HeeroTX (NA)
: Unfortunately, the "fed" part doesn't matter. I've been most fed member of my team several games as ADC, but me being up 4-5 kills at 15 mins means nothing when top and mid are a combined 0-9 and jungle is either feeding more kills or afk-farming. My final game last night, I shit you not, enemy JG declares that they're int'ing at start of game and proceeds to run it down mid all game. Enemy team has an int'er so of course we win right? Nope, Despite being 12-0 around 10 mins, mids STILL loses lane, top ALSO loses lane and for SOME idiotic reason, even though there is NO enemy jungle because he's literally just int'ing I'm stuck in a 2v1 bot because support and our own JG think it looks like a blast to go for the freebies in mid and instead of using our advantage in numbers just feed by chasing the int'er for no reason at all. And yes, we LOST that game against a team with an int'er.
That's fair. I still think it stems from _someone_ getting too fed. Some champions are particularly tough to bounce back against and score a shutdown before it's too late. Most games are way too short. I get that (in ranked especially) folks want to lock down their win and move on, but at the same time the most rewarding games are the really close/balanced ones where it goes to 45 minutes and you barely eek out a win through superior teamwork rather than one person getting crazy fed and going 1v5.
: Personal opinion: season 9 has become the hardest one to carry and win games in
I think it's the 'playing support' bit. Whether it's someone on the enemy team or your's getting fed, it's ultimately **not you**. We still get the same minimal support gold income. It's why even after all the nerfs I've gone back to playing {{champion:143}} even though I'm much better at and enjoy playing {{champion:432}} so much more. She gets more kill = more gold = more control of your destiny. Support as a role feels much better when damage is low and the meta is less snowbally :/
: Youd think a large balloon man would be tanky but nothing in his kit promots it. I feel like hes not really expected to have any stats but mana regen and CDR since his scaling is ass in every way but crit chance ironically.
Nothing directly, you're 100% right on that. That said, the very positioning/angle intensive nature of his Q really promotes the idea of moving in closer and moving more freely around to get to the right spot. Maybe I'm biased, but tank items should be viable for other roles. Maybe not *ideal* but at least have a noticeable impact vs. the current situation.
GigglesO (NA)
: No Defense = Poor Gameplay
I just want a game where fights either naturally last longer or we have a choice to build tank items (on non tanks) to reasonably live longer like in season 4-5. Longer fights are just more fun and move the emphasis from vision/catching out to playing well over a longer period of time during team fights- repositioning, chasing, using multiple skill rotations, etc. I really, really miss playing offtank {{champion:432}} in these long fights back in the day. Stun, drop a health pack near ADC, Magical Journey behind the enemy flank to setup the next stun, hold Tempered Fate for a great catch or escape, Stun, Journey away, etc. Nowadays I can carry a game MUCH harder with Bard due to his early damage, but I actually prefer the more beefy/utilitarian playstyle that is durable enough to setup those flanking plays I just can't do any more since I die if an ADC/Mage/Assassin/Fighter so much as looks at me. Raw burst damage is boring, one dimensional, and ultimately selfish.
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: Forgotten Champions
SoloQ? Not so much. In organized team tourneys (only gold level, but still) I see Azir, Gnar, Olaf, Shen, Viktor, and Zac. Kog, Nid, Taliya, and Trundle definitely are absent from both though.
Jamaree (NA)
: For all the people saying damage is too high, are you willing to let your main/role take a nerf?
