: I hate these new support items
I wish that GP10 would be an option for rune stats. We used to be able to buy GP10 quints before runes reforged and it would help the support gold problem if Riot brought them back.
Kuro SF (NA)
: support items should ONLY nerf gold UNTIL COMPLETED
Before runes reforged we could get gp10 through runes. It would help if they could put gp10 into rune stats (which replaced runes). It wouldn't solve everything but it would let supports actually build their items.
: Remove support penalty late game
Also, they could add gp10 to rune stats. Before runes reforged we could get that with runes. This would be a great time to bring it back.
terrhy (NA)
: Why do support items still have diminishing gold when fully completed?
It would be nice if we could get gp10 rune stats to compensate for losing our gp10 runes from before runes reforged. I'm posting this on every "supports need more gold" thread. It would help a lot.
: Supports right now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It would be nice if we could get gp10 rune stats to compensate for losing gp10 runes from before runes reforged. I'm posting this on every "supports need more gold" thread. It would help a lot.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Support gold generation getting hit is one thing
We need gp10 in rune stats. We used to be able to get gp10 quints on rune pages but the old runes have moved to rune stats but that option is no longer available. Let's nag riot until they reinstate it!
: I'm not touching support till they do something about the gold gen.
I'm going to add the same comment on every "supports need more gold" thread. Before the gold generating support items, we used to be able to get gp10 through runes. I used gp10 quints on my supports, and it was very helpful They switched masteries to runes and runes to rune stats so we need riot to add gp10 to rune stats again. Not perfect, but it would help.
JPlayah (NA)
: New support items are literally institutionalized poverty
Please Riot add GP10 to Rune stats in the flex column. Not enough to tempt a damage dealer but enough to help supports.
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Comentários de Rioters
: Star Guardian Little Legends are coming
This is great. More ways for people to financially support a game I love to play for free :) :) Please buy some flair!
: Patch 9.5 Notes
I think Kayle is going to be in the same spot as original Eve. A kit that looks nice on paper but not good in jungle and no way to survive the laning phase. At least original Eve was amazing in the crystal scar but now both are gone.......
Saintarc (NA)
: Unable to link twitch prime to lol account
Troubles (NA)
: https://woobox.com/ Please do some research next time.
I did, before I posted. That company is exactly what I don't want running on my twitter account. Here's the agreement you need to click on: " This application will be able to: Read Tweets from your timeline. See who you follow, and follow new people. Update your profile. Post Tweets for you. " Who is crazy enough to let an advertising company do that? That's just mean to people who follow you. If an online product is free, then You are the product. I'll keep my online profile clean thanks.
: Ask Riot about patches, scripting, and rotations
So after reading this I went to twitter to see if I could get dreadknight garen. Unfortunately you have to let some app called woobox take over your account and make posts and follow people without your permission. Sooooo, I'll just make a league only twitter account..... I hope that's not breaking the rules. Another thing, I often tab out of league if it's running slowly and try to shut down background apps (including the patcher) on my machine. Is it possible to get banned for that?
: i am still wondering if {{champion:6}} will still get a rework. i feel like urgot deserves a rework more than {{champion:266}}
For goodness sake don't make any significant changes to Urgot, just undo the nerfs of the past 20 patches or so. He is unique. I like characters that do not fit in a box
: Patch Chat with Playtest - Patch 6.5
*Sigh* another urgot nerf. Only a poor urgot player would ult into the other team and the channel makes the fear incredibly easy to avoid. So much for buffing R. The shorter duration on W is terrible.... at max rank you used to be able to have it up all the time, now you get about 2 seconds with no shield. Thanks for nerfing one of the most underplayed and trickiest characters. For the 10th time in a row.
Dreamin (NA)
: ***
With Chosen, he is a jedi with a light sabre that changes color. Case closed, best yi skin ever.
: there is no such thing as a "bad urgot skin"
Butcher Urgot is terrible, Crabgot is dull and looks worse than the default, and I can't begin to tell you how awkward and goofy the battlecast skin looks, like he's trying to show off but just keeps clunking around.
: The Keybind Wars: Which Key is Best for Flash?
My guess: Because nearly everyone takes flash, Riot will give flash as a freebie and let people pick 2 other S. spells. They just wanted to know which key to stick it to by default. Even though it's range is reduced, flash still needs a nerf so it isn't so commonly picked. My suggestion: give it a .5 or .75 delay or channel time and give it back it's previous range. That way it isn't useful for dodging skillshots but is still useful for surprise engages, wall hopping and avoiding ganks... If you see them far enough ahead of time.
: "Things may not be 100% balanced right at the start" - Riot on Duskblade Oh really? What {{champion:91}} could ever {{champion:238}} have possibly {{champion:107}} given you {{champion:133}} that idea {{champion:121}} ?
Not sure.... If the assassin needs a completed item to help their combo finish someone, they might not have enough gold to get it by lvl 6, delaying any snowballing.
: Retiring Dominion
I played dominion several years ago before the Evelynn rework. Back then she was the best champ in dominion, (Unbelievable but true, I promise) I stopped playing because of the bots. Why not keep the map and work to ban bots? I expect they will all migrate to Treeline, SR or Aram and the problem will repeat.
: Tristana update rocket jumps onto live!
They ruined my skin! I had (have) Guerilla Trist. They just washed out all the color and made the whole thing grey, way worse than the standard skin. And then they ruined her personality. She used to be perky, enthusiastic and naive, now she's just a snarky jabberer who won't shut up.


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