Mcmxcix (NA)
: Lulu's (W)himsy
Try checking your replay and looking at their stats when affected by your Whimsy, then come back and let me know what you found.
: Loading screen is black-Macbook
Ok hear me out Spam the Enter key
: What happens if I miss one day of the anniversary gifts?
Not to worry, if you don't complete today's it'll still be there tomorrow (or later) and when you do it the next available one will unlock.
: Legends of Runeterra Could not update
The servers are down, the first preview access is over and won't be back till November 14th.
Ulanopo (NA)
: 10 YEARS IN THE MAKING: My Trip to Riot
Glad y'all had fun, wish I could've been there o/
Kai Guy (NA)
: OTP's are weaker players then their peers
That's why I (almost) never play Nami outside of Ranked; I make it a point not to choose her so I can practice everything else. Also there are just a lot of other champs I really enjoy playing. That aside, my goal in playing Ranked is largely tied to me wanting to improve and progress with Nami specifically. If my goal was just "climb as high as possible" I'd have to play other things, that just isn't my goal.
JoshTGW (NA)
: Skill expression should be at the core of anything competitive, if its subtle then its not good. How you win consistently is having a consistent game-play experience. I'm not saying anyone should win all the time, but they win more so by their own will and control instead of what's given to them by a system of RNG that robs them of control they should have. The ability to better control what champions they want in their compositions or obtain what items they need instead of what's randomly given to them. This even makes the game easier to balance. Saying the game isn't luck when you mention that the game's core mechanics are built around RNG is a contradiction in itself, even what you said about winning or losing due to pure luck. As for those content creators you mentioned, they are expressing a small amount of skill and a decent sum of knowledge, but what you're seeing is them conforming to a system that dictates their actions and causes inconsistencies. Some of them have even gone ahead to using a third-party program that acts as a cheat sheet.
So you honestly believe that the top players actually get there consistently due to pure luck. Ok bye.
: TFT River Spirite error
You misunderstand how to get more Little Legends. When you get an egg, whether it's as a mission or pass reward or you bought it, the egg will go into your Hextech Loot. Go there (chest icon on top of the client next to the store) and you can open your eggs. Once you get more Little Legends, you select which one to use in the lobby before you queue up.
: TFT Beta Pass V.3 Coming Soon!
I feel personally attacked by thet RFC Braum comment. I made it and I did fine (that one time)!
uNm Longy (EUNE)
: Help me get Riot's attention
Try reaching out to Riot Ve1vet
: Bug that affects tft player to an advantage
It's not a bug and it is intentional. You can fill your board before the carousel to get an extra unit on the field temporarily, but that's not always effective as more power. I use this frequently in the second carousel, but more often than not I get more benefit by selling the unit or combining it, or selling some of my units beforehand to make econ. It's really up to you, sometimes it's useful sometimes it isn't.
Porglit (NA)
: For those of us who got the double spatula icon a couple weeks ago...
Yes, you gain nothing from additional points after the final reward (the Double Spat icon). Once 9.20 drops next week the Beta Pass 2 ends and those rewards will no longer be available (Riot did suggest they wanted to make the arena skins available later though), but I don't know when Beta Pass 3 starts.
Jikker (NA)
: It might be too much RP. Usually pictures, that I've seen in the past at least, only award maybe 10-20 RP when you're the tiniest bit short. Still odd that a Rioter said they would; I would contact the original Rioter if possible.
> [{quoted}](name=Jikker,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=T8QRLxdZ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-10-01T20:49:33.607+0000) > > It might be too much RP. Usually pictures, that I've seen in the past at least, only award maybe 10-20 RP when you're the tiniest bit short. Still odd that a Rioter said they would; I would contact the original Rioter if possible. ^ What she said. Were you (OP) told the first time specifically that 135 RP could be granted? In my experience, that is way above average for them to grant, but if one of them said they'd do that amount that's something else.
JoshTGW (NA)
: I've gotten 2nd place in a ranked game of Team Fight Tactics and got demoted heavily because of it. That's not balanced or even fair. If RNG remains in the game, players won't like to play it too much. A game where there's consistency by your own knowledge and understanding, and even skill, makes a game much more desirable, fun and if you lose, then yes it is your fault then. In Team Fight Tactics, you losing with random odds means that RNG played a major role in it which is inconsistent. The RNG of the game is impossible to balance and should be ostracized from the game's core functions.
