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: I think you need to put in a ticket for something like this.
Thank you I forgot that was how you had to do it.
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: I do like a lot of it, and I agree with all of your reasoning. My only problem with your changes to the W and R is that they were originally designed to cover Nora's controls when choosing who to use her passive on. The W was meant to act as a free lock on ability, so if you need to suddenly switch the passive to a new target, say to absorb some damage from an incoming gank or skillshot. That's why the range was 1000, the stealth ward was just a component to use when you're not using it on enemies. I really like the sensing stone a lot more than the ward, though. The R acted similarly, but turns your passive into a threat. Your 4 second idea is much better, though. But do you think the damage stored should be based on her passive? Except it works against all incoming damage for those 4 seconds, of course. The damage applied to the next AA might be a lot. Her Q does already apply on hit and crit. Within those 4 seconds she can just run around, build up her Dead Mans Plate, Stattik Shiv and Spellblade passives. Nora is already absorbing 25% (or up to 35% using your math) for 4 seconds. Your version might as well be an execute after the 4 seconds are up, unless it's malphite. Maybe remove the AD scaling or severely reduce it. I wouldn't remove the base damage scaling, because we need something to rank up. Also, I put the stun on her Q because a smack on your head should disorient you for a bit. Not enough to lock you in place, but definitely long enough to interrupt what you're doing.
For some odd reason I thought Nora's W when thrown at a target was just for vision (It completely phased me that it would let her switch targets, even though you had it written down. Whoops on my part.) the only reason why i moved the Stun to the E was because of how often she would be able to stun someone if it was on a low cooldown ability, also cause .75 seconds is kinda long early on, which is why i turned it scaling with the rank. However i do see where you are coming from with the whole smack on the head thing. So if anything why not a strong but brief slow 50% for .5 seconds? As for the W, maybe she can throw it at an enemy champion, refunding 60% of its Cooldown and also gives her the movement speed buff (early ranks with enemy ganks and later ranks to retargeting/chase And the ult damage, i do agree with drastically (This champ design was so cool, not gonna lie i was sitting here for an hour and a half thinking of ways to balance some of these moves, and was being rushed cause I was invited to play with a friend), and i did think about someone just using it to assassinate an enemy as i was playing. So yes the Total AD ratio needs to be changed to maybe bonus AD but definitely could get lowered (maybe 50% if its Total AD or 70% if its Bonus AD) Also I am glad you like the sensing stone idea (W took the longest time for me to think of something other than just a ward on a short cooldown.). I know how strong vision is and I didn't want to gut the W entirely cause there are very few champions that actually have an ability really just for sight (I think just Quinn W and Ashe E.). Then I remembered Rek'sai had a unique form of detecting enemies but at the cost of not knowing who it could be. However i'm still leaning on the 600 range just cause 600 outranges all top laners and all but 2 junglers. The only champs who can outrange this are as listed: Caitlyn: (with Headshot) 1300 Twitch: (with Spray and Pray) 850 Kindred: (25 Stacks) 750 Rengar: (with Unseen Predator) 725 Kogmaw: (with rank 5 Bio-Arcane Barrage) 710 Jinx: (with rank 5 Switcheroo while using Fishbones) 700 Tristana: (with Draw a bead at level 18) Caitlyn: 650 Annie: 625 Anivia: 600 Ashe: 600 Kindred: (7 Stacks) 600 Almost everyone above is going to be in the mid or bot lane till laning phase ends. Also normally abilities that have a large range tend to be easier to avoid because you can see them coming (especially with tier 2 boots and a Dead Man's Plate.). That's why i think it should stay at 600. (also cause I increased the distance of the E dash which with the W thrown effect now could help her close distance easier. Throw W at enemy, run closer with MS boost, hit charge to close remaining distance and stun, then Q slow to stick close to target after stun wears off, etc.) How do these sound. Kinda feel stupid after moving the stun to the E and not even thinking about the fact that the Q is a smack to the head and not adding anything to compensate. But the real question remains. what would her release skin be?
