xGogeta (NA)
: Issues with lag since the Pre-Season update
i'm having them terribly too, i just sent a ticket in to riot and hopefully that'll help. i have a new high end laptop and i've tested this on several different wifi connections. my ping used to be a consistent 36 until the last month or so, i get spikes up to 200+, my friends get it as well.
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: Attention to all those with Sudden Ping Spikes after Patch 7.20
Yeah it’s been happening to me too, every single game my ping will go from a steady 37 and randomly jump to 150+, super annoying since I can’t even predict when it’ll happen. Usually it’s 2/3 times per game and lasts from 4-30 seconds. At first I thought it was my internet so I kept resetting it but it never helped. Hope root fixes this shit soon
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Kaioko (NA)
: 1.) I'm glad you the special snowflake didn't have that problem -- the rest of us did 2.) Those people if they constantly lose will not get matched with you due to their MMR being too low. I personally hardly ever see one except the occasional Lee Sin support or Sona mid which I've seen work. 3.) Change is good because it keeps people interested in the game. I played this game back in 2010 and trust me it is a lot different now. Riot does what it can to survive as a business. Having a slightly different game is better than having no game at all. 4.) See #1 also you statistically have 50% of getting it if you never get it out of 100 games well you're just the unluckiest person in the world.
1. i'm the special snowflake and you're trying to speak for everyone? lol bro. 2. some of them get carried and stay in the same mmr. i personally see lots of troll picks. or mostly, someone didnt get their primary and go into it anyway despite what they are. 3. i agree change is good, but it's in the wrong direction. and if they do what people dont want them to, they wont have a game anyway 4. it's not 50%, each role has a different percent. a mid has a lot lower percent than a support. in team builder it was a 100% of getting the role you wanted.
Jhaerik (NA)
: I literally played 10+ teambuilder matches per day. I HATE draft pick. Only thing left to do is insta-lock normal games and hope the other guy either deals with it... or dodges.
do it. i hate encouraging bad sportsmanlike behavior, but if this is what riot wants, than so be it
: Wow. I.never thought I'd see so many selfish players... But hey I'm a Fill main so I'm literally a martyr when compared to you guys.
i'm selfish because i wanna use my free time doing what i want? if i only have time for one league game, yes i would like to be guaranteed the role i want, and the champ i want. with so many players i dont feel like its too much to ask
: Too many queues at one time makes the game less enjoyable. If you have 100 people playing ranked 50 people playing teambuilder, 100 people playing normal blind, 100 people playing aram, 100 people playing normal draft, 10 people playing 3v3, 10 people playing dominion, 10 people playing 3v3 ranked, and 100 people playing team ranked, it's gonna take forever to find games in the unpopular queues and longer than it should to find games in all the other queues.
there's so many people that i don't see that as a major problem. we had that before and i didn't have trouble finding a game in any queue.
Kaioko (NA)
: 1.) Team builder was awful the wait for a queu and then actually finding a full team was far too long unless you mained support 2.) They don't mind you trying out new builds on champions that make them different, they have said however they will not balance around an off build (RIP AP MASTER YI) 3.) Part of keeping a game interesting is to change things up and keep them from getting boring. League is now a 6 year old game most don't last that long or at least don't remain this popular. They are doing what they can to keep the game GOING 4.) There is a better option now of you getting your role than ever before statistically speaking and again if one role queue times weren't atrocious, that's what we would have.
1. i never once had that problem, i have tons of wait problems with the new one. 2. but that's the problem. people build full ad vel koz, feed and than can't get blamed because "innovation" 3. some people don't want that, and it shouldn't be forced on them. so you're saying all change is good because it's simply change? 4. no there's not? team builder literally GUARANTEED it. i almost never get my primary role.
