Urgash (EUW)
: Well don't worry you're not losing anything. I'm logged in, watching everyone of today's matches, and the mission is not completing either anyway.
of freakin course. guess i dont need that box
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: {{sticker:sg-lulu}} zoe is so annoying she broke the client
thats a weird way to spell 'the most fun champ ive ever played'
Rháást (NA)
: Passive: The original idea is that of a living wall, and I did mention the body-blocking issue for not only itself, but its allies and all minions. The health passive might be too similar to Sion, so perhaps instead of health gain, it can just gain segments based on CS and kills/assists, or it could be exclusive to the segment's health Q- The idea of leaving segments behind as you mentioned seems like it could be a bit overloaded, especially if the champ accumulates a large sum of segments, perhaps giving too much vision control or control in general anywhere and everywhere instead of just along its path of travel. W- While the divided use seems fine, the unified use of sending all segments to a target location could be a bit too strong, especially alongside E, and followed by R. It'd make closing in on a target much too easy when it should be both challenging and rewarding to catch an enemy champ in your grasp. E- This seems like a decent skill for the champion concept I initially had, and a good way to select your target and catch up if it were to slow, although the DOT might be just a little out of place. R- This skill is definitely overloaded. Two passives and two actives is a bit much, especially with all the other skills in this particular kit having 2 effects. The idea of the W casting from every segment doesn't make much sense, though having E cast from each segment might make coiling a target a bit too strong, as it'd become near impossible to avoid all of them. The regen passive seems like a good idea, , but I think both the segment DOT and the speed boost shouldn't be on the same ability.
better to start out overloaded and trim away the fat, as it were. the body segments thing- i was thinking thered be a max number of segments, limited by your max hp. can only have a segment with 800-1000 hp each, so stacking max hp would be incentivised (i mean, it is a tank).
: What about Varus and Sion.They clearly are not ap champions expect if you are trolling.
have you played either of them ap? theyre uh...theyre pretty op.
: I think he clearly ask for ap champions.
only one not ap is zed. but then, i was being cheeky.
Rháást (NA)
: Very rough zone-control tank concept
segments would most likely end up body-blocking itself (think of trying to turn back on yourself only to be minion-blocked by your own body). this could be solved by having it have fizz's passive. honestly, i could see this as being a deep-sea worm type thing, that is wholly underground, but each segment can be placed (think zzrot) in a location within range, and can select which segment to use as the source of skills. the ult could be using all segments as skill sources. though this idea does kinda remove the dash. dunno, interesting idea, just spitballing. ----------------------------------------- my rough outline: passive: fizz's + killing a minion/monster grants +2 max hp permanently, +3 for champion kills, +1 for assists q- divide/unify - divide- places a body segment in area around main body, all skills are cast from main body segment (+1 segment for each rank). - unify- returns body to worm form, only available when all body segments have been placed w- segmented assault - divided- all segments burrow and return to main body, applying slow/knockup - unified- all segments burrow and erupt at target location, applying a slow (or knockup) to all enemy/neutral units they hit e- icorr - divided- fires a skillshot that applies a debuff/slow from each active body segment. - unified- fires skillshot that applies debuff above, but instead of slow, applies DoT. r- [i dont have a name]: toggle - passive: skill ranges are increased 50/75/100 units + 50 units for each rank in q - passive (while divided)- w/e are replicated from each segment (only available while toggled off) - passive (while unified)- hp regen (only available while toggled off) - on (divided)- each segment does DoT (possibly %max hp) and slows, drains mana - on (unified)- gain increasing speed, up to a cap. drains mana but...thats my take on your idea.
: but will it vore?
ofc it will, like Kench. prolly have sh!tting d!ck nipples too.
Starilae (NA)
: Bro these poppy buffs are barely buffs, and they are kind of an insult. 5 ms and a very small amount of armor and mr on her w. like 4-5 armor and mr...... I want Poppy to be an assassin again, not a fucking peel tank.
: Why do you call a Garen who considers Viktor the villain?
: Looking for APC/Mage champion suggestion
try varus. hes an ADC caster that was originally designed to be mid. dies hard to assassins tho (but so does everyone else) and is rather imobile (but so is ashe). if you want to pick up a mage, i suggest annie. if you want an assassin, try zed. if you want to piss people off, try sion.
: looking for a group of 4 to make a ranked bronze team
yeah, but what positions are you looking to fill? are you wanting players with dedicated roles (ie i can do everything, but prefer top/mid)? do you have a discord/skype? are you wanting to play for funsies (off meta picks ok [such as dual jungle that splits down mid, with three solo lanes]) or 4srs (strictly on-meta [NA {1 top, 1 mid, 2 bot} or korean style {1 top, 1 mid, 2 bot, jungle with lane swap top/bot}])? have you thought of these things?
: Did we really need to lose 20% range on E AND passive? Guess we just have to get distortion so we can reliably engage with flash-E...
