: Ivern Q
I would report it as a bug. It's suppose to pull you to your max AA range, and since he was original melee, they probably never updated it for him. I never played him with a Nidalee or any other shapeshifter, but it would be interesting to see if it pulled melee in cougar form and ranged in human.
terrhy (NA)
: Once you have 10 gemstones, do you stop gaining them?
I have 24 Gemstones currently, so yeah, you can keep getting them. Just remember that they are rare so that's probably why it feels like you're stuck at 10. Believe me, I was stuck at 9 for so long I felt like I was never going to get another one.
: Wave management.
I'm not an expert at this, but this is my understanding of wave management. ----- Pushing is clearing the wave faster than your opponent. Why should you push? Generally it's for a purpose. You want to rush your level up and use the level advantage to get a free kill. Or you want to back, so you push the wave so that it will die to tower and reset in the middle. Sometimes it's on accident. Tristana E passive naturally does extra damage around the one she kills, so she naturally will push the lane if both ADCs are just last hitting. If you trade into a minion wave, it will force their minions to focus you. If the enemy doesn't return damage, then that means your minions will continue to focus the enemy minions, thus cause the enemy minions to die first and the wave might push towards the enemies side of the map. Look to see who's pushing. People get caught by level 2 so often because they are so focused on getting CS that they ignore that the enemy just leveled up. You need to match or be pushing early, if not, stand back so they can't kill you. Same with level 6. ----- Fast pushing is just clearing the wave as fast as possible while trying to get as much CS as you can. Why should you fast push a wave? Say you just got a kill but are low health and don't know where the enemy jungler is. Most of their minions are dead but there are still a few alive, and if you don't kill them, then the wave will be outside the enemy tower putting you at risk of being ganked. The enemy could also freeze it, which you don't want. So, here you'd blow your abilities on the wave just trying to clear it as fast as possible. If you get the CS, great, if not, it doesn't matter because you just want your minions to go under the tower and reset the wave back to the middle of the lane. You also want to do it quickly so their jungler doesn't just walk up and get a free kill since you're low health. Another example is Baron is up but there is a wave bot lane threatening your open inhib. You don't have TP, so you can't really be spending a ton of time down there clearing it. So, do it quickly so you can get to Baron ASAP in case a fight breaks out. Another example, as you pointed out, is that your enemy left lane and is seen in another lane. If you can follow (TP, TF ult, Shen ult), then you can easily follow them. But, if you can't, then the best thing you can do for your team is A) get tower plating/tower damage, B) roam to another lane to sorta balance out the pressure, C) follow and hope to clean up the fight. In every scenario, you want to push the wave first so that you aren't denying yourself, and you want to do it quickly so that the enemy laner/jungler doesn't punish you. Another example is if it's early game and your jungler is invading or trying to do Dragon/Herald. If you can, push to get priority so that if something happens, you can follow without putting yourself behind. Obviously you can't always do this either due to your opponent being stronger, lacking mana/resource to push with, or due to being pushed in yourself, but ideally you want to push if your jungler is on your side of the map and might need your help. ----- Slow pushing is more complicated. What it basically means is letting your minions build up so you have more allied minions than enemy minions in the wave. Why should you slow push? Early game, you can slow push a wave to the enemy and then try to kill them. By doing so, they now miss this gigantic wave that will deny them EXP and gold. You'll also probably get a few tower plates with that many minions beating on a tower at once. A slow push is also a great way to set up opportunities to back or roam. No one is going to leave 10+ minions to help an invade because they will be behind in EXP and gold, making it near impossible to fight in lane after that point. So, by slow pushing, you can then join your jungler in an invade where the enemy laner is forced to either help and lose EXP, or not help in which case you may get a free kill. Later in the game though, you can use this is threaten tower without needing to be in the lane. Think of a super minion. Even with the enemy defending against it, the wave will almost never get out of their base. That's because the super minion is so strong that it wipes out the wave really fast. A large wave of normal minions can do the same thing. If you really want to see this, go into the practice tool and just watch the minion waves bounce back and forth. You'll start to notice how these really gigantic waves start forming and they will wipe out 3/4 of a towers health when they crash. That's a slow pushing wave. If you know Baron is going to spawn in a bit, you can go to bot lane and set up a slow push. That way, while both teams are busy fighting over the Baron, your minions could be threatening their bot lane inhib, thus either forcing someone to not be at the Baron fight thus giving your team an advantage, or forcing them to possibly lose a tower because no one is defending. How to set up a slow push? It's a little more complicated than it was before. Minions now get buffs for the number of towers in a lane. So, if you have an open inhib and they have their outer still up, it will take more minions to counter their buffs. I don't have the exact numbers on this, so I can't say for certain what the numbers are. Previously though, it was very easy to do late game. If you wanted to set up a slow push bot while you grouped at baron, you'd just kill the enemy caster minions and leave. Casters do the most damage, so by killing them, it means your wave shouldn't take much damage. When the next wave spawns, you'll have 4 or 5 old minions and your fresh 6 minions, while they'll have maybe 1 old one and 6 fresh ones. Most of your caster minions will be alive too, thus out DPSing the 3 that the enemy wave has, which means you'll slowly build up more and more casters as they push further down the lane, easily clearing any new wave until it hits either a champion or tower. ----- Freezing is keeping the wave in a specific spot. You do this by killing minions at the same pace as your opponent. Now, most people use the word freezing when they maintain the wave at their tower for more than a few minutes, so we'll use this definition. What is a freeze? Basically, it's an enemy slow push. You maintain more enemy minions than allied minions, so that as your newly spawned minions arrive, they are killed quickly so as to keep pushing to you. What makes it a freeze though is that you keep it in check. You trim off extra minions so that it only pushes as hard as you want it. Why should you freeze? Freezing is great if you are weak. Someone like Nasus might look to freeze since it allows him to get stacks easily without needing to be far out in lane, thus letting him get stronger without putting himself at risk. It's also great as an ADC if your support is roaming, because since you are 1v2, you want the safety of your tower to at least turn their dive into a 1 for 1 rather than just you dying. Freezing is also great if you are strong. While most people want to push when ahead, sometimes it's best not to. If you push the wave to the enemy, then you are allowing them to get gold and exp while being safe under their tower. If you are strong enough, you might be able to tower dive them, but if you aren't, then you are just letting them scale for free. Even if they miss out on some CS they are still getting EXP. So, an alternative if you can't tower dive them is to freeze by your tower. Then, you deny them CS and possible deny them EXP, thus forcing them to either try to fight you, which you will probably win, or roam to another lane to try and recover. This is great against Nasus as it forces him to come out from under his tower where he can easily be ganked or even outright denied stacks. It's also great if the enemy support is roaming but you can't dive, as the enemy ADC is now forced to miss EXP and gold while his support isn't in the lane. Your support is then free to either roam as well, or just stand up in lane and ensure that the enemy ADC can't get in range. How to set up a freeze? Generally, you need to maintain 4 more enemy minions than however many allied minions you have. So, if you have 6 allied minions, you need 10 enemy minions in the wave. Casters are easily to maintain due to them being ranged. Melee's will often run under tower and break your freeze accidentally. A Cannon is stronger, so if the enemy has a cannon and your minions don't, then you'll need less to maintain the freeze. One way to get this is to stop the enemy minions from hitting your tower by standing in their path. They will focus you and you will lose health, so you need to make sure no Champion is in range to punish you for doing this. Often best to do this when they are backing or out of the lane. If you can, kite the minions around. They will need to stop to walk, thus lowering the amount of damage you take. Another way is if the enemy is slow pushing towards you. If you can maintain 4 more enemy minions than allied, then you can easily turn their slow push into a freeze. It might require a lot of trimming of the wave though, and if they are slow pushing, they probably won't just let you do it easily so you might need to trade a little to do it. Be careful though trading into a large wave as the minions can do a surprising amount of damage. Note: Any time you take an inhib, you are creating a freeze for the enemy essentially. In most cases, you will not get any CS from that lane for the duration of the inhib being down, thus you are losing out on EXP/Gold in exchange for pressure. If you don't do stuff with this pressure, then you are just hurting your team. You need to be taking Baron, Dragon, other inhibs, and/or other towers while their inhib is down. Otherwise, if you don't, you're just letting them catch up without needing to risk fighting you while you're strong. Not properly utilizing pressure is the reason comebacks happen.
