Jansuo (EUNE)
This is why I don't watch their nonsense esports streams and refuse to participate in any form of ranked games.
: People really gotta stop blaming everything on China.
: > [{quoted}](name=Applesauceys,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XUEFeAMQ,comment-id=00160000,timestamp=2019-11-06T03:09:55.661+0000) > > Same came back last week after a 2-3 year hiatus. The game has literally become which team nukes the other first. And summoners rift essentially becomes aram at the 10 minute mark. > > Shit like how to CS, how to split push, how to stall out a game to scale, how to play defensively from behind, how to adjust your character build. Is all irrelevant now in favor of "Rush damage item, explode opponents, play team death match" im on the same boat. I rejoined in April after taking pretty much a 2 year break and holy shit this game changed completly. I always disagreed with the changes riot made, especially from 2015-2017, but the things they did to this game make it unplayable. It's who gets tilted 1st? Who snowballs out of control due to people not listening to pings or not playing safe? Who gets the win trader? On top of that, the game is balanced around skins, and face pace'd due to it being a chinese pc cafe game. just sad. sad state of affairs. its too hard to play this game.
To be honest, its not even making ARAM enjoyable anymore. play mundo, go full tank, get bursted down somehow?
: Can we tone down damage and make league require skill again?
I just came back after a long Hiatus, what in the #$% is this game? Its who can delete who first now. Definitely not the league i originally started with (was here at the beginning) But this isn't even enjoyable anymore. Flashy Rock Paper Scissors now. thats all.
: case in point i just played a game and i get this guy https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Iron+5+Account who locks in jinx support dies six times in lane and tries to steal every cannon minion. his passive aggressive bullshit attitude is not bannable even tho hes an inting loser thats just trying to get a rise out of people, demote them, and get them banned. i have had enough of this garbage, it is out of control at this point. why should i frustrate myself trying to win and get better when some jack off with 50 banned accounts can just make or buy a new one and ruin my day every day? what is the point? im legit having a mental breakdown over these clowns and im the one whos getting punished. i dont understand what i did to deserve this honestly but im convinced its not coincidence anymore. maybe its just latent paranoid schizophrenia kicking in but it honestly feels like im being targeted for griefing at this point.
I learned this back in season 6. I play nothing but ARAM now and non ranked. Fuck EVERYTHING about toxic ranked environment and it's players. I hit gold at one point, then got ranked with silver consistently and eventually there was no hope of progressing, I hit the 5 matches to rank up atleast 10 times and teammates screed me. Hard lesson to learn.
: Riot gave Karma's shield bomb to Senna (R)
Sion's shield used to explode at the end of duration... or if you retrigger the skill...
Comentários de Rioters
: Varus being CHANGED to Gay feels wrong for his character
1. Do not give a twitch's ass if he is gay or not. 2. The new story is too forced. 3. a badass is a badass, gay or not...
: That is not relevant to this discussion. The discussion is a question about how tenacity stacks.
it is to an extent, im not saying that yes tenacy will reduce a 1.0 down to a .75 with 35%. What i am saying is this, it used to have a purpose, now it really doesn't.
darkdill (NA)
: Lethality as a tank?
Its a joke, theres no point to lethality as a tank, just like getting caught out will get you shredded regardless of archetype.
: gotta remember that tenacity boots reduces the DURATION of all crowd control effects by 30% (except for Suppression, Stasis, and Airborne Displacements). Getting hit with multiple CC it's still gonna chain. You should look for some youtube videos on it, or better yet, use the practice tool, and use a bot that uses CC, and compare WITH and WITHOUT tenacity. Especially with new runes you can effectively reduce the time certain CC lasts by a LOT. Chains are chains, But tenacity is very useful, though, most people view it as buying merc treads for the MR and "oh look I get a bonus for Tenacity that I don't know what it does or how it works."
I'm not saying that tenacity isnt a useful stat, What I am saying is this, It no longer has a place in the game when all tanks get shredded by the sheer burst of ADC's. Theres no real way to punish a snowball ADC anymore, tenacity is useless now, you either dont get got, or you die.
: Similar applies to Armour and MR (and probably anything that isn't raw damage) at many tunings, but I wouldn't say they're bad stats.
I wouldn't say that its a bad stat not at all, considering the burst of this pre-season... its legitimately useless. Prove me wrong. Please.
