MetaGeek (NA)
: Snowball Meta is not fun 5 years later and this video becomes more and more relavent.
: its a joke auto fail ruined the game
I almost never get auto filled because i am a support main and that gives m protection. But when I do get auto filled it sends me into the jungle every time! Is it just me or is this common? I feel like at this point playing Jungle should give auto fill protection.
: Always wondered why the HP shard only gives 90 HP, I'd think 18 levels would scale more
If they gave you more HP that would mess up their super burst meta they been pushing for the last 3 seasons.
: Can I de-rank tiers in the ranked ladder?
Play {{champion:34}} and rank up wall and just spam that on your team mates. It is a classic troll move that I have not seen people do in a long time. And yeah, i might be in the minority here, but some creative trolling can be fun win or lose. it is not like you are just running it down mid in a rage.
Scopé (EUNE)
: Okay Riot, why did you cap Kindred's attack range but not Senna's?
Riot doesn't have a balance team. It has been 10 years, the game should be balanced by now. All they do is try to shift the meta around every patch so people keep playing because maybe one day their champ will be the meta pick.
Håppy (NA)
: I've never been less interested in League
I use to love this game, and so I keep tabs on it to see if things will get better. but I have moved on top playing Dead by Daylight as my multiplayer game.
: 1) Fire riot. 2) Hire a company that knows how to balance and maintain a game. 3) Permanently remove all punishment systems and restore all past banned accounts.
: If you could make 3 changes to improve the "game". what would they be?and why?
1. Put a mechanic in the game so that after a dash or blink, if you have another one in your kit you can't use it for the next X seconds. That might be a way that Riot could deal with the mobility creep in the game. Would hit some champs harder than others, but hey, that's why Riot theoretically has a balance team. 2. Lower damage to be balanced around 5v5s. A 1v1 should be more drawn out. What's the point of a team if 1 fed champ can snowball and 1v5 a team? It would hurt assassin and high burst mages a lot, but I think they should be able to assassinate people if they are already poked down somewhat. Removing items that have an active that deals more damage, it acts as a 5th ability and is hard to balance for, maybe impossible. 3. A rework of items. Break them up, make them more stream lined. Let's look at {{item:3157}}. Armor, CDr, Ap, and a defensive active. I think removing the Ap, replace it with MR and it would be something anyone can use. Take the cdr from some items so that picking CDR is more of a choice than a added bonus to just building a standard kit. Also, add in tier 3 boots
DeusVult (NA)
: Aphelios has a kit that makes all other ADCs inferior
Dotty LB (NA)
: Oh god Sona Top has a 58% WR. Top lane may have a huge problem.
I would guess that the amount of damage in the game is too much for bruisers and tanks to deal with. Their whole role is to be beefy enough to get into the middle of a fight and do some damage while taking it.
Kazekiba (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Clockwork Mouse,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ji8dT836,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-02-09T16:53:53.391+0000) > > I have an idea, maybe balance the game so that Soraka is not the best top laner. Start by nerfing every source of damage in the game. Any damage nerf is a Soraka buff because it makes it easier for Soraka to invalidate an entire champion. If you deal 500 damage with a rotation on an 8 second cooldown, Soraka can heal a pitiful 140 HP per W cast on a 2 second CD and your rotation nets less than 0 damage.
But Soraka top isn't healing the enemy to death, she is killing them with ultra safe poke damage that hurts way more than it should for a support with a 35% Ap ratio on her Q.
: What is wrong with cooldowns actually being important.
What do you mean by that? Cooldowns are very important to the game. Abilities need cool down so they can be used strategically. And it is why ADCs are so important. Every team knows they will have a period of time where everything is on CD, and in that time they still want to be outputting damage. It is why the ADC role is mandatory even after they started letting tanks and mages both do damage to turrets.
: No. There are so many reasons why this shouldn't be allowed and never will be allowed.
Bu you are not gonna actually come up with an argument for these reasons.
: I also hope they revert the new boards header so I can see notifications.
: Like....
Remember when picking support gave you auto fill protection? But every time I auto fill i get sent JG. Why isn't JG the auto fill prevention role?
: Why not remove voting altogether. Easy fix.
Yeah, making it more like 4chan would be best. Have every new reply bump up the thread to the top. Only keep about 200 or so threads going at any time. Archive those that go under that for they are still there, but can't be added to anymore.