MrEnds (NA)
: supports are probably not gonna play sett broski
While you say that, I just watched a Twitch streamer lose to Support Sett yesterday.
Paroe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Caretaker Jack,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NaQ6qMXp,comment-id=000c00000000,timestamp=2020-01-15T09:33:02.366+0000) > > If you already play other roles but didn't get it, then you probably just didn't deserve it... Like the others You try being a support main and getting an off-role that isnt jungle. No really, go try; ill wait.
As a support main I get off-role to ADC and maybe got autofilled to the other roles a few times. It's like a 95% Support, 4.5% ADC, 0.5% other split for me.
Smyrage (EUNE)
: For the next Season: stop putting back people to really low elo
I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the reason everyone is moved down is because when they reset, they move the Challenger, Grand Master, Master, and Diamond tier players all down to Diamond/Plat-ish. Because of that, all those Plat players would suddenly be facing Challenger players, which is really unfair, so to balance it, all those Plat players are pushed down to Gold, Gold to Silver, etc. On the positive side though, since you are placed against Silver players, you should win the majority of your early games due to just being more skilled than your opponents, so it helps build up your confidence and makes you feel good about playing. Now, that said, playing ranked early into the season is always horrible. Everyone starts playing when the new season comes out, even the people who haven't touched the game in months, so you get a lot of players who are rusty as all hell that just unintentionally throw games. Obviously you still have the trolls and inters, but a lot of things are just people making a simple mistake cause they forget how much you need to think in this game. If you want to minimize the amount of climbing you have to do, it's better to do your first 10 games a few weeks into the season. That way the ranks have settled and you'll actually be facing Silver players rather than facing a Challenger smurf who's avoiding playing his first 10 on his main. I've heard quite a few streamers say they don't play on their main during the first month of the season, and since most have played this game since Beta, they probably know what they are talking about.
Zyniya (NA)
: I love being 20 mins into the game and getting 5 maned bot lane under my still healthy tower because my top and mid laners are already pushed up to base with all towers gone.
What do you mean 20 mins in? I get 5 man dove at 10 minutes. Once happened around like 5 minutes but I think that was more of a fluke game than anything else. It's like the minute bot lane hits 7, the entire enemy team comes bot with herald to take down the only healthy tower left on the map.
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Quáx (NA)
: I almost had a heart attack yesterday in game
If you ever see that in chat, scroll up. What a lot of people do is hit Enter like 30 times and then type the message. That way it forces their name off the chat screen so it seems official. But, if you scroll up, you'll see the whisper with their name and no text next to it. It's the same with Twitch chat where you see someone post a meme like this: USERNAME: _____________________________ You've won a free sub, just type !claim _____________________________ Normally the people who do this aren't even smart enough to type a small message so it seems believeable, instead you just have this name with nothing next to it so it's an easy giveaway that it's a fake. If you don't have the time to scroll up, type /r and see if it fills in a name there. I can't say for certain, but I'm pretty sure you need to have someone messaged you during the game for the /r to provide a name. If no one messaged you during the game, I think it just doesn't do anything.
atorelle (NA)
: Opinion: Sometimes we think we are better than we actually are
Of course we all make mistakes. Granted, I've never really seen one of my own and been like "why did I do that?", but I've seen my own plays and said, "yeah, should not have tried to help that." A lot of the mistakes I get annoyed at is when you can literally see we are out numbered and my teammates are surprised we lose that. Like, you have a ward and see the jungler sneak into bot lane brush, and then my ADC is surprised that the jungler is in the bush we just saw him walk into. Or when my ADC is 0/5 and tries to 1v1 the 5/0 enemy ADC. Like, you know this isn't going to go well, why even fight? Analyzing yourself after games though will help you way more than critiquing your teammates. You are the only player in all of your games, so if you focus on improving yourself, you'll eventually climb. That and learn why you facepalm at those plays, because identifying why it's a bad play (besides that they died) will help you way more than just saying "wow that player sucks". Obviously if your entire team isn't playing well, you'll still probably lose those games, but you'll do better in the games when you are playing well.
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: dodging makes me reach dia with 90% wr instead of 70, that's pretty useful for saving time and mental. dodging gets you where you're supposed to be faster and a bit higher as well.
It also saves your sanity when your team is arguing before you've even locked in champions.
Loxagn (NA)
: Either bring back 3v3 or step up your fucking game on getting rid of bots, Riot.
While I completely agree that something needs to be done about bots, it's completely possible to win with inting teammates. I've won multiple 1v5 games vs Intermediate bots, but it does require a lot of game knowledge and abusing the Riot bots coding to do it. For a new player though, I doubt they would've been able to beat it 1v5, and that more bothers me than anything. I can carry no problem but I probably would've been heartbroken if I was a new player and saw that. Riot does try at least, trying to group bots together in game so that it affects less players, but it does really suck to be in at a disadvantage because someone is greedy.
