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Dukues (NA)
: It's Been a Fun Decade Riot but I am Finally Out
I’ve been playing since season 2 and I feel the same way. I’m reaching a point where I’m basically done and don’t care what they do anymore. I like the champions and that’s what keeps me around, but I hate the new champions. I really want them to update the art and do minor kit work on older champions, but that won’t ever happen. The small rework on Diana is a half arsed excuse to not work on her model. Riot has released more new champions than they are working on what we already love. I’m tired of champions going invisible, phasing through walls, doing massive amounts of damage, is untargetable, and more. I’m done. The champions they should be working on her ignored for a new champion or a new champion rework. None of these Developers understand their community and doesn’t want to work on the problems. They want to make as much money off of us and be in the business of ignoring problems. Who cares anymore. If you don’t go anymore than there is no point in playing.
: The Back and Fourth Karma Buffs/Nerfs Needs to Stop. Give Her a GU and Prioritize It.
Despite the overwhelming amount of feedback and hate towards the shield buff, Meddler and Scruffy have decided that it's the best course of action to buff her shields again. It's not like they tried another numbers buff and increase the movement speed duration, which resulted in almost everything in her kit continuing to be nerfed. There are a lot of people on Twitter, Reddit and the boards telling them to stop doing the back and fourth numbers buff, but continuing to do it without a care in the world. Great job, Riot.
: If only they had given NC more time and ressources, or a chance to build on her first attempt. She was the first and only to actually care for Karma and her community. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Meddler was the reason why she wasn't given enough time, resources and do what she wanted to do. She went to Meddler asking for more time and he said no. Shortly after Naomi was moved to the TFT team to do some work over there and has been over there since. It's amazing to see where these Developer's cares and alliances really lie. Meddler is the same Developer who has used every excuse in the book to not do work on Karma as well as admit multiple times that she desperately needs work . . . . to continue on the excuse trend and work on the same things every single year. There is a reason why no one likes a one sided Development team that actually ignores the problems they created.
: Karma buff?
Yeah. Despite the overwhelming amount of players on the boards, Reddit and his Twitter . . . . . . Scruffy is going through with a shield buff that has already been buffed and nerfed more than 3 times. It's nice to know that these Developers are listening to the players that play Karma and they know what's best. I look forward to seeing how the skin sells after the buff, which is the only reason they are doing it.
: About Those Karma Buffs - Riot Can We Talk?
It’s amazing to me when I played Karma almost six years ago that she was played more and more fun in the top and mid lane. Riot acknowledged this during the VGU too but they are not even recognizing it. Everything in her kit has been buffed and nerfed at this point. Honestly, she’s not going to get anything done on her at this point. When Meddler had Scruffy’s position he refused to acknowledge Karma’s issues and work on them. No one cares and they are in the business of making excuses.
: If only Karma had a blue skin and was a male she'd get a rework every year.
I don't understand it. They talk about having a inclusive fan base and loving all of their champions, but what they are doing to Karma is almost hateful at this point. Her shields were already nerfed months ago, after they buffed them and nerfed them right after. I was half expecting the AP nerf to be reverted so I can at least play her in a solo lane capacity again . . . . but nope. Another buff to her shields that will get nerfed after her skin release. Great job, Riot.
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: Old Karma was a mess of muddled gameplay, weird, ally-dependent skills and bad gameplay. Most of the stuff that was thrown away should not be missed. The only thing that has any reason to come back would be damage on re. Any other changes would have to be new and I guarantee would not satisfy most Karma players. With that in mind, it is not like Karma has no issues. Her gameplay is flat. It mostly devolves to fishing for qs or guaranteeing q with w in lane and in teamfight she is usually just an re bot because her non mantra abilities are fairly unimpactful. Not like you don't cast them (there are plenty of times you don't cast w) but no one will notice if you do not. A lot of people want an ally cast on w. Just no clothesline gameplay please. Something like a tether that redistributed hp between the two or something maybe. At the end of the day I think other champs need work more. Her model is fairly good if lacking certain animations and her gameplay is not overly frustrating to play with or against.
I think her old kit is long gone. There is nothing they can do to bring it back. When you wait seven years to even think about doing something, it’s just a big mess. She needs a gameplay update and Diana level rework. She’s never going to get the mini VGU she deserves and it’s evident. The Developers only care about Lux, Ryze and new champions.