: No just no. If an ADC get's caught they should be killed.
Should depend on what champ catches him. ADC should be allowed to kite people around, and have the ability to survive a 1v1 against anyone. A 1v1 should be a longer fight.
: >I would nerf all damage across the board. A fight should last long enough that you have the ability to outplay someone. Levels wouldn't be some impactful for starters. A level or 2 ahead shouldn't make it so the enemy can't play the game anymore If an assassin or a mage jumps on you and uses all their abilities when you are at full HP, it won't kill you, and they should be punished for going all in and misjudging the situation. I would try to balance an Assassin's damage so that they can pop an ADC at around 60% HP when the assassin is ahead by an item and a level. There would no longer be items in the game that do damage like gunblade. So adc's shouldn't be able to be oneshotted and should be able to live long enough to outplay people with their point and click burst per second. Basically all I see is "I should be able to build full damage and never be oneshot by other people who build full damage" No.
Burst is the problem with LoL right now. It is a team game, if you build full damage you should be able to lower the HP fast, but not too fast. You should need your team to fight with you to erase someone from full HP.
Gradeient (EUW)
: Supp in top lane meta
Riot is dead, and China is puppeteering the corpse. If the game didn't have millions of players it would already be dead.
: I out-level both junglers without even going to lane
{{sticker:sg-poppy}} God bless you. Your playstyle sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you get equal amounts laughs and salt from both teams.
HideSide (EUNE)
: How to fix this game?
I think the best philosophy Riot could take it making the game's damage balanced around 5v5s. If a 1v1 fight breaks out, no matter what characters are in the fight, they shouldn't be able to end the other player in under a second. An assassin or mage should be there with a team and their abilities should be just strong enough to have synergy with the other 4 players.
: Make ADC a nonmandatory class.
You can't do that. The reason ADCs are important is because they don't need to use abilities to damage people. Imagine this, a 5v5 happens, there is no ADC at all. All 10 players blow their load and their abilities are on CD. what now? they are going to start slapping each other with auto attacks until their abilities are back up. Anyone with half a brain would see this and say "we need someone here who can keep putting out damage in the seconds hat all our stuff is on cooldown" Even if they removed every marksman from the game, the meta would make someone fill that role. And it has to be someone with range, even if it is Janna with Crit. Because a tank can just body block a jax or a tryndamere until the back line gets their abilities back up.
IainG10 (EUW)
: I'd start by reverting Runes Reforged and split it back into Runes and Masteries; RR was Masteries Reforged, and it added nothing. Masteries used to be picked optimal for your champion, and Runes were picked for the specific matchup (armour Runes into AD vs MRes Runes into AP, etc). You had cheesy shit like Crit Runes Gangplank; the guy who itroduced me to LoL had a full crit Nasus page. All of this disappeared when RR came in; you are often forced to choose between optimal for the champion and optimal for the matchup, often leading to either sacrificing laning phase or endgame for the other. The issue with Runes was their cost, and how that kinda fucked over newer players, and there was an easy solution to this; make 'em free. Instead Riot decided to kick diversity in the teeth and begin the death spiral of snowballing damage that this game has become. The Community said this was what would happen, and Riot ignored them. I will also say this, not that the free solution wouldn't have led to the same place; the change to Runes has led to a huge increase in Smurfs and probably a slight-to-moderate increase in account selling...
Fucking preach it brother! {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
HideSide (EUNE)
: How to fix this game?
I would nerf all damage across the board. A fight should last long enough that you have the ability to outplay someone. Levels wouldn't be some impactful for starters. A level or 2 ahead shouldn't make it so the enemy can't play the game anymore If an assassin or a mage jumps on you and uses all their abilities when you are at full HP, it won't kill you, and they should be punished for going all in and misjudging the situation. I would try to balance an Assassin's damage so that they can pop an ADC at around 60% HP when the assassin is ahead by an item and a level. There would no longer be items in the game that do damage like gunblade. No abilities would give damage for building armor, MR, or HP. A tank is not meant to be doing damage, they are meant to be tanking.
: Suggestion for not gutting Soraka support
I have an idea, maybe balance the game so that Soraka is not the best top laner. Start by nerfing every source of damage in the game.
