: Jungle camps should give Kled courage
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: Remember when the majority of boards users were gushing about how balanced Sett was?
people dont udnerstand that as long as you stick to short trades against him he is not gonna have enough grit damage to beat you up, if you dodge the W center the damage isn't that bad. It is a bit overtuned atm for sure but lowering his W damage/ cdr or whatever else should fix him
: I totally agree - one of the core reasons jungle is disfavored at low ELO is that it's very very different than the rest of the game and the learning curve is pretty unforgiving.
come think of it, a way to widen the jungle champion pool without having to put too much man power after the fact would be to have an automated system assign recommended jungle items based of win rate: Say some new player just bought Twisted Fate and wants to try him out in the jungle. The champ can actually jungle, but his optimal build there might be attack speed on hit with E max rather than his mid lane AP CDR one. By having the automated system pick up optimal win rate builds for TF jungle using X amount of players as a basis across Y period of time, the game can suggest builds to new players without having to have a person update them. New champions could have a standard recommended build based off their class (mage, assassin, etc) which would get updated once enough historic data is available
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 7
As a jungle main for 7 years, I'm exited to be able to play champs like zed and talon in the jungle! However, I think part of the problem for newer player getting into the role is that it is too intimidating for them as it is not as intuitive to learn as other roles. Short term I think fixing recommended jungle items for many champions would be an easy win here. Of the top of my head I can't remember if champions who can jungle like morgana, twitch and taliyah have recommended item sets for jungle, but these would make them friendlier to learn for newer players. Also it is annoying that champs like Kha and rengar have suboptimal recommendations like 3 pots, both consumables should be offered from the start Long term, the jungle role has to have its own tutorial so that people understand better how to play it... at least that is my take
Kazekiba (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DeadUnborn,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=obERLZ8Z,comment-id=003100000000,timestamp=2020-01-17T22:24:52.607+0000) > > > * Unless I use third party websites I can't know (at least to my knowledge) that actual ability ratios of any ability, making it harder for newer players to come up with possible fun builds or optimize their current ones You could go into training mode and get 100 AD/AP but, They added a function to press Shift to get more detailed tooltips and barely use it where it's most useful. That spot could have the exact Ratios, ability range, etc and just in general provide better info than currently it has
yeah I was a bit dissapointed when I saw the shift option didn't include actual ratios
Meddler (NA)
: Sure. Please note these are the sorts of things we're aiming to do, but not guaranteed projects or necessarily happening immediately. * More use of loud visual effects for the player casting a spell, quieter ones for other players (avoid visual noise overload in team fights). * Better visualization of the upcoming rewards for events (could involve a track like the TFT pass * Simplifying item tooltips, condensing power on items into fewer, more power effects * Ensuring new skins don't change character silhouettes as much as a few recent cases have
Talking about clarity, there are a couple of points that have bugged me for many years now: * **It is not clear how strong stacking champs** like Veigar, Nasus, Kindred, Bard, Rengar, Cho Gath, Senna & Sion at any given point of the game,unless you are keeping track of their actual performance in game (as opposed to having a HUD component that indicated the number of stacks they have) * Unless I use third party websites I can't know (at least to my knowledge) that actual ability ratios of any ability, making it harder for newer players to come up with possible fun builds or optimize their current ones
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: Username update prompt will be mandatory starting next week
Will we still be able to pay to switch an account to a different region, or will that option be removed as well? How will this impact the creation of new accounts across regions; will we be able to select or will the system detect where we are playing?
: I watched the replay of the kayle game in its entirety and damn i gotta say the only thing you could even reasonably do is pick a god tier wave clearer and even that requires knowing what your opponents going to do. For those curious lulu bought a support item with execute followed kayle around and helped her clear and be shielded from jungle camp damage for blue, frog, wolf then went mid and cleared the wave at tower before going to clean up rest of jungle, this continues in various patterns allowing kayle to be level 6 at the same time top lane is while the enemy jungler is still level 4, this in turn lets them control and take every dragon, and rift herald. edit: if you want to watch the game yourself google op's name on say na.op. expand his game list until you run into the game he plays janna with a score of 1//6/13 that has a kayle and lulu on enemy team then enter the kayle jungles name into your client and download the match as he hasn't played in a few days its still available to watch.