: [Champion Concept] Nora, the Requited Principle
I like the idea. A duelist who has the capability to be an assassin. However some things i feel need to change and some things need to be clarified. Lets start with the Passive (Which I like a lot): 12% Reduced damage is very strong in the early game. Its a free Ninja Tabi for all damage when you think about it. Maybe tone it down to 7% - 25% (+1% per level). AOE, i feel, should do full damage. Also i think there should be a delay as she turns toward he opponent (Maybe 1 second, gets shorter with bonus movement speed). This will allow for champions with dashes to be able to play around he passive rather than just deal with it (ex: Fiora dashes over Nora and instead of Nora just immediately whipping around as the dash happens to block a portion of the damage, she gets hit). Obviously when Nora attacks or uses an ability she will orientate to face her target again. Now her Q: The changes i think that need to happen here is a quality of life change. Base Damage needs to increase to something like 60 / 75 / 90 / 105 / 120, and scaling could probably increase to somewhere in the 80% - 100% bonus AD. Mana Cost should be a flat 60. Stun removed (will make some sense later on) Still applies on hit and can Crit Looking at Nora's kit i noticed one thing, her wave clear is bad. Not sure if you intended this. (ignore these changes to her Q below if you intended her to have bad clear) Cooldown 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 seconds Does 150% damage to minions Killing a minion with Literal Smack will refund half the cd and 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 mana Now her W: (This ability is strong and needs some big changes) Lets start with a small change that will help Nora a bit Clarifying the description a bit. When Nora hits an enemy champion with an attack or ability, she gains a movement speed boost that decays over 1.5 seconds. Movement Speed buff 15 / 16.25 / 17.5 / 18.75 / 20% Decaying over 1.5 seconds (When Nora critically strikes the Movement Speed buff is multiplied by 1.5x and decays over 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 / 2.25 / 2.5 seconds) Now to the vision changes: No longer places a Stealth Ward. Now places a Sensing Stone (Sensing Stones are invisible, have the same health, and have the same vision range as a Stealth Ward, but don't give vision. They instead detect movement similar to Rek'sai when she is burrowed.). If Nora steps on the Sensing Stone she picks it up refunding 15 seconds from the ability's cooldown. If an enemy champion steps on the Sensing Stone they break it and are revealed for 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 seconds (levels 1 / 6 / 11 / 16) Placing a new Sensing stone gets rid of the old one Range: 600 (same as Warding Totem. 1000 is to much in my opinion having the vision is safe enough having the massive range to place it is to much) Cooldown: 90 / 80 / 70 / 60 / 50 Duration: 120 seconds Cost: No Cost Now her E: Active: Dashes forward stunning and dealing physical damage to enemies hit along its path. The dash stops if Nora hitsan enemy champion Dash Range: 400 Cooldown: 15 / 13.5 / 12 / 10.5 / 9 seconds (if the enemy champion you are in combat with dies, this ability's cooldown resets) Physical Damage: 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 (+60% AD) Mana Cost: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 Stun duration: .5 / .625 / .75 / .875 / 1 second(s) Now her R: This can be very unreliable in a lane against healthy tanks, and will do very little in the laning phase, against mages they can AA to break it, the only real victim would be an adc. I have an iteration that might fit better Active: For the next 4 seconds, any damage Nora takes she stores a portion of it. After the 4 seconds are up her next AA (or Q since it applies on hit) deals additional magic damage. Nora can recast this ability after 2 seconds to ready the damage early. Mana Cost: 100 Cooldown: 100 / 85 / 70 Damage stored: 20% / 27.5% / 35% Magic Damage: 100 / 200 / 300 (+100% total AD) (+100% of stored damage) Synopsis for each change Passive: The amount of Damage Reduction is to strong early on, needed some counterplay Q: Overall seems weak, especially level 1 costing 52 mana to deal 40 base damage. W: The MS buff seems a little lacking so is buffed it slightly, but made it only obtainable when hitting champions. Vision can be very strong, thats why when you look at these abilities they have a long cooldown and give the vision briefly. So I reduced its range so its less safe and also by changing the Vision to movement detection, you won't know who it is unless they step on it. E: made it more of a rewarding and set up tool. Also increased the range to help close distance when it comes to jumping on ranged. R: This ability on paper looks nice but when you sit down and think about it. When you ready it in a teamfight and a the enemy mage auto's you you reflected 40% of an auto that did like no damage to you in the first place and now the ability is on cooldown for 80 seconds (44 seconds if you have 40% cdr). So I overhauled it and gave it a fit for a Juggernaut who wants to absorb some damage then lash it out all at once, or a nice damage buff for a slayer who wants to nuke a carry. What do you think? do you agree with some points? Do you disagree with others?
: Once upon a time League was a game about innovating and experimentation. A beautiful time where Riot didn't force whatever meta they wanted to see in LCS, nor hand pick builds for every champ in your class you must follow every game regardless of situation to be competitive. Then sometime around the end of Season 4 Ghostcrawler got finished ruining wow (apparently, I don't play Blizzard games) and moved on to League. And that is how we got the league we all know and love to hate today.
