100% sure riot won't ignore him forever just like they won't ignore mordekaiser/nunu forever. they are on the list. I don't think Lucian needs a VGU or even GU but maybe a small scale update to make him more healthy like RekSai or maybe even just changes to shift him more in a direction of a crit build without buffing his raw ad numbers.
: > Honest Question: Are there plans for "really weak" to "almost gutted" champs? Yeah. For example Volibear has some attack speed buffs that are being tested. But you are probably going to have to be more specific and name more to talk about it more. You talk about {{champion:51}}, but she actually wasn't doing that bad, asfaik. She was 4th pick up until last patch and people then dropped her due to preseason performance.
4th most popular with like 14th-16th win rate. she's been bad. people were trying her out again since she got decent sized changes on reverting her scaling, but she was still losing even then. she hasn't been good in 5 patches. in the first 3 she was around 48% which is definitely more around where Cait should be with a high play rate, but the last patch she was pretty bad and this one too. Lucian on the other hand has sat around 45% to a peak of 47% ish on 7.22 and is now back at 46%. so basically been dumpster tier for awhile. Not only that his play rate is way down despite being a super fun and popular champ. From 14th to 9th at his peak back down to the 11th tier in pick rate To me what that means is only dedicated Lucian players even bother to play him in bot lane anymore and even those players arent finding success on him. Personally I understand why he was gutted, but I am mainly asking for more transparency as to what will happen with him. Right now its frustrating as a Lucian player. He's my favorite champ but he's just so bad and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. No one is talking about him because when he's been good he's been pretty cancer to play against.
: Rylais feels like a wasted slot
It's a strong situational item that was made cheap so you can easily pair with Liandry's for a quick two item spike on dot mages like Malz/Brand. And it fills that niche quite well. People forget how cheap Rylai's is. It's stupidly cheap for what it does. Even a weaker slow on your abilities for only 2600 gold is good. Just because its not viable on literally everyone anymore, doesn't mean it sucks. It's a great item on the intended users.
: I have 123 of the 139 champs
they have definitely changed the algorithims slightly to give more expensive shards. I went from getting only 1 shard above 3150 out of all my accounts over like 20 levels already getting around 3 since the recent cactopus post. I think if you are patient and just wait for the shards to fall you will get them even faster since you get a 6300 champ for only 3780. which is HUGE. Since there is really no rush to "own all champs" unless you want a specific one (which at that point just go buy them) you can be patient. just sit on your BE. don't spend it. Just wait for the shard to fall. Yeah it feels weird to not use your BE you are grinding, but eventually you will get the shards to the champs you don't own and all that BE you saved up is ready to be used at that point. Think of it this way. Its a better system if you are patient and a worse system if you are impatient. Just do the following. 1.) Never disenchant a champ shard of a champ you don't own regardless of who it is or how valuable it is. 2.) Disenchant literally every other champ shard immediately (duh) 3.) If impatient use the BE you have on the champs you want NOW from the shop. 4.) If there is no specific champ you want just spend your BE on unlocking the champ shards of the champs you don't own from number 1. The new system gives way less BE/IP than before overall, but if you are patient the new system is indeed actually faster for getting new champs. Cactopus wasn't lying. I've been doing it and I've already gotten quite a few champs. Never forget too that hextech chests can give you the high value champ shards now and even if you own the champ they will give you a fair amount of BE to be used on the champs you don't own.
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: Dear kill lane lux "support"s, here's why you should use spellthief instead of doran ring (MATH)
don't understand the post. I start dark seal for to rack up the sweet mejais stacks right from level 1. Kappa.
: What about null orb which scales, and hexdrinker, yeah its only for ad but if your tank we arent talking about you and if you are ap u already gain the benefits listed above, yeah its a narrow defensive option but a very effective one, and if you are my personal favorite champ who can build ad items such as hex and still do ap and abuse sorc shoes Corki who also gains both apen and mpen from the dash rune
null orb is a good option for surviving burst damage, but not vs poke.
