: It simply it a way to force whales to purchase chest to access prestige skins. Tell them that something is only available and only one way to get them, and just sit back and watch them throw all their money at the screen.
> [{quoted}](name=CRIMSONFKR,realm=EUW,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=a96Wlo8x,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-12-11T14:38:04.779+0000) > > It simply it a way to force whales to purchase chest to access prestige skins. Tell them that something is only available and only one way to get them, and just sit back and watch them throw all their money at the screen. ^ I been throwing money at the screen every so often ever since I found out I can still get Prestige Kai'sa. I got a couple pulsefire ezreal, pulled Elementalist Lux the other day but no kaisa prestige yet.
: I hate LUX
Lux is cancer, she has no downsides from missing her abilties, this makes her easy to play, hard to punish as all 3 abilties can be used defensively , seriously 2 different ranged CC? I just switched on Pokimane for some THICC and Ive seen her play support in twitch rivals. when she chose mid I was surprised, and I was like let me guess LUX right? YEP Lux. She's not a very good lux, she wasted her flash 3 times, sometimes doesn't come close to lander her W or Q. Guess what Pokimane's rank is D3. Imagine a good player with Lux OMG... Also a Lux main wrote how even though she is a Lux main she noticed Lux has been slowly getting buffed almost every season for no reason and its gotten pretty bad at this point when it all adds up.
: love todays meta
If you're spending gold to go tanky in 2019 League, then I have some ocean front property I'd like to sell you. Please come to Arizona so I can show it to you.
Crylium (NA)
: Rank System/ Individual Performance/Defeated LP Gains
I agree with this except that "afk farm jungles" tend to have positive KDA even though they often lose more than half their games, and are negative for their team. It's already frustrating enough to watch a yi farmig right next to me completely ignoring that my opponent is pushed up in bad position low mana and health as he just runs by to his next camp. Then when he finally is ready to do a gank which could be as much as 11 minutes+ into the game. The "doesn gank losing lanes" mentality comes in. Oh so you farmed your item now you're only going to gank the lane we are already winning so the enemy champion(s) in that lane are already behind in Xp and CS and at the end of the game you will have your positive 4/2/3 kda and complain your "team sucks" This would just encourage more afk farming jungles early on.
: ocean map with a rengar is a little absurd..
Why does the map need to randomly change in season 10 again? At least if the teams could fight to effect which one it turns into I would feel a little better about it. I KNEW this dragon crap was gonna be dumb but I didn't think it was gonna be this dumb
iRhyx (NA)
: League isnt skill based anymore
What was that? Sorry I just got hit by a 1/3 Qiyana's opening ability and I'm down to 30% health and running for my life, guess I need to put more time into my champ to catch up to all the years of experience this Qiyana has.
Kaluchii (EUW)
: Ezreal 45% winrate
yeah F that guy, has his own flash that does damage and he's annoying when he talks. Hope it drops lower.
AdamqIi (NA)
: Riots Account Recovery system IS. *******. TRASH.
Wow this is totally shocking Riot is such a competent company and all..
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: Finally uninstalled and am moving on from this game
Players climb, everyone gets the same good and bad teamates eventually. 50% Let's you climb the ladder, so if you arn't hitting at least 50% then you should be looking to self improve. It is a grind but every bad team you have had we all have had the same number of times. Some teames you're on have no chance of winning it happens, but at the same time you get free wins when the other team gets the really bad players. It's the in-between games that really matter, can you not tilt, can you help carry your team or make plays in team fights. Or make correct barron calls and get your teamates to follow. I have learned and imroved so much in the past 3 months and im still learning how to fight against certain champs. It does seem like a time sink however but I'm still having fun for the most part and getting a lot better.
: Dude I really have ZERO FUCKING CLUE how the chat restrict system works
THE SYSTEM IS AUTOMATED?? Riot has like 20 employees and 100 million accounts? it goes 10 game chat restrict 25 game chat restrict 14 week ban perma ban. if you dont do get in trouble for awhile I think it starts rolling back or resetiing cuz ive had the 14 week ban twice before but spaes out like 8 months +. Its automated so it doesnnt matter what u do once u get enough reports it scans your chat and u get the next punishment. so hes probably on 25 game chat restrict next is 2 week.
: When 0/3 & JG KS a bounty, End Task and rel-og Honor is unlocked Message
When im 0/3 in lane but im about to get 600 gold off my opponent which will get me back to almost even with him, but instead my jg steals the kill. So I end task come back 30 minutes later and get the Honor unlocked message. /thumbs up emote
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