: What am I supposed to do on bot to consistently win/carry
If you are an ADC, unfortunately you are basically at the mercy of your support and/or teammates. The support generally dictates how bot lane goes and is the one who sets up kills either by hitting CC or poking the enemy ADC out of lane. It's possible for the ADC to do it, but I've maybe seen it happen 5 times in the 5 years I've played. Certain champions will have an easier time than others though. Lucian has a surprising amount of burst damage due to how his passive instantly procs PTA, so if you can poke with Q a bit, you might be able to get a sneaky kill. Draven is another with a ton of damage that no one really expects, plus since he tends to build BT first you'll have built in sustain to possible deal with however many teammates the enemy throws at you. Caitlyn is really strong right now and if you can get good with her trap placement, you can basically peel for yourself. She also has a combo that will kill if you do it properly, so if mastered you could probably get a few sneaky kills that way. Right now Senna is really strong, and with her passive making her stronger the more souls she gets, you could probably abuse people not knowing that mechanic to get stronger quickly, though they are nerfing her ADC potential next patch. Now, depending on how you play, you could always try playing a mage bot. Mages carry a lot of AOE power, so if your team is dumb, you still hold a ton of power. I play a lot of Brand support in low Elo because 1) you see so many all AD comps that very seldom does the enemy buy MR, 2) low elo teams seem to forget the Greivious Wounds exists despite the enemy team have Soraka, Mundo, and Vlad but Brand can easily get that as a 2nd item, and 3) Brand can literally solo carry a teamfight with a good R. The number of times the enemy team has caught me as a 1/5 Brand and I throw my RWE before dying to see them all be 40% hp after fighting a 1v5. If your team can't win when the enemy is less than half HP, then you probably weren't going to win anyway. That said, there are better mages to carry with if you are getting gold from CS. Cassio is really micro intensive but pumps out damage. Ryze as well is really strong and able to 1v5 essentially once you learn his combos. Viktor used to be seen bot a lot and a good Ziggs will demolish bot tower if the enemy ADC doesn't have good waveclear. Swain isn't quite as bursty as others but his E is basically the same range as most ADCs, so if you throw it while they CS you're almost guaranteed to land it which can let you get a kill or at least poke them out of lane. Syndra is just an ADC's worst nightmare as she out ranges them and can push the lane making them miss tons of CS. Obviously mages have weaknesses themselves, but if you are good, you should be able to play to your strength.
: I need advice on how to play
My best guess for your example is that he got something like Death's Dance or Sterak's and all your damage suddenly gets delayed and he has enough healing through his passive and DD to out heal your initial burst. The only way to deal with something like that is to get a healing cut, but even that might not be enough depending on if he got kills from other people in the game. For stuff like item builds, runes, etc, just check out sites like Champion.gg or U.gg and they'll give you an idea of what items to build. Now, you need to know what are your core items and what are situational items. I don't play the champion, but I know most Irelia's have Trinity Force, Titanic Hydra, and Steraks. So if you are against an Aatrox, buy an early Executioners after Tri, Tiamat, and boots so that when he completes his Death's Dance you'll still be able to deal with him. Alternatively, if their team has a lot of AD auto attackers, Bramble Vest and Tabi might be good instead as it would become your armor item and reduces his healing while he's fighting you. Honestly, if you bought Executioners every game, you probably would be fine due to so many champions having a heal in their kit or buy lifesteal, spell vamp items, or take Conquer as a rune. The number of games where they have a Vlad, Mundo, and Soraka yet no one on my team has healing cut baffles me. Obviously Executioners wouldn't be good if you were fighting a Nautilus top or a Teemo, but against most fighters it has a purpose.
Drezden (NA)
: I just got this resolved. It seems it was my PBE account getting in the way. Copy that link to the name change, Open a "Incognito window" to clear any presignin information you may have saved, and post the URL (https://update-account.riotgames.com/) Change the drop down "NA" to "Public Beta" and change your name on there instead to like...your name PBE or something. That worked for me and let me back into my account!
> [{quoted}](name=Drezden,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=P6PzXAwc,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-11-26T21:58:58.664+0000) > > I just got this resolved. It seems it was my PBE account getting in the way. > Copy that link to the name change, > Open a "Incognito window" to clear any presignin information you may have saved, and post the URL (https://update-account.riotgames.com/) > Change the drop down "NA" to "Public Beta" and change your name on there instead to like...your name PBE or something. > That worked for me and let me back into my account! This suggestion worked for me. Renamed my PBE account and then I could use my original username for my main. While I'm happy I've got mine dealt with, they really need to say this or something, not just be like "that name is taken already". Just add an "if you use this name in another server, it will be unavailable."
: since they remain perma-CC'd, you don't need to build tanky also, his AP ratios are actually scary in URF
> [{quoted}](name=ZackTheWaffleMan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=REcd12o9,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-31T17:01:58.558+0000) > > since they remain perma-CC'd, you don't need to build tanky > > also, his AP ratios are actually scary in URF I mean, you don't NEED to, but it's quiet fun diving towers and laughing as they try to kill you. Just depends on how you want to play it, either CC them to death over a few seconds, or burst them in 0.1 but be able to die just as fast.
: How can I stop playing terribly?
