: I actually think it would be a great idea. I would love to see ranked 1v1's. Naturally, it would be a completely separate ladder from ranked 5v5's. It would however help cement some skill when all I ever hear from my friends is how they lost "because of their team". In Ranked 1v1 it is soley based on your skill and a little luck (if it integrates blind picking). What more could be asked for. They even have a map for it (magma chamber) or they could use the same map as ARAMs like they did in the 1v1 matchups for All Stars earlier this year! They also had a game type of 2v2 last year which would be fun as a ranked ladder as well. Maybe have taking tower/first blood leads to victory! It would allow for nice quick game for those that don't have time for a 20-30 minutes games. Certainly possible, and I think a lot of people would play it.
So how do we get riot to recognize that a lot of us want this gamemode?
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Chalizard (EUNE)
: Doesn't it work just like you have said?
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: > [{quoted}](name=Commbustion,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6PprmjBM,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-10-11T03:55:38.798+0000) > > Or riot gives you a mirror match of the same champion runes and mastiers at random. Neither of them being in either of your top 5 most played. That way there could be no such thing as a meta if you were so scared of the enemy always picking a champion(That you could just ban) Now you're describing a featured game mode, not a ranked system.
I see no difference. I'm just giving more suggestions as to riot can do to what might cause a problem. Gave 2 solutions. Also that is good for even/fair ranked 1v1s. There's no bias or easy match ups
: Why would you want a 1v1 mode unless your champion pool was particularly skilled at 1v1s? You'd create a skirmisher/assassin heavy meta, which would get very stale very fast. Because Riot wants to avoid map specific balance changes, there will be champions who would be infinitely gimped in this mode, and likely a permaban list of champions that are fine to go against with a team but too strong solo.
There's champions that are strong in 5v5s. As there will be champions that will be strong in 1v1s. That's just how this works. You would also get bans. Or riot gives you a mirror match of the same champion runes and mastiers at random. Neither of them being in either of your top 5 most played. That way there could be no such thing as a meta if you were so scared of the enemy always picking a champion(That you could just ban)
: In the current 5v5 SR format, you have to be good in all areas. You must be good at mechanics, you must be able to hold your own on duels, know how to skirmish and how to team fight. You must also understand macro management of waves, when to push, when to freeze, when to force picks instead of team fighting. You must know how to create a lead and know how to make that lead be useful for your team. There are countless factors in SR 5v5. Playing ranked shows your overall skill. Having a duel game mode would only show mechanical skill with a champion and game knowledge about a tiny part of what League is about. I'm not against a duel game mode. Hell, even throw a rank ladder on it. But don't make it the same as the ranked system, not even similar, for a 5v5 and a 1v1 couldn't be more different.
Toastey (NA)
: because only zed/yasuo mains would play it lmao
Thats why we'd have bans
: cause then you'd have 2 both play the same champion/rune/mastery/summoners and best 2/3 for it to even REMOTELY equal or show skill at the champion. If even that. lol also League is a team game and 1v1s don't prove anything in that xD
5v5s don't prove anything. See how you can say that about anything. And then let's make it same champions runes masteries ect. Who cares. Would be cool. Maybe get a champion at random and put into a game right away. Who is it hurting?
: Because it would validate 1v1s as a measure of skill. They aren't.
Well it's not luck. If I beat you 10 out of 10 times in a 1v1. Does that make me lucky? XD
Micbran (NA)
: League of legends is a team game. 1v1's don't involve your team.
No shit, that's why it's called 1v1. Summoners rift is a 5v5 map. Twisted treeline is a 3v3 map. So what's so bad about 1v1's? That's the whole point. No 1v1s
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: dont add this guy is the one that actually doesnt know what hes doing lol dont waste ur time and LP
> [{quoted}](name=ViiLLAiN,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=AMrwbEIE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-09T10:57:47.635+0000) > > dont add this guy is the one that actually doesnt know what hes doing lol > > dont waste ur time and LP Umm, It was 32 minutes into the game and this low silver lucian didn't group once. He's the guy that is too scared to group so it just turns into a 5v4 or they seige mid and slowly lose because he's afraid of dying so he doesn't group. XD
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Vrâel (NA)
: 20 lp away from silver 1 promos and I get a troll
Went into my promos to silver 1 3 times in a row. Got 2 trolls every single game. Also hit 96lp every time robbing me of lp. yup
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: 2 zzrots down
I don't think cdr has an affect on zzrot timers
: Why is carrying a thing?