: Not true! I played Maokai earlier and got caught 1v5 at 45 mins in. It took he enemy Rammus, Malphite, Sion, Nautilus and Leona 27 seconds to kill me! In case you're bad at math, that's **FIVE TIMES** as many tank items as me!
LOL you funny bruh
Kai Guy (NA)
: Not quite accurate Rougewill. Easy test, Take her to practice tool, Walk to terrain. Position and use E, what you will find is she has 800 max units outside of terrain in both directions with some bugs relating to gaps in terrain. So a small wall does not provide her upwards of 1600 range, its distance before and after impact should add up to exactly 800 units + hitbox. Also worth a mention on her Q. The hit box for first cast and 2nd cast are different. The hitbox is a bit longer on the 2nd cast. So it extends slightly farther, thus even if your firing it directly at an enemy unit try to double tap its cast. Also there at some interesting mechanics off using angles. You can hit a target outside of 800 range if you properly utilize firing it diagonally then redirecting it, this does add less distance damage but can matter if its a other wise unreachable target. The indicator on Q is wonky until its locked into place, don't know exactly why or what it means for gameplay ill get back if I figure it out. Zoes Q does most her damage, but she does still need to use her E and R for non stupidly feed 100 to 0 set up. her W being situationally Amazing AWSOME combo funtimes... or garbage uselessness. I personally think she is strong, but not broken. We already have plenty of Fog of war ability's = squishy death it should be fairly easy to adapt the play styles needed to avoid that if you have experience with no vision on champions like {{champion:53}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:25}} But you do need watch out for players using R to relocate into terrain to boost their E's range. Tldr, strong champ but there is counter play and her Q is not as safe as nidalee was back in the day due to differences in kits.
Ill agree with you here kai, I've actually found myself on the boards a heckton lately for some reason, state of the game possibly. But anyways, Her real problem is her tuning thats about it.
: Who Do You Think Is The Weakest Champion?
Probably Swain, he is literally a cripple. Or used to be, who the heck knows what riot did to his original story now.
: As the [wiki](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Stacking) explains multiplicative satcking: > When effects stack multiplicatively, the cumulative effect can be calculated by multiplying the effects together. Note that the game interface rounds champion statistics, so what is shown in-game may be slightly different than what is calculated. > > It is important to understand that most champion statistics that stack multiplicatively are displayed as the opposite of the actual numbers that are multiplied. For example, 10% damage reduction should instead be understood as 90% damage taken, and 25% damage reduction should instead be understood as 75% damage. > > _Example: If your champion has armor granting 10% damage reduction and an item granting 10% damage reduction, you multiply the damage factors—0.9 and 0.9—to get 0.81, which means your champion has 19% damage reduction (against physical damage)._ It even included this handy chart: https://i.imgur.com/twwrTN1.png[/img] So what this means, is that if an item grants 30% tenacity, think of it as 0.7 as 30% tenacity means CC lasts 70% as long. Multiple all effects in this manner to see what your total will be.
It doesn't matter how much health you have in this new meta or whatever you want to call it, you get caught, you die. even if you have 100 tenacity, doesnt matter. you get stopped, you die.
darkdill (NA)
: So... what is the exact point to Tenacity if it can't save you from CC locks?
No. theres a mathmatical equation to it all. 35% of 2 seconds is still uhhh alot of damage. Fuck tenacity, just get lethality theres no point in it anymore.
: lmao. of course you do. he was braindead before and he is braindead now. zero effort is used in getting kills with him.
It was the trade off you made for having zero mobility, you either win, or you died.
: yeah it's so bad he's had consistently over a 54% winrate and hasn't had a winrate below 52% since July.
Honestly i dont want sustain, i want to be able to blow people the fuck up again, I dont care about a free banshee's I wantn to QWER and completely drop someone without their sustain eating through it. Doesn't happen anymore.
: oh wow he has enough counter? so why has he had above a 52% winrate since July and above a 54% winrate for at least the last 8 patches?
Your point? people now pick him for his toxic passive end of story. They murdered him.
: Champion gold per kill needs nerf
Take kelptomancy, kills done even matter anymore apparently.
