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: Future Stories
I'd love to see more about Illaoi and her culture!
: Hi everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the detailed, thorough and well-written responses I've seen so far. Sadly I don't have the bandwidth to respond to each piece of feedback individually, but I've read every single post and proposal and will be keeping them in mind moving forward. Instead, I'm going to respond to a few of the most common things I've seen so far: * "_E into R feels bad because the attack speed is wasted_." Heard. I'll look into ways to mitigate this, but can't promise anything. * "_Wukong has mana problems._" Yep, he sure does. This is largely by design because his poke/trading pattern is fairly low counterplay. We gate this power similarly with Malphite's Q. I'll look into this, but know that it's an intended weakness of the character and buffing it would likely mean we pull damage out of his kit (which would hurt burst/assassination builds). * "_You're killing assassin Wukong_!" Not exactly. The goal is for it to remain "viable." That doesn't mean "the clear and obvious best way to build him in every game." It means you can still find success with it. And indeed, these changes are likely going to push Wukong more towards the bruiser space as his primary class and combat style. All we're committing to is that we aren't objectively denying the existence of lethality builds in the same way we did with, say, AP Master Yi (which was deemed unhealthy for the game). * "_AP on Q is bad_!" Please note that we're experimenting with giving Q bonus magic damage that scales with spell rank; NOT AP ratios. We have no intention of asking Wukong players to build Amplifying Tomes to deal damage. The goal is to slightly reduce burst damage from lethality builds while simultaneously making it harder for opponents to shut down Wukong's trades with early armor purchases. * "_Wukong NEEDS CC on his base kit_!" I'm gonna get flamed for this, but I disagree. A lack of CC is a very important aspect of his weakness profile, thus incentivizing and rewarding Wukong players for skillfully utilizing their stealth, clones, and hit-and-run mechanics. Wukong is actually fairly unique in how he approaches enemies and mitigates damage, which is something we want to preserve. Giving him a slow or root means we'd have to pull power elsewhere, which would likely end up hurting his unique identity.
I just wanna say Lutz, I followed your Malphite thread and this one (haven't posted - I don't play enough of either to warrant an opinion) and I feel like you're sticking to your guns a little more this time around which I think is great. Community feedback is great to follow, but I feel like I've seen you develop as a champion designer. Keep up the good work :)
I'm hoping we'll get an "Avatar of Volibear" type champion where we get Cthulhu bear. Doubt it will happen, but fingers crossed anyway!
Mayobe (NA)
: Licensing, blah, blah... Skins, blah, blah...
> [{quoted}](name=Mayobe,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=f9UoWvXd,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-04T08:57:26.764+0000) > > Licensing, blah, blah... > > Skins, blah, blah... I don't think OP means literally Salem, just a cat with a similar sarcastic and snarky attitude
Shahamut (NA)
: What Skarner mains REALLY want...
I know it probably couldn't be balanced, but I miss the first iteration of Skarner with the perma-slow Q
: So I hatched this guy earlier today.
Congrats! I've only hatched one perfect IV Pokemon so far - a Togepi in a Moon Ball. Keep on that grind!
: Okay but wtf is that an acronym for?
Mid Year Mage Update, a large balance patch a couple seasons ago where they updated several mages, back when Rito was trying to do class updates.
: [OFF TOPIC] Sony announced the Gaymer system is going on the open market next year...
Is this going to the open market? From what I've seen, this is a custom PS4 that was auctioned off, with the money being donated to support an LGBTQ+ charity. This didn't even happen this year, it happened back in 2014. Does anyone have a link to where they've stated they're going to be selling it? ( article talking about this)
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: Rest in Peace, Tahm Kench
: Tfw you have been playing the same game for several years yet still suck at it
: Holy crap TIL Riot Tryndamere's (Marc Merril) wife's name is Ashe
Iirc, one of the original dev's girlfriend's name was Susan, which backwards gave us Nasus.
Ryushiin (NA)
: What champs would u want to see this year?
I have a fierce need for an old lady hag/witch champion.
: [Gameplay] Rakan E mana bug
Bumping for visibility, happened to me today too
CLG ear (NA)
: what's your favorite video game of all time??
: Best game you've played in 2018
Epic Games started a new client/store thing (like Steam, but with far less games right now) and they're offering Subnautica for free up until tomorrow. Not sure if it's the best necessarily, but it's the most recent game that I've really been enjoying.
Zeus xD (EUNE)
: How many chances are for Demon Shaco to become a skin in game ?
Also worth noting that skins like Surprise Party Fiddlesticks, Void Fizz, and AstroNautilus (off the top of my head) started as fan-made skins. If Demon Shaco keeps getting posted, it could happen too :)
: I think there's a really cool possibility for the Female Darkin, that we haven't seen yet.
Love this idea, and especially love the interactions you wrote up! Also, yes, we need an old lady champion. I'm on board.
DeIli (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Warlord Rhinark,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=HkyvGeEg,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-20T11:29:33.996+0000) > > You can't just throw the "oh she's lesbian btw". You aren't just gay for the sake of being gay. There should be a reason for it. BIG yikes. There isn't a reason people are gay, Karen. People are just gay. What, do you want her story to be she wandered down to the Lesbian Gardens of Runeterra and fell into the Fountain of Pussy and turned into a raging homosexual?
