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: Riot accidently removed ranked instead of disabling it.
danielpil (EUW)
: Unfairly muted
Coming from someone who has been chat muted like 20 times, i've gotten muted for less
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: Or it was just me blowing off steam on something besides chat so I don't get reported. I ended up getting Silver 1 by the end of my league grinding last night. Though I'm worried, so close to gold but also at a chance of getting kicked back again. This is the farthest I've made it.
As long as you keep your head on straight I'm sure you'll get it. I'd help you on my smurf if it was level 30 (level 28 rn :-()
Xplosion101 (EUNE)
: Well I blame Riot for not punishing these people but permabanning even the softest of flamers. I personally am against flaming but I would MUCH rather have someone who tells me to "kys" but carries or at least tries to than someone who straight up ints because "SuPPoRt ToOK mY 3 Cs" or goes 0/4 in 5 minutes because they can't understand that they need to stop diving. (Both situations happened to me in way too many games recently, sometimes the inter was on the enemy team but that doesn't make it acceptable.) Disclaimer for some of you who might start complaining: If someone is very toxic or does indeed tell me to "kys", I will definitely be mad. But I always keep in mind that it is on the spur of the moment and that yeah, let's face it, online games such as LoL are bound to create friction between players and sometimes that is not a bad thing. Don't get butthurt, it isn't as if they mean it... they don't even know you. Just ignore 'em by muting them.
You contradicted yourself so many times lol. As for "OP", everyone deals with this if you cant win every lane for your team 100% of the time, you're going to have a slow and painful climb
: Are all Silver supports super salty?
If you can't win your own lane, and pressure every other lane 100% of the time, you're in the right elo.
: League is actually trash now
When you get suspended they give you a log of several games you've played where you have done verbal abuse (i know from experiance) post the screenshots lol
: I hate this game....
This might be a classic example of "Get Good Syndrome"
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