: A math. proof that Hexdrinker is broken and shouldn't be allowed to coexist with Nullifying Orb v2.0
Its all about making the game faster, assasins and 2 hit AD's man. I'm not really sure how to even fix any of the problems that have come up. Between the BE fiasco being what it is, to the tank shredding ADC meta, to everything else. No for any of it anymore. Cool down on hexdrinker is a bit longer than your ult? Oh wait JK hahah
: Any news on why orange essence values were decreased?
MysterQ (NA)
: It is hard to call this game F2P if it requires SEVEN++++ years of play to unlock all the competitive content. Yes, I can play it without all champs. But if I went to Hearthstone and was told, it will take you SEVEN years to play at the highest level.... I would say that is not F2P. Stop claiming it as such. A mod also posted recently about "rank inflation." He says Riot should not give any type of team AFK forgiveness. Otherwise people would get 80LP floating in the virtual system. Overtime someone might.... gasp rank up to bronze 2. Riot doesn't want that. Wtf. Just let us play the game. Stop forcing this huge grind on us in 2017.
> [{quoted}](name=MysterQ,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=NXuToXoU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-27T06:51:51.722+0000) > > It is hard to call this game F2P if it requires SEVEN++++ years of play to unlock all the competitive content. > Yes, I can play it without all champs. > But if I went to Hearthstone and was told, it will take you SEVEN years to play at the highest level.... I would say that is not F2P. Stop claiming it as such. > > A mod also posted recently about "rank inflation." > He says Riot should not give any type of team AFK forgiveness. Otherwise people would get 80LP floating in the virtual system. Overtime someone might.... gasp rank up to bronze 2. Riot doesn't want that. > > Wtf. Just let us play the game. Stop forcing this huge grind on us in 2017. I would say that it doesnt take 7 years to own them all... in the old IP system... Now...? couldnt tell ya.
Talon12 (OCE)
: nah these vaynes running around 1 hitting in perma stealth and healing half hp bar per kill are cool in ritos books
Get a thornmail. Oh wait, that doesnt do jack shit anymore.
bubbi (NA)
: So how do you deal with Tryndamere
You really dont in all honesty, attempt to freeze the lane under your turret or just outright swap with your mid laner. massive outpressure on him is a must, i've found illaoi does well vs him... and everyone else for that matter.
: wow QSS????! it's almost like you shouldnt buy that item on AP champions because that'll just sit in your inventory taking up A VERY IMPORTANT ITEM SLOT FOR CORE COMPONENTS. and yeah....he's so weak that he has a fucking 56% winrate right now and has HADDDDDDD a winrate above 54% for the last 7 patches at least. cry me a fucking river about vanilla malzahar. legit they took his old W and attached it to his old ultimate and then gave him voidlings on W with a broken ass banshee's veil passive. he is so much better in every way compared to old malzahar. if he wasn't, then pros would still never touch him, and he would still never be picked in high elo.
Like i said, his passive is a little rediculous, but over all he is a fucking shadow of his former glory. He feels so watered down its not even funny. His W was changed because it was decimating the tank meta. Now the game has completely changed, Fuck the voidlings, fuck the W going to his ult too. He doesn't feel anything like he used to. Reworks are great for people like sion and urgot, but w/e the fuck this is, is a travesty.
: How much of this can be blamed on Tencent, I wonder.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cynosis,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IV16x4gW,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-27T04:01:09.174+0000) > > Dealing with the same wood tier B/S as silver i take it? It's the fact that all my friends aren't diamond, so I can't duo with anyone, coupled with sheer full toxicity on a radioactive level.
> [{quoted}](name=WhiteUranium,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IV16x4gW,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-27T04:02:45.223+0000) > > It's the fact that all my friends aren't diamond, so I can't duo with anyone, coupled with sheer full toxicity on a radioactive level. Add me, used to be 2750 ELO before all of the season stuff.