Well you can't carry bad teamates because they're uncarriable. They at least have to be semi capable of handling themselves
Yenn (NA)
: Full build Annie one shotting a carry with Flash in 0.2 seconds is F-U-N and has tons of counterplay
: Silver 2 needs 1-2 more for ranked tonight
Wow you're fucking trash. And you're a smurf? Less than 3kda and shit kpa.
: If people want thornmail to be a good item late game that counters lifesteal in a bigger way then they should have to pay more than 2,350 gold for it lol.
2,350 gold because it only gives armor and the passive. No other stats not effects. That's the reason it costs low
darkdill (NA)
: Once again, Thornmail lets me down because Vayne got Mercurial Scimitar...
Thornmail is late game. She wasn't taking damage because she is a bitch.
: i think u only get that much if the system believes you should be a much higher rank, good question though..
Then the system sucks dick XD. high kpa and higher than 7kda on average. Hard carries every single game.
K Z Lee (NA)
: That's better than winning and getting 14-15 LP only to lose 20-22 LP when I lose.
True but I carry every single win. so I deserve at least 20lp a win. When I get promoted my extra 20lp I earned vanishes. :( kinda stupid
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: You're sitting on a 51% win rate, so you're technically climbing. Sometimes you're gonna have games like the one you described. Sometimes your enemy will have the kinds of team mates you described. Don't let it get to you, keep focusing on improving your own game, and keep on climbing, man. Good luck.
With a 56% win rate you don't climb. With a 60% win rate YOU DO NOT CLIMB. It's called 90 lp, getting demoted down to 60lp even though you were at 99lp. Having to dodge due to trolls. Mathematically there is an elo hell. Math/facts are on my side. I've had over a 60% win rate and a 7kda with over 55%kpa. I've only been playing amumu. I have yet to climb more than 20lp. This elo ratting is pathetic. I carry team after team after team only to get into my promos and get 2 GARBAGE teams. I was at 95lp before that. Got demoted to 60lp. So I lost over 55lp for TWO losses. 55 lp for 2 loses Around 28lp each loss because I usually gain over 20 every win and lose 18-19. The extra 2lp I gain when winning doesn't add up to anything when I lose over 28lp a loss. Then if I get promoted and then demoted it would bring me down to over 30lp a loss. I was demoted down to 49lp for example. Math is on my side. Facts. Name one counter argument. One. I bet you can't. What are you going to list a fact? Nope because the facts are on my side
: idiot they still get all of those things id the person goes afk the player kill gold is negliagant and you still have to see your ally feed before you want them afk at which point they the enemy already has the player kill gold makeing your point null and complete shit
Let's say that a player is worth 0 gold including first blood and all deaths that follow. If they're never on the map because they're dead all the time what's the difference between that and an afk? Such a dumbass. 5v3 with 3 REALLY good players can't take on people multiple ranks below them. So one person in a 5v1 can't take on multiple ranks behind them. This isn't cod. You have yet to make one logic point. Instead you tend to focus on litterally how much gold you get for killing someone. LOL yea focus on that and not EVERYthing else. LOL Rekt yet again
: > [{quoted}](name=Commbustion,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yALNHEuX,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-10-01T19:09:46.141+0000) > > See how they would downvote but they never dare to reply. Because they know the facts are on my side. *facts*
? What are you implying? Are you one of the scared kids or are you just being serious XD
Varnoc (NA)
: What if Flash were removed as a Summoner Spell in the Pre-season?
: You cant do worse than adk after second death in a row your ally is worth nothing and wont be until he gets a kill the best thing those guys can do is not get a kill while continueing to be something where the enemy has to stop their push. Feeding stops being relevant after time but you can still put out some threat level afk you lose all threat level even though your enemy cant get anything out of you even if they killed you. 7 deaths is low in lower than plat games its not ideal but they arent worth anything at the point anyway its just big numbers and only idiots get scared by big numbers. if this was dota 2 where you could control your allies if they afk then yea afk is worse than a feeding team mate but unless the enemy is giving that guy a kill ever time he becomes worthless just to reset his bounty feeding cant ever be worse than afking except if they never put any pressure on the map and take all the farm which malphite if he wasnt putting any pressure on the map he wouldnt be in a place to die hence not feeding and if you loseing farm to a full armor tank you the problem
Hey dumbass. It's not that they're getting so much gold from the killings. It's that they get the gold from the cs and killings and they also get towers dragons and seige other lanes from them. Do you not understand how league of legends is played kid? Them being useless and dead all the time turns it into a 5v1. How dumb can you be. With afk:Get all cs and towers/dragons With shit players:Get all cs and towers/dragons and also some gold per kill
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
See how they would downvote but they never dare to reply. Because they know the facts are on my side.