ARAM basically teaches you to dodge skillshots. It's literally dodging simulator since you have 5 champion abilities to dodge instead of 1 or 2. That's where I learned it basically though you can learn it from stuff like Urf as well. Pathing depends on what you are doing. If you mean pathing as a jungler, it's something you learn I guess. Look at the lanes and you'll see that X person is over extended, so if you are on that side of the map maybe hover nearby incase they get ganked if you have camps available to clear. Or you see that the enemy is pushing hard, so you can try to gank to relieve some pressure from your laner. If you mean pathing as a laner, the safe path is generally the best if you don't have vision of the enemies. Why walk through river when walking through your jungle is safer 90% of the time? It kinda depends what you are playing though, because if you are the tank for your team, then you need to be the first one to investigate that bush if no one else can. But, more often than not you just want to be safe. Itemization depends on a lot of things. Mostly just look at who is a threat and what role you are. As a support main, i play a lot of enchanter supports who die if hit by anything. So me building Merc treads isn't going to save me if I get hit by CC. However, as a Darius who wants to be in a team killing, Mercs make a huge difference if he's hit with CC. As a squishy champ, look at the threats. Are they mostly AP or AD? Can I dodge damage easily like using Zhonya's to avoid Syndra's R damage or Zed R? Or is it a LB or Eve who will do half your health bar out of no where, then maybe hexdrinker is best. If they have someone who heals, just buy healing cut regardless. There are very few champions who don't have/use heals so buying healing cut is a pretty safe choice in most games since the ADC will probably buy lifesteal later anyway. Looking at the minimap is something you just have to learn. People recommend setting a timer that plays a sound every few seconds and looking when you hear that sound. Playing around cooldowns is something I learned when I was playing bots. Walk forward slightly and the bot will use X spell, so you walk up and back over and over until they use that spell, then you wait/dodge and then fight them afterwards while it's down. Against bots is really easy to beat them because they just use abilities aggressively it seems, so once it's down you know you can fight. Mostly you just need to think about what will lead to you dying or what is that person maxing. Getting hit by CC is always bad, regardless of the damage from that ability because it is generally the set up for more damage, so avoiding CC should be your main goal at all points. Maxed abilities are secondary. Lux's E does a ton of damage since she maxes it, so dodging that is important, but it's better to get hit by her E than her Q as her Q will likely lead to her ulting you. It really depends on how much you play. Also, try watching people who teach League like Foxdrop, Anklespakin, or SoloRenektonOnly. They try to explain their point of view so perhaps hearing someone explain their thoughts will help you understand why they made the choices they made. There are probably other teachers out there but these are the big ones I've heard.
: you only build tank on a small selection of champions: {{champion:57}} {{champion:75}} (only after you get a thousand stacks) {{champion:33}} (only if you're a coward that doesn't like to go fast) {{champion:14}} (he can build anywhere from full lethality to full tank) {{champion:45}} (same as nasus)
You forgot Naut, who lands one Q and you die since you never get out of CC.
: How to achieve "Honor level 2" (Question)
I can't speak from experience, but I know that when I created a smurf I played a bunch of bot games and got 2+ honors per game playing Soraka/Yuumi and saving people constantly. Now, not saying it's a fun way to earn honor back, but if it's really important to you, that might work since you can knock out games pretty quick. Again, don't know if it would work better than PVP games, but it's something to try.
: About players on urf
I try my best in most gamemodes, but I don't go out of my way to be annoying unless the enemy does it first. I had a game in URF where the enemy had Zed and Fizz and I was a Sivir. They were something like 25/1 by 10 minutes yet didn't end the game despite us being dead. They would come into our base and just stand there spamming laugh before leaving. So yeah, I spent the entire game clearing waves. Eventually I started splitpushing towers and using my ult to run away whenever one of them came for me. And yeah, we won the game through splitpushing because the 40/3 Fizz and 32/3 Zed were too busy farming kills instead of ending. And they called me a tryhard. No, I'm not going to try and fight a fed Assassin as an ADC, I'm going to take objectives and run away from the fed assassin. That's what I'm supposed to do. The fact that they enjoy killing more than actually winning isn't my fault. Play another if they want to enjoy their broken champ some more. But if you're playing a broken champion with 20+ kills, no, I'm not going to fight you. I'm going to avoid you to the best of my ability while still trying to win, even if that's not fun for you.
DalekZec (EUNE)
: The irony is the band is called True Damage and yet they feature champs with little to no true damage. The only true damage about those chosen champs is the true damage they do to my brain when I face them (except Senna at least). It would have been a lot cooler if Vel'Koz was in it, as well as Garen, Fiora, and Vayne, and some other champ with a build in true damage (is there another beside the 4? I can't remember).
> [{quoted}](name=DalekZec,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=N8q3zalf,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-10-30T14:27:33.771+0000) > > The irony is the band is called True Damage and yet they feature champs with little to no true damage. > > The only true damage about those chosen champs is the true damage they do to my brain when I face them (except Senna at least). > It would have been a lot cooler if Vel'Koz was in it, as well as Garen, Fiora, and Vayne, and some other champ with a build in true damage (is there another beside the 4? I can't remember). Camille, Darius, Cho'gath, Yi, Olaf, Ahri, Kog'maw's passive explosion, Twitch passive stacks. Pyke and Urgot ult do true damage if below their threshold of their execute.
DeusVult (NA)
: Seeing the quality of all the most recent skins makes me sad for the champs that I play
I completely agree. I was looking through the skins on PBE and I don't get why some champions have 2 while others have 13. I get that Yuumi and other newly released champions won't have a ton of skins due to being out only a few months, but Yasuo, Qiyana, and Akali did not need another one. Yasuo just had Battle Boss In Jun 2019, before that he had Odyssey in Sep 2018, before that he had Nightbringer in Jun 2017. So, he got a skin from 2 events (technically 3, but arcade wasn't fully around him) and just had another skin released this year, he didn't need this one. He's gotten a skin every year since he's been released in Dec 2013 except for 2015. And, he got to be a part of major skin lines. High noon, Bloodmoon, Project, Odyssey, and Battle Boss. The only non skinline was Nightbringer, but that had an event around it so it's not like it is a forgotten skin. Qiyana was just released in June, why is she getting another skin already? I said the same thing with Kai'sa and I don't get why this is happening again. Meanwhile Ornn, who was released before both, still only has the one skin that was released when he came out. Obviously Ornn doesn't fit this skinline, but Qiyana doesn't need another one yet. Akali literally just had Project in Aug 2019, her Prestige in Dec 2018, and her KDA in Nov 2018. Like, stop already. The skin before that was 2016 and the one before that was 2015, so they stopped for a while, but this is getting stupid. Again, not that these champions fit this skinline, but these champs need more skins. This is the last time these champions got a skin. 2015 - 5 champs - Skarner, Xerath, Zilean, Morde, Rek'Sai 2016 - 13 champs - Vel'koz, Sion, Shyvana, Kindred, Volibear, Taric, Kalista, Pantheon, Maokai, Trundle, Nautilus, Karthus, Bard 2017 - 17 champs - Azir, Quinn, Zyra, Kennen, Tryndamere, Zac, Olaf, Kayle, Ornn (his release skin), Syndra, Cassiopeia, Singed, Elise, Nidalee, Viktor, Kog'maw, Draven That's 30 champions that haven't had a new skin in 2+ years. WTF Riot? You can't tell me these are bad champs to design for. I get not wanting to give a skin to a champion you're going to rework (Morde, Panth, Kayle) but you could've given them a skin AFTER you reworked them. I think Voli is up to be reworked so give him a new skin with it. Urgot was reworked in 2017 and got a new skin in 2018, so like, why didn't the other champions get the same? Like, yeah, they redid all their skins, but while you're thinking about their reworks, why not think of another skin for them? These champs got a skin last year 2018 - 42 champs - Jax, Gragas, Nasus, Swain, Illaoi (2nd), Wukong, Rumble, Teemo, Twisted Fate, Vladimir, Diana, Lee Sin, Cho'Gath, Gnar, Taliyah, Poppy, Gangplank, Aurelion Sol (2nd), Xin Zhao, Braum, Urgot, Thresh, Talon, Kayn (2nd), Malphite, Ziggs, Sona, Kha'zix, Heimerdinger, Malzahar, Janna, Kled (2nd), Fiddlesticks, Orianna, Lulu, Lissandra, Leona, Soraka, Dr. Mundo, Master Yi, Twitch, Renekton So, of the 145 champions in the game, HALF haven't gotten a skin in a year and a 1/5 haven't gotten one in 2+ years. But Yasuo gets 3 in 2 years, Akali gets 3 in 2 years, and Qiyana gets her second after 5 months? Really? At the very least the 2015 champs NEED a new skin. This should literally be top priority of the skin team and I don't even play those champions. Go to the fan forums of those champions and get some ideas. I'm sure there are talented people who love their champion who have great ideas for skins if the skin team doesn't have any ideas.
