: New players start playing League every day, and while you're new you will be matched up with people of similar skill (or very low level accounts created by smurfs, but these will quickly be escalated to play with other smurfs, so you won't see them for long if at all). Welcome to League of Legends! Thanks for giving the game and community a chance. Consider using the Boards to ask for help or tips if you find yourself getting stuck while learning the game. Also: Don't be afraid to lose. It's part of learning, and League is a permanent learning experience since it's always changing. Just do your best and try to do better next time!
: Honestly, it is probably better to not have someone smurf with you if completely new. Don't get me wrong, they can take you into a custom match or bots to help teach you, but pvp would be a bad mix with a smurf. ARAM is usually considered a "for fun" mode so people may be more chill there. Most of the time they will complain about the rng since champs are random. Until you get a few matches in, you may get matched with leveling bots though; so don't get a big head. For blinds, you should be matching with other newbies. There might be some super fresh smurfs, but just mute them if they start talking smack. You can't learn or get better without actually playing. Win some, lose some. Learn what you can do better no matter what.
Mmkay, thanks for the advice!
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