Bultz (NA)
: It's time Riot had a hard look at player mods and removed them
You need to understand that words have connotations whether you believe they don't or not. You obviously know why words like Gay and R%%%%%ed are on the taboo side. Using them and then playing dumb isn't a good look.
: Account lost
This just happened to me too, both usernames, new and old no longer work to log in
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: What kind of new Skin Line do you want to see in S10?
Expanding the neon strike skin line with {{champion:133}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:74}} Or crossover skins such as Ionian {{champion:50}} Noxian {{champion:39}} Targon{{champion:268}} {{champion:163}} Piltover {{champion:19}} {{champion:53}} Shadow isle {{champion:41}}
xGvPx (NA)
: Is the Akali hoodie for real?
While it is a little pricey for low amounts of design you're paying for brand recognition and the sweater itself it probably high grade material.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mahoh,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6cqOZy2m,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-11T23:02:06.300+0000) > > Did Teemus get one yet? I know LeBlanc still looks old as heck. didn't he get one ages ago?
teemo along with multiple champions got texture updates a couple years ago, but they're just band aids to the real issue
: TD Ekko is FIRE.
Oh yeah the recall is so hype and definitely, especially the sound effects they added to it. Every one but yasuo looks so good. Qiyana's skin was executed so well im not even mad shes getting one already
: Qiyana just got released. She has no skins. Every new champion lately besides Ornn(I expect Santa Ornn this winter though) has gotten a skin within a year of their release. Or would you rather new champions go 3+ years without a skin like Illaoi, Ivern, Camille, and other champions did?
like taliyah currently
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Kelg (NA)
: The single most tilting thing you can see in all of LoL
: im so tired of these sexy male champs. ...
> [{quoted}](name=Troll Slaiyer,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=O5qxI4BT,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-07-29T17:46:17.086+0000) > > im so tired of these sexy male champs. ... Mary, you're projecting again
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: project jinx is honestly very disappointing
Even if they changed the hair to white and gave her the clear film hood it would instantly look better
Juxin (NA)
: If Riot would put forth effort like they do their skins, the game would be a lot healthier to play.
WardMyBüsh (EUNE)
: league of legends new skin project Pyke/Jinx/Warwick/irelia/Akali
Kind of like the new arcade set they release these seem super uninspired all the way down to the recalls. They didnt really keep any of the core themes, which is a bummer because the teaser looked like it had potential
: What are the 10 hardest skillshots to land?
: Bot lane is the best example? Which ever top has tribush is fucked all game. At least bot has 2 people. Tribush top is literally bot vision cut in half. That's a huge reason why people feel like JG wins top. You can't even keep 100% uptime on ONE of the gank paths in top let alone all 3 of them. Combined with the fact that most top laners have little to no mobility. Your basically dead past river if you can't 1v2. The amount of times I'm like "Welp, I have 120 to next ward, they destroyed my pink so gg" is insane. You should not be allowed to be forced to play blind top. /rant
> [{quoted}](name=I Play This Game,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iExEfluc,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-07-11T17:49:18.799+0000) > At least bot has 2 people. > Do you really think ADCs ward?
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: Dunkmaster Ivern?
This skin is so sad they really dropped the _ball_. Like at MINIMUM it will be another year before he'll get a skin and that's just if we're lucky. Its not even a good skin especially for the 1350rp tier. This is a 1350 season 3 tier skin.
Definitely looks interesting but kayles animations look clunky still, wait and see i guess
KyraSun (EUNE)
: Skin ideas?
Bladecraft {{champion:164}} {{champion:39}} PROJECT: {{champion:44}} {{champion:555}} Justicar {{champion:28}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:50}} And Elderwood {{champion:203}} someday hopefully...
: when i fight lucian i think "oh my his W does to much damage plz nerf"
Moriss (NA)
: Riot's obsession/saturation with the color gold needs to stop! Petition for Color diversity!
I mean gold truly is the most luxurious and statement making accent for any armor set or costume. It adds a sense of divinity and royalty, if it works it works you cant tell your eyes to not like something. But it would be interesting to have more skins with diverse color stories such as the infiltrator skin line and the death blossom skin line.
: That wasn't purple smoke
If you remember his teaser video his kills have multiple different effects, and its impossible to incorporate so many different features in to a 4 ability kit. Its very possible that the traps to release that smoke like that for this instance.
: Awaken cinematic.
Seeing Camille walk in honestly surprised me and gave me chills, they really nailed her presence. One thing to note is than in the last scene Jhin is on his 4th bullet when he's taking a bow.