: Zero option? you mean a you lost your role in a 5 premade? thats sad
: I'm going to share this to get it Upvoted.
omg yes please do so. i really want riot to see this. ( even though i'm well aware that it probably won't change anything, i want them to see what the people think and can't give a "blind eye" excuse)
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Perideem (NA)
: The new draft pick compared to old draft pick: Queue times about the same Dodges increased by about 200% Getting primary role increased by about 200% The new draft pick compared to team builder: Longer queue times by about 400% Dodges increased by about 400% Getting primary role **DECREASED** by about 400% Please don't think a replacement for old draft pick actually works as a viable replacement for team builder.... that's just insanity. I actually assumed it was a glitch or an oversight that team builder was removed but sources are saying it's intentional... intentional grounding is a penalty btw. Oh, after rereading original post... also I miss the innovation games. You add rift herald as an option instead of dragon. But if you use this new draft pick method it's 90% more confusing when you duo queue top/top support because for some reason you only thought support could go bot. Or when you get a roaming support like bard mid to assist the jng for ganks bot and top. It's like you cut every chance of alternate strategies every time you can.... double jungle anyone? Nope gotta make that not viable because we want cookie cutter teams only.... seriously lame.
I agree wholeheartedly. but riot literally gives no fucks as to what people want. They're shoving ranked down peoples throats and i'm sick of it. they don't want casual league players. you can't main one role anymore, riot won't let you. it's so dumb i'm about to quit this game. GG league, was fun while it lasted.
: New draft... Anyone notice something?
: Okay, I do agree that it's irritating that you don't for sure get the champion you want, but other than that, I like it.
i don't mind it honestly, but team builder and draft are different things with different purposes and should be kept separate. is the new draft cool? yes, but is it a replacement for team builder? oh hell naw
Scorgers (NA)
: New Champ Selections
: It's the first day of release. Of course there will be issues. The old way worked fine. The new champion select looks great, it's innovative. You can't deny that it is way more grasping then the old 2 lines of champs. They are advancing things. Did it need to happen? No not really. Were people asking for it? Absolutely.
Kikirino (NA)
: Isn't Normal Draft basically Team Builder with the new champ select? Only difference is bans. Riot is not forcing Ranked down your throat. Being dramatic is an easy way to make people lose interest in what you are typing. I didn't even make it to the second paragraph.
it's not the same. it's extremely restrictive in what you're allowed to do. i can't play the champion or role i want with a guarantee anymore, and get stuck with troll picks. in team builder, we got to kick things we didn't want or leave the team without a penalty. everything is punishable now.
Tritus1 (NA)
: This comment is the complete opposite or the OP's. I have yet to see it, so i cannot offer anything constructive. Why is is awful in your eyes? Why is it restrictive? Pay off? All you did was voice an opinion. I'd like to here why you think so. The OP likes it for the visual aspect, but I'd like to hear more from him (or her) as well
IRFodder (EUW)
: ***
i feel you bro, i really do. i want team builder so bad. every day after work its my go to thing for relaxation, i get to play who and what i want without question. Now my choices are full AD Sona top lane or queue dodge for a penalty. Thanks so much riot, seriously.
: Yep. Some seriously good points. If you don't enjoy more than one role (luckily I do) you're just screwed outside blind pick.
i actually enjoy multiple roles, but when i want to play a certain role i expect to get it every time without question, same goes for champion i want. it shouldn't be that difficult with so many players. they're literally ruining the game for everyone who plays casually.
: Teambuilder was the best thing
i'm literally in the exact same position you are, but Riot won't listen. They don't care now that they have to bow down to Tensent for everything. GG League, was fun while it lasted. Time to see what steam has to offer now. i spent tons of money on this game too, what a shame
: New Champion Select
it's awful. it's so restrictive and takes forever, for very little payoff.
: Very good points, 0% chance of Riot listening.
god i really, really wish they would. if there's no team builder at all anymore, i probably have to stop playing this game altogether for time and frustration issues. i'm not wasting a bunch of time finding a game, not playing who i want, and playing with people who think "full ap jinx" is viable. bg ty riot
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: i have the same issue too, oddly enough, i can access it on my phone ( even after logging in).
tried logging in on a different browser (i usually use Chrome but used Firefox instead) and it worked
: PBE Forums Bug
i have the same issue too, oddly enough, i can access it on my phone ( even after logging in).
: Store Inoperative (and other rants)
i'm having quite a few issues too and opened a discussion about it, you're not alone! i thought it was my computer since my boyfriend was having no issues. But apparently i'm not the only one which is a bit relieving. are you even able to purchase rp? when i try, it won't load at all or won't get past the loading screening
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