> A game where there's consistency by your own knowledge and understanding, and even skill It's subtle at times, but there is *a lot* of skill expression, knowledge, and understanding to be had. That is how you win consistently, it isn't luck. You definitely will win or lose sometimes due to pure luck, but knowledge of the percentages (like % chance to find a champion you want in your store) and the ability to manipulate these %'s and make calculated decisions (skill) is how you win more often than not. There are some basics anyone can learn which will help them win more, it's not a roll of the die. Also, the core of the game is RNG. It's never going to change. I recommend watching some high elo players and watching/reading educational guides, but if you just don't like the RNG aspect then this simply isn't and never will be a fun game for you.
: I was banned for feeding
I usually give advice and direction, but you can't buy *only* Mobi boots and use Ghost to get 0/18/0 with 2 CS and expect to get away with intentionally feeding. Sorry, just play the game as intended and don't try to ruin the game for others.
: Improper banning bot
> Why are people who use racial slurs and start the arguments never the ones to get banned from what i have seen now i have had 2 friend permmed banned for trying to help out others with their builds Using racial slurs is about the easiest way to get banned from the game. Your friends could not possibly get banned for "being helpful", there's definitely a lot more to it than what they told you or what you're letting on. Errors can happen though, and if a player feels they were banned by accident they can submit a [Support Ticket]( and speak to Player Support about appealing it, or getting some reasoning for the ban. > Why are we having a bot decide Actioning on chat behavior is fairly easy. The Instant Feedback System (IFS) is pretty good at determining severity and frequency of chat offenses that are reported in order to issue a penalty. As mentioned before, if it looks like there was an error, the player can request a manual review of the situation, but the system has a pretty low rate of error (even lower than manual reviews from the Tribunal). It's gameplay behavior that's hard to detect and determine the intent. > Why does the bot not seem to count duos/ parties as a single report Fortunately, since the Tribunal went away, the IFS actually doesn't care about multiple reports *at all*, [according the the Rioter that writes the system.]( TLDR; the IFS will review the report at any time there is any report made, and multiple reports in the match do not somehow stack or increase the likelihood of a punishment.
: Can you get skin variants in Your Shop?
Yes, those are completely separate skins actually. If you already own one version, then the other is just discounted for you. I do not know if the Your Shop discount is based off the base price or your discounted price (for owning the other version) though.
: Either the Name Filter is Bugged or Riot is Enabling Racism
The filter is extremely loose, people need to report the names.
: ***
: Possible TFT Leak through in-game glitch?
That's happened since TFT first came out, I don't know why. Haven't seen it in a while but it's not likely an indicator of anything other than that the visual bug isn't fixed.
: Riot Fix Your Shit RNG stop adding stuff (Don't read; pls just answer the poll to attract attention)
> I fail late game because the same guy took every single spatula from carousel Then feed if you want early carousel pick priority. It's a strategy, you chose for early wins to maximize gold and minimize health loss. It's a tradeoff and both have their strengths and weaknesses. > and his skill level honestly was terrible Your strat lost though. > What's the point in calling it a strategy when it's just luck? Like mentioned above, there are strategies. The thing about this game is that they are kind of subtle sometimes, and there are different strategies; some which have high risk and high reward like inting at the start to help you get your items, or low risk low reward strats such as simply trying to win your early matches and preserve HP. Yes, there is luck to the game. Obviously, every game is different because of RNG. However, there absolutely is skill expression by way of mitigating the RNG factors against you and making calculated decisions on when to level, roll, save up, or yes, int. I get that it's frustrating when the luck doesn't seem to go your way and someone else has a lot of good luck, and some games *will* really be decided by a few lucky occurrences. However, try to keep in mind that you aren't playing for 1st place every game, your real goal is to place top 4 in most of your games to climb. If luck goes against you, just do your best to get as high place as possible, keep learning and move to the next game. I recommend watching high elo streamers like Scarra and dogdog.
: > [{quoted}](name=Deep Terror Nami,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=Hpdqg8TQ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-17T18:59:27.130+0000) > > There are many champions who won't always use their ult in an optimum fashion, but when they do they tend to be stronger than those which don't really have any variation in effectiveness. Braum is *extremely* strong. Don't let the bad shields fool you. Oh it'll fool me alright. He's been in all of my comps today and guess out of over 60-70 shields he has accurately placed it how it should be.... i counted 5 times. that's not op. that's buggy as hell
It's not buggy he points it at the further target, the furthest target just isn't always the best (but it often is).
: Braum is one of the most useless champs in TFT
There are many champions who won't always use their ult in an optimum fashion, but when they do they tend to be stronger than those which don't really have any variation in effectiveness. Braum is *extremely* strong. Don't let the bad shields fool you.