*coughs* {{item:3094}}
: Well, a joke has to actually contain something funny before it's considered a joke.
you have a hard time figuring out what sarcasm is, dont you? to play devils advocate, sarcasm doesnt come across well via text. > If anything, that makes it easier to play AGAINST Sion. but yes, that was the whole point of my comment. EVERYTHING has a visual cue, it fixes the problem by making it non existent, but in a bad way. having to explain it kills it. thank you for making me murder my own joke.
: Champion Update: Taric, the Shield of Valoran
calling it now... {{champion:44}} // {{champion:429}} will be terrorizing bot. oh, you banned kalista? {{champion:44}}//{{champion:201}} bromance is a go.
: If anything, that makes it easier to play AGAINST Sion.
: Meh, his ult has a global sound. I dont like him because of that.
thats why you pay attention to lanes OTHER than the one youre ulting in. it has global presence, like kindred passive. just because they hear you doesnt mean they *know where youre at* ive spooked so many junglers coming in for ganks in other lanes while running from baron pit to top.
: Hm... Well, only his ultimate is a truly difficult ability to LAND, but the rest of his abilities are all tricky to use properly due to how telegraphed everything but his E is, especially if you're against somebody who knows what they're doing. It's kinda like Illaoi, but instead of fuckloads of damage, you just dish out heavy CC.
> the rest of his abilities are all tricky to use properly due to how telegraphed everything but his E is, especially if you're against somebody who knows what they're doing new skin fixes that. EVERYTHING has a visual cue.
: Back then he didn't even have to lane against his bad matchups, he could just hang back and shout them out of lane.
he can still do that. just take meditation keystone.
Zacster (NA)
: Her Hips
: > [{quoted}](name=AnAggravatedPimp,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=jbOcjjNw,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2016-03-23T03:44:19.816+0000) > > Brofresco exists. Well I did say **one of the worst** for a reason He's just as annoying as Sky, but more in a "LOL I'M FUNNY, LOOK AT ME DO FUNNY THINGS BECAUSE THIS IS FUNNY! XD" annoying
> [{quoted}](name=2nd Chance,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=jbOcjjNw,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2016-03-23T03:57:39.344+0000) > > Well I did say **one of the worst** for a reason > > He's just as annoying as Sky, but more in a "LOL I'M FUNNY, LOOK AT ME DO FUNNY THINGS BECAUSE THIS IS FUNNY! XD" annoying i dunno man, i like Fresco. i mean, hes no Candymonkey or Boomsocks, but....ehhh....Fresco isnt all bad. at least he has decent skin spotlights? *shrug*
: why do your ellipses have ellipses
: > [{quoted}](name=NaughtButSocks,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=6AdWWjpd,comment-id=003b0000,timestamp=2016-02-18T20:12:37.175+0000) > > to be fair illoai's name is super easy to pronounce, ill-ah-wee not so hard mate XD > > though Ao Shin is a better name i guess.... i like it better anyways i thought i was ill-oy when i saw at 1st lol
i went hawaiian, and thought it was ee-ow-ee
: I love a good hiSTORY lesson. And that time period is totally my jam.
> RoboLions > ArueLion > Lion designer confirmed. kappa?
Urianger (NA)
: Okay but even if he's not 1:1 with the original design anymore, he really SHOULD be named Ao Shin still just because of all of the hype. That's two years of hype. There's no ignoring how much of an impact that name alone has made on the League community. Like, if the joke must die, at least give the people what they've been begging for. I mean, you bring back URF every year, right?
> [{quoted}](name=bag of salad,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=6AdWWjpd,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-02-18T19:04:31.941+0000) > > Okay but even if he's not 1:1 with the original design anymore, he really SHOULD be named Ao Shin still just because of all of the hype. That's two years of hype. There's no ignoring how much of an impact that name alone has made on the League community. > > Like, if the joke must die, at least give the people what they've been begging for. I mean, you bring back URF every year, right? im still going to call him Ao Shin. his initials are AS, after all
: Evolution of a Dragon Champion
Dear Riot, thank you for keeping the name similar. you know full well that no matter what you name this champ, people will call him Ao Shin.
: Sol means sun. He could have something to do with Mt Targon
thats an interesting take on it, and makes sense. so would that mean Leona's religion is actually dragon worship? if that were true, there would also be a dragon for Dianna. there ya go, Rito, i just did some worldbuilding for you. #hireme #iwantotmakeyourlorebetter
Almighty (NA)
: There is also the possibility it is a name which is reflective of Sol Invictus (The Unconquered Sun), which was a cult which was prominent in the Eastern Roman Empire and Persian/Sassanid Empires and was officially adopted as a Cult by Aurelian. (Most noteworthy thing about it is that it was the religious bridge between traditional Pagan polytheistic views in Roman society to monotheistic.) Pfft.. Who am I kidding... I am the only one who actually cares about this crap..
no, youre not. ive long wondered if Riot and TenCent use a real-world basis for their world-building. now im fairly sure they do. sad, really, theres some great things you can do if you dont limit yourself to factual inspiration.