Hópe (NA)
: Bot lane is currently if you die a single time you lose your tower.
As a bot laner I wouldn't quite say its this exaggerated, but bot lane is pretty snowbally right now. But its a fiesta in general. I have many games I die twice but then we triple kill the enemy in a gank because my damage from just runes is so damn fucking high. The issue I mainly have is that dives seem a little too easy to pull off. I wish towers hit a little bit harder. Not a lot, but a little bit harder. I wish they would add a mechanic where towers do more damage or ramp up faster the more enemies there are diving you so they gotta be very quick and efficient when diving you. I had a dive happen to me the other day where me and my Janna outplayed the fuck out of the enemy under our tower and we didn't even come close to killing the guy taking the tower. I think manage to ezreal E a CC, janna knocked back a khazix all while their nautilus just tanking the tower (this is pre items btw) and im hitting him the entire time and I flash another cc. heal and the naut manages to leave the tower with like 30% health. It was rather depressing.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Big Black Croc,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vPaHzRMg,comment-id=00050001,timestamp=2017-12-02T20:30:47.392+0000) > > Pta getting nerfed? Ah, more reason to fuck over champions that took fervor. the funny thing is that even if PTA gets nerfed lethal temp will still be just as good on ADCs if not better, so it really wont matter. once we start seeing 3.5 Attack speed vayne you will know why. meanwhile fervor users will be shafted and punished for the sins of the ADCs who are just getting slaps on the wrist, if that. And klepto ezreal is laughing his ass off in the background as he gets free gold and free consumables while nuking the shit out of tanks with Q.
lethal tempo is garbage. speaking from an adc main. its pretty bad. only good on kog. thats about it. the way its designed right now is pretty poor. on paper it looks really really good, but then you try to use it in game and its like "well this sucks"
: im starting to think riots balance team just favors and wants ADCs to be broken.
uh ezreal literally has nerfs on PBE right now. ad ratio buff he got back when he was trash tier is being reverted and they always literally just said they were looking to nerf twitch? MF will probably not get nerfs as much though as its mostly her interactions with scorch + cheap shot + aery or comet. I imagine if they nerf MF it will be the E again so you can't just spam it and not interact in lane. Personally I think scorch as a rune just needs to be removed. its a straight up early game damage rune that is too powerful. it adds 30 + base damage for free every 20 seconds so champs who intentionally have low base damage on their abilities can abuse it. If they nerf scorch to where its a lot weaker early, but scales better or replace it with a healthier rune then I think she will be balanced. She is only ever strong when she can cheese early laning.
Kanzler (NA)
: please find me an adc that doesn't blow up squishies. You are squishy, they deal damage. It's really simple math...
any of them? most of them don't have their massive 400 + damage crits until much later in the game. at which point they cant just ignore the enemy damage dealers cuz they blow up themselves. the only ones who can reliably delete you before late game are vayne, tristana, xayah, lucian at 3 items with crit/shiv, and I suppose if you have enough ad and crit built up Jhin as well. but inherently in their kit its mostly just Vayne and Trist. if we are speaking of just auto all in's here. those champs erase you. Hell trist does it with just a BF sword and her ult most of the time with PTA now. they can melt a squishy pretty quick but theres usually enough time to retaliate. It's not like they walk up to you, kill you in three auto attacks and POOF you are gone. its more like "oh shit i missed an ability on this adc that was important" and then you die cuz they can free fire. of course adcs can melt anyone they the premier dps class. there is a very big difference between that and true burst damage that happens in sub 2 seconds
TmTn (NA)
: How is this a 2 week ban offence?
no way it goes straight to two week ban with that. you are either lying in some way (likely) or should open a support ticket. open a support ticket and they will usually tell you its justified. my main got perma banned awhile back and i contested it because the chat logs were literally mostly clean and there was one line that said "stfu ur bad". not only was that enough, they explained that the game logs they give you aren't the only games that get you banned, they are just a few random examples lol. you probably had other games where u were pretty toxic. u gotta get reported a lot. usually in a short time frame.