: Join Us Oct. 15th to Celebrate 10 Years of League
hey guys someone hacked in and substituted your new logo for a third party knockoff
: Some questions/concerns about honor rewards and honor level.
You may be getting Honor slowly for being toxic in your games, even if it hasn't been enough to get punished. This is of course not something I can verify nor am I making accusations, but it's a possibility. You could reach out to Player Support in a [Support Ticket]( but I'm not sure how much information they can tell you, but it's possible they could let you know if your Honor gain is slow for this reason.
: Some questions/concerns about honor rewards and honor level.
Honor is gained mostly just by playing on a regular basis, as well as getting your monthly allotment of key fragments. However, if you're exhibiting frequent negative behavior you might slow that down; getting punished (chat restriction/ban) will lock you out of rewards and slow down the rate you gain them afterwards until you've improved your account status. Getting honored by your teammates doesn't really contribute a ton to your Honor level, the key is frequent and positive play.
: it's been how fuckin long and the boards still don't have a "scam/phishing" report option?
The report type doesn't matter, it goes into the report queue to be seen regardless of what you report it as and they will review it to see what's wrong. If the report doesn't accurately match what's really wrong with the post, they will probably figure it out pretty easily and act accordingly. That said, if you think something is time sensitive or needs additional context for the mods to understand what the report is for, you can reach them directly at the Discord linked here;
v6dph018N6 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Deep Terror Nami,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=E0ksIn4A,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-04-21T17:03:23.047+0000) > > If you're unable to log into the support site to submit a [Support Ticket](, try logging out of the Boards first before you go there. I cant see any of "My Tickets" etc, i think they disabled it for me.. Its so stupid
> [{quoted}](name=v6dph018N6,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=E0ksIn4A,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-09-16T13:54:10.454+0000) > > I cant see any of "My Tickets" etc, i think they disabled it for me.. Its so stupid What do you see when you're logged in? (keep in mind you must log into the support site, you won't be logged in from the Boards)
: We Need Voice Chat on the Rift
You know how a lot of people just can't seem to help themselves and will engage in a toxic argument in chat instead of just muting and playing the game? Ya, it's way worse in voice chat.
: I unlocked a chest... AND GOT ANOTHER CHEST FROM INSIDE!
Legend says that you can get anything inside a Hextech Chest, even a boat.
: @ the healing supports who only heal themselves
Ignite significantly reduces your healing received, so oftentimes not healing the person is a calculated decision to use the ability on someone else to be more effective, or waiting til it's worn off to heal you. I can't tell you how many times I've had an ally have no idea how the game works and expect me to do something I'm not capable of, or think their self-importance trumps my ability to play my own champion.
: The problem with this post is it assumes the team coding the game/client has the ability to do this.
I mean, that applies to literally any change to the game. It's not really assuming something unreasonable, this would obviously take some amount of time and resources to implement.
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moredorn (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Deep Terror Nami,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=Eu67MYjo,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-09T20:09:22.989+0000) > > It's possible that other champions may have this specific type of CC in the future, while Lulu's Whimsy currently can only be cast on champions. i can see that but can't riot remove it form the tool tip for now or better yet add it so lulu w can work on scuttler and most meta support can cc this camp to remove the mr/armor buff so having lulu do this will make her better in some games few yes
I don't personally see any reason why Lulu needs to be able to poly the Scuttler (or other monsters), she has one of the most versatile kits in the game already and I just don't think there will ever be a good argument to add anything to it. I think the better course of action is your suggestion to remove it from the tooltip, but ultimately that is an arbitrary change; if they add another polymorph ability to the game which *can* be used on the Scuttler, they'd just have to add it back into the tooltip.
moredorn (NA)
: Polymorphs does not work on scuttler yet tool tips has it listed
It's possible that other champions may have this specific type of CC in the future, while Lulu's Whimsy currently can only be cast on champions.
Islyene (NA)
: TFT is not a Strategy Game?
You're right, it isn't **strategy**; it's actually a **tactical** game. This isn't a joke or pun about the name, there is a difference between strategy and tactics, and the game is thus aptly named. Strategy is long term, a plan laid out. Tactics are done on a more immediate level, devised and executed according to the situation at hand. In TFT, you don't start with a specific build in mind, because you may not get what you need for that particular strat and trying to force it can cause you to lose very hard more often than succeed. A *huge* beginner's mistake when jumping into TFT is thinking that you just shoot for 1st place, and if you can't get that you lost, and you either suck or just got screwed by RNG (or alternatively, those who get first were just lucky). Due to the significant amount of RNG in the game, you aren't just relying on luck to hit 1st, you are trying to get in the top 4 spots more often than not over many games (or whatever place nets you +LP). You're definitely subject to good and bad luck, but you're able to mitigate the RNG, so that's what you're trying to do the entire game. You maximize your chances to get what you need through tactics such as buying up all Cost X champs before rerolling if you're looking for a specific Cost X, and deciding when leveling up is better for immediate power on the field or is more efficient for rolling for higher cost champs. There are a lot of subtle things about the game to improve your odds of winning despite the RNG, you just have to do some research and learn from skilled players, and practice yourself.