> [{quoted}](name=DeIli,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=HkyvGeEg,comment-id=000200000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-20T11:40:55.711+0000) > > BIG yikes. There isn't a reason people are gay, Karen. People are just gay. What, do you want her story to be she wandered down to the Lesbian Gardens of Runeterra and fell into the Fountain of Pussy and turned into a raging homosexual? LMAO best thing I've seen on the boards
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: "Outer turrets will have a barricade in the early game that makes them more durable" -Riot PBE note
Someone else has already said it, but they are increasing tower damage. Source
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Nexus Blitz Dev 8/6: Champion Specific Balance
Don't know if it's been fixed, but when I played NB against Azir, he use his passive on the turret in front of our nexus.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Few things and themes I think would be cool to see in League in the future
Could possibly tie into the fat woman champ, but I'd love to see the old witch/hag archetype! Probably a support/mage with a focus on buffs and debuffs.
: [Related](
: His identity? Isn't that a bit far fetched? The only thing that I really would call iconic in his kit is his blocking mechanic and maybe his crit on low health targets, but the rest is pretty basic. I don't think that a champion should be defined by a simple point and click ranged damage spell...
The mandrop is definitely iconic
Anu3isII (EUNE)
: I would prefer having a personal ranking for each role which we can customise, where the matchmaking system would try to give everyone their most preferred roles. I have heard too many stories of people having chosen Top/Mid (or any two roles) and they were instead autofilled, while one of the roles they preferred is occupied by another autofill (and sometimes they switch, showing that the matchmaking system failed for both of them). The new system would check your team's preferences, check all the possible role distributions and somewhat give a score to each one of them based on how satisfied each player should be with their role. The highest score distribution would be the final one and should avoid any role trades between players because of a bad matchmaking system... Of course people can still trade roles, but at least they wouldn't be forced to do it for better role distribution.
Have you seen the dev blog talking about future updates to ranked? I'm not sure if it's exactly what you're thinking, but they are planning on implementing ranks for individual roles. Link if you're interested and haven't seen it:
Darkrown (EUNE)
: Blade Temptress Evelynn
:o amazing skin concept! I also love Blade Queen Liss and think this would be a perfect skin to fit in with the line. Did you take some inspiration from the Shivarra in Warcraft? I kind of get some vibes from them - though don't get me wrong, I love it.
: Give Yorick´s pets constant update of the AD instead of how it works now. He feels horrible.
This was actually recently brought up in the chat with the recent chat with the playtest team!
: Uhm. There are some problems with this list. {{champion:163}} has heavily announced and contextually visible mobility on her ulti. Her passive lets her move a bit faster near walls when outside of combat. She's roughly equal to TF with regards to mobility; able to influence the map, but not actively mobile in a fight. {{champion:142}} is even less mobile than Taliyah; she has a contextual and short duration speed boost. That's literally it. **Her R is not mobility because it always returns her to the same place, no questions asked, unless she dies before then.** Her R is a spell range boost, think Zed's shadows if he does not / cannot switch to them. Shit, it's like a ranged boost with gigantic drawbacks built into it; you can't hurt Zed's shadows, you can CC and / or murder Zoey if she uses her R to get too close to you. I'd even go so far as to call her R anti mobility, because using at the wrong time means you can easily set up CC for when she returns / collapse on that spot, and there's all of 0 she can do about it. {{champion:498}} has 0 mobility in her kit. Zero. None. Zip. Nadda. Nothing. Her R does not enhance her movement in any way, it simply makes her untargetable (but not faster) for a short while. {{champion:145}} has a short duration movement speed boost.. which she cannot attack for the duration of. Uh. That's pretty rough in the trade off department. She also has a decently large range teleport on her R, but it's based entirely on the positioning of tagged enemies, and carries a gigantic cooldown. Again, she has some contextual mobility tools which have trade offs / limiting factors. She can go in but can't easily get out, and if closed on she's in a lot of trouble. {{champion:516}} 's about as mobile as Urgot, which is to say not very. He has a medium range dash which can't bypass terain and.. that's it. Shit, using his primary damage ability actually slows him (like Urgot) and locks him into walking in a pre-set direction. Honestly, he's probably one of the lowest mobility tanks in the game. Guys, guys I get it. This boards; boards isn't for productive discussions, it's for screaming like autistic monkeys in the hopes the echo chamber agrees and supports you. Regardless, try to elevate above that a little. While some of these champions are / have presented balance issues, being hyper mobile is not one of the issues they have presented. Most of these champions fit squarely within the requested design of one dash or speed boost. The ones which don't make trades for that additional mobility. Arguments carry a lot more weight when they're thought out and based in reality, rather than subsisting on irrational hatred and tilt.
I completely agree with all your points here, just pointing out Xayah does get a small movement speed increase while attacking enemy champions with W active.
Meddler (NA)
: MF Q - can't crit on the first Q overrides the guaranteed crit on StormRazor. The StormRazor buff is then removed since subsequent hits, whether Q2 or regular AAs, are no longer the first AA.
