: > Diabloman91: if you can't 2v1 in bots, you're just bad > > Diabloman91: ashe/lulu, failures.... > > Diabloman91: you're welcome kids :D Insults... > Diabloman91: I will take however much CS I want > > Diabloman91: I love how Riven got pissy cause I didn't want to give him EVERYTHING in lane, but when I let him die and take waht I work for, > Diabloman91: go look at the chat, and see that you're the one who started this, I just finished it by letting you die > Diabloman91: no, you asked for me to NOT last hit anything > Diabloman91: never said "no screw off" lol > Diabloman91: no one ever tried to make your game bad, you laughed because I refused to cater to you, so you got a little taste of that I don > Diabloman91: don't need you, and I don't need this team, I will 1v5 if I have to > Diabloman91: bye :D > Diabloman91: leave now pumpkin > Diabloman91: wow... only level 4 riven? Me thinks trolling? > Diabloman91: leave both of you > Diabloman91: I did say leave, not helping you three > > Diabloman91: can everyone who isn't 0/6 and level 5 at 20 mins report Riven please, legit toxic > Diabloman91: nah, your suffering feeds me :D > Diabloman91: haven't done anything report worthy, but you do you boo boo > Diabloman91: I'll end after I get enough gold for that :D > Diabloman91: gj riven, you're FINALLY catching up :D > Diabloman91: at least to them, not me, but GL :D > > Diabloman91: Yeah, report me, the ONLY one with no deaths > Diabloman91: Who's said NOTHING worthy of being reported > Diabloman91: go for it :D And a _hell_ of a lot of pointless arguing, harassing Riven, declarations that you're not going to help your team, and a negative attitude throughout the whole game. To answer your question: Yes. This is absolutely worthy of punishment. It doesn't matter if it's just bots, the rules of the game are the same, whether it's ARAM, Co-Op Vs. AI, Normals, Ranked, or RGMQ. Also, I don't see a single instance of mild sarcasm. I don't even see heavy sarcasm. You were just being straight-up toxic. You were _so_ negative in _your first match on that account_ that you warranted an immediate chat restriction. That's pretty bad. And, in regards to your response to Silent Gravity... > ...this game is not worth the time anymore... Then leave. You obviously have no respect for the rules, you don't seem to find the game enjoyable anymore, and you're negative enough to warrant a punishment on your _first game_ on a given account. It has nothing to do with Riot being predisposed to punish you, as, as you said, that's the _first match_ on that account. You had a completely clear punishment history, and _still_ got punished on your first match. It's not Riot that's the problem, it's you.
Sorry to disappoint, but facts don't care about your feelings, Riven claimed to be smurfing, and went 0/8 against bots, so the fact she couldn't 1v2 does make her bad, Ashe and Lulu tried to come in and take a kill, and when they "failed" I called them failures.... And anyone who reports someone for non-derogatory words, is obviously a kid who doesn't understand the real world, and that being offended by everything will get them nowhere. Diabloman91: won't do any good, I'll keep adding you Kingg, you're really fun Diabloman91: Be my friend? That seems mildly sarcastic, maybe even heavily sarcastic considering I blocked that person lol... Also, anyone who still thinks that Riot doesn't group all your accounts together is in denial, if I can view my tickets back from August of 2014 on this account that I made 5 mins prior to THAT match (about an hour and a half ago), they're all clearly linked, believe it, don't, I don't care what you do, but if I can make some people (clearly not you, my special little snowflake *squeezes your cheek*) think about their bans/restrictions with a bit more realistic thought processes, then I'm doing something good. Cause quite frankly, you'd be an idiot not to realize that accounts are linked based off of IP address they're associated with.