Support main and I'd be fine with most any nerf that came my way. I simply prefer the tactical style of longer fights and feel that the game being so bursty puts way too much emphasis on positioning/vision control rather than actually playing your champion and adapting to conditions within a fight. Right now there's just way, way too much emphasis on catching someone out, turning it into a 5v4 and pressing your advantage from there. That said, IMO it would be much healthier for the game if damage was unchanged and defensive/tank items were instead tweaked. Some could remain as-is, but there needs to be a some items that offer massive defensive stats but come with a significant **damage penalty**. That way we could return to the super-tanks of the old days who can truly front-line but they would be dealing much less damage than they currently are. It would also go far to revive the utility caster playstyle- champions like Bard, Karma, Lulu, etc. who want sustained battlefield presence at the expense of their damage output. Just for example: _Thornmail_ would gain even more armor, but come with a -15% penalty to all damage you deal. I'd probably extend this idea to one other armor item and two MR items. **TLDR: Damage levels are high, but would be fine if players who dislike burst damage had a reasonable option to counter it.**
: Remove penetration, nerf base damages, buff item ad/ap amounts
Agreed on your point for sure- its tends to be such a dichotomy of OP or useless in most cases. What are your thoughts on the usefulness of tank items for non-tanks? I played a lot until early season 5 so am definitely speaking from those days as a point of reference. Back I often played Bard as more of an offtank, forsaking damage/healing in order to play a little more aggro and get better stun angles, etc. Now if you're not a tank building those kind of items seems to have minimal effect on survivability. It's almost like Riot is giving the finger to people who don't like burst damage.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 6
Hi Meddler! Late reply, but I was wondering if you could comment on Bard? I won't say he's in dire need of buffs or anything, but the power distribution in his kit feels overly concentrated in his very early game trading/kill pressure and if you can't make good on it he really feels behind the whole game. Would be curious specifically on your thoughts on cutting his early damage a bit and either increasing his AA range (safer trades) and/or making him a little more durable in his defensive stat growth (better all-in potential later game). He's so positioning dependant for his Q and AA combo yet is easily outpoked or killed outright in the mid/late game. Thanks for any insight you could provide!
: I can tell you just came back because you're way off the mark. Actually, a lot of champions are putting out less and slower damage than they need to be healthy. That's why we have drama like aftershock lissandra and lulu mid is fine right now. Nothing can kill them.
Maybe I'm coming at it from the perspective of a support main, but I feel like I chunk and get chunked much harder than before Runes Reforged. Hell, Level 1-2 Bard w/ Electrocute I can take nearly half the health of many champions with a Q + AA combo, but I can't wade in like I once could even when building purely defensive support items. The same with Nautilus too, for another example. He doesn't live nearly as long as he used to, but his full CC combo (with the ADC behind of course) is most often a very easy kill. Maybe there's some champions that do less than they have in very recent memory, but the overall state of the game feels very burst damage oriented. I'm only in gold though, maybe things feel different higher up?
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macspam (NA)
: im gonna be honest, i am not sure sometimes if the Bard shrine is completed or not. It needs a visiblle timer.
Every Bard skin has something about the Shrine that makes it stand out much more. Base skin has a brighter glow effect. Snow day has a full cup that is has a straw in it that spins and the whole Shrine has a particle effect. Either way it only takes 10 seconds so it's normally pretty obvious :)
Kat XD (NA)
: I haven't seen anything about this but if it's true, it's the first time they would be breaking their rework philosophy of "keeping a champion's identity intact." I and I'm sure many other players would agree that Teemo's on-hit poison, alongside his Blind and Mushrooms, is an iconic part of his kit.
OP is over-reacting. Hit kit has all the same elements, they tweaked how some of the skills work/interact but the core identity is the same. See the dev post on it: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/fOgfco8Y-teemo-changes-temporarily-on-pbe-for-early-feedback
: The obscenely heavy influnence esports has on balance needs to stop.
Ignoring specific champions for a moment I feel the reason for the burstier meta the past few years is because it makes for a more exciting spectator esport but not as enjoyable for your average player as a game. Assassins and burst mages, sure, but I know a lot of folks enjoy the game more when burst/snowball isn't as extreme and fights last longer.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 22
Is there anything on the table for Bard in the near future? He's certainly not in dire straights, but his kit has felt somewhat unbalanced lately. His early damage is quite strong and can lead to strong snowballed roaming yet his usefulness really wanes into mid/late game if he even falls a little behind. Maybe a slight nerf to his base damage (early ranks especially) combined with some functionality changes like +25 AA range and a little more health? Just some thoughts as someone who loves maining the champ. Thanks!
: Have you considered playing Nami or Sona? Try pinging them off the shrine if you see them going there at the wrong time and politely remind them not to take it until it matures.
Yeah, I play them a good bit in team tourney games (more so Nami) but prefer Bard in SoloQ even though the enchanters are better ATM.
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JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: I don't know what elo you are playing in, but here in silver i am pretty much the bully when using bard. When at level 1 your q + AA + passive + electrocute chops 30% of an adc's health you know you got a strong champion...
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: Idea for an Inspiration or Resolve-located tankiness rune
I get this isn't supposed to be a Keystone but it would be nice to have a keystone that helps squishier champions move towards more of an offtanky role for different type builds if they're willing to give up some damage/healing/shielding innate in their kit. Aftershock only works with certain kits/situations, Guardian is more about protecting the ADC, and Grasp is pretty bad considering champions with lower base health who are ranged. Would be great to see a fourth option that actually provides sustained defense or let's tank items become more effective.
