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: I feel like some people think the world will stop turning if they stop playing this game lol. The ones who talk about how bad it is, and how much they hate it, yet they keep logging in and playing. Its okay guys, you can just play a different game. Your world wont crumble without league!
Game is chill, the sensitive kids that cry about people being toxic is the problem.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheCrazyBoy,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=7EsFo0pe,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-15T13:45:28.913+0000) > > rip ranked rewards... , i haven't got a punishmet in years... , got almost lv 4 honor and got burned for not even swearing cause "toxicity" , weirds what means toxicity to riot , after 7-8 years of good behaviour idk if that's look cool to gain lv1 honor for standing more than others honorable... , i mean what's the point i lost so much time to be honorable and they just delete all the progress to lv 1 ... , lower than i even start in honor level this season to play. Beats having your account for 8 years no problems then this season gets perna banned because someone else was flaming you. And because I responded, I’m toxic and should have my account banned. Solid systen.
This game is filled with sensitive ass people whose parents failed them. They grew up playing pay to play sports, getting things handed to them, and getting bullied. Not "flaming" but stating facts lol, literally no point of all chat being in the game if you cant banter. Even the damn mute function is pointless.
: Who cares? If you did nothing wrong, then the IFS will find nothing. Use your own advice and mute the people who beg for report. Report them yourselves if you feel like it.
thats the point, i dont feel the need to report anyone, it doesnt actually benefit anyone to report. People say to "clean up the community" you know how many people play this game, every game or 2, youre going to get a troll or w.e. The guy you reported and hope to get banned, will never be in your game again more than likely. Just think we need to stop acting like lile h###'s and not snitch. lol
: How do I report trolls that didn't troll in one of my games?
simple, you look at their stats on, observe it, then close window, and go about your day and not post in this forum trying to start a damn snitchaton, youre an adult, move tf on. I assumed you are, yes.
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