: Make a support ticket if you feel like you were wrongfully punished. A Riot employee would have to see your post here to do anything. Why not just go ahead and contact Riot directly? https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
I did, and they claimed that because I engaged in communication with the negativity of the Riven, that is why I got the restriction. Which is funny, I ask them to remove my chat permanently, they won't do it, I engage in chat with someone without being disrespectful, and I'm restricted.... <removed by moderation>
: You we're being annoying and you deserve ban, god these guys complaining about their punishments in boards >_< You let your team mates die : Diabloman91: go look at the chat, and see that you're the one who started this, I just finished it by letting you die + You're literally example of those guys i meet every 2-4 games.
Sweetheart, all you read were the logs... you know nothing of the game, or the other players, I'm not gonna suicide with the Riven just so she can feel like I wanted to help her.... Yeah.... I let her die.... Because I'm not gonna be a moron and dive in with her... I'm playing MF, you think I'm gonna make a difference against Malph/Trundle?
: Yes, it was worthy of punishing.
Well I realize I posted this on the boards, but fact is, I didn't deserve any punishment, if people are going to cry about NOTHING in a bot game, and I'm gonna get punishment for it, this game is not worth the time anymore, you people are too far gone if you can't handle any kind of back and forth, and someone claiming it's "argumentative" (not you, the support rep), then the snowflakes have won this game over.
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: Those are riot gifted accounts so they can play with pros in other regions. Besides, just like there is a difference between getting perscription pills from some guy on the street and getting some from a licenced physician, there is a difference between buying an account and getting one gifted directly from riot.
Actually comparing the two is just ignorance, you're comparing something illegal to something that is against their ToA because THEY don't benefit from those accounts....
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Chermorg (NA)
: Well, if he buys an account, it's likely that within 50 games it'll be permanently banned. If he **creates** a new account himself and levels it to 30 himself, his ranked MMR will start much higher than the average player, and he will quickly climb after he is placed likely in high gold.
Why is it that purchasing an account is against "the rules" but Riot will GIVE accounts to pros and streamers that are level 30 with ALL champs unlocked? I'm just curious how that is any different, that account wasn't leveled by that player lol.
: You're not wrong, but consider that this is a T-rated game and I'd imagine much of the player base aren't legal adults.
Considering this is an online game it isn't T-rated, it is unrated as the ESRB does not rate interactions online, which means you're dealing with real people, if you can't handle someone calling you an idiot for you making an idiotic decision time after time after TIME. Then you don't need to be playing. If you immediately cry "reported" or "stop flaming" when someone says something negative about your gameplay, then you're a bit too delicate to be online in the first place. When you say "reported" or "stop flaming" and, as almost all of you who cry those phrases do", follow it up with something in all chat asking everyone to report that person for being toxic, guess what, everyone is gonna do it, because they have no way of knowing if you were being toxic or not, they will assume you were, and when you get multiple reports in the same game, it flags you, and your chat is reviewed by an algorithm that was written by a special snowflake, and because you called them "idiot" ONCE in chat, you're likely going to see a chat restriction for it. That isn't exaggeration, that is just fact.
: Lol, I wish. Maybe I'd have less ragers and fragile kids who snap the second someone criticizes them. Spend their time fucking arguing with strangers. Oh boy would that be nice if they all got sent to an island to play with eachother. Unfortunately, I doubt that is true.
Your doubt is irrelevant, due to the fact of my statement, it is a real thing, the proof is in my games when I play by myself, and when I play with my fiance.
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Archon X (NA)
: you know the game is free right lol
you know that they charge for in game skins/wards/champs(unless you farm the IP) right? lol, now stfu.... stupid replies.... once again....
Archon X (NA)
: too bad one for all doesn't let you ban champs
Stupid replies like that are the reason why Riot is okay with stupid ass game modes like this one..... They feel like a cat who just brought it's owner a dead bird as a gift (Also, I don't give two shits about the fact that cats really bring dead birds because they think you're a shitty hunter, most of us are aware of the fact) Point I'm trying to make is that the ignorant people in the crowd praise them for this game mode when in reality, it is and always will be "a dead bird". Bring back URF, at least you can't be pissed off in URF, too much damn CDR to be pissed off. THAT is the appropriate amount of goofy gameplay needed in a "seasonal" game mode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHzpkUFsefo That video says it all
: Hard to enjoy One-For-All
Agreed, specifically the annie thing, it is just bullshit that they can literally bumrush the inhib post-6 because all they need is to make sure they have tibbers, and a stun primed, and they WILL be uncontested in the lane, 5 annies is scarier than anything else in this game, OP burst with a stun has no place in LoL in my opinion. She NEEDS a rework and soon.