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: https://youtu.be/EdNAFDGtgQc There are three Korean challengers beating five gold so your claim is flasified What you are doing will never make you play any better
LOL who wins though? the 5 gold players. My point is proven by this video
: Ranked...
Could there even be a counter argument to this? I just can't even think of one that someone would say. I shut the dumb kids down before they can even say anything lol.
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Eedat (NA)
: It is literally impossible to play ranked until you are level 30. Visual bug probably
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Glaedr (NA)
: Sure, you will climb at a winrate of 55% in a vacuum of hundreds of games, but people don't look at the big picture. The current rank design favors winstreaks rather than consistently winning. I mean obviously yeah if you're at a 60% winrate then you will climb pretty quickly, but a guy can theoretically have a 45% winrate, win just enough games to not get demoted, then get enough winstreaks to carry them to promos over and over. Thanks to promo-helper it just helps the winstreak form of climbing even more.
I have a 61% win rate as amumu. Over 40 games played with him. When I spam him in a row I still end up with less lp than I started off with even with a 61% win rate. Such bullshit
Teslyn (NA)
: Let me help out. you are silver 3 you are 210W / 204L you where Silver 5 last season. so, i am going to refer to you as a (+6 W/L) player to represent what you are. your win rate is 51% me: i am Diamond 5 i am 118W/ 87L i was Plat 5 last season so, i am going to refer to myself as a (+31 W/L) i have a 58% win rate. for you to get to my win rate you need to win around 70 games in a row and i can tell you if you pull off that feet you will be diamond in no time. if you think that is impossible and who could do that? so based on my win rate if i was to play as many games as you my win / loss record should reflect accordingly: 240W / 174L i understand the frustration, but if the math is correct, i would be (+66 W/L) if you are having problems climbing i recommend winning.
This is my main account and that's my over all w/L and my top 9 played in ranked have a higher win rate than 50% and when I play just them like I do in all of my games, I have yet to climb. Also kinda hard to win with all the trolls afks bad players. People claim with trolls you should at least win 56% of your games but I get more trolls afks bad players and players that ruin games than most people. I watch other peoples getting out of silver with a smurf and their team is just good. Enough with that, I can go on and on. Just there's too many uncontrollable variables were I am not in the majority of them and im getting ranked off of them doing good or bad. Using math it's 56% and with that you will not climb. Also my top played champions the only ones I've been playing for the past couple of months all have over a 50% win rate.
: well instead of a proper rating system we get RIOT KAYLE {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} and we get downvoted cuz i used big words like algorithm
: Count the hours you spend creating a mathematical formula that 1) evaluates the individual, 2) doesn't neglect the contributions of non-carry oriented roles and 3) won't entice people to chase down non-nexus objectives to manipulate their rewards for a win or punishments for a loss. I guarantee it's going to be a lot more than an hour for a system that meets those three basic requirements. If you do manage though, you'd be the first.
I can put together a system that is much better than this current system I can have it perfected within a week or so. Riot does not listen to suggestions though.
: > [{quoted}](name=Commbustion,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pPAxEUKp,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2016-09-16T04:50:18.606+0000) > > You are denying facts here. You now realized that you're wrong so you're just going to not respond to what I said. Pathetic. Kids like you will continuing saying there's no elo hell when math is on our side. You can not deny math/facts kid. Why do you have to be so mad? Oh wait I forgot you're the one that got proved wrong and and not me so that's why you're so pissed off XD. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ4vPCY11eM
Did you not read what I said? factually there is an elo hell. Math proves it kid XD. Use your words instead of linking me to a video that I've already watched were nothing that sky says applies to me in the slightest and If I were to talk to sky I'd convince him that elo hell is a thing. Math kid *Applys cream to Mira's face*
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