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: Patch 9.9 notes
"Tahm Kench’s Devour does too much for a basic ability, and it makes him a huge priority pick for pros, regardless of the state of the rest of his kit." I honestly don't think I have ever seen kench devour an enemy in pro play, only allies... I loved to play an aggressive top/ jungle kench but with the nerfs to devour and his basic attacks I dont see him being anything other than a support. Why not just hard Nerf his Ally devour? I mean really, not like we see alot of top kench in pro play
: Riot recently made the best addition ARAM ever got just to remove it mere days later...
I play nothing but aram. Aram mmr is in top 1% and the changes have made me quit league. The game of aram is nothing like it used to be. Nothing but luck in games, who wins the team fight around 10 mins? They kill 2 paper towers. They want to die and buy! They die and the other team that lost both towers loss 4 and loss game. The damn towers are the single biggest problem, farts knock them down. Buffalo the towers so I don't just loss the game after my 18/1 ass gets killed so I can buy, just to see my team unable to to defend and loss the game
: This is pretty great (you know, except the taxes). I think the content systems could use a "try before you buy" though. You know, all skins/champs unlocked in Training mode?
YES this is needed so damn much. This splash art is not a goof representation at all
: The Problem with ARAM
My biggest problem right now is how weak the towers are. Lose the first big team fight loose two towers and inhibitor. Make a good comeback in next team fight get 4 of their members down and barely lose with them killing all 5 of your members, bye bye remaining towers and probably Nexus unless they wanna extend the painfully short game by not attacking.
: Patch 8.24 Notes
Any way to narrow down the ETA on Nexus Blitz? Like later today with Neeko, within a few days, early in this path, near the middle or end???? Im sure yall got some idea as to when it will be able to ready.
: Upcoming changes to League Partner chromas
Or give everyone the option to spend their mountains of BE?
: Preseason Dev Update Number 3!
I'm thankful for once again having choice of stats, although the current stats shards look so underwhelming and so incredibly basic that I'm a little dissapointed tbh. The old runes system before season 8 was basically why I fell I love with this game. They felt impactful and champion changing, opening up so many new avenues for every champ to form unique strategies and builds. I knowo everything is still kinda up in the air so I was wondering if there are any plans or ideas to buff and expand upon the new stat shard system? Thanks. O also gotta ask if we gonna get any new items/runes?
: It's interesting how you guys choose to say Uzi needs to be suspended without doing more research
Racist??? How long has this trolling of Chinese players been going on? Is it all Chinese people who play in Korea being targeted or is it at the players of the professional Chinese teams? If this was going on before the professional teams got here then i agree we can call it racist. But if its only at the team players then i dont see how its racist, unsportsmanlike for sure but not racist.
: Preseason Dev Update Number 3!
Love the changes so far :) laning phase is currently way to short imo. How deep will the new pickable stats be? My favorite part of old runes was pairing the unique runes with unique items for a given champion. Exp. all crit runes on Yas and build trinity + on hit items or scaling armor runes adc and get wits end to become a brusier adc XD. I guess what I'm asking is will the stats be limited to generic or will there be a wide range of unique runes. GOLD PER MIN FOR SUPPORTS!!!! Thanks for reading.
: A message to riot: please change Zac back
100% Agree, old Zac was best Zac. Zac was my go to champ, complete confidence for ranked before the rework. I felt like I could effect the map early and protect my jungle with a long since forgotten aspect, FEAR... Yes back then you could actually kill someone in a 1v1 or atleast do significant damage and consequently MAKE PLAYS! New Zac feels so bad with out his ability to make people afraid. Now its a singular playstyle with a binary checklist for success and being effective. 1.) Do not ever expect to kill a champion that is not under 10% health unless a teammate is relatively close by.. Oh and actually helps out. 2.) What made Zac unique, his amazing ability to reliably start fights off from down town and cause glorious unadulterated chaos.... NOPE CANT DO NO MORE, U A SUPPORT NOW = ( Thx to people B*tching about his E landing zone not being as easy to see as a fking lighthouse thats also on fire, unless that person is in some way under cc they gonna move away in time which disables any chance u can use your ult without heavy cc assistance. Ult is extremely telegraphed and so underwhelming for the wind up time Q just makes to people do kisses for a quick sec. Every other engage tank does his job better
: Is it safe to say now that the ADC rework was a complete and utter failure?
Nearly every single major change this season has been a failure if held up to the bar that Riot sets for themselves. Diversity, diversity, diversity, a recurring theme that is always a driving force for change. However, the changes they make have me scratching my head because they seem to me to have quite the opposite effect and in fact squander whatever current diversity exists. ADC changes started off well with stat changes on ADC's and brand new items (PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ADD MORE ITEMS) but then the rise of bruisers was poorly handled in regard to Diversity. The changes to crit and Stormrazor force nearly every ADC to build the same items with little deviations if they want to have presence in lane, unless ADC has on hit. I feel like they can fix this if they add more items or change crit again. Now that wasnt so bad to me compared to what the runes reforged did =( my opinion is that the new runes are less effective at promoting diversity then the old runes, simply because of the forced stat boosts a tree gives. The best part of the old system was for me the stat runes because they allowed me to build bold and unique paths without being punished by their shortcomings by obviously padding the weaknesses that prohibited me from building the items and runes in the first place. Now I find myself building the same items with the same runes nearly every game with little if any deviation. So maybe im the only one that feels this way but I feel like especially these Diversity changes have restricted my ability to adapt, create, and own my unique playstyle or even go "off meta" to the point that the game has become basically num, lacking critical thinking in regard to build options and viable champs. Runes... Runes and items plzzzzzz look into.{{item:3161}}
: Odyssey: Extraction
This looks extremely similar to the Starcraft 2 campaign gameplay regarding Upgraded abilities. Happy to see LOL apply this to its new game mode. I think it adds alot more unique playstyles and id really hope it does well so it can possibly be looked at to be applied to not only pve but pvp. The removal of runes left myself feeling like champions only really have one or two build paths with current runes and items. If this applies to PVP then champs would have so much more room to diversify the options they have in builds. EX you could focus on cdr tank yas as maybe a support with his w having priority and making you want to buy defensive cdr items to shield and protect your team. Hope lol takes this under consideration.

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