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: Eh man, you don't know the dude and nor do I. We don't know what has been going on in his life and how it effects him. So don't say shit like that
Let them say what they will, they're just mad that they didn't get famous in the league community lol.
: Last day: How to unlock your Mystery Champion
Please..... JUST READ THE ARTICLE, all the important shit is even in bold FFS.... Connect between 6/28 and 6/29, get champ/skin (for those with all but 10/all champs) on 7/1..... STOP ASKING......
: > [{quoted}](name=InsertCleverNckn,realm=NA,application-id=2XjzURgc,discussion-id=rsf1aAsj,comment-id=00050000000000010000,timestamp=2015-06-05T20:04:45.148+0000) > > Why is keeping people active important for society, or even good for that matter? Can't games like League keep the mind sharp just as normal sports keep the body trained? because over 1/3 of the US population is obese. diabetes(which is caused by obesity) is expected to be the second most costly disease in the next decade, only behind alzheimers. we need to get people AWAY from their computers and tvs, not encourage it.
Obesity does not directly translate into diabetes, you shouldn't speak on subjects you're just speculating about.
: Okay 1000 ping is literally playing a second behind the rest of the game. I dont see how that's even possible lol
Well you see it is because he has no friend who plays with 1k ping, and he isn't incredibly good, no one who plays league, plays long when they have 1k ping...
: Extreme League of Legends..?
You'd think that riot could come up with something better to put on the front page of the launcher.... I mean honestly, this isn't entertaining, it isn't even slightly funny
blkh1 (NA)
: This is poetic. He is in the midst of a losing battle. All the turrets are down, the inhibs are smashed, the nexus exposed. We are just simply waiting for him to come out again so we can go at him. He could surrender (delete the post) or he could just take the beating until we decide enough is enough. I know which it will be. He will think himself stronger because of it. But is he?
This isn't a battle, to compare it to one shows deep rooted psychological problems, no one is "winning" here Charlie Sheen. If you want to consider me letting this play out as a metaphor for surrender, be my guest :)
: this is a statisfying read. i love it when teemos get dunked. the troll gets trolled.
The statement of a halfwit at its best lol.
: I know he is pissed but don't post something stupid like wanting surrender removed, make it like different about how premades are stupid when you are solo and that you would wanna get matched with other people that are solo also (get the premade trolls out of here). Then maybe the surrender wouldn't happen and they can finish. I am pretty pissed for him that his team ratted him out though because that has happened to me sometimes as teemo (I hope he reported them) but come on.
The fact is, you can't have a system where premades are matched with other premades, because people will always continue to make 4 person teams and have that one solo player thrown in, JUST to troll them, and that is EXACTLY what happened to me. I genuinely would like to see surrender removed, or at the very least, reworked so this majority bullshit is meaningless, have someone's vote count exponentially more if they have a better KDA/more kills and assists. But SOMETHING so that if you're genuinely doing well they can't hijack the whole thing just to watch your W/L ratio drop for no reason.
: So you're just going to ignore the first half of my comment, and call the second the best I have. Multiple insults do nothing if you have no substance as foundation. As you can tell, the first half of my comment was the foundation, and the latter was calling you out for insulting another unfairly (along with a spelling correction; if you're going to insult people, at least spell the damn words right). I'd turn it around and say you're done if that's the best you have, but unfortunately you didn't even try to use any valid reasoning and points in this discussion, so there's really nothing to be had. Okay. {{champion:33}}
"You make a great point, so why are you playing this game again?" ^^^^^^ That is your "foundation"? Lol, a foundation by definition is supposed to be something sturdy that can withstand that which is build on it. And that is the most poorly formed foundation I've seen in terms of intelligent conversation, if you're going to try and claim to have some vast knowledge of how to spit insults at me, at least do so with something more than a question that is easily taken apart with the answer being... Because league is fun. Where do you go with that aside from sitting with your epeen in your hands and a dumb look on your face?