Kabraxis (NA)
: You CAN file a report..
Yeah, but the robot won't see it. I can't report them for AFK because they are still moving around in the game. I can't report them for inting because they generally have a really good KDA since they aren't fighting anyone despite. They are assisting the enemy but not in an obvious way. I can report them for giving up, but that doesn't seem to actually do anything most of the time because the robot doesn't know what to look for. I normally file a support ticket but it's really frustrating to have to do that because there's no good option for reporting this behavior.
5050BS (NA)
: Smurfs dont want to climb. Often they will soft int games to lose MR so they can keep stomping in low ELO. In every way Smurfs are bad for Ranked.
They really should make soft inting punishable then. Having my AFK jungler farming bot lane while we are trying to steal Baron is beyond stupid because "this Riven took my kill at level 2 so I want her to lose the game." I've had a few games where this has happened and it's really obvious to a person what is going on, so why can't be file a report to have a person actually remove these people. It would also quickly remove these smurfs as well so win win.
: I kind of understand where your frustration is coming from, but at the same time, you do need to realize that some people smurf for a reason. If I'm looking to learn how to, lets say Jungle, and see what my peak rank is, I'm sure as hell not going to pick jungle for the first time in Diamond elo, against people who have climbed through that role. I'll level an account, playing jungle only, and buy the respective champions I'm looking into playing. That's the best way for improvement, without losing MMR. Now, you do have the other kinds of smurfs (Unranked - Master, playing their OTP) wich... really is kinda toxic & cancerous, and disgusting, but, life goes on... :)
Personally I see your example of learning a new role as fine. The kind of smurfs I dislike are the ones that 1v9 the game, then in chat say "I'm smurfing, come watch my twitch stream." Like, if you are smurfing (learning a different role, playing off meta stuff, doing a X to Challenger series), whatever, it's one game out of my life with you, so I don't care. But specifically telling people that you intentionally ruined their game for the sake of promoting yourself bothers me. It's like a NBA player going to a children's basketball game and then bragging "yep, I'm better than all of you, come by my merch." It's not a great comparison but it really explains that someone who knows the game is going to be better at it than someone learning the game, so bragging that you know the game to sell stuff is just beyond toxic IMO. Those are the smurfs I think should be banned because they are intentionally trying to hurt others.
: Tbh the problem for tanks IMO is that everything scales too hard. Assassins, mages, fighters, skirmirshers all scale too god damn hard, none of them fall off enough for it to matter. But who cares about game balance and health when all that matters is making it exciting for the pro play.
Couple that with most tanks just using their base damage numbers while everyone else has AD/AP ratios that scale into the game. So to help them, tanks get % health base damage, leading to even more damage creep while rewarding a tank for build AD/AP items instead of tanky.
datfatguy (OCE)
: This game started to plummet during season 6. Keystones were added in season 6.
Agreed but from a different point of view. As a support main, the runes/keystones just seem weird. As a Lulu, I can whimsy my ADC and because of Aery they will get my move speed and attack speed buff and also get Ardent, leaving me to shield our tank or whoever is soaking damage. As a Soraka, I can just Q the enemy and thanks to font of life everyone who hits that person gets Ardent despite me only giving them a 2hp heal. Hell, as Nami I can E my ADC and give them a shield and Ardent and slowing auto attacks. Like, none of this makes sense. I've literally saved teammates because of Aery shield by using some random ass ability. I kept my teammate from dying to ignite by speeding them up as Zilean and standing really close so Aery would return fast so I could do it again. Like, it takes a level of mechanics to do that, but it's also just dumb that a level 5 Zilean can save his teammate from ignite by making them faster. Most people know what each champion can do. So when a Karthuis ults someone who's 100hp and they don't die, normally he can look at the menu and say, "ah, Janna must've shielded them". But when you somehow prevent your teammate from dying as Braum because you just happened to be standing near them with Guardian, it's not instantly apparent and makes it even harder for people to figure out how they were outplayed. I don't feel like adding these choices did anything besides add a ton of random damage to an already damage heavy game. Even though my whole post is showing examples of using the runes to save people, it also shows how it's made it easier. As Lulu, I can almost freely whimsy my ADC and save my shield for when they are really in trouble, whereas before if you wanted to apply Ardent you needed to "waste" shield to apply it. As Nami I can E my ADC first to apply Ardent and save my heal for the tank/person taking damage instead of trying to make sure I apply Ardent to the right person. Like, this just doesn't really make sense to me. Additionally, runes like conqueror and electrocute kinda defeat the purpose in my mind. Rammus taunts a Yi and Yi gets to deal true damage and heal from it. Doesn't make any sense. Assassin missed everything but landed the point and click ability and a few autos and be rewarded with instant burst. And why not give every tank Leona's W or give every champion Ashe's passive. Why should GP and TF be the only ones who earn extra money in lane? Why should that tank suddenly take more damage because someone autoed them 3 times? These things just aren't necessary in my eyes and just make it even harder to balance this game in my opinion.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: I play supp and usually don't bother about this; there are times that my ADC keeps aa farming when I am actually playing 1v2 and trying to get a kill as 1v1 trade , right at last moment they flash in for kill and don't use heal to save me. It is still 1v1 trade so I don't worry much. But problem is they actually say that I fed opponent ADC, even if it was adc for supp trade and my adc actually gain more xp+gold because they didn't die. They don't understand this logic and keeps wasting time to chat and trash talk, instead of capitalizing on the advantage gained. When they trash talk me, I sometimes wait for them to die first in fights and then take the kill; when I do what they do or simply copy paste what they write they lose their minds. So, if you're not a supp try to always secure the kill for yourself and ADC thinks that every role doesn't need gold, like supp and literally take it granted that they can ks from solo laners.
