: Save Trundle
I just want him to get a skin over the 750rp range, traditional trundle doesnt even count, that skin was given out after his rework
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Horızen (NA)
: What the f*ck is with losers spamming "tryhard"
bro if someone says that in all chat, i camp their ass cause they gonna rage quit after two more deaths
: How do you guys stick to this game after all riot puts you through?
Simple. league is not the only game i play. When riot does dumb shit, i just play some other game on steam. _Also i dont buy skins for this game i know a lot of people feel obligated to stay in lol because the amount of money they spend on the game is insane. _
Xavanic (NA)
: question about hecarim
Juggernauts in lol: {{champion:86}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:6}}{{champion:36}} Limited range and MOBILITY (hence their weakness), but excel at taking and dealing damage. {{champion:120}} is a diver
Larriet (NA)
: What your role says about you!
_looks at list_ {{champion:98}} Fool, he didnt take into account us river mains.
yeulx (NA)
: Twisted Treeline Rewards
1. Dominion fans got 1 icon 2. They said in ask riot that TT would not get any rank rewards this year. Im not saying i agree with the shitty rewards, but they did tell us.
øHaruø (NA)
: Are you in Silver, trying to get to gold this season?
Are you silver? Wanna reach gold in less than a week, but have garbage mechanic and decent game knowledge? Here you go {{champion:32}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:86}}
: Where is my rank
My rank is gone too, i am plat, i thought the rank season ended the 19th
: Pulsefire Thresh looks like garbage...
i hate how when he autos, the blurr affect his hook does is so choppy. It doesnt look like a curve slash it looks like small straight lines links together. His lantern is prestige look like an Egg
Leu07 (NA)
: Leo Leona
libra ? {{champion:412}} cause of the balance being his weapon {{champion:98}} cause he represent balance or {{champion:10}} cause justice
: I doubt that they continue with this skinline, because eventually they would have to release a Scorpio Skarner and Rito hasn't released a skin for him for 4.5 years. _We await our time._
lmao u acting like riot cant find a way to make yasuo or akali look some what like a scorpion
: calm down everyone. riot isnt THAT cool.
wow riot ur just gonna take that, better proof us wrong or something
: Is Thresh A Tank?
Thresh is what i like to call Sub- tank, same as Rakan. They are tanky late game, but other than that they are pretty squishy IMO, they just have utility that they can use defensively which make them appear tanky.
Jikker (NA)
: What did you do for Halloween?
I went to class from 10am to 8pm. I was suppose to go clubbing after, but i was too tired and when i got home i fell asleep ):
: Why is URF or AURF the only game mode that gets brought back?
i hate ur but i love every other game mode. I miss ascension and blood moon so much ):
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Zed genius (EUNE)
: I am having trouble winning games this season.
Learn the meta of this season. which is explode them before they explode you. there is not strategy this season, just make a pick and once one of the explodes push to nexus. One of ur guys explodes, run unless you got some AoE explode ults like annie or malph. Last season you actually had to think, this season, just get a pick.
: Pyke still broken
bro he is not that bad to deal with now, i actually stopped banning hit and started banning yuumi
: This is how events should be like
Man i just wish events gave enough tokens for atleast 1 chroma AND a border , without buying shitty pass
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: So which Legendary Permanant did everyone get?
magnificent TF, dont own tf and the skin look like poo so i rerolled it with a ww skin and a karthus skin. Then i got pumpkin fiddlesticks ):
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Velasan (NA)
: Unpopular Opinion: Keep Zz'rot Portal
I love zz rot, do u know how many times my adc has afked/dced during a game and i rush it to keep lane from ending in 2 secs!
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: 10th anniversary is really nothing at all. Just mobile games being announce.
: Stuff?
https://i.imgflip.com/3dfcnl.jpg i drew thresh for you sir, whos biggest counter is morgana does this count? I know my place as a thresh main below, the mighty morgana shield );
: So this 10 year announcement...
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: Stop murdering Tahm
If they are gonna gut his survive-ability, then they should at-least compensate with his utility. I started playing him in the jg because support is just horrid and these recent buffs kinda kill his early clear since grey hp is shit. The worst part now is not only are u super low after 1st clear but after if a champ has a dash you are nvr getting them cause you are so fuking slow. Give him some to excel at, at this point he has nothing going for him. ):<
: But you just said you prefer to ban Zyra and Pyke. Which is it? Aparrently you just want to ban half the champ roster.