: > [{quoted}](name=OfficerMcTitties,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=loJtKRZy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-05-13T02:49:51.761+0000) > > This is literally the stupidest post ever. You just want it removed because you don't care how the other people feel. You'd rather have them waste their time and not have fun and stay in a game they are obviously gonna lose, then go into their next games and possibly win some. Who cares if it was normals, a lot of people only play normals and would like to win but if you're losing, oh hey! there's a surrender option so you don't gotta waste your time on fuckwads and go on with your day. You obviously have no idea how to read. You should give it a try sometime. Hell, if you think you are up to it, try clicking on the link. You know numbers, right? The post is about how his team was in position to win and had an 11.7k gold lead and they threw the game because he had 0-deaths. I understand why he is frustrated.
Thank you VERY much for being (thus far) the only person to not only understand my issue here, but also agreed (at the least) that people like this are the issue here. You may not agree that surrender should be removed, but I can appreciate someone who isn't just here to troll and treat me like shit for something that is clearly an issue here (and that the majority of these people in this board probably contribute to) Upvote for you, though I'm fairly certain it won't stay that way for long (god forbid someone speak out against the masses here)
: You make a great point, so why are you playing this game again? So don't complain because you can't understand the point of surrender you *elitist nuisance.* Oh, by the way, I italicized the words you misspelled. Try proofreading sometime, it really helps you make better points.
Oh my most sincere apologies, whatever have I done, typing more than one letter in that word, please do take me out back and flog me for this transgression. I didn't realize we'd turned this discussion into a grammar nazi convention. You're clearly done if that is the best you have. Have a horrible night :)
: There are legitimate times to surrender, if an entire team was genuinely losing to just you, that time was twenty minutes ago for the enemy. However, your post reeks of an almost sick glee of beating people clearly weaker than you and just never letting go, infinitely comparing yourself to anyone doing even a bit worse than you. ...they can just end the game at 20 mins, ruining the winning team's fun... ...DESTROYING them in fact, I was trying to make the last push by myself... ... not because I had best KDA, but because my entire team had made a sport of following me around and doing nothing but taking farm...(Sivir had more champ damage than you, and when 2 carries are that fed it's actually hard for a third to find the gold to keep up, but TF wasn't slouching) ...so they could try and feed me to the enemy team... as you were DESTROYING them, did you even notice their support pantheon, already a suspect pick, was AFK? Even when "you" chunked down the turrets(which is highly suspect as your team was clearly there because they have have half the credit and your build sucks for structure killing), is it possible you were raging hard at TF for feeding cassiopeia while claiming to be carrying, and your teammates said, "screw this guy, it's a normal so no LP loss let's not let him win?" Because I'd have said yes too. PS: ... I was full build for QUITE a while already... Upgrade your damn trinket and drop more than 6 wards in a 45 minute game, Bronzie.
Just so you're aware since it seems to escape your CLEARLY narrow gaze, Teemo drops shrooms that while they don't give an absurd amount of vision, they were more than enough to keep me safe the entire game (evident by my 0 deaths, but once again narrow vision for you :) ), and it doesn't matter how much damage the rest of my team had, the only reason I had no more damage and kills than I did, is because they kept trying to push out while my team was just following me around not helping with anything, I survived using shrooms and blinding shot well, and got most of my kills under their towers. I don't need your approval of what happened in this game, or for you to even believe me in the slightest, I only wish I had started up SkinSpotlights so that I could post the game itself so that you could see exactly what happened. Because as it stands, the numbers don't lie, my adc got fed early, and when they decided that because I hadn't died, that I needed to, they changed pace, and started targeting their own team. I know that pantheon was DCed, and it doesn't change that I was doing well in MY lane, and well when I roamed. Sorry you don't approve of the use of the word "destroyed" but that is exactly what happened, I was dove at least 7 times after they started telling them where I was, and got away ONLY because I gave myself protection with shrooms and backed in obscure spots so they couldn't wall jump and just melt me. Also, if we're going to start referring to people by the rank/class they fall under as you've so sweetly given me the name Bronzie (the "ie" is super cute), I think I have an appropriate one for you too Douchie. Have a terrible night full of your worst nightmares sweetie :)
: Uh, no. Since four people need to vote yes to surrender, it's very very very fair. If you can't deal with that, maybe you shouldn't be playing pvp and should stick to pve games where you don't have to interact with other people and interfere with their fun or force unfun on them.
