Sabotagiu (EUNE)
: I'm getting tired
Ryze has pretty much always been complete cancer. They actually made him even worse than before. Just delete him.
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: Good Job RIot
: In all my years of gaming I've never had this many issues with a damn client
: So can we get back scaling / late game / slower paced meta?
Beotoduh (EUW)
: Clear counter for garen
Ranged characters, same as before
Moody P (NA)
: we're seeing some pretty significant damage nerfs in preseason
Looks like it's time to quit. They want to bring back league of tanks and I want none of it
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Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Neptunia xoxo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EOMtuIer,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-15T04:36:41.887+0000) > > ? I'm just confused on why you are calling me an idiot, he has a 48 to 51% win rate across all elos, what is the problem?
Stats only matter if it fits my narrative..otherwise I will make up reason for why stats are the way they are! It's called the hashinshin paradox
: > [{quoted}](name=Kazekiba,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UEWG9lhQ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-10-15T00:54:34.641+0000) > > Thats why theyre nerfing him. He's saying how did a champion this broken get thru testing in the first place?
: I'm just going to say it this balance team is trash
Garen needed a rework, not a straight up huge buff. People complained about villain passive, so they just made it true damage unconditionally lol Good job Rito, you sure care about this game! P.S. Oh and thanks for that Vayne buff, 14% max hp true damage seems balanced!
: Riot wants some champions to be above a 50% win rate because they were designed to be like that. Other examples are {{champion:238}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:157}}
Why would they want Garen to be above 50% win rate? He's boring AF, so is Renekton
Juice (EUNE)
: >If he ever gets there. Darius goes Ghost/Flash for a reason. Darius also has perma slow on a 3 sec cd that resets his AA and allows him to apply 2 stacks of his passive almost instantly, also goes phage for bonus movement speed for hitting you. He goes ghost because he's so cheesy and overpowered he can afford to click ghost and right click you to death missing every spell but winning due to broken passive that gives him AD, deals 10 times more damage than ignite, is impossible to itemize against. And that's just one of his multiple passives. >And if aren't against the likes of Ornn, GP, Kayle, all the ranged top laners, a Jax that's not on Paper Mache 27 elo, etc. Darius stomps all of the listed champions with ZERO effort, as long as he has fingers and knows how to hit his Q properly. Ornn is slow, deals no damage, can't escape a Darius, Kayle gets caught by an E and dies instantly, NOTHING a Kayle can do if she gets caught by a single E. Jax? There is no point in the game when Jax can beat Darius. Darius doesn't need Spear to Shojin to have his cooldowns in URF mode (3 sec cd on Q late game HYPERLUL) not to mention all the busted passives Darius has ... >If you're choosing to fight him when he's at an advantage, say, after ulting 2 members of your team, then yeah. But then again, why are you fighting him when he's at an advantage? As I said Darius is at an advantage from Lv1 till lv18, he powerspikes every single level and wins every all in and 1v1 vs any champion with ease. Wave management, trading, or general game knowledge are all irrelevant to Darius player since he can brute force and win every match up with an overloaded champion that's been overpowered since Season 5 >Top is in a miserable state because of all the ADCs going there and Klepto. People are forced to play ranged champs because Darius is so cancerous to deal with you can at least try to outrange him and survive the lane phase rather than having him instawin every melee match up and zone you from farm 24/7 and then tower dive you and 1v5 your entire team He only got buffs from this clip btw >Good luck doing that to a Quinn or a Kennen without Ghost/Flash. hell, WITH Ghost/Flash they'll still kite the fuck out of you. Darius is anything but blind pickable right now. 1 pull on either of those and they are 100% dead with nothing they can do, Quinn and Kennen take infinitely more skill to pull off successfully than Darius. >The only counterplay is to not fight Darius and outscale him by default the attosecond the game timer reaches 25 minutes. The only champion that outscales Darius' 3 sec Q cd and 5 sec pull CD and 300 bonus AD passive late game is Veigar with 5000 AP, that would take about 2-3 hours to achieve in a single match. >Silence is CC. Hard CC too. >Also, regen and shields count as sustain. Garen happens to have both. But a lot more of the former. Garen's passive IS still sustain. Silence is not CC, it's especially not hard CC. Shields do not count as sustain and neither does his pathetic passive that any good player can deny or force him to miss CS to proc it.
Both are incorrect. Hard CC removes control of your character, so basically: Stun, Suppression, Airborne, Fear, Taunt
Kelg (NA)
: How does something like reworked Garen get through to live?