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Dasdi96 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mrs Scuderi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Afcs38Ij,comment-id=001e,timestamp=2017-12-01T22:12:11.027+0000) > > I just despise that the removal of crit Q came with a buff to the Q bonus ad ratio so she can still burst you with it. > > they could straight up remove her bonus damage altogether on Q and buff her elsewhere and no one would care. > > she doesnt need to blow up squishies. she needs to be the premier tank buster. Yeah, it ended up becoming a massive buff to her early game by giving her about +15-25 damage on every q.
well the intention was to buff her lane phase since she was supposed to be losing burst on her Q since it no longer crit. now it still bursts and her early laning is a bit better. her lane is still ass. to me the lane has never been the issue with vayne. the issue is that she's good against every type of champ. both squishies and tanks. thats broken and basically a ticking time bomb. she's only gated by her range past 3 items. and she has mobility and stealth to make up for that as well as a self peel/cc tool. I think just go all in on the tank buster identity. make Q into an attack speed steroid or something with less of a damage amp when she tumbles and you got the perfect tank busting/self peel champ. I'll say it a million times. It doesn't feel bad to get outplayed by a good vayne who kites you around, condemns you at the right time, uses her stealth and keeps getting silver bolts after silver bolts. What feels bad right now is that she can Q auto for massive burst > into a normal auto > another massive burst since she procs PTA AND silver bolts on top of a (likely) crit
: Just stop, dude. Personal attacks like this don’t belong here.
I'll be honest, it must be exhausting to be the Riot PR guy. Like I know its your job and you do it well, but to rationalize with people who get way too heated about this game seems a daunting task. It's no wonder Rioters don't reply to a lot of these threads. Calling for someone's livelihood and well being to be taken from them for a few attempts at balance changes that may have missed the mark is appalling to me.
: How has Nunu gone so long without a VGU at all
they don't base it ENTIRELY off of who needs it the most. they have tiers I'd imagine of champs who need it more than others. then they try to formulate ideas for all the champs and have a good direction to go off of. ones with more priority like Nunu would take those over one like say Pantheon if they had equally good directions. the problem is its really really hard to come with directions that are going to be lasting. You gotta remember they don't just wanna rework for the sake of "updating" they want the champ to have an identity and lasting appeal. they want them to become new and iconic. Look at Galio, Poppy, Fiora, they all have a player base they appeal, they are pretty cool champs now. And they took their time with them. they didn't force them. I'll take that any day. Nunu will probably be awhile because if we're going to be honest here that champion is going to be built from the ground up. the ONLY thing that will probably be kept the same is that its a kid riding a yeti. that is it.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: I think I am just going to ban vayne this whole season.
I just despise that the removal of crit Q came with a buff to the Q bonus ad ratio so she can still burst you with it. they could straight up remove her bonus damage altogether on Q and buff her elsewhere and no one would care. she doesnt need to blow up squishies. she needs to be the premier tank buster.
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: yeah graves is crazy good in this mode (walls for faster Q detonations aside) he just will blow up a team standing on top of each other. His real weakness is slower at clearing the "not" scuttlecrabs
actually they are coded still as scuttle crabs. if you ping them it says you have targeted the rift scuttler lol.
ChuShoe (NA)
: I feel like I'd be okay not seeing an adc EVERY game.
We might be getting there with demolish. Just a won game in plat 3 elo as a Rammus/Leona bot lane. Rammus takes towers decently fast as well with demolish and his ult on towers. The main reason ADCs will always be meta though is because they are the premier sustained dps class. that its physical and resourceless (read: auto attacks) there is potential though as ADCs suck massive dick in the early game past level 1/2. they just need to introduce more things like demolish and maybe give mages some form of fast tower taking. maybe an AP item that specifically helps you take towers and drag/baron faster.