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: How the hell did Riot manage to fuck this game up for 2 seasons?
You are right. Ever since the Developers overhauled the rune system the game has gone down hill for me. Also adding new champions with overloaded kits makes it worse. Pyke, Zoe, Ekko, Yuumi, and more are not balanced and should’ve never been created. I mean, Riot says the community likes new champions over small VGU like Morgan’s and Ezreal. Riot says the community likes the high damage and fast games. Riot says catering to the same champions rework and skins wise is what the community wants. In reality it’s just Riot trying to milk as much money out of you and ignoring the problems.
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: why didn't they invite the ORIGINAL voice actor for Karma back?
Am i unaware of something that happened with VO? She has the same VO.
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: The Upcoming Event seems blatantly unfair
You are right to a certain extent. Riot has ignored Karma and refuses to do nothing on her but stat check numbers buffs that gets nerfed and cancel GU. Nidalee is a pretty good JG in the right hands but she isn't as popular the other side. Riot has shown a clear interest in only working on art and kits of newer and popular champions. These Developer's work ethic is not going to change anytime soon and they don't care. Until Meddler gets fired or Scruffy steps down, nothing is going to get done. I'm pretty sure the playerbase picks a side though.
: Riot: Yeah we'd really like to develop Vlad's theme, lots of potential, maybe one day. Other games:
It just isn't Vlad though. Riot should be doing a lot more for their older champions. Half of their champion pool (the older generation ones) are outdated in terms of art and some of their kits are a problem. Instead of addressing these issues Riot is releasing new champions with updated art and overloaded kits that forces them to rework these champion 2 - 4 months later. Riot Game Developers DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR OLDER CHAMPIONS, ESPECIALLY THE ONES THEY MAKE MISTAKES ON AND OTHER ONES WHO ACTUALLY NEED THE WORK. New champions bring in the money and that is what they prioritize all of their teams and resources into. A billion dollar company who cannot be bothered to hire new talent to get s**t done on older champions, but other mobas and games do it on a regular basis. Riot should be doing more Ezreal and Morgana level mini-VGU but that is not on the tables when they have champions like Ryze and Lux that need their yearly art updates and kit reworks.
: Riot: You are just spamming new champions, skins, game modes left and right while your game sucks
It’s preseason so it’s to be expected. I do agree they need to stop with new champions all together. I’m tired of overloaded champions and new ones taking time from other ones. There are to many older champs with terrible art and need minor kit work. Riot is dropping the ball and they don’t care.
KaIbAwK (NA)
: Anyone Excited for the new Aphelios? Thoughts Please!
Nope. Why get excited about another new champion with a overloaded kit and identity? It’s a certainlyT champion too so you know it’s going to be terrible. I’m done with these Developers at this point. There are way too many champions needing art updates and minor kit work, for them to constantly creating new champions they can barely keep up with. Riot doesn’t care.
: > [{quoted}](name=Deathfall,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=pmIaZ8lA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-11-25T22:56:06.432+0000) > > The don't listen to anything. Why be nice to a bunch of Developers who will ignore feedback and suggestions? They have even said they plan to do nothing on older champions and the fact that champions like Karma exist and have problems, is a problem. It's ok! Prioritize a yearly rework on Ryze and continue to give reworks to Lux and work on her art problems. My attitude is not the problem. These Developers who continue to ignore problems for 7 years are the problem. > > If it is any of your business, I was nice back in the day and I was very understanding with everything Riot did for Karma for years now. Now I am annoyed and done with them. Then you and OP are free to leave and whine about another game.
You are so amazing. Thanks for true feedback. Praise Riot for their bias work ethic.
: Rioters put more than you'd think into making these skins. So cut them a break guys
I think the frustration comes more from a place of why these champions are not getting model, kit and art updates. Nothing these Developers do will be good until the art, kit and model is modernized. Old models, art and kits are the problem and take away from the potential of what talented artists can do. Stellari is actually a sweetheart. I didn’t mind Gun Goddess MF. I have more of a problem with MF’s outdated model and VO then anything else. It’s the same thing with that new Karma skin. Players are frustrated her art, model and kit problems are not being worked on. No decent looking skin is going to make players feel better about their champions being flat out ignored, when champs like Lux and Ryze get something every year.