CLG ear (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Draehl,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7wEYA6ex,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-04T00:02:24.694+0000) > > {{champion:254}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:37}} are all pretty beefy. Hell, there's actually rather few petite champions who aren't teenagers. {{champion:99}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:222}} maybe? Most of the female champs in the game are built like chesty Barbie dolls as the OP said. why is jinx there she is a stick figure lmao
> [{quoted}](name=CLG ear,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7wEYA6ex,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-02-04T00:04:36.741+0000) > > why is jinx there she is a stick figure lmao Re-read my post.
hoganftw (NA)
: @Riot, where are the thicc women at?
{{champion:254}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:37}} are all pretty beefy. Hell, there's actually rather few petite champions who aren't teenagers. {{champion:99}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:222}} maybe? Most of the female champs in the game are built like chesty Barbie dolls as the OP said.
: karma kit proposals
No specific suggestions but I'd love to see them double down on the caster offtank niche. You used to be able to build tank items on many champions and make it work- I was fond of this with Bard and know a lot of folks did it with Lulu, Lissandra, Fiddle, Karthus, Sona, etc. If we can't have it on the wide variety again it would be great to have a champion dedicated towards the playstyle.
AjXtar (EUW)
: Old karma spotlight shows how balanced was the damage compared to now
I miss those days! While it was after this video you once could build offtank Bard and proceed to deep ward, flank for stuns, and generally be pure utility rather than so damage focused & squishy like he is right now. Runes Reforged ruined so many things...
: Counterplay should extend past champ select.
Yup. I'd kill for ranked to be blind pick with bans. While it's nice to be able to counter pick it's even more annoying to be counterpicked against when you're not even playing something particularly OP. When I early pick Bard it's quite normal to see either a hard engage lane like Jinx/Thresh or they decide to completely outrange you like Cait/Lux. Pick Nautilus? Sivir, Tristana, Morgana suddenly get quite popular. You can't just play your game and them theirs, it's gotta turn into this silly metagaming power struggle mess where someone gets the edge off something as arbitrary as random pick order.
Saezio (EUNE)
: " Don't rely on your team " basically means that a players decision making should be as follows CAN I GET THIS KILL/OBJECTIVE/WHATEVER ALONE WITH ZERO HELP FROM TEAM? If yes proceed if no back off. INSTEAD OF THIS NOW WE GOT A KILL MID WE SHOULD ROAM BOT AS 4 GET DOUBLE THEN DRAGON. You need to plan what YOU are doing in low elos. If your plan involves giving a kill without getting at least a triple DONT FUCKING DO IT. It is all about YOU. The team are npcs and the enemies are better than you, that's the mentality one should use. When playing low elo don't expect people to do good team calls not on your team not on the enemy team, they will get greedy, they will fuck up that's why they are on this elo. In a silver-gold game there are always gonna be tons of 85%/15% calls to make so don't go for the fucking 55%/45% because you are ahead, a better opportunity will arise just sit your ass down and farm
Agreed. It can be tough as a support main though since you rely so heavily on the bad calls of others. If your Draven decides to tower dive you either go with him for the small chance you come out ahead but most likely feed the enemy team another kill OR you do what you know is right and pull back then you've set him on tilt and have to deal with complaining for 5 minutes. Or even ignoring judgement calls and mechanical play: folks not knowing how the kits of other champions even work. I've played with many ADCs in high Gold who don't know Bard's shrines heal for double if you wait, don't know how to use magical journey, expect peels then the Jax diving them isn't anywhere near a wall or minion to stun against, etc.
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: How does everyone feel about the game. Good and bad stuff about it?
Amazing game- one of the best of all time. Varied champions, great gameplay, every match feels unique and exciting. Only negative is Riot has never been able to sustain a meta where burst isn't overbearing yet tanks don't take over. Would love to see them buff every champion's health per level by a flat amount and then do a nerf pass on tanks afterwards.
