: ARAM Balance changes on champions
"Balancing" Aram is the equivalence of balancing a of chance. Also I'm surprised they didn't realize that the buffs they gave to certain champs can now be abused with mark. Mark is the best spell for a melee champ (especially assassins) or champ with mobility. Also would like to note that I just played a game where every champ on the enemy team had buffs while our team just had nerfs. We got demolish, because the enemy champs had mark and since they have an increased damage percentile and my team had increased damage intake it only made the enemy stronger. All in all this game is completely random and shouldn't be balance because it can only create frustrating situations where you feel robbed because you have a nerf and they have a buff. I understand it's also annoying to go against a team with shields and poke (cc). But Riot already made that feature that pools the champ to the top so you can better team composition and that's made the game better. Also aram games have gotten shorter over the years so just let the enemy team taunt or whatever and just open mid aram's honor system has been lacking since the balance where an akali taunts like she's good but has a stupid buff.
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Pyme (NA)
: Ranked ARAM?
This can also help with the annoying "It's just ARAM chill"
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: Olaf vs. Everything 2
This is one https://youtu.be/7pZhWyQbSjc?t=15 page
: dude wat mmr are you in i tried it didnt do shit there w isnt enough of a gap closer
> [{quoted}](name=FATRATComing ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZsdifsBs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-09T13:28:40.477+0000) > > dude wat mmr are you in i tried it didnt do shit there w isnt enough of a gap closer I don't understand, it's working good for me. I've been getting wins non stop (except when my team is doing bad but even then you can carry if they haven't fed)
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