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: Flex Que Rank Doesnt Matter
Hey add me Darkeffigy im Gold 5, I'm not that good but I'm up to learn anything and have fun please let me join you ill be on everyday 3pm to 9pm est. and i do use discord.
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Joes (NA)
: Bronze Team. Looking for People who are good and are stuck in elo hell like us.
IGN: Darkeffigy Roles : top and support Champs you own in those roles: sion, tryndamere, naut, nunu, leona, karma How often you can play: 7pm- 12 am Time zone: est A little about you: i play gw2, been playin league about 3 years Whatever you want here: hope we get to use discord, im good at know where people are w/o wards if im not in tunnel vision mode A Joke: lol the elo we are in :)
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