: This is just possible in blind pick or one for all, tho. And since these are considered a fun game modes and not really competitive, I don't think that Riot actually cares about such interactions.
yeah is all fun and games until your own aphelios locks you with graviton and it results in your own death, it should be fixed to be honest. Specially if the champion ends uo being popular
: And enemy Dravens can catch each other's axes.
some interactions like that should not be allowed tbh, they just feel cheap or like bugs instead of fun like how in one for all all ziggs can push each other
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BigFBear (EUW)
: Since Preseason Jungle nerf I need to fullmute my team to avoid tilting
yeah, also at the end of game you are more likely to be reported by multiple people since you impacted many lanes, which sucks. As long as you don't talk in chat there isn't much riot will do though
: Let's not forget the super cool feature of going to loot, then going to store, then back to loot so it actually works instead of just being a black screen.
: What if Omnistone allowed you to pick and choose six minor runes from ANY tree, instead of keystone + 3 from your primary and 2 from your secondary- At the expense of not actually having a keystone. Do you guys remember back when masteries were a thing, how there were specialized pages that didn't go all the way down to the end of any particular tree, they just picked and chose from all 3 of them? I think it would fit the inspiration tree very well and add a lot of strategic depth to the rune system which, right now, is actually pretty stagnant. And if that was too weak, they could buff it to allow you to grab runes from the same row in any tree as well- So you could take all four "Hunter" runes, for instance. I personally think that would be a bit OP but then again, for not having a keystone at all, it might work out ok. Just my two cents. As many people have pointed out, Omnistone in its current state is utterly useless. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: On LAN it's really common for people to play super aggro and if they feed, just leave, if they get fed they play it out.
Yeah That's actually super true. LAN is very individualistic and people tilt super easily. That on top of the connection issue the server has makes it hard for me to find a reason to stay- I cant thik of a single advantage for staying on the server atm
harubun (NA)
: Aun con 190 de ping en el NA corre mas fluido y con menos lag spikes que el LAS o el LAN, ya por eso me pase aquí permanentemente hace meses.
verdad que si. Como que en LAN se siente como si estubieras nadando cuando juegas, aun yo que tengo exactamente el mismo ping. Debería enterarse más gente y venirse para acá. Aparte como la gente juega mucho mejor es más divertido. En LAN por lo menos todo el mundo se la pasa quejandose y molestando en vez de aprender a jugar. La mayoria juegan mal hasta elos super altos de que d2 para arriba
: Im from Louisiana, and I made a LAN account earlier this year just to check it out and also get some practice with my spanish (took 4 yrs in highschool but have gotten rusty). Anyway it seems like 2/3 LAN games have an afk/dc, and thats in ranked Queues, So I have to agree with OP that LAN games are consistenly significantly lower quality than NA.
Id even go as far as 3/5 of games having someone disconected. Also most people have very limited skill. It is very dull after a while
: ¡Qué bueno! Vamos a tener una (más grande que ya tenemos) fiesta.
Pues se lo ganan. Si cuidaran el server no habria %%%%. Pero se nota que lo han estado descuidando, de seguro por que ya no es tan rentable. La verdad fastidia un poco. En serio estoy considerando cambiar mi cuenta para acá- El único %%%% es que no quiero meterle varo a esta madre ahorita. Y por tu nombre supongo eres Alemán? pues ya vamonos todos para acá hahaha
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Grumpig (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vlada Cut,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wWmUfGd4,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-11-01T13:16:19.355+0000) > > {{champion:77}} {{champion:56}} Are we a joke to you? udyr should get a rework, but I think noctorn fits a really good niche that not other junglers can.
yeah, the niche of contradicting gameplay. His Q works best when you are behind your target but your E is most efficient when you are in front of him. His pasive and W work for sustained damage but his ult and best build make him an assassin. He needs a rework
Ghostlake (EUW)
: It's time to update some of the outdated BASE SPLASH ARTS in the game.