Yeah, some ADC players just don't know. I had a game once as a Brand support, I got engaged on and full comboed the enemy bot lane and got them both to like 150 hp before they killed me. My Vayne finally sees them low and decides to stop farming and go for kills, so she flash autos with her Shiv auto attack. They both somehow survive that, but my passive burn kills them both and she cries, "STOP KS BRAND." I'm literally dead and being blamed for KSing after doing basically 95% of the damage. I have no words for players like that.
: Yah, I think the it should give full champions tbh. Makes up for it tbh.
I could accept that if it was an account that didn't have all the champions already. But if you do, it just feels like a slap in the face. For example, I got Elementalist Lux skin shard in one of my hextech chests and the next one I get a Master Yi champ shard which is 90BE.
Comentários de Rioters
: level 30 adc without a brain continues to feed enemy laner
Literally just had a game where you can watch the enemy Rengar walk into our bot lane bush, so I ping it. ADC ignores and instantly dies. I watch the Rengar put a control ward in said bush, watch the enemy sups Aery fly into said bush and disappear, and don't see either of them leave on the ward I had in their lane bush, so I ping the bush again. ADC ignores, instantly dies, and then says "ward that damn bush sup". Like, there's only so much you can do to stop people from dying to really obvious things.
: The amount of time it takes to open token loot is too dang high
Exactly, opening a chest or capsule, fine, it's a "wait for it" kinda moment with a "oh wow" or "well, that's ok" moment. But when I say "give me this specific skin", it's not an "oh wow" moment when the animation reveals that I got what I asked form.
Krexxon (NA)
: Soliciting Advice
My biggest advice is learn to look at the game and lose interest in a lost game so you don't tilt from it. If the loss isn't your fault, let it go. I had a game where we started out bot lane with Soraka getting a 2 for 1, then I hear top and mid die 2 times within 3 minutes. We get another kill bot lane and it is now 3 to 5, with all 3 kills on bot lane. The ADC said, "so, is the game literally a loss already". Around 10 minutes in we get gangbanged by the 8/1 top laner, the jungler, and the enemy bot lane only to lose our tower first. The most fed person on our team was the 2/1 Soraka. Like, unless the enemy team royally screws up, this game is over and it wasn't the bot laners fault. I've had similar experiences to the above one in most of my recent games, and the best thing you can do is either stop playing, or accept that people are going to make bad plays and just do your best. I literally ping a bush multiple times and ping the enemy Rengars name 3 times and watch as my ADC just walks forward with no vision and is surprised by Rengar being in that same bush not ones, not twice, but three different times during that game. And he blames me for not warding a bush that I know is control warded and assume has 3 people in it when we can literally see them enter said bush from a different ward I placed. There is only so much you can do each game. Unless you play a splitpush champion like Tryndamere and can end the game before your teammates get caught too many times, then you will always be at the mercy of your team and the only thing you can do to help yourself is to separate your bad plays from your teammates bad plays. For instance, my ADC showed up late to lane so that put us behind and then he got hooked and died a few times which put us further behind. The enemy hook jng, hook sup, and fed ADC are beating on our tower. I back up but my ADC walks into hook range and gets hooked. I try to save him. Him getting hooked is his fault. Me trying to save him is my fault. When he got hooked, I should've just left him. Me trying to peel the enemy team off him though is my fault, so despite my intentions being good and me trying to peel for my ADC, I made a mistake by staying to save him. Yeah, if he hadn't been there, both of us wouldn't die, but there was no reason for me to die anyway and you need to make that distinction. Blaming your team only works so far. At some point you need to look at what you could've done during that game to save it. Maybe you didn't ping enough, maybe you didn't punish that one mistake, maybe you didn't CS well enough, etc. Yeah, some games are out of your control, but you should always try to focus on yourself because you are the only part of the game you can control. The fewer mistakes you make, the less opportunities the enemy has to punish.
: Why the heck can enemies use QSS in Morde's ult?
It's coded as a suppression. When Morde points at his target, him and his target are suppressed for a second. If you QSS at that moment, it cancels the ult. I don't know if you can QSS later and escape once in the death realm, but you can during that 1 second. It's the same with Urgot ult. If you wait until the chains are dragging you back to Urgot, you can QSS it. You can also use unstoppable abilities to avoid being dragged back at all like Sion ult, etc.
: Hahahaha you're actually expecting people to play this game as if they were a team lmao. The game is all about who can get fed the fastest and do the most damage to snowball and carry. Riot took that ability away from marksmen last season when they removed them from the game. I don't even know why people still play them. Also to people's comments about marksmen "split pushing", well maybe it's because they need the gold, and if they group mid, the jgl and mid take all the cs, and if the marksman doesn't split, no one else will so the waves just get pushed into tower basically forfeiting the game because no one else in low elo understands why waves need to constantly be pushed. New players just want to do a ton of damage and solo carry. Let's face it no one cares about marksmen anymore because they DON'T want to have to protect them. When in reality marksmen players are probably the smartest players on the team and know better than to go into jungles without vision. Know not to engage when they are alone. Know when they are able to help and not help. But everyone just lives on an island in their own little world and wants to pass blame on everyone else for their own mistakes. If one more person tells me not to shoot their front line when that's the only target I have access to (because no one peels or protects and their front line isnt just gonna let me walk by them to hit a squishy) and marksmen are dps tank killers, I'm gonna flip some tables. No one that plays this game respects marksmen. When in reality they should be following their lead more often than not. So many people complain about marksmen "not helping" so they just spam ping the player. How about you go help the marksman do whatever their doing? Hmmm? Ever thought about that?