Reav3 (NA)
: We are currently doing a Aatrox Rework
AN aatrox rework. grammar my guy. sorry. too many college english courses.
: The change we announced here means you're getting the same overall numbers (940 BE average drop, 810 BE minimum drop, with chances for newest champs at the high end). But instead of a lot of little low value shards you'll get more raw BE. It doesn't affect your chance of getting high value shards. We're thinking about ways to boost the odds of getting high-value shards. Nothing to announce but it's something we're definitely keeping an eye on. Obviously everybody wants more high-value shards haha
so it's just for the feel good side. you have same chance for a high value shard and if you don't get a high value shard instead of getting a shit ton of low value champs you'll get a mix of raw BE and low level champ shards. Doesn't really change things at all, but for some players (not me) it might make opening capsules not feel as shitty or save them a tiny bit of time of having to disenchant like 3 ryze shards. And that's cool that you guys are looking into boosting the odds of getting high value shards. I earnestly don't think it needs to be something that happens crazy frequently, just a little more often than it does now. Right now they seem like unicorns and with like half the champ pool being "high value" (hell a champ like Zed who is old af is 4800 BE) it feels pretty shitty. That's the main thing for me anyway. I actually like the new system overall. Because while its overall a bit slower (of course, runes are free duh) you CAN save BE here and there if you get lucky and get a champ shard for a champ you want thats higher value.
: Leveling and Rewards - Improvements to Milestone Emotes, Capsules, & FWotD
im confused. so in the new level up capsules are the numbers going slightly up? or are we just getting the same number and now part of it is raw BE and part of it is shards. if so I'm not sure how I feel about this one. I really just wanted there to be a semi higher frequency of expensive champ shards. right now I think I've gotten two 3150 champs out of like 20 levels between all my accounts and only two champs worth 4800 or above. I think that's my main issue with the system as it is right now. so if the new changes mean chances for better champ shards going UP then I'm cool with that. I don't even need the raw BE there. Just want there to be a variety of champ shards.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: "Instakill from stealth is so unfair so we reworked rengar and evelynn."
Well Twitch IS cancer, but let's not compare him to old rengar and old eve at their respective HEIGHTS. old rengar in the hands of a player who simply took the time to learn his combo would basically delete you instantly without even time to flash out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOGDFOeuVlM like there was no counterplay. you could be in your team and you would just insta die anyway if he felt like it. it wasn't necessarily an effective way to guarantee a win for rengar, but it WAS cancer to play against. Evelynn was much of the same. whenever she was tuned enough to be able to be strong early she could get a kill or two and just erase you before you could even react. not quite as bad as rengar, but still pretty awful as she there was basically NO warning. Twitch isn't quite that bad. you can flash away from him and if you have two forms of escape like a dash and flash you can get away. to me what makes twitch bad isn't necessarily jsut the stealth. its that his ult is basically the best ADC ultimate in the game. there comes a point where you can melt an entire team just by yourself and to be able to do that from stealth and having some of the best scaling in the game is just too much imo. that said without ult twitch is pretty short range so even if his damage his high, if you can disengage the ult he's far less useful. He just snowballs really hard because of how the stealth works. its on a basic ability and lasts really really long.
: "Oh vayne killed me in 0.59 seconds"
the queen of complaining about adcs is back. and this time she hates vayne!
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: A summary of all the issues (according to the players) for Riot.
i think its less the new runes doing too much damage overall for number 4 and there being too much early game damage. i was looking at the combination of sorcery/domination early game runes and you can add 60 damage to anyones one ability + single auto attack combo as long as it has some form of cc. I had to check this because I just got fucked up for almost half my health by a JANNA at level 1. it just goes to show you that some of these runes are wildly overtuned. scorch is way too strong.
: *Potential And while I feel like they are deserved I wouldn't expect much tbh.
honestly the only thing they can hit is his scaling. his lane phase has always been absolutely trash even now. and I welcome the FUCK out of that. No ADC should scale as hard as he does. He's like an AOE long range hyper carry. granted, its a short window, but still. He can afford to lose scaling and STILL be the best late game adc by a fair amount.