Gilgayu (NA)
: So since this is your first concept, I'll give you an in-depth analyze. be ready ;) _____________________________ >Passive: Enchanted Supply Bag - Your consumable effects (potions and wards) last twice as long and potions apply the standard potion effect to a nearby ally. This is very strong if he plays support, but since we have so many mega-minds in high elo, I'm suspecting this will be used in a different way. If Ehfar plays jungle, he will aid his laners by buying {{item:2032}} . He can literally just roam the high map, using potions as he come near one of his lanes. He doesn't even need to truly commit to a gank to help his team win lane. That's why it's a bit strong. I suggest making him grant __half__ the effect of the standard potion to __all__ allies instead. The twice duration for wards is also quite long considering he can be a support too. I suggest making the duration 1.5 times as long instead. It is still almost enough to keep one of the bushes warded at all times even if you just rely on the normal wards without the help of support items. _______________________ >Q: Sonic Spear - Skillshot with 2 charges which throws a magic charged spear that emits a powerful shockwave upon striking an enemy or terrain, identical to a blast cone! This effect deals magnified damage to turrets. This is a decent ability. I'm not so sure about dealing bonus damage against turret, especially when you mentioned you want him to be a tank. It should be fine, though ___________________ >W: Glowing Compass - Activate to greatly increase your movement speed and that of that of allies near you or one of your wards anywhere on the map. So... this is where the biggest question lies. Is it really okay to make a basic ability global? For this specific concept, I think it's alright, but I'll still give a tweaked version so you can compare the two. >W: Glowing Compass Passive: Ehfar and his allies will gain 5/10/15/20/25 bonus movement speed when within 700 units of a ward put down by Ehfar Active: Ehfar can target any unit within his vision (so in a way it is global), gaining 10/15/20/25/30% movement speed and tenacity while moving towards it for 4/4.5/5/5.5/6 seconds or until Ehfar is within 500 units of them. This will be slightly stronger, and being global will still be fine more or less. It should have a high cooldown though, but I guess you aren't a big number guy. ___________________________ >E: Sparkling Relic - Create a temporary oasis refuge in a large area at your location for 5 seconds, providing allies with health regeneration and increasing the effect of your team's summoner spells by 25%. Very interesting ability. Summoner spell's effects aren't usually changed because for different spells it can mean a completely different thing. It is a thing almost impossible to balance, and my suggestion will not be an objective one -- don't use it... A similar ability can be giving it the ability to recast (to heal/damage all units in the area, idk) if any champions (ally or not) casts a summoner spell while this is in effect. In a way the summoner spell interaction is kept, and it is easier to change than increasing the effectiveness of summoner spells. ___________________________ >R: Magic Camel Ride - Ehfar's seemingly normal camel mount surges with magical energy, knocking nearby enemies into the air and transforming into one of three random mounts for 8 seconds. Enemies are again knocked into the air when the transformation ends. Beetle: Take massively reduced damage and can burrow through walls. Scorpion: Cannot be slowed and your attacks apply a very strong true damage DoT effect. Phoenix: Pulses area fire damage, gain the Guardian Angel effect for the remainder of transformation. Phoenix is already used by Udyr, so I suggest picking a different animal. Beside that it's a decent ult ______________________ Well, that's it, good job :D
Thanks for the feedback. The bit on the global ult makes sense. The bit on him being a tank probably should change as he doesn't have the best hard engage. Probably something like an offtank/weird utility champ similar to Ivern or Rakan. Even on the Rakan front it might be cool to give him a medium range AA like Rakan. Not quite melee but not quite ranged- especially since he has the spear.
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xAcidik (NA)
: The second and third are bad, in my opinion, because assassins will suffer greatly from buffed tanks. Greatly. Most true tanks have fantastic peel power, and jumping on a squishy with an enemy tank within peel range *will* get you killed, even now. The reason assassins go unpunished is just because we don't have tanks in our games. The rest, I like, especially the - 15% damage items especially for tanks.
Perhaps just buffing tank itemization will be enough. In my experience building tank items just doesn't have enough of an impact right now. Two champions I play a lot are Nautilus & Bard. Naut can feel tanky if massively ahead on levels and gold but against an even enemy (which is more often the case as he tends to be a better pick to go with late game ADCs) he doesn't have enough meat. Bard? Building a few tank items had an impact a few seasons ago, and you could play him as a fairly durable stunbot/taxi service offtank but since the Runes Reforged you're just wasting your gold.
: Hey riot, shieldbreaker wasn't a bad mechanics, it was on the wrong champion
A fair consideration, OP, but why not just balance shield skills? One idea that comes to mind is increased resource costs. Reward using them when needed, but they're using them when they're wasted their resource pool should feel the impact.
