Ulanopo (NA)
: >Riot created a game, that at its core, will bring out the worst in people due to the nature of the game. How is different from, say basketball or Monopoly? Lots of games have a random element or a team component. What makes MOBAs worse in general? What makes League worse than other MOBAs?
In basketball your teammates are not usually random. Furthermore, a good basketball or football player will still be known for the individual skill regardless of win/loss of the team. IE Junior Seau of the Chargers or something like that. Even with a bad team, they aren't random so you can probably reason with them and worth together to change how things are going...which you seldom can do in league without everyone getting triggered.This is why MOBAS are ridiculously worse, not to mention the fact that basket ball or other sports have rules that barely ever change, and everyone on the team is the same character--a human being. You won't randomly be match up against something different that is OP, and hes not taking advantage of the latest patch or buff. The fact that I have to even explain this to you rather disturbing.
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aZ3R0n (NA)
: We ARE reading the post and the chat logs! You're just acting like a stubborn child because we do not agree with you. YOU were toxic. The context of what was happening in the game is IRRELEVANT. This is YOUR punishment on YOUR account, and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with what Teemo or any other player did in any of those games. Get that through your head and you might have a chance of being a decent person someday.
Stupid players deserve to be put in their place. Its not toxic, its called not putting up with fucking nonsense.
: Then ban him lol, what are bans for? Also the only problem about Yi IMO gameplay-wise, and it's a personal thing, is that he is too hard to click on after he Q's, let him dodge stuff but it's so fucking disorienting that it feels like he's untargetable for .5-1 more seconds than he actually is. Combined with the fact that he kills you in about 1 second late game... you see how that's a problem. The reduced cooldown on Q from a kill is really unnecessary imo, reducing it by autoing is plenty.
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: Wow. It's a game dude! A game that's free for you to play! You are really going to wish harm upon real people in real life because they aren't doing a good enough job on the free product that they offer you?! I think you're taking things a little too seriously.
Im not wishing harm on them. I am saying how I would react if what I said came true. Can you not read? Free. Haha F2P makes more money than P2P, so lets dispense with the idea that somehow its so great of them to make the game "Free". If people on average weren't spending more than if they just paid to play, it wouldn't be making as much money as it does. Collectively, the players of LOL pay MORE compared to a game that is pay to play. I think I take things serious enough. And I am serious when I said that Riot has a infestation of incompetent, and ego driven nerds who losing touch with what makes a game fun, and fair. Rickles for example, what a little shit. He ruins everything he touches trying to impose his stupid nerd vision on everything. Fuck him.
Skorch (NA)
: wait wait wait wait wait. Love affair? with who? Pantheon? Um... you are the first person i have seen mention Pantheon in a gameplay boards since i started looking at the boards early season 6. So i dont really know what you mean by love affair.
I think people just gave up on it. Hes been OP for a long time. The fact that he gets free blocks its fucking ridiculous, and way too strong of a defensive feature.
AngelRain (EUW)
: The number of bots in Co-Op vs. AI is disgusting.
Well that is what happens when they place shut a huge burden to be able to play ranked on a new account. Its fucking nonsense so people resort to bots. Just let me fucking PAY Riot for a new level 30 account. Or make it take half as long to get to level 30 playing bots. Every time I think about Riot, the more I realize I truly despite their existence. I would literally have multiple orgasms in my pants if I woke up and read that Riot went out of business and everyone who worked there is now poor, sick, alone and living on the streets.
: Frozen mallt should be Melee only like the Hydras
That would make too much sense for the retards at Riot to understand
Ralanr (NA)
: How does it make balancing harder?
Because now they are making decisions for classes. They will miss things. They will implement changes for a class and not foresee the unintended consequences of individual champions
Ralanr (NA)
: Frankly, I think catcher is a dumb name.
Who cares. Sub classes are just a rabbit hole that Riot created that forces them to make category changes which makes balancing harder.
: ***
Right. Except, I believe that Riot doesn't tell us everything. I honestly believe they are a shady ass company.