gunny thing is, jax's current 10 year anniversay splash looks better than his current one and could replace it no problem
: The new Volibear visual update may have a twist
no, probably if people want it bad enough they'll eventually make a skin for people that like his current lore, but it looks like he will be kept more traditional to apeace the mains
: https://img.rankedboost.com/wp-content/plugins/legends-of-runeterra/assets/card-images/01NX014.png or https://img.rankedboost.com/wp-content/plugins/legends-of-runeterra/assets/card-images/01IO006.png
I'd really like Greenglade Duo to be a champion
macspam (NA)
: Why is further reducing jungle XP a good thing?
yeah as a jungle main when I saw those changes my thoughs were "well guess I'll rush lvl 3, perma gank and tax xp from solo lanes"
: > [{quoted}](name=DeadUnborn,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=qgiBhAho,comment-id=00070001,timestamp=2019-10-13T17:45:04.958+0000) > > yeah, ghost champions who come back from the dead. That is unheard of---/s Lucians story literally says she is still trapped. Dead, soul captured, trapped in an unbreakable lantern held by a cursed spirit of torture who traps souls. So she cant possible be a champion when is still trapped.
: > [{quoted}](name=DeadUnborn,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=qgiBhAho,comment-id=00070001,timestamp=2019-10-13T17:45:04.958+0000) > > yeah, ghost champions who come back from the dead. That is unheard of---/s Lucians story literally says she is still trapped. Dead, soul captured, trapped in an unbreakable lantern held by a cursed spirit of torture who traps souls. So she cant possible be a champion when is still trapped.
so what, she can get out for whatever reason a writer comes up with, or lucian can be used as an unreliable narrator
CJXander (EUNE)
: I've made this login screen to celebrate league's 10th anniversary
: Senna cant be a champ. Her soul is inside Threshs lantern. So....shes dead. No way for her to be a champ.
yeah, ghost champions who come back from the dead. That is unheard of---/s
GigglesO (NA)
: Service Announcement about Ornn's Passive
his passive rework sucks balls. It is very counter intuitive, needlesly complicated and odd to use
: Because for some reason Riot think that if a team is ahead, they should be able to finish quickly instead of endlessly sieging the team that is already behind and is locked in their base, losing access to jungle and drake/nashor. I don't really agree with this, but that's the reason. If you lost a fight near your base, you lost the game.
thing is, sieging from behind made the game drag endlessly to the 50 min mark. I'd rather have the game be done and move to the next one
: Overly simplified, on live servers despite the fact that its not finished yet, ect. I guess they don't care what it looks like because if you stay logged in, you'll rarely see it anyway, but that doesn't erase the fact that its still a terrible representation of the game/company. It doesn't feel like a Riot launcher or a League launcher. It feels like something completely separate from both.
I can see that. It does look kind of odd, like it was designed as a completely diferent entity with a different design philosophy
: We pitched this back during Kindred's development. I still love the idea and wish we could do this, and I still hold a candle of hope that one day Kindred'll be so in the meta that we'd make a series: gazelle/gator, dolphin/kraken, sparrow/boa. What combos do you folks think would work for which regions?
if you want that maybe you should rework her stacking system so it has a better thematic fit, isn't as comboluted, allow for a unique/fitting build and isn't so feast of famine (sorry if harsh but it is the truth, I actually love Kindred's design) I'd love to see a frejlordian version based on Gods like Volibear, Orn and the like
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: I love the idea, but dragon specifically maybe it would have too much of an overlap with shyvanna's rework? Still I think a champ that rides jungle camps and gets stat buffs from them would be fun
also the champ would probably have to be something small like a child or yordle so that it can fit on top of the jungle camp model without it looking too jarring
: Since Ixtal has Dragons, Can We Get a Dragon Rider?
