: Tumor champ. but still far too low to be acceptable, its not like she takes skill or has a learning curve like other champs.
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: Create a personal ticket under the support tab with a link to his account.
Its his level 10 smurf......He didnt care about it what do I do? Is there a way for his main to be punished? Is there something thats valid that can happen here.....
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: Defy the odds and perform the impossible
I think thats very possible..... You are bronze 5 thats all.
: > Why don't you go play the jungler role then? Problem solved.
k wìx (NA)
: **I've read this 3 times now, and I still am not exactly sure what your trying to say. **
No point in being good at this game or role when you can promise your jungler the gudd suc.(How to win with a jungler that doesnt gank in this meta.)
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: Yeah, I like how these missions were done. I had "play volibear and do 50K magic damage" and I was certain I was never going to be able to complete it because good luck convincing 4 strangers to do that. Luckily the "Or Don't" made that mission easy.
When you do 49,000 damage as volibear and wanna cry but you realize it was pointless the entire time
Sora Omo (NA)
: LMFAO XD that really sucks but the enemy's might have reported you if they didn't see that the Karthus was being toxic to you. So they would think that you're being toxic blaming your team for loosing or something. Basically the enemy's probably only knew half the story.
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