Sukishoo (NA)
: How about you try some constructive criticisms without insults? Maybe just maybe saying things like "Such a waste of space these Developers are." Makes them not want to do things differently? They have 150 champions to go through, it's not like they can please everyone 24/7 anyway. I play Karma and still find her pretty decent as is. They are also giving her a skin in the upcoming patch, so they would have had to do far more work to do anything alongside that. They have a schedule that they plot out for the year on what's going to be done for the game afterall.
The don't listen to anything. Why be nice to a bunch of Developers who will ignore feedback and suggestions? They have even said they plan to do nothing on older champions and the fact that champions like Karma exist and have problems, is a problem. It's ok! Prioritize a yearly rework on Ryze and continue to give reworks to Lux and work on her art problems. My attitude is not the problem. These Developers who continue to ignore problems for 7 years are the problem. If it is any of your business, I was nice back in the day and I was very understanding with everything Riot did for Karma for years now. Now I am annoyed and done with them.
: Dawnbringer Karma's ult is so... lackluster
I think the vast majority of the playerbase expects more from Riot and to do more for Karma. Unfortunately were looking at more art updates and reworks for champions like Lux and Ryze. These Developers don't care.
: Lux VFX Update
I love the amount of dedication you Developers continue to give to Lux, but when it comes to other champions though you don't care. Where is the model update for Karma that was never completed? Where is the FFX updates for Karma that should have been done to begin with? Where is the shield casting animation? Where is a decent looking haste animation? Let's also talk about the fact that you updated Lux's VO last year and you gave her a rework. That's something you cannot be bothered to give to Karma though, right? Why bother giving you praise and commenting on your work, when it continues to be one sided towards the same champions every single year? You guys are extremely bias in your choices and work ethic. Sorry but I can care less about another art asset being worked on for Lux or any other popular champion, when you have almost 120+ older champions in the game that are being ignored on a daily basis. Who cares.
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: abused in every lane in pro play. don't blame riot, blame pro play for abusing a champion to that extent
That's not their fault. It's Riot's fault for not creating Mantra and a gameplay identity that is streamlined. Proplayers and the LoL are meant to break the meta and rules with champion. Riot defines those rules and identities.
Terozu (NA)
: What work?
wolf jade (EUNE)
: "and are more interesting" TO YOU did you think not EVERYBODY like what you like ? i know insane concept
So your answer is you think she does offer something unique and interesting to the game? SUPPORT Win Rate = 47.77% MID Win Rate = 45.49% Says otherwise kid.
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: As far as Karma support goes, she suffers from the same malaise that all enchanters suffer; hook champs are over the top, and enchanters, who are supposed to be able to answer them; aren't very good at doing it. I personally would like to see Karma's Inspire (R buffed E) work similar to Blackshield rather than what it currently does. This way braindead {{champion:555}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:53}} players will actually have to learn a lane rather than banning their ONE hard counter in the support role in {{champion:25}}.
I think removing the AOE shield and giving her a new single target shield mechanic, is probably the right way to go. Riot won't do that though. Meddler particularly likes the AOE shielding Karma provides, even if it is on two item actives, and he is unlikely to waiver on it.
: Revert Karma Nerfs
I don't think a complete nerf is the exact answer. I think it's high time for Riot to do their job and address Karma's long standing issues: - No cohesive gameplay or gameplay identity. - incomplete model, art and art assets. - Elements that made Karma unique and interesting were removed for generic pieces of work that dulls her down.
Sukishoo (NA)
: They aren't going to do much with her yet unfortunately. Up next is her new Dawnbringer skin afterall, so kit work or visuals they'd have to re-work into that skin as well as all the existing ones. Poor Karma :(
Yeah. They weren’t going to do anything to begin with. Riot Developers know but they don’t care. Meanwhile Lux is getting more work done on her. Shocker!
: > I blame Meddler and Reav3s. I’ve talked with both of them over the years and they know what needs to be done. These two just don’t care. We can now add Riot Scruffy to the long list of Developers who can make positive changes on Karma but would rather prioritize work on everything but her and so many other champions Developers ruined. TBF karma players (myself included) can't even agree on what role she should fill be it top, mid or support never mind on what her new abilities should be. Personally i think she should be a primarily a support with her passive and ultimate being much the same. E should have the shield bomb back, whether it is damage or an ivern E like slow is debatable. Q should imo be reverted to her previous heavenly wave and W have some interaction with allies as well as enemies, damage reduction or some sort of thing like {{item:3109}} where a % of damage done is dealt to karma.