How about MF ult? Does the buff from StormRazor guarantee her entire ult critting?
: I mean this is just funny - Rito PLS
> [{quoted}](name=S0upKitch3n,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=lFjfpKP7,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-09T14:09:35.574+0000)...but come ON.. THIS is toxic? Glad I basically never talk to anyone LOL . Wtf Riot? It is, yes. Most of this chat log is just constant complaining about a person on your team. It's worsening an already negative game environment and providing no benefit -- if someone really IS feeding this won't stop them, and if they're just having a really bad game this makes them feel worse. You also call them "lil kids" and "lil bronzies", which you should know isn't okay.
Elohaven (NA)
: No. Kai'Sa and Kog don't
Cåracal (NA)
: 20 Aurelion Sol Skin Concepts
The Abyss skin is my favorite :o
Terozu (NA)
: Crit slows on hit? Or are you talking Bout her old passive.
I think they mean how Ashe's damage ramps up over several autos and can't crit.
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.4
What champs have you enjoyed building the new Spellbinder item on?
: You get your cs from your landmines with Karthus. That's why they are cheap with a low CD.
Also why you get mana restore on E.
MaoAkari (EUW)
: (skin idea) Vampire Queen Janna and Cait with Graves as vampire hunters
Impressive work :o One of my favorite details is the Caitlin hat with the lit candles on it. Such a cool idea and looks really neat.
: It's 2018 and we're still the only popular MOBA to not have Announcer packs
: What's the most embarrassing ability to die to?
I killed someone with Maokai ult once and it was pretty funny.
: Hmm...this happened to me as well a few times. It's not as simple as just flashing though, I've flashed plenty of times with it without having problems. Do you know what else you were doing before it happened? if this helps
: What dumb things did you do/say when you started League?
In my first game or two, I would click abilities and click on screen where they needed to go instead of using QWER. Those games were rough.
: I will pass on your warm feels and kind words to the team. Honestly, Illaoi was the hardest champ I ever worked on. I mean, every champ has moments of aggravation but the kraken priestess was not, not, not easy to ship. (And required a herculian emotional stamina on Jimmy Steorts (design) to get done.) We had waves of negative and often unhelpful feedback—leading to endless, fruitless iteration that nearly broke the initial DNA team. And brought several of us to the brink of leaving champion team or riot. She was not easy. So your love for her means alot. For the Illaoi team and from the bottom of my heart. Thank you
> [{quoted}](name=WAAARGHbobo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=UQAFrs2l,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-11-29T16:59:34.904+0000) > > I will pass on your warm feels and kind words to the team. > > Honestly, Illaoi was the hardest champ I ever worked on. I mean, every champ has moments of aggravation but the kraken priestess was not, not, not easy to ship. > > (And required a herculian emotional stamina on Jimmy Steorts (design) to get done.) > > We had waves of negative and often unhelpful feedback—leading to endless, fruitless iteration that nearly broke the initial DNA team. And brought several of us to the brink of leaving champion team or riot. > > She was not easy. So your love for her means alot. > > For the Illaoi team and from the bottom of my heart. > > Thank you I just wanna second OP here - Illaoi is by far one of my favorite designs and her whole theme is amazing. Thank you for your work and bringing what's one of my favorite champs!
Skelenth (EUW)
: What do you call a Nami x Wukong ship?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 20
Do you think Eve's old line "it's hard to move like this in heels." could be added as a hidden easter egg like the homeguard animation? An old line that I loved and was excited when it was said would they said it would be included, but ended up disappointed when it got taken out.
: My biggest issue with the updated Evelynn: She has a very hard time to use her empowered whiplash. because she lost her previous W that would grant her bonus movespeed AND a slow from her ultimate, getting near a champion is 1000 more dangerous than before. I now feel like it's mandatory to get mobility boots with her or else she'll never get close to an ennemy. Also she will have a higher clearing time Also, I don't want to burn protobelt... if I do, she loses her empowered whiplash because she is now visible. Her charm is causing more trouble for her than her ennemies. Only effective when you have allies, otherwise, you'll never get the 2.5 after effect, you'll just use it as a 65 slow without any other effect. It's just better to NOT use her W when trying to solo kill someone What I wish they could do to improve her : Increase her Empowered whiplash range ... (yes please) Move whiplash's 30% bonus movespeed to her W (can live without it) Maybe reduce the curse time effect. It now takes 2.5 seconds to apply the curse. how about 2.00 or 2.25..? Her Q should get refunded 50% of her cooldown everytime she hits a target with her initial spike and only jungle creeps Increase her movespeed from 335 to 340? She's a melee champ!! Pretty please with a strawberry on top!
You don't leave empowered whiplash when you leave stealth btw. You keep it until you cast it.
: Well, this game is missing an old "Hag" type character. I'd imagine a personality similar to Lady Olenna from GoT, cynical, curt, brutally honest, yet humorous. Could be a matriarch of some sort.
100% this! I've been wanting a hag/old witch type character in League for the longest time.
: Laughing Fish's 175,000 lifetime upvote spectacular (Come and get your free skins!)
I am naught but a humble lurker, Laughing Fish but


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