: Not to mention the fact that you can literally just play passive until lv 3 {{champion:122}} or level 6 {{champion:420}} and walk them straight down the lane to show them where their fountain is at, then spend the rest of the game reminding them.
That only works against noobs. Anyone that has played Teemo into those matches know how to kite them, and teemo has less range than the typical marksman.
: Not in MOBA field. There are no games worthy of mention in the MOBA field. Dota and Lol are the only worthwhile moba games, but LoL is really getting bad and Dota is not for me.
Smite is pretty fun. i enjoy it's 3rd person gameplay, even if I am personally really bad at it lol
Śhunpo (OCE)
: Popular opinion: ADCs should not be viable in other lanes
The problem is that mages are taking over bot lane, and top lane is so weak that an ADC can go there. Not only ADCs but Soraka and Sona can too. The root of the issues is the damage and the lack of options to deal with it. If tanks still could tank properly, and mages couldn't burst so effectively we'd see things get better. And some of the ADCs are more mage or assassin like than an ADC. Kai'sa is the most obvious one of course. Can we just admit she is a mobile split damage mage or assassin?
: I still play it but it gets increasingly difficult to suffer through this mess of a game. I thought that maybe TFT would be good, but after 1 season Riot just fucked it up. Legends of Runeterra isn't even balanced properly. Waiting for that RPG from Riot, but if they keep ruining all of their games then some competitors will appear and take over. Then I will switch since I have no loyality.
Sounds like you have a lot of brand loyalty to put up with that many games that you are unsatisfied with. Right now I am playing Dead by Daylight for my multiplayer fix, but Resident Evil for my single player fix. Gonna play though Pathfinder Kingmaker again as well. Maybe try out Octopath traveler. I feel like I have a lot of options outside of Riot's games.
: The best feeling when you have 15 kills on Twitch, you attack a 1/5 top laner, you pack 4 aa, he turns around and oneshots you xd 2 years later, role has only gotten worse lol
: Yeah. I also noticed that. I need to stay back, keep my distance, remember about their flashes and ults and stay behind a tank or I will probably die instantly. Nobody even picks tanks and I am just standing there yelling "protect me please". If I have to always keep my distance there is no way I can do enough damage to matter. There are so many reasons why immobile champions are bad now that I would really want Riot to stop making mobile champions. Damage is also too high. I have never seen Soraka basically (not literally) oneshot somebody. Sett can actually take half of my hp with W alone while being tanky and building almost no damage items. Lucian with PTA can actually destroy people with 3 aa and then go for a kill, so he can get a kill even on lvl 2. I don't understand how this game is balanced.
It is not balanced. the game is dead, kept alive only because it has millions of players. I am only on these boards to keep up with the state of the game, hoping that Riot somehow brings it back to something that I could enjoy.
: What's the point of the Gameplay boards?
This is the kind of guy that gets on the board, makes a lot of assumptions, and then spits out nonsense. I don't think this guy has even read a thread on this board if this is his conclusion.
Mihalikb (EUW)
: Akali has hit 100% ban rate in pro games
Nuke this champ from the game. She has always been cancer, the remake of her only made her worse to fight against.
: Twitch feels pathetic
Happy year of the rat guys!
: Twitch feels pathetic
I say nerf everyone else. It is not just Twitch, it is any immobile ADC. How does one play against all this damage and mobility? Advice use to be to keep your distances, keep in mind their flash and just stay behind your tank. But where are the tanks these days? It is all mages and assassins. Cry for the {{champion:96}}
: More nerfs, Less buffs
They need to nerf everyone at this point.
: Honest question: What would Riot have to do to make you quit playing League?
I already quit. I am just checking in to see if Riot is going to turn this ship around and make it good again. I am ready to reinstall, but they gotta hard nerf the damage in the game. Just all around, ever item, rune, champion, and ability doing less damage.
: It's OP. Nerfs are deserved.
It is not OP, it is that top lane is so shit that Soraka and Sona and solo lane it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Clockwork Mouse,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Ed0lXlNZ,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2019-12-29T21:55:37.470+0000) > > who cares about this trash movie? There has not been a good Star Wars movie since ROTS Dude. That was very much NOT a good movie.