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: [Fun Activity] Can you think of a Champion kit from any of the following images? (16 images)
_] bottom left [ _ Osyka : The Corrupted Ward Class **-- **Support **_[ brief lore ]_** : The renowned hidden line of defense, Osyka could see everything, and had tabs on everyone. Her meticulous ward placement left no stone unturned. But the gift of infinite sight was not a foolproof defense. They praetorian invasion snuffed her out. They enacted a chain of corruption they slowly spread its way back to her through her wards. She lost her mortality, but they gained they're worst enemy. ___ **[Passive] : Endless Sight** Oskya's wards last _**15%**_ longer and interact uniquely with her. Oskya can detect all enemy wards she comes across and can channel for** 2** seconds to corrupt a ward, converting it to an ally ward and resetting the duration [**_60-sec cooldown_**]. Outside of this interaction she and her allies cannot attack wards she detects through her passive. **[Q] : Concealed Eye** Cast on a ward to teleport inside of selected ward resetting its duration. You can remain inside of a ward for **15 to 30 seconds** _(depending on level) _ and boosts the sight radius of the ward by **50%** and allowing it to peek over walls and into nearby bushes. There is no indicator for enemies to know if you are in the ward but if they destroy it you're briefly rooted in place for **.1 seconds** _[re-cast to dash a short distance out of the ward]_ **[W] : Afterimage** **_Passive:_** Oskya receives additional movement speed when moving near allied ward, higher move speed if it's hers. **_Active:_** Oskya briefly shrouds herself or an ally in camouflage,** 2 **clones will reappear with the original ally and activate a random spell that does nothing. They will then disappear. **[E] : War of Vision** Oskya selects any ally ward regardless of distance, causing a large explosion to erupt from the ward. Enemies hit receive moderate amounts of damage and are revealed by true sight for a small amount of time. [Exploding a ward will grant Oskya a single ward refill to her trinket or support item] **[R] : Blackout** Begin charging a windup that can be disrupted. After **2 **seconds release a shockwave that effects the entire map. _**Local:**_ All wards in a nearby vicinity are either refreshed or converted into ally wards _**Global**_ All enemy towers lose true sight for a short time and all enemy wards are temporarily disabled and revealed for 5 seconds.
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Rαy (EUW)
: Change my mind ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Why did she get the solo artist skin when she didn't even have a verse
: Bewitching miss fortune skin concept
Hmm, could obviously be more fleshed out but I really actually like this. the ult is very Scooby Doo opening scene.
: I want a {{champion:98}} skin that changes him into a female ninja. Crossgender skins will be popular
> [{quoted}](name=UVM ZhaoRiTian,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=0No1Fdtp,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-10-25T23:38:41.312+0000) > > I want a {{champion:98}} skin that changes him into a female ninja. Crossgender skins will be popular That literally is the exact opposite of what this thread is asking for
: "I love Evelynn" appreciation post/comments/suggestions and all that stuff.
My biggest and only real gripe is that all of her skins make her pale skinned. Which isn't like a problem but I think the pink flesh is unique and none of the skins use it
Fraione (EUW)
: Ability cancel/ignore gamebreaking bug (applies to all champions)
wow just thought i was bad at zilean this whole time
: On my way to Urfwick! (150k BE grind)
lmao wait you got a skin for hitting honor rank 5? feels bad
: Udyr??????? Dude, Udyr might be alot, but he is definitely not a cash cow.
> [{quoted}](name=SatomiKun,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=8AjJPQzK,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-09-10T23:17:01.605+0000) > > Udyr??????? > Dude, Udyr might be alot, but he definitely is not a cash cow. not anymore
RiotLamz (NA)
: Favorite/least favorite Running animation in League
Favorite - {{champion:432}} whimsical and fun to watch Least favorite - {{champion:203}} Really clunky and difficult to watch, a lot of her animations and textures feel unfinished.
: Champions' Japanese voices
If your an anime fan and want to enjoy the voice actors just main taric uWUWUWUWUWUWUWU
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: Remember when the game was shit in january and everyone was like
: Why not adding lighting and weather in League of Legends?
Really nice idea but they still haven't added the shopkeeper voice lines so wishful thinking
: I can understand that everybody is freaking out on a new Shen skin but...
It quite literally has no resemblance to twisted fate
: The arguments for Kai’sa’s body-horror v-neck being too sexy feels weak when
People should be complaining about Nami's huge ass V neck. Who's she trying to seduce underwater?
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: Which one?
> [{quoted}](name=revliledpembroke,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=kg8WR3ZE,comment-id=00160001,timestamp=2018-03-17T06:15:46.390+0000) > > Which one? The one who does the smite god reveals
: Irelia: The Defiant Blade | Champion Teaser
Smite voice actor is doing irelia ?
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