Rewt (NA)
: Riot doesnt do anything they just set the MMR train agoing and walk away. the MMR matches you with similar ranked players and away you go.
Thats what they say. How do we know really?
Rewt (NA)
: Riot doesnt do anything they just set the MMR train agoing and walk away. the MMR matches you with similar ranked players and away you go.
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: Why is shaco on that list? He's not too good anymore
Doesn't matter. He is annoying, and annoying champions stack tilt.
: > [{quoted}](name=DonnieDarkin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1tz0gUte,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-05-23T03:42:37.086+0000) > > I just watched the video. Both team ban all 5 at once. And? And they can overlap.
Wow. Riot really just has to give us lip service with changes, but still secretly find some way to protect their favorite champions from a perma-ban
: Someone didn't see how they're implementing "10" (read: 5-10) bans.
I just watched the video. Both team ban all 5 at once. And?
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Aptest (EUW)
: Just a heads up. Rakan is actually broken. you just don't know how to build him. Go see on champion.gg thank me later
I don't play him, but thank you for your little self serving unsolicited advice.
: Um... ok. So you're passive-aggressive? What are you, my girlfriend? That's just being a rager and being kind of a sissy about it.
So my options are to not vent, or what, vent in the match. What is your point exactly?
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: Look fuckleboy, just in case you've suddenly gone blind between the number of times you got dropped on the head as a child and the time you posted that, maybe go back and actually _look_ at the linked page. If you do, you might find out that they have graphs and statistics for damn near every measurable answer to every question you ever asked me.
Again, you presented an argument based on incomplete data. Its not my job to research your data for you. You should present the ins and outs of it. You are just mad because you were a lazy sack of shit and got called out on it.
: Yeah so I will explain it really short here. Look, Riot has a big space station just 50.000 miles above earth. Inside that space station there are roughly 34.000.000 monkey sitting in front of ultra highspeed computers and pack players together into a game. For example you're in queue now a monkey in the space station sees that you want to play a game. Now the monkey has a hard choice: Who should the monkey choose to play with you. He looks up your recent games and if you won a few recently, the monkey will pick bad performing players for your team and mix together 5 smurfs for the enemy team. If you ever wonder why the queue time sometimes takes 5 - 10 minutes, that's because the monkey can't decide and has to ask his superior for further actions. Hope I could help you out there.
: You obviously have a closed mind this was to help the adcs even be viable riot must not of like the idea or more mages like Ziggs replacing adcs so they are trying to make them viable
They were plenty viable before. In fact every team NEEDED one at bot. So who were they not viable?
: It was stupid that AD champs didn't have an item that gives armor and AD when they had items that gave AD and MR. IT was stupid for GA to give tank stats when it was meant for carries. They fixed both problems.
Yeah? So what number or evidence can you show me that the new GA changed anything?
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: It matches you based on MMR. If a gold 5 player has lower MMR - Which is dropping elo, a silver 2 player has higher MMR - gaining elo, they will be placed in the same game regardless of their current rank. P.S .... the first step to winning games is to not blame your teammates and focus on your own mistakes and what you could have done better.
Yeah of course, but there are some cases where, it really doesn't matter what you do. The game ends and your jungler yi has 2900 damage. You were never going to win that match.
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Quepha (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DonnieDarkin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZrZusyNq,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2017-05-21T17:00:58.350+0000) > > Uh no. The champion he slows likely has a way to also slow or stun and increase their movement speed. Did you think before you posted that? So you don't actually just want Aatrox to have a tool to stick to targets, you want him to have a tool to stick to targets that absolutely trumps any amount of cc or escapes the enemy has so he is completely inescapable? I can't say I'm very surprised, a lot of Aatrox mains seem to make ridiculous demands for the power state of the champion with absolutely no thought to game balance.