Aatrox actually kinda deserves to be op. All his abilities are avoidable and have a delay. Garen on the other hand...
Trias000 (EUNE)
: I feel the same whenever I play against Nasus.
What? You HAVE to be trolling. Literally the weakest champ in the game
: > [{quoted}](name=The entire team,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hsAcUBzw,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-10-10T16:19:37.179+0000) > > Because Season 7 flashbacks on the tank meta made everything stupidly boring and unfun to play. Tank meta is widely regarded as the healthiest and most tactics based meta because everyone actually had a job in the team
How did you evaluate this? Don't tell me "people on boards think so"
KazKaz (OCE)
: Zed is ridiculous lmao. If anything he needs a slight nerf. Or better yet, a goddamn rework so that he's actually fair to face.
abscondita (EUNE)
: Please stop letting burst mages play as supports
How will they stop it? lolol. It's bad enough we have role enforcement in this shitty game, you want class enforcement too?
: Nerf Malphite AP ratio already
He needs a nerf for sure. A tank isn't supposed to be played as AP assassin. While you're at it, nerf every tank's ratios.
: Pyke needs a serious nerf
Where do you get that he's only 4th highest ban rate? It's #1 on
: Illaoi is in every fing game
Barso55 (NA)
: Illaoi is toxic rubbish
You're playing a broken braindead piece of shit champ and complaining about another broken braindead piece of shit champ
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Denelix (NA)
: Should Morgana be nerfed (54% banrate
: Does smurfing ruin low elo game
: Why does Yi get so much hate?
He's a braindead cancer champ that snowballs way too hard and requires 0 effort to play. And btw I like playing Yi, I'm just honest.
: Please... Make patches for pro-play seperate from normal patches.
That's never gonna happen. Pro players still play solo Q
: Balancing revolves around the Riven subreddit.
Interesting. You could say this game is pay2win in a sense that, people buying up all Riven skins dictate balance, and Riot makes sure their favorite champ remains op
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: Worst patch ever?
Riot is a joke company
: Will League EVER return to slower gameplay?
Not with tank Garen 1-shotting people
: New Patheon vs Old Pantheon
Kind of agree. His passive was a lot better
: Why does Yasuo still have a 51% ban rate?
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Building tank items is like throwing gold away.
Tanks are boring. It's better if everyone does damage.
: Only when the champ is tanky and shitting damage at the same time
: Likewise, if you are not enjoying the game, just stop playing. If nothing has changed, then that's a very good indicator that your opinions were not shared by any the League player base at large. You (not you specifically OP) do not have to always like the same game. Your tastes and wants will develop over time, and it could very well be that what you want is not what the majority does. And that's perfectly fine. What that doesn't mean is that Riot has to cave to your desires to make it how *you* want it. They will make the game towards what gives the most amount of players the most enjoyment.
100% of people should quit then.
: I love when people who play vayne think she's hard to play too xD. Obviously playing a marksman takes some skill, you need to be able to kite properly. But if you can play one marksman, you are already good st the rest. The champion diversity in marksmans is basically 0. And vayne is literally Yi with ranged attacks, better true damage and stealth every 2 seconds.
Way harder than tank/bruiser garbage. Fuck tanks and bruisers.
: Lets talk about Tryndamere
: The big misconception about solo queue - Climbing is impossible without duo.
You are kind of right, you have to play a ton of games. You may be a decent player, but stuck at crap rank because you don't play this game 24/7, thats the truth
TheOxYlv (EUW)
: Perma ban
I've been perma'd 3 or 4 times. Welcome to the club. Getting perma'd is no big deal tbh, easy enough to make and level new account
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: Vayne should either be slippery or sticky, not both.
Remind you why? Because they can, been doing it since the beginning and nothing is gonna change
: Darius has a 32% banrate
Darius never did fall off lol. He's also completely braindead and overpowered, so makes sense to ban him.
: Out of the recent(last 1-2 years) releases or reworks
: Duskblade should not be this cheap.
its only 55 ad, I think it's too expensive if anything
5050BS (NA)
: Riot: Why is Voilbear allowed to build tank and out damage everyone?
Because balance doesn't exist for Riot. I brought it up multiple times, but it's pointless. Their game I guess, so they get to do w/e they want.
: Nothing sucks more than losing to Yi, Riven, Yasuo, etc when you perfectly counter them mechanically
Eyesack (NA)
: Games literally end at 5 minutes.
I wish they did. League is honestly too boring with the laning phase (boring phase) taking up half of the match
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