Fact remains what you said is ill thought out, it isn't fair, when someone can start a premade and just wait for one person to get in their queue for the sole purpose of trolling, that isn't fair, a premade group of 4 should only count as a single vote, so that when they try and troll that last person, they're unable to do so
: > [{quoted}](name=Epitaphfire,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=loJtKRZy,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-05-13T02:58:53.301+0000) > > you elitest nuissance But, i'm not elitist? If i was elitist I would've said something how it wasn't ranked right? I play this for fun, and i'm not having fun if I have to stay in a game I don't wanna play. And yeah it sucks that your team surrendered when you were clearly gonna win but (they're douches) but, I know for a fact that the surrender will never be removed because it's there for getting games over with quicker for people that want to leave. Please keep crying though I like talking to children.
I'm sure you do enjoy talking to children, you would relate to them so well. But fact is, if you commit to a game you should be forced to see it through, not just be able to cut and run like an immature little brat "wah I didn't win, I don't wanna play anymore" Just like these ignorant people who will fight to the VERY end, and then like they just went full retard until the end, they will surrender as their Nexus is about to go down.... What purpose is that for? Is that getting the game over quicker? I just got out of a game where we aced them, and we were RIGHT at the Nexus, and instead of just letting us have the win, and feel good, they surrender. Here is an example that you should understand, just imagine you're playing really well, and having a GOOD game, and you wanna get to full build just to see what else you can do, and they all just come out and stand in the middle of lane and tell you "have at us", there is no fun in it anymore, that is what someone surrendering when you're winning feels like. It is just stupid
blkh1 (NA)
: I have one simple reason to allow surrender. When the enemy team camps at your fountain disregarding the nexus just to kill whoever comes out. It isn't fun at that point, it is rude and unsportsmanlike. Yes, "you deserved it for playing so poorly and sucking so badly". BS, it is there for a reason. That singular reason alone makes it necessary. Your team did a shitty thing, but it must be left for when people simply feel they are done and don't want to continue in that game. Report the other players for surrendering how they did, and yes they should be dealt with. This has also happened in ranked. It is a way of showing, we could have won, but just chose not to. It must be left in though.
Please stop speaking as if you're the final say in the matter, this is a board for the opinion, saying stupid stuff like "it must be left in though" is just ignorant, if they have you pushed to your spawn, eventually the super minions will do the job for them, whether they want it ended or not, and when you're down three inhibs, and can't kill the minions, guess what, you go down... FAST.
: This is literally the stupidest post ever. You just want it removed because you don't care how the other people feel. You'd rather have them waste their time and not have fun and stay in a game they are obviously gonna lose, then go into their next games and possibly win some. Who cares if it was normals, a lot of people only play normals and would like to win but if you're losing, oh hey! there's a surrender option so you don't gotta waste your time on fuckwads and go on with your day.
You're playing an online GAME, your time is already wasted, clearly you're doing nothing better with it, so don't complain because you can't understand the premise of the post you elitest nuisance
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: Shaco needs a nerf.... Soon
More than anything, I love how you can post an opinion on the forums, and be told "get good" as an answer to why a champ needs a nerf.... I never wanted to watch someone fall down a flight of stairs more in my life :D
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