: I think often an AP ratio is there so that it doesn't feel bad to build an item that has some AP on it, like Guinsoo or formerly Triforce. Tanks also tend to use magic damage/scale off of AP somewhat for damage. Sometimes an AP ratio does seem a little out of place even with that in mind.
the AP scaling on tanks makes sense because HP/AP items give more utility rather than HP/AD items, which focus more on you dealing more damage
Hotarµ (NA)
: Most of the time an AP ratio is there for people who build Guinsoo's. Namely Jax, Nocturne, Shyvana, etc. However, I think the reason some other people have AP scaling was to try and increase build diversity. It doesn't really work most of the time because why would you ever build Sivir AP when AD gives you so many more benefits? Same with Vi. I used to play a ton of AP Varus on a different account and I feel like that was the best version of a champ that could build either or. Building AD makes you a standard ADC/Caster champion, but building AP forces you to patiently stack your W and get resets off with your ult. It turned him into a burst mage of sorts and it's still pretty fun to this day. :^)
All of the champions I've listed here are examples of what i am talking about. Champions with a singular AP scaling. Obviously Jax, Shyvana, and Varus don't really fit into what i am talking about since they have multiple abilities that scale with either AP or AD. However Nocturne is one to bring up. It makes no sense to have an AP scaling on his E. I never see Nocturnes build a Guinsoo's I always see them go Leathality or fighter, due to his play style of flying right to the enemy backline and nuking their carry. Even if they did build guinsoo's its not for its AP, all it would do is increase the E damage by like 28. its for the AD increase, which they had nerfed massively in 8.13 along with the AP increase And yes, the fact that the characters i have listed do have an AP scaling does not mean you should build them AP. What i'm stating is some AP scalings and cooldowns that champs have on a singular ability compared to others who also have it on one singular ability as well don't get similar treatment. For example lets say Vi and Ornn build 1000 AP, Vi will dish out 140% of that AP in a little over a second because of her E charges. However Ornn will only deal 40% (20% if they dodge one of the ult AOE's hit) and then you compare there time between being able to do this again. Vi will be able to achieve this again in 16 seconds but Ornn will have to wait a minimum of 46.75 seconds. So why even have the scaling?
Paroe (NA)
: You seem to not understand that _ability power_ is for _abilities_. Some designers still hold to that idea... And all tanks have AP scaling or tank scaling.
I think i understand where you are coming from. Where some tanks like Volibear the W has Physical damage because it is a bite while his ult is that he summons magical lightning and his autos hit multiple targets with magical lightning so it does Magic damage and should scale with AP, makes sense. But then there are cases like Warwick, his Q which does have both scalings and is him physically biting his target does magic damage, and in Ashe's case her W fires 9 arrows which has to be done magically, only has AD scaling, but at the same time is an ability. I the case of Tanks it makes sense cause if tanks were all just HP scaling they would be busted cause they would be tanky and deal a bunch of damage through abilities and when you look at it between the choice of AP items and AD items you have a bit more utility in AP items. The HP/AD items only really boost your auto attacks damage with 1 giving armor pierce, 1 giving armor shred, and 1 gicing a slow on your AA. The HP/AP Items focus more on you abilities or overall utility, 1 giving a MS boost to your team, 1 giving you a short dash, 1 giving you a slow on abilities hit. 1 that gives you more and more HP/Mana/AP over time, 1 that applies grievous wounds, and 1 that applies a burn over time and make you deal up to 10% more damage over time in a fight. Also, when they made it to where building enough AP turns you AA damage from physical damage to magical damage, it kinda weakens your first statement. Now, yes it does make sense that some designers keep to the original idea of magical ability = AP scaling. However what i'm bringing up is **not**, why do these champions have AP scalings? Rather, that some of these scalings are so small that there is no point in even having them. Ornn will never build AP because of his poor scaling ult and how easy it can be for an entire enemy team to avoid it, so why even have have the scaling at all? If people started playing AP Ornn his win rate would plummet. Removing it would not change his win rate at all.
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Kei143 (NA)
: I play 7-12 games a week, and I'm considered a little less than the average player.
Now that makes things more clear for me, knowing that there are players who only play about a game maybe 2 a day. I thought the lowest average would range around 2-3, maybe 4 a day. I think League has become an addiction for me. *shifts eyes, looks outside* WHAT WAS THAT? I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE! *closes and locks windows. Lowers blinds, locks doors* back to League.....
Kei143 (NA)
: It just means that you play 113% more games than the average player.
Maybe. However, I would say for the past like 2 weeks i have averaged out 4-5 games a day. To me, that feels average or at least slightly above average. I don't know. But to me it came as a surprise.
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: I mean, Diana got that Dark Water skin not that long ago. Kinda doubt we will get something for them soon, _maybe_ a new Leona skin down the line, but I guess that's about it.
: I don't like your answer choices in the poll, because it doesn't cover "no, the item isn't healthy in the long run." I do think that mechanic could potentially be very useful. I'm still waiting for a world where supports can have a buffed yellow trinket *instead* of sightstone. I don't see why we can't go there with an item like this. It's easy for me to imagine a support item that was consumed and turned your trinket slot into a sightstone instead of the normal trinkets. Then your supports can still have 6 items slots... just saying. The current iteration of gold/warding items is the best it's ever been, but we're still shy of perfect, imo. Could be better.