I love the idea, but dragon specifically maybe it would have too much of an overlap with shyvanna's rework? Still I think a champ that rides jungle camps and gets stat buffs from them would be fun
Kejorn (NA)
: Zed cant because the amount of damage hos ult deals scales with the damage he dealt while it's active. It's not flat like cho or urgot.
the way I envisioned it working was for the executioner desplay to activte when the shuriken did, just to make it more visible
: Aurelion sol rework is disgustingly horrible.
while I think you aare being too harsh on the developer (s) that made the changes, yeah the rework feels extremely bad. You actually have to be mor e precise with your movement than before since those 3 seconds are so important for damage output, and without landing your Q first, W is useless unless you are using it to push lane
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 30
As a long time Teemo player, this changes are great! thanks a lot Just wanted to ask. I don't personally play Zed a lot, but since Cho Gath got an execution marker (like Urgot's and Pyke's) and he already has the shiruken execution mark, I was wondering if you would consider adding it at some point where whoever would be in charge of such a thing would have some available time. For Cho gath it worked wonders since I play in low spec mode and couldn't notice many times his execution marker
: Conq is his best rune or maybe aftershock just saying
Bârd (NA)
: Why is Garen now more of an attack speed champion than Aatrox?
they only changed garens E so that he could get more benefit off buidling trinity
Kürama (NA)
: If the population is so small, why does the server space even matter?
they can use that server space for other game modes that presumable would be played more/ make riot more money. server space is determined by games hosted, not exactly number of players (although they are obviously related). There is probably a bunch of unused games in TT just sitting there empty... that would be my guess at least
: They explained that TT is going to be removed to focus resources on their more popular gamemodes so there must have been **someone** working on it since the last update 4 years ago
mzicio (EUW)
: Imagine if he had very few voice lines of its own, but instead repeated the lines of the champions he's recently killed with some kind of voice filter effect. Sort of like a crow imitating human words.
: Please don't nerf Kled around having GW on Q. Nobody who plays Kled wanted that shit.
Unpopular opinion. I actually think kled having griveous wounds is a good thing. Whener he has to build executioners calling it completely messes up his build path but he has to against many match ups top
EdgeLady (NA)
: Sylas did get a login theme, just not an animated splash. I'm grateful he did get a login screen of a sort, at least. But yeah, as I've said before, this is likely due to Riot's money loss and budget costs. Possibly combined with the more positive hope that they're also working on a new game, but...honestly, they should be more focused on making the quality of their *current* game as consistent as possible before taking a leap with shafting off half of their departments onto something they aren't revealing and their current playerbase knows nothing about. Because, while we can speculate, all we see before our eyes is League of Legends becoming cheapened. It saddens me.
don't know why you were downvoted, you are right on the money
: Ranked just released, so its safe to say the mode is now fully implemented. As expected, its completely free to play with no limit. Also: 1) im aware already why companies use their own currencies. You can also submit a data request to view the raw value for the money you actually spent on the game 2) again, just play the game and you'll be rewarded, you're nor forced to have to spend money 3) thousands of games per day, and you need to play about 3-5 to level up. This guarantees your 990 BE
you need way more games to level up as you go higher in level. Most people play one to two days a day, playing 3 days a week anyhow. Ranked is in beta
: > [{quoted}](name=DeadUnborn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8ieWmgZW,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-07-01T03:21:19.156+0000) > > lootboxes there is plenty people already talking about them, this no one, so I made the post. Keep in mind I am not saying this systems should be banned, just bared from younger people This seems like code for "you called me out on my BS, but I want to make it seem like I care". Stop being a shit and actually advocate for changes in these kinds of systems if you actually care about it. It doesn't matter if people are already talking about it, you ***ADD*** to that, don't ignore it.
wtf, why are you being aggressive in the first place. I have never payed for one single lootbox in my life, so no I don't particularly like them. that being said, sorry I don't meet the number of posts for your criteria to make my opinion valid XD.... some people on these boards smh Also if you look at my history you will see I almost NEVER make posts about circlejerks, I don't like being redundant or jumping on band wagons, but sure, go ahead with your hard hitting journalism bub
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