Uh no, that is not what I am saying. How about this, dense one, go back and read the post without you bias and try responding again. Its not a ridiculous demand. The fact that any CC is basically a hard fuck you to him means that the quicker he can get back to autoing the better his chances there. There are a about a million ways right now to shut him down hard--Randuins and Frozen heart, any CC, good kiting...it doesn't end. I like how its no problem for that there are already tons of champs that have stupid amounts of moblity and with their items, are nearly inescapable, but wanting aatrox to have a way to increase his movement speed a little is suddenly going to break the game. God damn fucking trolls. Use brains before you post. For Gods sakes. You should also probably play aatrox in a serious way for a length of time before you let you inflated ego butt in and talk about shit you know nothing about.
: I didn't answer your follow up questions because I'm not your fucking schoolteacher, and I'm not a goddamn psychic. The percentages are the stats which are the _data_. Your feelz are not realz.
Haha oh its my job to organize you statistics? If you think one percentage tells any story about anything, you clearly have never bothered with mathematics or critical thinking. My question were valid and that is you argument, that one number, the burden is on you to argue it, not for me to research for you. God damn, so many jokes of human beings on here.
NovaDisk (NA)
: He does. It's called Blade of the Ruined King. Garen has a speed steroid but it's also his primary nuke, CC, and escape, so if he uses it to close the gap but can't land it he's useless. Aatrox already has a gapcloser and a slow.
most champions have a gap closer and a slow. They also work well with items like {{item:3142}}, but yet they have a way in their kit to move faster, so whats your point?
: They tell you everything you wanted to know. Now stop shifting the fucking goalposts, you whiny dip.
You didn't answer my follow up questions. You thought you could just copy and past a percentage and win the argument. Nice try.
: Well of course not. My post accomplished nothing. Your post accomplished nothing. Our lives accomplish nothing. In the end all of our struggles are meaningless and we die alone and without reason. Eat at Arbys. Of course, I DID get your attention and bring to light my point... which you seem to have gotten finally. So I'd say actually that this post DID accomplish something. It also brought a glimmer of joy to my otherwise blackened heart... so there's that. But if you're still denying being a rager in-game, great. I hope you're not. I mean, I have no proof for that and you sure as fuck SEEM like a rager, but hey... whatever. Go forth merrily and don't rage, my friend. The point of this post was never to change your mind. No one in the internet has ever changed their mind over an argument. People are stubborn and stupid and cognitive bias is a powerful thing. The point of the post was to amuse myself, and rile you up. In both goals, it succeeded. I'll let myself out. Good day.
Clearly you don't understand passive aggression. Else you wouldn't be so confused as why someone like me can talk how I do here and yet not be a rager in the game.
: his ult gives movement speed
Quepha (NA)
: space is relative, and his E slows targets, therefore he possesses a way to increase his movement speed (relative to enemy champions) gg friendo
Uh no. The champion he slows likely has a way to also slow or stun and increase their movement speed. Did you think before you posted that?
: http://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/aatrox/top Seems like it tells the story of all of those numbers. Also, he climbs up to 53% in Diamond+ Face it dude; Aatrox is not a weak toplaner right now.
Haha. My god, you people on these boards. First of all. How many people in Diamond + mained him to that rank? Or are GOOD players now trying him and doing well in niche picks, thus driving his win rate up? These numbers don't tell ANYTHING.
: Kid, your offensive and insulting demeanor here is reason enough for me to assume you're a pretty common rager. Personal attacks. Smug, condescending attitude. Insults and speaking down to people for bothering to speak to you. If you're NOT a toxic rager, I'd be shocked. Also, in my first post here, you'll note I didn't say "you are a rager" I said "the worst player on the team is usually the one raging and blaming his teammates". Now, if that IS you, I was spot on... wasn't it? And if that was NOT you, why so defensive homie? I didn't call you out specifically until you got a hair up your ass and started tearing into me. But hey, I'm sure you're just gonna keep assuming you're right cause you want to be. Keep spitting them personal attacks and insults at me while ALSO trying to convince me that you're not someone who rages at his team. Makes a REAL strong case.
I see what you are trying to do. I know you think you are smart, but I get pissed of with any of my posts when I feel like a comment doesnt't address the issue. You are trying to read into that to bolster your assumption I rage in the game. Cute, but wrong. Anyways, what was your point? Oh that's, you literally have none. You posting on my post has accomplished nothing at all. GOOD JOB.
