: The over arching issue with rank in low to mid elo.
I understand your intention and I empathize with you that the ranked system is quite poor, but not in the way you stated. I know where you are coming from after some hard losses but I've been playing for 7 years and this post is a joke regarding what to fix and how to fix it. Riot won't look at any of this or consider it, just take a break and cool down from your losses, we both know this was only posted because you want an easy solution for yourself rather than playing more and trying to improve. The ranked system they are rolling out isn't perfect, but it's pretty nice compared to what we have. Just trust in them that they will do well, it seems decent to me.
: Preseason Dev Update Number 3!
I love every single bit of this...you guys are great! Keep it up!
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: Diamond (and high plat situational) Team LFM
IGN:Squishy Squid Role:Jungle/Supp then ADC Current Rank:D5 Highest Rank(this season):D5 op.gg link:http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=squishy+squid Champions you're confident playing: I have a huge champ pool and can play almost anyone needed. I love objective control but can adapt to the situation or play any style, but there may be a few champs im working on right now that need a little improvement(i.e. lee sin,rek) What is your take on practice, preparation, and post match analysis: practice, preparation, and post match analysis are all extremely beneficial to a teams improvement together and solo, in and out of the game. Will you confuse criticism for toxicity: My favorite way to learn is off of mistakes and am very happy to take criticism. Will you acknowledge your own errors: Yes as above i like seeing my errors and focusing on not making them again Are you prone to giving up before either nexus falls: no, any game can be won no matter the situation Are you someone who finds themselves relaxing when ahead in a match: not usually, maybe in a normal or something, but in competitive it is very important to stay focused Are there any parts of high level play that you do not understand: I just need to get used to communication as a team instead of my usual soloq which shouldnt be too hard. Learning my team and playing in a style that fits us all best.
Alendei (NA)
: [VXM] - Ventrexium Serious Tournament 5's Team Recruitment Application Page
First Name:Dalton IGN:Squishy Squid Age:16 Seasons Played League:since beginning of 2ish Role You Are Applying For:jungle Years played in that role:3? What makes you feel like you would be the best suited person to fill this role for my team?:I love to play at a competitive level in league and always am trying to learn more. I have a deep understanding of the game and my role. My favorite way of learning is through my mistakes. I absolutely love objective control but can adapt to the game as needed. Have you played in any sort of Tournaments for League of Legends? (Yes/No): yes, I have played in a few VG tournaments placing 3rd in one. Have you reached the rank of at least Diamond 3 within the past 2 seasons? (Yes/No):no, i have not reached the rank of diamond 3 but wouldnt mind demonstrating my skill level. Able to download voice communication software. (Yes/No): yes Would you be willing to que up in Ranked with fellow teammates:? (Yes/No): in solo/duo q? i personally love soloq more than duo but wouldnt mind playing and learning my teams playstyle and personality better Members of the team are going to receive information about practice dates, schedules, and other info via "Group Text Messaging" or "Group Conversations" on "Facebook", is this ok? (Yes/No): yes
: Misfit Assassins Recruiting!
IGN: Squishy Squid Position: Jungle Rank: D5 Experience: I have been playing league for almost 5 years and am very competitive. I believe this is my next competitive step in my league career. Top Champs: I have a very large champion pool to almost anyone and love playing everyone. My favorites at the moment are nid, olaf, lee(needs prac), elise Why I want to join: I am looking for a new league community, wanting to improve my team communication, and looking for a new level of competitive play.
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RedBeard (NA)
: League of Legends Store Beta
i would love to buy something but im not sure if i want to drop $25 then something that catches my interest more comes out. when do you think we could expect added merch to the store? just so i don't feel like im missing out on anything. :) nice work love the merch have a nice day!
: I cant log in right now. Looks like the servers died.
> I cant log in right now. Looks like the servers died. its ok im in now
: How to Report a Bug
Why can't i get accepted into the PBE? i had an account previously then it was reset and my application has been in cycle for like a year now
: Can i get a refund on LP?
i feel ya, i was plat 5 and dropped down the drain to gold 5 not a good feeling and noe im stuck in gold 4 and still cant win a single game because of these teams. i guess we just have to deal with it, it really sucks :/.


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