: Champion Insights: Jhin
> Stakeholders were instantly onboard nice to see youre not ashamed to admit youre pandering to the company that bought you, instead of making a champ for the community.
: Two swords, uses only one now O.o
he has three blades: the two on his back and his spirit blade.
: I may have misread, but the wording seemed to indicate it only triggered if an ally stepped on it. Or maybe that counts him as well?
shen can cast it, but if no one is in range, it holds its activation until someone gets in range. also, with the high cooldown, this is more of a ult in/dodge zone to save people kind of synergy. he still works in top.
: Truly truly truly truly truly truly truly OUTRAGEOUS! Where's my champion update? WHERE IS MY FABULOUSLY TRULY OUTRAGEOUS UPDATE! {{champion:44}}
taric is next, mang. be patient.
: To clarify Spirit Blade idle behavior: * Spawns next to you at game start and respawn * Despawns on death * Snaps to your position when using any global teleport (Shen ult, recall, Tahm ult, etc.) * Snaps towards you (but still pretty far away) if you move very far from it (talking off-screen distances here--keeps Q cast times manageable without affecting on-screen play) * Q turns it into a homing missile towards you, and it lands on the ground when it reaches you
now heres the real question: does his blade grant vision of any kind around it?
Alzon (NA)
: Ladies and Gentleman, I give you... the new... King of Kiting! (TM) Also, add Teemo to the synergy list. Because snares on shrooms.
trap team: jhin teemo shaco nid maokai optional: cait
Evoke22 (NA)
splash is in a mirror, bruh. hence the cracked image.
krotoxx (NA)
: I love all these people who dont realize that this isnt a riot champ. This champion concept was made years ago by someone in the community. Riot just tweaked the champ a bit but overall this is a community champ.
links? im interested to see the original community idea.
: Why is he wearing a bib? Ridiculous look he has.
: graves passive X2, miss fortune QX4 jinx E with some cookies, jinx and Caitlyn traps had a baby. also...struggles against yasuo? lol well no sh!t.
: "Jhin’s crits deal less damage than normal, and his attack speed doesn’t actually scale with attack speed. Instead, Jhin gains attack damage from any attack speed and crit chance he earns through itemization and runes, while crits give him a burst of movement based on his attack speed." I'm confused..
basically... he gets attack dmg from bonus AS and Crit his crits give move speed based on his attack speed. to sum up: use attack speed and crit runes, build shiv/firecanon, phantom dancer, hurricane, ie, and essence reaver, top off with cdr boots or attack speed boots. alternatively, bork, hurricane, wits end, bloodthirster, black cleaver.
: Champion Reveal: Jhin, the Virtuoso
am i the only one who wants to put him in the jungle? kinda hard to counter-gank when im half way across the map sniping your face
: Total Recall, or: That Time We Disabled Ranked
i was wondering why everyone i knew and was playing with around that time was spamming Soon™
: I imagine Bard sounds with subtitles.
{{champion:432}} [chimewarbling intensifies]
Candurill (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Primoc Tenebrous,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=rQAtJk8I,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2015-08-26T21:25:35.354+0000) > > i see someone plays Changeling. > > i would change the faerie ring visuals from flowers to sporadic mushrooms/toadstools linked with a ring of dark grass. > > other than that, i likey. Haha XP no i can't say ive seen "Changeling"...IS that a series or a film or something? :P And yea i did have the origional idea of making it fungi (since that what causes the rings) but i didn't think fungi would fit in with her theme (i went with a more flower and plantlike theme) so i made it flowers. I did want to maybe work out a skin with a fungi theme...Like "Fungi Juniper"... or "Fungiper" XP And thanks for liking it :D
Changeling is a table-top/live-action role-playing game. Basically, you could create this champion as a Changeling character (abilities and all). but yeah, overall great design.
: [GAMEPLAY] Blitz Q fails to pull target stunned by Viktor's W
the displacement of blitz hook prolly took effect after the displacement of victor aoe. since blitz hook doesnt break movement if it was initiated before his displacement (take ez blinking right as hes grabbed, still completes the blink), the movement of vicktors e(?) was taking precident over blitz hook. not a bug, game working as intended, but in a fairly rarely seen way.
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: While y'all talk numbers, imma put this out. Fire and Ice skin XD
that interacts with DJ Sona (a song of fire and ice), and does audio of GoT spoilers from the books.
: You think your being clever by spaming the boards with more of this Riven op shit great
: I feel like anyone who complains about Riven at this point after all the nerfs needs to seriously examine their laning mechanics, because the only people Riven gets really fed off of at this point are people who feed everyone.
: I honestly wish they would just revert him to pre 5.16 so people would stop fucking complaining so much... Garen was strong pre-patch (imo even more viable), had almost 70% winrate with him prior to 5.16
"whaaa, they changed a champ! now i have to relearn how to be good with them, whaaaa!" - you rn.
: Garen still sucks. There is no way that immobile trash should be getting in your back line EVER
{{champion:429}}{{champion:223}} sup bruh. i see your back line sitting there all alone.
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