: The reason why we hated both damage meta and tank meta.
A few changes would do well to repair the meta without overpowering tanks, heals/regen, or diminishing the role of assassins. 1. Slightly buff the stats on all tank items. Slightly. Also, I'd be curious to see a few tank items buffed to ridiculous levels, but attach a -15% damage _penalty_ to each. Say 1 armor, 1 mr, and one support type item(FH, SV, and Aegis maybe?). These items would be reserved for players truly looking to be meatshields, not the bruisers who want to simultaneously deal damage and live longer. 2. Reduce the damage done by every champion but also all shields, heals, lifesteal and regeneration. This will make swings between 100% to dead less common, but also makes a near dead champion less able to fully recover to full health- thus rewarding attrition play, properly backing, etc. and ultimately increasing fight lengths. (Yes, it will hurt some champions more than others, but increased fight lengths will as a side effect give them more opportunities to utilize heals, shields, etc. cooldowns more in a given fight) 3. See how #2 affects assassins and burst mages. I'm assuming it will, and if so do a balancing pass not on their damage, but their cooldowns- particularly mobility and evasion skills. Taking someone from 100-0 should be much tougher, but _safely_ finishing off a low health enemy should be much easier than it currently is. This will simultaneously make them a little more team reliant, yet much stronger in a niche that is probably better for the overall state of the game (cleanup) 4. Increase tower damage beyond the first hit. Part of the problem is when playing from behind it can be very difficult to stage a comeback, especially if facing a fed champion who can easily tower dive you. It's one thing if you're low(see #3), but flat getting 100-0 under your own tower is both demoralizing and unhealthy for the game if you can't even take the time to recover and move the momentum back in your direction. 5. If games start taking too long either A) buff the effects of baron/drakes and/or B) implement a stacking damage buff to all characters that adds a stack every 5 minutes starting at the 30 minute mark. Overall, burst should have a place and being caught out of position should at the very minimum result in being so low you're forced to back- (if not a death depending on the situation), but since Runes Reforged other gameplay elements like efficiency, sustained teamfights/chases, objective focus, split pushing, etc. feel like they've massively taken a backseat to simply deleting the enemy from the screen. I feel the past couple of years have taken the rich depth of tactics the game once had and made it rather shallow in comparison. If particular champions are living forever then address it, but Riot really needs to stop assuming more damage = better gameplay because this is completely false.
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Syte (NA)
: why play a tank when you can play a bruiser that can build HP, damage and speed to completely outstat everyone in every way? traditional tanks don't exist right now because the better tanks are building titanic hydra, black cleaver, trinity force, sterak's gage, youmuu's, edge of night and guardian angel. (darius, aatrox, irelia, urgot, camille, jax)
Don't get me wrong, I get why players are choosing the clearly better option I'm more questioning the design direction of making it so up front, utility/CC roles and builds are so much less viable. If true tank items are kept weak because bruiser type characters would be too tanky with them why not buffs the defensive stats on 2-3 items but give them a damage penalty effect? Similar to Gargoyle Stoneplate, but constantly on. Something like Frozen Heart, Spirit Visage, & Locket. All get "free" stat boosts, but each comes with a -20% damage done penalty. Or simply add some new items with the penalty and fat stats.
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Zellios (NA)
: I can't take this "stomp or be stomped" gameplay anymore
Agreed. Just uninstalled a few minutes ago. League is an amazing game overall, especially if you enjoy lots of damage, but it feels like it's lost a lot of the nuance it once had. Especially with the long teamfights no longer being a thing. Will definitely come back if they ease back on the snowball factor and un-nerf tank items a bit.
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: There are still zero follow up changes to a single mage affected by patch 8.9
I'm surprised they haven't nerfed Brand/Morg/Zyra regen and have no idea why they were buffed in the first place. All three were fine before (Zyra is one of my off-champs) and now they can just spam skills out like crazy with their solid base damage, especially with Brand.
: I never had trouble with {{champion:432}} W, I think this is just a "lets just show them we care" buff. Just drop 3 shrines down, poke enemy laners so its harder for them to play aggressive...collect chimes to regen mana....gank another lane if your adc is somehow 1v2 kiting the enemy because they underestimate the heals/speed buffs... Rush {{item:3020}} {{item:3916}} to abuse your base damage from meeps….and build like a regular support for the rest of your items... When red sightstone was still around I would pop 2 voidgates down and delete any squishy that decides to clear em..