It’s not our fault at all. When the Developers refused to touch her for the past 7 years, new items/runes and the meta create different playstyles. These playstyles don’t make her better they just make her annoying to play against and highlight her problems.
: We need RW to heal allies. If they really wanted to increase "contextual decision making", that would have been the small update to do it.
The entire Mantra W deserves to be reworked. Almost all of her kit needs major adjustments.
: VGU the champion yo, you cannot tell me with all the too clever for gaming game designers rito got on hand that it can't be done. actually no, don't VGU it, just GU it, no need to commit major art assets aside from whatever new animations she requires. do anything with the champion pls, it's unbearable to lane against when it's FOM and everyone is tired of the karma rework threads. make her intentionally able to flex everything if need be.
They have all the talent and resources to make it happen. They are thinking like a business though and will not do anything on Karma, because there is nothing to gain on their end. They even said Ezreal and Morgan took a lot of money to do and they didn’t get anything really out of it.
: There are so many things that are off with what they've done to her. They complain about how this % and that % wants changes and doesn't want the changes, but they fail to address the actual issues by giving us random numbers. I don't understand why out of nowhere they care about what the community thinks of the old versions when they keep changing and reworking champions that no one even asked for. Karma can't even battle against the newer, overtuned champions with her one dimensional kit that can't even fit properly into any lane stereotype. I honestly think they don't really care about it and are postponing it as much as possible because they can't come up with something. It's not like they ever really cared to please the community so why are they trying to avoid changing her when we're literally asking them to. Sorry if I'm sounding rude, I just really loved Karma and I got to plat with her. I've had so many moments with Karma that still make me happy. She really helped me learn so much about the game and then pro scene hit which ruined her. I don't like what she's become. She's a weird tank support mage, like what? Karma can fit well as a mage and a support like how Senna is an ADC with healing and shielding capabilities. She has potential because she is powerful and it would be nice to depict even a tiny fraction of her lore power into the game so she can withstand against the monstrosities we deal with these days.
They are just too afraid and lazy to do the work anymore. Why work on a single bit of Karma’s problems when they can give Lux, Ryze and a new champion their annual reworks? They just don’t care at all.
exzalia (NA)
: Thankyou for acknowledging Karma I look forward to seeing what you do with her. Now i shall be patient and wait :)
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 15
Your problem here is your lack of care and refusal to do anything on Karma for 6 years. It’s coming up to 7 years now and you’re still making excuses and not doing anything Meddler. I talked with you years ago about Karma and you shifted the conversation about Karma to Ryze and a Ezreal mini-VGU. You had close to 7 years to do the bare minimum on Karma and you did nothing but Make excuses. Now you are going to use time as an excuse to do nothing on Karma ever. She has no gameplay identity, her art is a mess and incomplete and she’s one of the most boring champions in the game. This is your fault and a reflection of your work ethic. Rectify the mistakes. At the end of the day you are going to annoy one group of the Karma mains and you are just going to have to bite the bullet on it and fix her problems. The main issue she has are her art, lack of game play identity, and no originality. Fix the problems and stop making excuses. I’ve heard everything at this point. It’s ridiculous how you can double down and address issues on the same champions every year, but ignore the ones you didn’t improve as a champion or make more fun to play. Now you are prioritizing work on new champions constantly and the same champions you work on year after year. Do your job.
: Where did you get those stats from? I have seen many sites claiming Top Karma to have a winrate easily above 50%, so I was curious which one you took.
: A big list of the communities problems (A discussion and chance for Riot to explain thing to us)
As someone who has been playing the game since season 2, you hit it spot on. Riot doesn't seem to care anymore or even want to address the problems. What they do want to do is continue creating new champions with overloaded kits and the same gameplay styles we already have on older champions, and say that is a amazing champion. Shocker, Riot creating a narrative for themselves that they are amazing and dedicated Developers. If Riot cared at all about their community, champions, and games . . . . no one would have this many client issues, complain about various things in the game being too powerful, Riot flat out lying and telling the community they don't buff champions based off of skin sales, and valuing new champions at a hire regard than mordernizing the art of older ones or fixing their work results on champions they messed up on. Shocker! Riot really cares in the past 10 years.
