A1laku (EUW)
: Idk what's wrong with the client for some of you but the thing works just fine for me. EUW feels way slower then EUNE but we all know half of Africa + the Middle East plays on that server so it's no surprise but aside from that I've no complaints about either EU server client-wise. I just wished the game was a bit more stable and consistent all around without all these new champs and reworks being released so often these days.
Yeah it's weird. My friend who i duo with doesn't have any problems with it, but i constantly have problems even after using the dogshit hextech repair tool and reinstalling.
: YES. I was JUST about to make a post about how I got a mother dodge timer because I was sitting WAITING for the chance to lock in, but nope. The client froze and apparently it's MY fault and I'M getting punished for THEIR shitty client. https://imgur.com/a/mkN4oHH
Just happened to me again. Fun.
: Stop the hallucination that this game is still large as u said
: your lifes a joke
: it would be nice to see your friends list wouldn't it :)
Too much for Riot to comprehend.
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