I actually was going to make that one of the poll votes but i would rather have someone say no and then give feedback explaining why its unhealthy rather than hitting that poll vote and then probably just leaving without a proper explanation as to why it is unhealthy. I am open to make changes to the item, I just want to know what others think.
: As support main i like this idea. but it is cheap i think from 1700-1900 will be healthy because those are really powerful passive and it will synergies greatly with other support items that uses {{item:3114}} upgrade or {{item:3174}}
I do agree in a price increase (I was thinking 1200 just due to the raw stats, but then i came up with the Really good passive and now i think in should go up to maybe 1500-1800) just cause of the passive and yes that was the idea, have a support item that has synergy with other support items. I am glad you like it. (I'll increase the price to 1600 cause that sounds a lot more reasonable and still kinda cheap based around its raw stats)
: I mostly loved it as a toplaner, get philo early for the sustain(especially the mana), then once you get some items finished and soon will want some inventory space you i upgrade it, usually consuming it around lvl 14 while haveing ~700g earned from philo, so a 400g effective cost for permanently increased sustain and some solid help in lane.
I never tried it in the top lane cause i almost never played top lane when i started playing League but i could see it's old regen stats being great for early to mid game (Which is pretty much all it had going for it.). That's why i gave it a better focus by pushing to be more of a support item and having it be a buff that scales better into the game so if you do purchase it you don't get the short end of the stick. Instead, you get a really nice perma buff to your heals and shields for your support. {{sticker:sona-playing}}
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Wacky9 (NA)
: 84. Swarm Them Only champions that summon other units can be played. (Includes Azir)
Interesting. i do like the sound of that. I will add it.
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SaberSZN (NA)
: Ivern's Q will proc Ultimate Hat
This is not news. There are videos that exist showing this off. However it is good that you posted it maybe a Riot employee will see it and fix it cause they do have yet to fix it
Dast (NA)
: Not getting chest after getting s- or better
This can be caused if you have no available chest (you are eligible to obtain 1 every week and it maxes out at 4) If you already earned a chest while playing a certain champion, you will not be able to earn another when you play that champion until the next season you can check your owned champions and see which ones you have earned a chest with by seeing if they have a gold trim around their icon.
A single chest..... dude, you have been sitting on a chest for a month? This can be caused if you do not play the game enough I had a friend who would get on about once a week to play (before he got a better computer) and had a similar issue, since we had a group of 3-4 we would get an S and he would get a chest. However since he didn’t play enough the chests began to stack and he had a total of 14 chests. How the honor system works this season is when you hit checkpoints in honor Ex going from 2-3 -> 3 you will get key fragments and I do believe this is on top of getting honored in games which also nets you like 1-4 key fragments every 2 days. However with the change to honor with checkpoints I’m not sure the 1-4 key fragments still exist, I haven’t been paying much attention to it,
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: 2018 Ranked Placements Venting post!
I played my first placement today with 2 others so ranked flex, the guy who ruined my day -> 21 Savage I was given the Jungle role via auto fill, I asked if anyone would switch to please help. 21 Savage let me switch ( I showed I wanted to play Thresh) and told me to pick Lee or Sion for him and he will pick thresh for trade. I agreed since he was kind enough to take the burden off my hands, after I picked Sion to make the team slightly tankier, when it was his turn to pick he sat there, so I thought, “maybe he thought he had Thresh and didn’t” so I waited to see if he would ask for a different one. He proceeded to lock in Lee sin. I was traumatized, I know that Sion support can work but I’ve never tried it so I knew it was downhill from there. All game bottom lane was getting stomped and and he always tried ganking if we put them under tower (tThis doesn’t mean we won lane I was just able to harass via E) we still died a lot and all the ganks failed. I remained quiet except to ping for objectives, didn’t want to get anymore tilted. He then started an early surrender and luckily since there were a total of 3 of us we never surrendered (screw this man), I felt bad for the other guy on the team though cause he probably wanted to end the game ASAP. We lost....obviously and in the end game chat he posted some Japanese and I translated it via google translate and it said “You are rubish.” So, in other words he trolled before game and called us bad cause we didn’t win i guess, by the way might I remind you. **FIRST PLACEMENT GAME**! This is why I hate ranked cause there is always one person.
: 82 will kill me, my only option is Sona
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: Project Zed and Fiora action figures
Now the question remains. When are they being shipped out to everyone who ordered them. I had ordered mine during the first batch and I have been waiting for it to come, please respond if you have obtained yours (Reply with a picture of your figure) or if you are also one of the people in my situation (Just simply say you haven't received it yet). {{champion:114}} {{champion:238}} .......soon..............hopefully.


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