: > [{quoted}](name=Rylalei,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aNLo3j6e,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-08-22T13:48:41.019+0000) > > It's not her dash that deals the damage. > > Malz passive blocks the dash damage, her Water Q applies the passive, which just a decent bit of damage (around 20 level 3), then she AA, reset passive and Q with W by grabbing Wall, and Wall Q deals extra damage when the enemy is bellow 50% hp. > > But then again, those are poorly played by Malzahar as well, so.... Not really. If you look closely and slowly its clear as a day that her e deals a lot more damage than it should. As for calling it poorly played by malz, not really. (1st death) All he did was go to cs with his aa (he cant only farm with his spells), qiyana dashes (point and click). Dodging her q from that range is quite difficult on a immobile champ. Not really poorly on malz part. He couldnt do anything (as far as we know). His second death is pretty much the same. She dashes on top of him deals shit load of damage, at that range again dodging q is quite difficult. Now that i saw this i firmly believe she needs some early base dmg nerfs. Bursting a mage with a passive that reduces all damage by 90% means that that champion overkills a lot.
I have already poked out all her potions @ lv3 {{item:2031}} and she was low, so I actually did that intentionally as I have minions on my side. Not to expect this kind of burst though, not even {{champion:238}} can insta-gib a {{champion:90}} with passive given the same amount of time. I'll admit I'm a little pissed after the 1st death (yeah pressing 4 buttons overwhelms all the poke work I've done), but I was just stopping her recall to maximize my teleport advantage {{summoner:12}}, only to get insta-gibbed again. It's disgusting to see people here believe that {{champion:246}} is allowed to get poked freely without caring at all, then mash buttons for a kill, and **recall right at the middle of the lane not even caring about enemy jg**. What has league become seriously
: lol dude actually walks past the minions to qiyana. yeah you lose.
Yeah meanwhile she can dash past minions to do whatever she likes. Minions advantage means nothing against Assassins I guess because you'll just got bursted instantly that the minions don't wanna bother.
: you must have either not had any armour on your runes or no hp. probably took the magic resist option into her, any assassin is gonna eat you alive if you do that.
Bursts' too high that people like you got a delusion that I must have brought the wrong rune. People like you who don't even bother to do the slightest amount of research https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/match/tw/1692725850#participant2 then simply throw a "yeah noob musta brought wrong runes you deserved to be eaten alive" and leave the discussion. Absolutely disgusting.
: I don't really see the thread as a complaint about Qiyana per se, but the assassins (it just happened to be Qiyana in his match). AD assassins can just go all in with their kits and autoattacks and ignite and get a kill at lv2-3 because AD is more consistent aided with autoattacks. Poke champs have to constantly try to poke the enemy and wave clear, both with spells and cooldowns and mana starvation. You spend minutes trying to poke someone, because that's all you can do honestly, and then having that low hp someone just engage and kill you in seconds. I know that's how assassins are supposed to work, but thats why people complain, because there's little to no counterplay for that in mid if you pick an immobile mage, so the lane is mostly dominated by assassins and the mage role gets pushed out of it, and I'm sure people love when mages get pushed out of mid into support, right?
Because people just won't care the fact that I have already poked her to 0 potions at lv 3 and at half health, all they care is the so-called "misstep" that I did and I then deserve to die instantly from almost full health. Why would you think a Qiyana would already be out of potions at lv 3 and at half health? How many "mistakes" do you think {{champion:246}} she made to bring her to this state? No they just won't care all they know is "yeah you misstepped that's why you deserved to be insta-gibbed", not to mention my original intention was to bait her in (As I said I was close to my turret's side and I have 3 minions near me), only to get totally surprised by this ridiculous burst". Because people won't realise the window of error for both champions are completely not equal It takes tons of missteps for a mage {{champion:90}} to poke/kill a champion meanwhile all an assassin {{champion:246}} have to do is to find **ONE** to insta-gib you from nearly full health People just really won't admit that a real mage like {{champion:101}} will never be able to do the same shit at lv3, and continue to defend their beloved assassins.
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