> [{quoted}](name=Mr Dalloway,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Ed0lXlNZ,comment-id=000e0000,timestamp=2020-01-09T21:59:42.273+0000) > > Dude. That was very much NOT a good movie. It is a great movie, at least on par with 4,5, and 6.
: I do have arguments. If you look through my responses to past threads, you’d see them. I’m apt here because I’m tired of repeating them to deaf ears. Maybe people will listen if I have a thread that isn’t inherently biased to invite only those who believe that damage is too high. These responses aren’t dialect. Just brief agreeable responses that get 30 upvotes, and flame wars over someone who earnestly believes that damage is far from obscene. It’s not a environment cohesive to meaningful conversation.
That logic doesn't hold weight when the vast majority of people are upvoting the topic. Your arguments are in the minority.
: Can you bring back 3rd turret laser beam back.
I want the shields back too. I felt that was a very nice way to stop people from diving you under tower.
: Can we get a utility de-warding item?
Would be lovely is Riot let you buy Wards fromt he shop and plant as many as you like. And then add a De-warding item like the old Sweeper as an item too. So as a support you can ward up your whole jungle for 1000 gold, and also unward the enemy jungle as well. Maybe we can have a better game with more agressive plays if people don't have to play so safe and guess where the enemy jangler is all the time.
Phishye (EUW)
: Remove ancient dragon
I was in this really good match. My team was finally coming back from a defeat as we reached our optimal team fighting capability. It looked like it was going to come down to 1 good team fight and we had an advantage with our comp. But then the enemy team got that drake and then our whole team was deleted! It was so unbalanced, i couldn't believe what I was seeing!
AZ Frost (NA)
: That's the issue. The "assassin" has too much damg with runes and small items that they can feed themselves off it. Which in turn snowballs. You think it's fair for, lets say a Yasuo, have ONLY 80 AD and some atk speed and still dish out over 1200 damg in a 1v1. Items need nerf'd more then the champs stats.
Remember way back in the day when Riot said "snowballs are for ARAM"
: assassins are opportunists, not guaranteed kills, though Riot has swayed that way for years now Assassins are supposed to wait for the right moment to strike a weakened target to give a sudden death instead, we get assassins ko'ing people almost instantaneously from 100% and able to pick and choose their target at leisure
There is nothing in this game that makes me rage more than seeing some assassin who's score is so shit that they should be i a weak state just install kill me from 100% because they are an assassin and that's what they do. 2000 damage in under a half second is so ridiculous, their full combo should be something like half the HP of an ADC that matches their level. But instead they don't even need their ult half the time, it is just so tiring.
: The counterplay to assassin's and oneshot champs aren't what you do when they are on you it's how you avoid them getting onto you. Like rengar you place control wards and group Talon you place control wards and group Qiyana you stay away from walls and group but not too much Fizz you stay the fuck away from him, don't even really have to ward. Kayn you place control wards and group Akali you dodge her engage attempts and don't let her leave shroud without a price. (Also should mention she kilss slower than most assassin's) Kha zix just group don't even gotta control ward
And now this season you have less vision so there is even less ways to avoid being caught off guard.
: **I disagree.** I think damage is in a healthy place. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone here will want to listen to such an argument. If I were to take my time, share my mind, and make my heart known, I would only receive hatred and defensive circumstantial evidence. So _I won’t make an argument_. But I do want it to be known, there are those of us who disagree with the “damage meta” ideology.
Sounds like you don't have an argument at all and are just trying to appeal to people's emotion by playing a victim of a minority of ideas, while painting the opposition as abusers.
: This Game has way to much Damage
Been saying this since season 7. Mages especially need to be toned down. their whole rune set up is stacking damage on top of damage and their items all give Health or CDR. Sona is supposed to be a poke support early game. And her ability on her Q only scales with 50% AP. Yet with just a support item and her runes she can nuke an ADC down with her passive+Q. The only thing keeping her in check is that every other support has just as much stupid damage on their kit. And as someone who enjoys playing DPS based ADCs and not the burst ones I feel like I can't even play the game how I use to.
9164920 (NA)
: Riot's Toxicity
Finally, wish more people would open their eyes to this. Riot shouldn't do anything at all about player behavior. Leave the community to itself.
: What does healthy mean?
It is a mythical concept that is said to have once existed in this game
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