: Which champion would you want to be room mates with for 1 year?
Theorex (NA)
: Ryze, but instead of 3000 units. 3,000 miles. And the cooldown is still only 120 seconds. Never need to spend money on gas again. Need to go on a vacation for the weekend? Easy. Go anywhere in the world. On top of that you don't have to worry about being TP'd into a wall, it automatically moves you outside of it on the ground. So we are safe. Now the problem would be getting on the other side of the world. You might get cold for a second. Also, bank robberies? Easy af. Want to get backstage at a concert? Easy af. Meet someone you don't get to see often? Ez.
: I really want Nami to be my roommate but then the sofa would be wet and the hallway will smell like fish. ._. Worth? {{champion:267}}
If you want to smell of fish, just go to any band room at any highscool or college.
: {{champion:51}} I feel like Caitlyn is 100% the best choice. She's neat and tidy, she doesn't have a violent streak, and she's gainfully employed so I don't have to worry about her being late with bills. She's a normal human without too many outstanding enemies once you get outside of Piltover and the worst you get is maybe the smell of gunpowder from her cleaning her rifle, or a rowdy visitor being Vi. PS: Prolly wouldn't want Jinx. She'd bring Vi crashing into your place and then blow it up for laughs. Or she might just shoot you, again for laughs. And rent? Forget about it.
Note taken, also isn't Cait really smart, she can help with a bunch of things around the house, seems like a good choice. I might need to reavaluate my choice.{{champion:51}}
: He would compress your couch into a pancake, leave empty KEGS of alcohol everywhere, reek constantly, and spill ungodly amounts everywhere.
Olaf seems like a bro, woudlnt he be a good drinking buddy too, for those sports gatherings?
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