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: I have accepted I'm never going to make it to gold no matter what I do because I just can't carry
I got to Gold on two accounts and I partly blame Riot's matchmaking system and punishment system. The community makes the ranked system and scene 100% worse than it should be. There are players who don't know how to play the game and still learning, getting their butts beat by smurfs and other players that are better. There are players purposely inting and feeding to get a rise out of others. There are players who feed and refuse to take criticism or get their way in games . . . . so they int and feed. The matchmaking system and punishment system aren't doing their jobs and Riot is at fault.
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: Karma - Forever a Divided Community?
They will not touch her and would have by now if they cared. Their fear is the same excuses these Developers have used for the past 6 years. Every year there is another excuse as to why Karma's problems are not being addressed and Ryze is getting another rework or VGU. These Developers don't care. The Developers created the problems with Karma by not listening to the community and they further it by not listening to the community. When a champion with this amount of glaring problems is ignored year after year, different sub groups of her generalist and all over the place kit surface. There failure to address her issues is the reason why she has issues.
: > [{quoted}](name=Deathfall,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OEngcOLb,comment-id=002b000100000000,timestamp=2019-10-29T19:43:40.146+0000) > > And the vast majority of people disagree. After seeing how the splasharts don't match anything in her in game model and the fact that the cinematics she is tied to don't match her in game model, says otherwise . . . Mod. You can have a opinion but don't force it down my throat. I don't care what you think. I'm not a fan of Mods FYI who purposely come into Karma threads and alter likes and dislikes and don't actually do their jobs. Good bye. First of all you are being highly disrespectful. I have NOT altered any likes or dislikes so do not jump to conclusions. Its rude. Secondly my opinion is just as valid as yours. And many people also like current Karma as stated in the OP post. BTW I have a name. And I have not forced my opinion down your throat or anyone else's. I am merely stating my LOGICAL reasons why I believe what I do. Also her splash looks exactly like her model: same clothing same colors etc. Her appearance in the cinematic along with other champs' was said by several viewers to be inaccurate of what those champs look like including Irelia. But once again, merely quoting what some others have said. I just think that there are champions with much worse visuals who were never updated at all. And sure I am fine with the earlier VU champs being tweaked to be completed, but not at the expense of other things.
I can care less what your name is. I'm still not a fan and I think your opinion is as slated as your title on here.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Deathfall,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OEngcOLb,comment-id=002b0001,timestamp=2019-10-28T17:41:00.522+0000) > > She actually does need a VGU and Meddler even agreed. Unfortunately she shouldn't get a VGU or even a mini-VGU if it comes at the expense of another champion that desperately needs it. I have a problem when they decide to give a mini-VGU to a champion like Ezreal simply because he is popular and they decided to do it. Meddler in particular stated in a thread a few years ago with me that she does need a VGU but Ezreal needed one before her. So yeah, you are wrong. > > 6 years ago they removed everything that was interesting and iconic on Karma. We have a VU that is incomplete and doesn't match the current and past splashart, no shield casting animations, no running animation, the visuals do not convey anything about her gameplay identity or presence in the world of Runetarra. Add in the fact that her kit is all over the place and she has identitiy problems, she should've been addressed years ago. Riot chose to rework and give a VGU to Ryze every single years and prioritized a VGU on Ezreal simply because they think he deserved it more. You are factually wrong, Mod. There ARE champions who need a vgu more than Karma. She has a modernized appearance. I'd say she has a decent theme: energy mage. She can shield and blast foes with increasing strength. Maybe not as unique as newer champs for sure. But champs like Fiddle and Voli, and even Mundo need a vgu more. Mundo is completely outdated. Karma at least looks cool. I dont mine a gameplay update, but i think her visuals are fine.
And the vast majority of people disagree. After seeing how the splasharts don't match anything in her in game model and the fact that the cinematics she is tied to don't match her in game model, says otherwise . . . Mod. You can have a opinion but don't force it down my throat. I don't care what you think. I'm not a fan of Mods FYI who purposely come into Karma threads and alter likes and dislikes and don't actually do their jobs. Good bye.
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