: Things that shouldnt happen:
as a d4 player(this is smurf) I kind of want to calm the circle jerk on matchmaking in general. there is no doubt that you should be being paired with people around your skill level whenever possible, but to say "oh wow I'm vs all diamond" means an auto loss is just a bad mentality for League of Legends. You don't know if those d5 players are playing off roles, trying new builds/champs, etc. Sure they will likely have way better macro but to assume the game is going to make you a punching bag is silly. I think people should take more opportunities to learn from their games against better players. There was a game I had awhile back when I was a mere Gold 2 player. I was against a Master Tier player. and I was so nervous. I was like HOLY SHIT HE'S MASTER. I ended up stomping him in lane because he was in off role and I was an adc main. He had no idea how to play his champion because he was first timing it. I doubt you will ever get high elo try hards in normals and if you do just shrug it off. thta almost never happens to me. If they do kick your ass you can learn from it my guy. rather than be like "wow im outmatched" why not say "wow HOW is this guy beating me so hard" and then you have a literal example right in front of you of how someone is better than you. Again, I do think matchmaking should try its best to pair you with someone close to you, but in normals where rank doesnt matter I don't think it should wait 15 to 20 minutes for a game that doesn't mean anything just because of matchmaking quality.
Rexxiee (NA)
: Ezreal doing 115 damage (after armor) per Q at lvl 1 with a dorans blade
Its not Klepto though. its teh raw ad from sorcery/inspiration. they are too high. if they nerf klepto you can go Aery at level 1 and get even more dmg even if aery is nerfed (klepto adds zero dmg so anything else is a plus). his ad ratio is too high now that he gets so much ad level 1. if you don't nerf his ad ratio you gotta nerf the raw stats from the sorcery/inspiration. scorch is also insanely broken. I don't mind ezreal Q hitting hard early considering he has a dip in power with tear for a bit where you can abuse him even if he was ahead, but right now it DOES hit too hard. this is coming from an avid ezreal player.
: Good gravy adc mains are the worst people i know. (Not satire??)
If Twitch is face roll why aren't you abusing him to climb the ladder? I'll wait. Yeah some champs are broken, but ADC is the most mechanically intensive role in the game. If you don't got the mechanics you won't climb in the role. you won't carry. So if you think ADC is so easy to climb with then play it. stop whining. but you won't. because adc is harder than it looks. Also being generalizing an entire group of people is petty. There are shitty people in all areas of life. there are some in every role in league.
: Yeah its almost as if adcs only build damage items or something
its almost as more often than not an adc offers no utility and only damage with only a few exceptions (ashe/varus). and those that do offer utility are typically immobile as fuck and easy to fuck up. I want to note that 600 range is not very high in terms of comparison to mages and other classes. Annie has similar ranges and she is considered a rather short to mid range mage. you can easily stay away from her and just not let her Q you right? Marksman if they go in at the right time can and should deal the most dmg in the game because if they go in at the WRONG time or misposition or don't orbwalk well they instantly die. Last season I would've said that wasn't that case with how bad the "lets just shield an adc into oblivion meta" but now that ADCs are actually killable again I have no issues with their damage output. They are literally the premier glass cannons. If you want similar DPS then play them. If you want either more safety or strong utility and/or AOE then go mages. remember that with only a few exceptions ADCs are SINGLE TARGET. so that means they can only fuck up one person at a time. So yeah if you fail to get to one and thy are free firing the entire time while being a glass cannon they can and should be rewarded for it. thats the entire point of their class. if they did less damage no one would play them. no one. hell in the one meta where they weren't dealing that much damage we saw shit like Ziggs bot become meta because they were such a joke. they offer nothing to a team so the one thing they do SHOULD be strong. the only issues that can ever come up with them imo is if they spike way too hard way too fast. (too cheap of items) or they are unkillable through shields/heals/hybrid defensive items.
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