While I generally agree with your post, I can't save every ADC when they do dumb stuff. In my last 20 games I've had ADCs making questionable moves time and time again despite me trying to help them. An Ezreal that E's under the enemy tower trying to kill the 300 hp Lucian while the Fiddlesticks support is clearing a ward in the bush beside him, and Ezreal is surprised that the Fiddle has a fear. A Jinx that sees the enemy pop Herald right in front of her (she W'd them) and decided to stand between the enemy team and the tower instead of just giving it. She dies and so do I because I dumbly stay to try and defend her. Then have her complain about how useless the support is since her support can't protect her from 3 people when she's stunned in place for 5 seconds. Surprisingly though, I barely out damaged our ADC on that useless support. A Lucian that can plainly see that the enemy hook jungle, hook support, and hyper carry ADC are beating on our tower and our own jungler is on the opposite side of the map. Instead of giving the tower, he hovers just at max hook range, gets hooked, and dies, bringing me with him because I dumbly tried to save him instead of just walking away. My personal favorite is the Jhin in this one game. I have a ward in the enemies lane bush and I watch Rengar walk over that ward and into our bot lane bush. For some reason I couldn't get my danger ping to work so I resort to a standard ping and ping Rengars name 3 times. My jungle is keen on ganking for whatever reason and neither of them understand what I'm trying to say in the 2 seconds I had and then blame me for not communicating that there was a Rengar in that lane bush. I literally see Rengar place a control ward in our lane bush and then notice as the supports Aery flies into that bush and disappears. So, I assume they are in that bush and assume my ADC is smart enough to figure out that as well. Or, if he doesn't think Rengar is there, that he at the very least assume the enemy ADC and sup might be hiding in that bush. ADC doesn't seem to notice, walks up to CS, instantly dies again to the jungle and enemy bot laners that were hiding in said control warded bush, and then whines that I need to "ward that damn bush" to which I say, "I'm not warding a bush with 3 people in it". He also dies to the Rengar hiding in that same bush another time later that game as my ADC is solo splitpushing without vision, then says, "I bet our sup has the lowest vision score" (I had the highest in the game) and ends the game with "most useless team, sup learn to play". -------------------------------------------- I completely agree that when your ADC is playing properly that you should defend them so they can do damage, but ADCs also need to learn there is only so much I can do as a support. If I am first pick and pick Nami and they counter with Blitzcrank, then you need to stand back because I can only do so much if you get hooked. If I first pick Yuumi and they counter with Alistar, then you need to stand back because I can't stop his engage. If I last pick Brand to balance out our all AD team, then you need to stand back because I have 1 stun and a ton of damage, so that's all I can use to save you. Even if I counter pick Leona Kat Yi with Janna then you need to realize that I can't only peel so much when the rest of our team went full damage low CC champs vs this all in enemy comp.
: Honestly what to do if your bot lane is useless?
I love how people say this and then don't help bot lane. If losing bot lanes makes you feel like you instantly lose the game, then help bot lane get ahead. That seems like a simple solution to me. Alternatively, look at your team and see who can deal with the fed enemy bot laner. For instance, I had a game where the enemy mid and jungle came bot 6 different times during lane phase, twice the jungler came solo, and the other 4 times the mid was with him. They spent so much time bot that our mid lane Katarina who was 4/0 before mid started roaming bot and ended the game 15/4. Getting that Kat fed worked out because she blew up the 5/0 Vayne before a team fight even happened, didn't matter how ahead Vayne was. Those are literally your two options, either help that lane so they aren't losing, or help the person who can shut down the enemy ADC.
: I mean the game seems to be so early game focused nowadays I don't wanna reconnect anyway lol. Whenever someone on my team DCs I always pray they don't make the remake timer and I've even had people vote yes on remake even when we see "summoner reconnected". Call me an ass but here is what happens in the majority of reconnect cases, they feed. They don't play like they are behind, go for the same plays they would do if they were fed or they don't give up CS and just die for it. Usually tilting and being extremely toxic in the process because they want someone to win their lane for them since they DCed. I, personally, have never had someone in my lane , top, come back from being afk and not feed me to the point game was over. To the point both mid and jg have to gank to help because turret can't stop me then I just get a triple. It's honestly just not fair.
While I agree, there is no punishment for being behind now. If you counter jungle and put the enemy jungler behind, he'll catch up in two camps. If you are AFK for 10 minutes, give it like two waves and now you are the same level as your support. I had a game where the enemy ADC afked, so I froze the wave by my tower and just farmed because the jungler and support were duo'd so I figured he'd be bot often. My support didn't like that and instead used his abilities on the waves to push it. After pushing the wave, he went forward and, not surprisingly, died to the jungler ganking. Jungler got 4 or 5 kills off my support doing this non-stop push behavior that he just hard carried the game despite the ADC only have 1 item.
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DemainaNyx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EtmNNO86,comment-id=0005000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-14T19:19:02.281+0000) > > If you are playing Leona or Ali, then sure, because both of them have abilities that make them near impossible for anyone to kill besides a full 5 team focusing you. However, as Naut or Braum, I've been chewed through multiple times by a Zed because I blocked them from getting to my ADC so he ult combos me basically to buy him time to escape afterwards. If you die from a single zed combo as naut, youre playing the game wrong. Youve got enough CC and damage to kill him first. Likewise, braum can shield a ton of zeds damage and negate it. Sure, it means you need skill to press the right direction for your shield, but still.
I did, I used my CC to prevent Zed from getting to my ADC. I hooked and ulted and autoed him so he couldn't get to my ADC, then he ulted me so he didn't die because he was half health and comboed me and I died. Having all the CC in the world doesn't matter if no one is there to deal damage to the person sitting in place for 5 seconds. When you manage to save your 100hp Jinx from the assassin ghostblading to her, you think that's enough but then he just pops you instead because no one is helping you.
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: What is your honor level, and how did you get there?
4.1 Honestly, I never really talk in games. Normally when I notice myself starting to type it's because someone is blaming others for losing the game and that triggers me. If that's the case I normally say one thing and then mute them so I don't type more. Assuming that isn't the case, I may say things like "bot pushing, no wards" or "we need to group" but that's about it.
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=PB4UAME,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EtmNNO86,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-06-14T17:05:48.676+0000) > > Every single game for the last oh, 3+ years. The TTK for tanks is less than a 6th of what it was pre season 5. You mean exactly 0 games for the last 3+ years? I can be down 3k as a support tank, and it will take 3 full rotations for any assassin to solo kill me. As a support tank. Not even a tank tank.
If you are playing Leona or Ali, then sure, because both of them have abilities that make them near impossible for anyone to kill besides a full 5 team focusing you. However, as Naut or Braum, I've been chewed through multiple times by a Zed because I blocked them from getting to my ADC so he ult combos me basically to buy him time to escape afterwards.
: Two Morde's ulting
One for all Morde will be interesting then.