Ralanr (NA)
: So why not build him bruiser? Bork, BC, visage, deadmans, boots, and a hydra?
IT sounds good and can work, but with the amount of burst damage in the game and hard CC, his attack speed, unless he has both hellbent and massacre active, is lacking with that build. His most important move is auto attacking. So he can heal or do bonus damage, and the 25% AS from BOTRK isn't enough for me. I feel the deficiency all match
Paquay (NA)
: Data points my dear Watson, data points. If things are always so easy to see then no game would need to go through Beta and then there would be no rebalancing needed in all games. The world, and more specifically, video games, doesn't work like that. "Do you really assign that much thinking to them?" They run the world's most popular video game. I do assign that much thinking to them. Not to say that they don't make mistakes, but to assume they just re-write some code, call it good, then implement the changes is ridiculous.
McDonalds run the worst most well known fast food chain. Therefore, they are masters of food right? Their product is high quality? I know it sounds ridiculous, be in any organization you will have people who do the minimum, or get promoted to position that reveals their incompetence. You think that doesn't happen with Riot? You are living in a fantasy world my friend.
Paquay (NA)
: Maybe, just maybe, there is a bigger picture that they see. You complain about one champ when they just did a tank re-work. Yes, he needs some adjustments, but they are doing that. Damn, it's like everyone wants everything that they work on to come out 100% perfectly balanced and never need any adjustments. At least they are fixing it.
A bigger picture? What was the bigger picture when they left tank ekko a thing for so long? Do you really assign that much thinking to them? "Damn, it's like everyone wants everything that they work on to come out 100% perfectly balanced and never need any adjustments. At least they are fixing it." Yes and here is why. Upon release of many changes, such as poppy rework, the community can instantly, withouth even fucking playing the champion, that that champion is now busted and is going to be nerfed. And of course Riot eventually nerfs the champion. So if so many things are obvious to us, why is so hard for them to see it?
: 50+% winrate suggests that shit is precisely what he is not.
Whats that win rate based on? Whats the win rate of players who have a few hundred games with him vs people with less than say, 30, matches? What is is win rate in Diamond and above? You cant just spit out a number and expect it to tell the whole story.
Ralanr (NA)
: I mean...it's not like champions buy items to make up for weaknesses or anything.
They do, but Aatrox is also pulled in more directions with what he needs for his build. Built him tank, he does baby damae, build lots of damage, he can die easily. Skip attack speed and you dont proc your heal fast enough.
Lanyr (NA)
: Being close minded yourself doesn't mean we are. I called you a potato because it's a vegetable and in game vegetables are useless. Play some jungle see the other side of things, if you're not a jungled don't judge on how they do their game as they shouldn't criticize how you can or poke. Lighten up buttercup
You insult me, then tell me to lighen up. Class act. I have played jungle, and no one here has yet made a good argument as to why a team should be okay with being ganked every 2 minutes while their jungler (who had early ganking abilities) isn't ganking. The fact that you think I'm closed minded makes me weep for the fucking future. You and the rest, you are just parroting what you read as gospel...and then calling me closed minded. What a fucking joke.
Lanyr (NA)
: Why did you post if you're just looking for confirmation bias? All these posts have been well constructed and helpful and you're discounting it because it opposes your view. If you had a bunch of posts saying "yeah jgler are the worst!" It wouldn't give any solution to the problem you've constructed. You have downvotes because it's a poor perspective on 1/5 of the roles players play. Take a walk
haha take a walk. I love how deeply the trolls try to deconstruct post the was obviously meant just to vent. None of their points btw had any validity. The problem still remains--if you are the 1 gank junlger to the enemies 5 ganks within 10 minutes, you have to ask yourself if what you are doing and will do, is going to outweigh the momentum that the enemy junlger, and the enemy lanes, already have. For everyone to sit here and lecture me as if there is always only one way to jungle and one solution is the height of not only arrogance but ignorance.
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