What? how is banning 2 champs half the roster?Also i dont ban pyke cause i just play braum into him. Also the reason i ban those two is because they just build full ap and carry harder than the adc half the time. so i ban them in rank cause i don want to deal with another carry if my adc is brain dead enough to keep dying to them
: Can we buff Morgana?
Im going to get down voted for this, but support mains dont ban her because she counters engage supps, they ban her because she super boring to play against. Like for me i ban her in norms cause im trying to have fun, but in rank i ban problematic shit like brand and zyra. Literally any other support with the exception of yuumi is a funner lane than morg. Its like if you are against a taric/braum/soraka/ or janna (disenage supps) and you hook adc well braum and taric will jump you, and janna and soraka with use silence and knock up to disenagae and then fight you with adc like actually do stuff. Morgana lane on the other hand you hook adc black shield, fine, wait for cd, hook again land it morgana q, they runaway and poke you, Its not fun to play against her she so fuking boring. I was kinda upset when i saw her update and realized they didnt make her more interactive in lane
: If your pet was allowed 20 seconds to truly understand you.....
I would just thank him for remembering me even tho I only see him 3 months of the entire year, and still loving me the same. Im og from spain but i live in America now and my dog had to stay with my grandma (keeping her good company and shes obviously spoiling him, Mediterranean grandmas ima right lol). I only see him in the summers, and when I come through the doors he goes ballistic. For those 3 months he is always by my side :) Love that dog
: Bring Back Event Skins to the Prestige Point Shop
Can someone explain the border shit. Do we get a border if we reroll a skin via hextech or not? or out of a skin shard?
: Climbed to plat as a SUPPORT MAIN?! This man has balls, and by god did he prove it.
Honestly, i think its the best way to climb. If you play engage supports ur team usually waits for ur engage so you are kinda the shot caller. Braum i picked against engage supp or when the took thresh just cause when they collapse on my adc i isolate them and apply my passive. Also if i big team fight breaks out both of these supps have ults that can disengage so basically if the enemy wants carry they have to go through me 1st. One more thing, support mains never get auto filled, big plus lol
Manxxom (NA)
: Now you live up to your username
: Who do you want to/think will have the next Victorious skin? (2019)
: ***
I cant tell if this is a joke
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: If you are autofilled ADC
I would rather them play their main, than have a fucking Kaisa or Ezreal autofill who rushes tear. Man that shit kills me
: How often have you been pissed b/c a champ was too tanky?
For me its late game nasus, and it just cause it chunking me insanely hard while also being tanky
: https://imgur.com/ksE2lN4 as a maokai otp top lane this is my match history of recent 14-3 as maokai i have over 1 mil mastery points on him. are tanks weak in the current meta? sure. but its isnt maokai 's ult that causes him to be weak. his old ult was better used as a tool to 1 vs 1 then what it was intended for. dont get me wrong I MISS OLD MAOKAI !!! but his ult is fine, it just needs some small tweaks to make it better. more movement speed on the ult. maybe a slightly lower cooldown so its aval a bit more often.
Man ill take tweaks at this points, its just ass at its current state
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: Victorious Skin???
I hope its {{champion:201}} or {{champion:223}}, but i prefer braum and i hope its not {{champion:497}}
: Maokai W-Flash Input Buffer Issues
I play a crap ton of mao jungle and this bug makes my blood boil. Its gotten to a point that whenever i flash i will spam click w just i dont look like a dumb ass a continue walking towards them while they flash.
Fiesta (NA)
: NA - LF the top 1 percent (ARAM)
: League of Legends needs a Mother
Nasakeki (NA)
: Just delete Yuumi, please.
While they are at it, they can also delete {{champion:223}}. Im sick of one of my mains getting repeatedly gutted due to LC$. The worst part is people didnt hate tahm until they fuking moved him top cause of stupid LCS. Im so fucking sad now everyone hates him, and its cause riot cant balance for shit. HE WAS NEVER A FUKING PROBLEM TILL YOU GUYS TOOK HIS SUPPORT AWAY FROM HIM AND GAVE HIM LOW CD ON TONGUE LASH.
Done25 (NA)
: At least Yuumi can keep him company with her flat 20% decaying slow on Q.
honestly i will no longer get attached to new support champs riot make, cause they always have some niche thing ends them up getting gutted ):< Unless they are flashy
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