Spotty (NA)
: there is nothing more cringe
You're giving WoW Classic a lot of attention for not liking it.
: When I select a card and press e sometimes it sells a different card
By "select" do you mean hover, or click? Because it sells what you're hovering, not the last unit you clicked/picked up. Just checking to make sure.
Cloud273 (NA)
: Can someone recommend a safe place to download League of Legends?
You can get it by hovering your profile on the top right of this site and selecting "Game Download" in the dropdown, or you can use the Hextech Repair Tool here;
: Star Guardian Little Legends are coming
JungleEBK (EUNE)
: ok so i can t tell the enemy team to report a toxic guy ?
Well, you *shouldn't*, but it's pretty low on the scale of negative behavior. Multiple reports don't do anything more than a single report does, and asking ppl to report will just incite negative reactions in return so it's best to just not do and keep people focused on playing the game.
Flo 05 XD (EUNE)
: can you update this notes. i can't find the file RADS anymore.
The RADS folder is still there, in the top level of the League folder (you don't have to dig deeper to see it). I've also been shown an alternate way to play someone else's replay (or play one that's no longer in your match history but you already downloaded the replay); 1. Obtain the replay file you want: Still must be from the current patch. 2. From your Match History, download any replay. 3. Go into your replay folder (you can find/change this in your client settings). 4. Copy the name of the replay you just downloaded, and delete that replay. 5. Place the replay you want to watch in the folder, and change its name to the one you copied and deleted. 6. Press Watch Replay in your Match History on the one you downloaded but deleted. 7. Enjoy! The client will play the one you snuck in there with the name it's looking for!
: Discord MODs
I do want to note that I haven't moderated the Boards in a while, the Boards Discord and the League of Legends (NA) Discord are separate, despite some slight overlap in staff.
Trap Kid (NA)
: Is it possible to use VPN to transfer from NA to Garena Servers?
Nope sorry, transfers are strictly between certain servers and a VPN won't affect it. Riot doesn't even run the Garena servers, which is why we can't normally transfer to it. You can find a list of all possible transfer options here;
lolmichal (EUW)
: Can i play my promos on seperate days
Promotion series up to Gold I don’t expire, but the rest do. You'll have 28 days if you're promoting into Plat 1-4 or Diamond 1-4, but only 5 days if you're promoting into Diamond from Plat 1 or Masters from Diamond 1. Dodging a promo series counts as a loss. In other words, yes you can complete your Promos over multiple days.
tires (NA)
: Is there a place to talk tft outside of boards?
There is the official LoL NA Discord (it accommodates TFT as well) and some community servers;
: Can we stop denying that this game is mostly luck based?
> Why do I have to wait 22 fucking minutes to finally get my two star Kassadin to complete the Void , and 24 mins for my two star Pyke to complete assasins The answer to that is "you don't". You aren't supposed to force a comp you can't find like that. The skill part of the game is pivoting to what you *do* find, and making it work for you. Yes, it's a game based on mostly random factors. However, your goal is to mitigate those factors and utilize what is presented to you in the most effective way you can. Yes, sometimes you will be absolutely screwed by the RNG while someone else is handed 1st place on a silver platter. However, top 4 spots (unless your MMR is too low for you rank) are all wins, and you are aiming for getting there more often than not, as opposed to aiming to get 1st or 2nd every game. Also, I'd say that rank 3 units are overrated, but most players realize they are usually not worth the gold investment.
: make it so you can remove items you accidentally placed on a champ in tft
It's a misplay like there is in pretty much any game, you just have to be mindful and don't be careless when placing them. You can move large champions behind them out of the way first if that's the problem. This feature wouldn't be used to correct mistakes, it would be used to maximize power on current units and just relocate the item(s) to the better champ once there's room.
: they should make a wood and cardboard rank too. The amount of bronze players before iron was made is a large portion of the player base. We need to spread those players out even further
Players are matched according to MMR, not their current Rank. Adding tiers does very literally nothing to affect who you are matched with.
: Is it possible to give a gift to a permabanned account?
No, you can't give gifts to an account that is currently banned.
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