: The case for mobility + burst damage allowing for too much agency in a team game
I never understood why we have champions like Ashe who has no mobility and some sustain damage and then you have champions like Lucian who have insane mobility and a ton of burst damage. I get that Ashe offers utility to her team, but is her utility that high that she should do so little damage to balance out her power budget? Yeah, a team wide slow is amazing, except for the fact that she's dead before she can apply it to anyone because everyone can dash to her and kill her. When the only counter to a champion is "just CC them," it's a bad design IMO. CC is just as strong against an immobile champion as it is vs a mobile one, so why play an immobile champion then? IMO, immobile champions should do more damage to balance out the fact they can't instantly dodge things like a mobile champ can, but that's not how it is. Honestly, I would love to see a breakdown of each champions power budget just to see what Riot thinks makes X champion strong. Like giving us actually percentages on these things to see what is supposed to be strong on each champion. Maybe then they'd have to sit down and look at some of these champions and realize that some are way over tuned vs others.
: honestly stop making chroma packs for skins that belong in a skin line its dumb
Agreed. Bloodmoon skins should be red. Winter Wonderland skins should be blue/white. Arclight should be yellow-ish gold and white. Making Arclight or Bloodmoon skins blue doesn't fit the skin line. Same with Winter Wonderland being red or yellow. Why even bother calling it that skinline when you're just gonna throw chromas on it to mess with the coloring. Not every skin needs a chroma. Imagine a chroma for Silver Kayle and Black Alistar. Yeah, it would be dumb playing a red Silver Kayle skin, so stop doing it for your other color based skin lines. I mean, what's the point of prestiege skins with the same animations as the base skins if there are also gold chromas for other skins that use that skins specific animation?
: They patched that a while back as far as I know. If you swap too often you apparently get threatening messages saying you'll lose the right to have separate rankings.
Good to know, since that was beyond dumb. But still, it seems like people just do whatever they want when not in their main role, which sorta ruins the whole point of this position system.
: I'll be honest: If you are complaining about Janna standing behind you, you don't know her kit. That's where she SHOULD be. But she should be doing more than just shielding.
Late game yeah, but early game she's really strong at poking, hence why the recommended item for her is spell thief. If you take spell thief and never do anything except press E, you might as well take coin so you actually make money from your support item and get your sight stone earlier. And I do know Janna's kit. She has a really strong W and Q that can not only be used to disengage, but also to engage. Early game, she can W the enemy ADC and E herself to avoid taking return damage. Or, start a tornado out of vision, run up to the ADC, press W on them, press Q when they are in the path of your tornado, and hopefully your ADC notices the knocked up target and finishes them off. Believe me, there's a lot a Janna can do in lane besides just spam E on cooldown.
: 1) Let the incompetent ADC die instead of making it a double kill trying to save him. 2) Let the incompetent ADC die again instead of making it a double kill trying to save him. 3) Ignore his complaints about you letting him die instead of making it a double kill trying to save him. 4) Let the opposing bot lane take all the turret plates. 5) Let the incompetent ADC die again instead of making it a double kill trying to save him. 6) Let the opposing bot lane take the turret. 7) Ping off your jangler. 8) Pray that your other lanes are winning. 9) Profit. {{champion:142}}
This exactly. If someone is being dumb, let them be dumb alone. Better to be losing 1 kill instead of 2.
: Lol from playing both roles it does go both ways. I would say there are more horrible supports then adc.
The problem is that Support dictates the bot lane, so if you are a competent ADC but your support has no clue what to do, then you basically lose your lane phase because of it. It's even worse when you are a lane winning ADC/support. I had a game where the enemy Thresh was roaming around the map while my Leona stood behind me letting the solo Caitlyn free farm. Like, zone her. She's alone. Just walk up into the bush and throw abilities at her if she dares get near the wave. Boom, now Cait is behind and will be extremely worthless during her mid game. Or, go counter Thresh's roams and stop leeching exp. Or, you have supports like the "I'll stand 9 feet behind you and shield" Janna's who take Spell thief without using a single ability on the enemies so you're essentially in a 1v2 with 200 extra hp now and then. Great... Or the "I don't want to actually support" Veigar's that miss every Q and cage (like not even trapping them inside it, just straight up misses), gets fed up because you aren't playing aggressively enough when he misses, starts taking farm, pushes the wave, runs forward after you start backing, dies to the obvious jungler who's been in that bush on a ward for almost 2 minutes now, and then blames you for leaving him. At least with an incompetent ADC I can at least use them as bait cause the enemy team will think "we have to kill that ADC" so maybe we can get return kills on our actually fed members. Or, if all else fails, hope the ADC knows how to stand still and right click late game and pray the enemy team doesn't notice that they got their 4 items and now actually do damage despite not knowing what to do. Plus there is always the age old adage of "you used all that to kill a support, lul".
: Can we corale mages out of the support position
Just make Enchanters worth it again so they can actually defend people with their abilities instead of just being walking double kill for the assassins/divers when trying to defend the ADC. And fix all the mages that the mage update screwed up and they'll be able to survive in mid lane again. But until then, I'm going to play what I need to play in order to win my games. If that means that my teamcomp of Fiora, Rengar, Talon, Vayne, and Brand isn't fun, I can't help that, but I need to be the AP, AOE, and waveclear my team needs since none of them thought those were important qualities. Would've picked Zyra for easier CC, but since the enemy has an Irelia and my plants become just a free gapcloser for her, I'll just hope my AOE damage makes up for our lack of CC since no one else on my team thought that was an important thing to have vs that Yi pick. Literally, there are so many games I've had where teammates ignore obvious team comp issues and just pick whatever they want to play and I'm stuck trying to cover 14 different things from the support position. At least having a viable mage support helps for those instances. Granted, I would rather not be the APC of our team when I'm 3 levels down and 4K gold behind the enemy APC, but that's the hand I'm dealt so I work with it. If mages were more fun to play mid, maybe more mid laners would choose them.
: Nobody cares to be fair. This entire season is a big joke. People have already started to not log on anymore. Automated system throwing out bans like candy.. oh unless you say "I lagged" when you feed, of course. This entire year is a joke. You autofill me and expect me to give 2 dangs? Man I'ma just type "Sorry, lagging" in all chat and run it down to end the game faster. After all, #NotMyRole.
Just duo your way to masters. Get a friend and you queue up for his role and him for you role. Then just swap in champ select. Now you get to play against lower tier players and get the winning points put on your main role. Easy way to rank up from what I've heard.
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