: That's the issue I talked about before the abilities. With the concept of his kit you either make him viably balanced for laning phase and sacrifice his late game (like his current iteration), or you sacrifice any balance during his laning phase in exchange for a kit that works better during the late. With that in mind and no clue how to fix the issue, I just decided that for a hypothetical rework concept I'd present it while focusing on fixing his late game. With the Cooldown of his passive throughout the early to mid game levels and mana costs my idea is that he'd be gated to an extent. His E far from makes him immortal, especially during the laning phase when mid laners abuse him to the point of zoning him from CS at level 1 and beyond. He's still every bit vulnerable to poke and abuse but he'd have much more pressure as a lane bully like the concept of "Tidal Trickster" would fit to begin with. The concept can also still be altered any number of ways, I'm only trying to get functions of his kit shifted around. His primary mobility spell to his Q, his primary damage to his W, turn his E into raw utlity, fix the issues with his shark, and finally actually fill in a passive for him. As for the passive, it's a clear issue that AP assassins lack itemization and Riot has several issues just implementing it, so it wouldn't have to be an issue if Fizz had his own built in stats.
While i agree with everything you say, it just seems like ADC's are getting the buff this season especially with the changes to thornmail.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cynosis,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IV16x4gW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-27T02:38:05.216+0000) > > Sounds like you 'trynna smurf. If I was trynna smurf, I woulda done so a long time ago. Diamond fucking blows.
> [{quoted}](name=WhiteUranium,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IV16x4gW,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-11-27T03:14:37.139+0000) > > If I was trynna smurf, I woulda done so a long time ago. Diamond fucking blows. Dealing with the same wood tier B/S as silver i take it?
Kyunsei (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cynosis,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qPGErc9E,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-27T02:33:24.238+0000) > > They had love for an entire season bud. tank meta was ALL about the bruisers. ????
There was a time where tanks reigned supreme, Malphite, maoki rammus mundo. they all become top tier junglers for an entire season, i want to say it was season 6? it was before the doom of thornmail. (which is a freaking joke now)
: Locking certain things before certain levels...
: Even if champs *can* be toxic to their own team, that doesn't mean they *will*.
I'm not arguing semantics over the situation with you, if your playing ranked and you see someone trying something off the wall and you take a look at their history of it.. ya know they can eat a champ ban.
: So Riot, when are you going to meaningfully nerf Malzahar?
what they've done to malzahar is a Fucking travesty to begin with. Normally i try to curb my language here on the boards because its simply unprofessional but really, its a travesty if you ever played vanilla malz.. its messed up. I'm not talking about the voidlings, he is a shadow of his former self. you want a counter? Buy a freaking quick silver sash and laugh at him. Keep kicking a dead horse. they literally put that item in the game BECAUSE of malzahar, no one else.
Kyunsei (EUW)
: @Riot Will Fighter/bruiser top lane get some love ? (Renekton, Fiora, Tryndamere, etc...)
They had love for an entire season bud. tank meta was ALL about the bruisers.
: Fizz Rework concept.
Not bad, I really loved the idea of nimble fighter, hard capping at 110 armor is great, kinda like the idea of cass not having feet so no boots. BUT! that passive is a little rough, the cooldown reduction on a skill that makes you pretty much immortal is a little rough, would make trading with him even worse. Lets just make that shark a hero instead :P
: Question about algorithm for players
Yeah it changed, or we did. I started league back before there were seasons. Something has changed absolutely no denying it.
The Phoenix (EUNE)
: yup :D morgana lux thresh and blitz leona and ryze :D anything that's fun and could win a game
Twisted fat and another stunner is a great combo at bot too. Add me.
: Make it so people can't ban the champ you have selected
Actually this is for a reason, there are certain champions that are just toxic to their own team... along with most of the people who play them.
The Phoenix (EUNE)
: looking for someone with the same ideology to play league with me
Cynosis (NA)
: ARAM, Is it really random? lets talk some numbers riot. I think your RNG is Fubar
There has to be, i own every champion there is no reason i should be hitting the same 10-15 OVER and OVER and OVER again. Hell go look at my match history.
: The Blue Essence Catastrophe - and How to Fix It
They knew what they were doing. Two possibilities, they're losing playerbase and want to make up for it in the back-end financially OR they legitimately didn't really think it through and the good idea fairy poked its head out and didn't get completely freaking smashed when it should have. *noted* I own every champion in the game, Have pretty much always owned them all through playing the game itself, there was a time when i had 40k IP. Change, Change is good, change is welcome, change to your core gameplay and meta is even refreshing, but lets get serious for a moment, I pretty much leave for months on end then pop on to see the state of the game and how its doing randomly. I love the idea of getting rid of the runes system, the whole thing was convoluted and overly complex. Whatever this new system they are using is a ****ing atrocity that needs to be utterly destroyed, Thornmail on a illaoi earlier this morning, lucian hits me and regens 300 hp some how, was told its from one of the runes. No. No.No. At no point should an ADC be wrizwrecking a bruiser like illaio WITH a raw counter item on her. Things just aren't making sense to this old dog anymore between the runes, the changes to some of the items... Kelpto ezreal... I don't know why any solo laner WOULDNT take kleptomancy, you are almost gaurentee'd to be ahead in the lane even if you die once. What the heck is going on?