Yeah, it's not a matter of him being bad, but rather how they've skewed him so hard towards one side of his kit. I've damage carried before but it's just not the same as playing max CDR/Offtank stunning everything that moves and giggling as they chase you through your journey into the open arms of your team =)
: Bard's one of those champs where his low range and squishiness has always mandated that he be a early game champion. I think reducing his damage early (even though he's easily outpoked, outplayed, and out tanked early) is probably not the way to go. He needs to get his leads early or he falls off super hard unless you're getting lucky picks (aka low elo). He scales weirdly. Has decently short range and high mana costs (to make his passive make sense I think) weakens him without his damage.
That's a fair assessment I won't argue with, but there have been a couple of large changes in the past year that didn't directly target him, but still very much affected him. - Runes Reforged took away the ability to stack Armor runes and didn't provide a suitable replacement. All the mitigation keystones are quite temporary, as-is Bone Plating- which don't suit themselves to the in-and-out playstyle he was known for. Conditioning is the only rune that even comes close and it's particularly weak on a support's gold income where you won't be able to get many items to make use of that 10% bonus. - Speaking of items Riot significantly nerfed tank item efficiency a while back and just gave tank champions more innate defense. This was quite a blow to anyone who built tank items on non-tanks. Admittedly needed in a few cases, but impacted Bard in a big way. Plus his Meeps recently got a direct base damage buff (some time during winter if memory serves) which in combination with the above two indirect nerfs really hurt your ability to play Bard in a more durable manner, while buffing his damage output. Maybe Riot didn't like the old Bard Playstyle, but it would be nice if they'd come out and say it as I've never seen anything to indicate it was a problem. I, for one, really enjoyed being good for consistent crowd control and map control (he was great for deep wards!). Maybe not having hard engage on the level of Thresh, but certainly the king of hit-and-run.
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darkdill (NA)
: There is too much True Damage in the game now
While I agree with you, OP, it could be more simply stated: "There is too much Damage in the game now"
Acheron16 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Draehl,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xsvq8TlJ,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2018-05-03T23:42:48.573+0000) > > I'd still love to see a caster keystone that lets us go in a more bruisery direction. > {{champion:432}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:127}} would all do well to be able to give up burst damage/healing/shielding in order to wade into fights more to lay down crowd control/sustained damage. Resolve:s Aftershock. It's literally in the description. But obviously you have to sacrifice rune damage for that.
Eh, the problem with the new runes is they are so temporary. 2.5 seconds of stats on a squishy champ with low base stats is a joke. We really need something more constant with an actual penalty rather than simply an opportunity cost. I was thinking of a keystone that gives something like a -25% penalty to dmg/healing/shielding in exchange for some constant flat defensive or level scaling stats.
: Why the hell do we have to lock in to avoid queue dodging
This points out a broader problem: Champ select is part of the game. It's not for texting, getting food, or going to the bathroom. Sometimes it amazes me how many folks don't accept the queue, forget to select a champion, change rune pages/summoners, etc. Why is everyone so distracted?
: Mages only have 1 truly dedicated Keystone...
I'd still love to see a caster keystone that lets us go in a more bruisery direction. {{champion:432}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:127}} would all do well to be able to give up burst damage/healing/shielding in order to wade into fights more to lay down crowd control/sustained damage.
wildfox99 (EUW)
: another AA based rune...
Blech. Another AA runes while casters/ranged supports still can't get a solid defensive keystone if they want to go more offtank instead of damage/traditional support.
Kaioko (NA)
: Not a Bard main or even user but playing against him plenty at various levels of ELO and I agree -- his damage component (only early really) is extremely terrifying. Bard with Electrocute and ignite terrifies me early way more than a Brand.
Yeah, Brand has his own problems though. The other day the enemy Brand support DCed for 5 minutes at the second wave, came back and by midgame with like 1 assist he was still doing crazy damage. I'd wager with the mana regen buffs that Brand, Zyra, and Morgana all might need some slight base value nerfs in the near future.
koshkyra (NA)
: Im fine with a damage nerf/defense buff, his Q+auto+ignite (usually they have electrocute) is bs for a support, as it can do a good 60% of the enemies' health, more if you follow up the stun with even more damage + damage from your adc.
Yeah, whenever I go Electrocute and get an early burst kill I always apologize and tell the other team how broken it is. Kleptomancy is so much more fun though! I wish I could take it and not worry about being so feast or famine.
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