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: Its fine to play of meta but when people are plaything over and over again and its not working then I think it should be reported
$%#T the meta. Its there to be broken. But playing a relatively new champion that there is little to no way to have any real skill with? No, needs to be removed from ranked ques all together for a few weeks after release. It isnt right or fair to your whole team.
Barkley (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cynosis,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XAo6EAj5,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-11-22T19:40:17.663+0000) > > So... Thats the problem, everyone thinks everything is toxic, I say good on him for banning a new champion for awhile. Dont waste your time. Play stupid games win stupid prizes you know? A fine point, but banning someone's champion at champ select is a good way to make them waste 20-40 minutes of your life ACTUALLY trolling.
I giggle about that stuff now, I've also played WC3 Dota long before it was "Icefrog presents DoTa. Used to have a real big problem getting tilted, Now? Doesn't matter. Not a pro, have a life.. unfortunately. I don't subscribe to the nonsense of new heroes in any form of draft games.
Barkley (NA)
: Banning someone's champion when they've declared it is a pretty toxic move. Who are we to judge what people want to play? I know where you're coming from, and its frustrating, but for every story I have about Janna jungle screwing me over, I also have a story about some other off-meta pick hard carrying my ass. You don't know how well someone is going to play until they play. You claim you don't like seeing off-meta picks, but how many meta picks have lost a game for you? How many top lane Darius's have fed their asses off and single handedly lost you a game? Bottom line is, you shouldn't be so worried about what other people are doing. Just play your best and be a good team mate. That's all you have the power to do. If you're meant to be higher elo, you will climb. If you don't climb, you're probably right where you're supposed to be.
So... Thats the problem, everyone thinks everything is toxic, I say good on him for banning a new champion for awhile. Dont waste your time. Play stupid games win stupid prizes you know?
Entei (EUNE)
: Riot games.
I understand why they ban people, the league community is a cesspool. But so is humanity in general. If you trolled intentionally during a ranked match... Enjoy your ban. If not... Well thats Fubar.
: To be honest, Zoe's characterization is atrocious
> > **TL;DR There are a lot of things wrong with Zoe thematically and narratively. She's a spoiled brat who disrespects authority and has used her power to hurt, bully, and even kill others without a second thought. She shirks her incredibly important responsibilities and the Twilight Aspect's decision to give her all this power makes zero sense. Her place within the Aspects is muddled and not clearly explained, and she seems more like an ill-contrived plot device to give Targon more firepower against the Void than a succinct and well-concieved champion in her own right. She's bratty and unintuitive, and her personality is not only obnoxious but clashes horribly with the immense power she wields. Riot has mistaken a lazy, bratty, and self-serving nuisance for the genuinely endearing innocence of youth. Its a wonder she hasn't already destroyed Runeterra, and I eagerly await more information on her because I'm really hoping this isn't the best Riot's stellar and consistently incredibly lore team can do nowadays.** You're spitting in the wind my friend, timelines have changed more than a few times since I started league. I remember reading each individual weeks story and each champions call to the league, one of my favorite being fiddle and how he just used to stare until you turned your back and went completely APE-crap on entire rooms. This? This is trash. This is just erosion from time and popularity. Get rid of it.
: Matchmaker isn't fair. Yes, both teams have the same MMR but that doesn't mean the teams are fair. Here is an example from my plat promos: Team A = 100 Top = 20 Mid = 15 (gold 3) Jun = 20 Bot = 20 Sup = 25 Team B = 100 Top = 20 Mid = 25 (plat 2) Jun = 20 Bot = 20 Sup = 15 As you can see, both teams have the same total MMR but B team has the advantage. Their plat 2 Katarina destroyed our gold 3 Orianna and then our nexus. I strongly believe Riot needs to do away with MMR and just match people +/- 1 of their division.
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