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Souji (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=EraiViolett,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=YuwzqiAZ,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-06-03T01:31:47.545+0000) > > Oh MY! thank you so much! And that one is a very underrated artwork of mine xD, to be fair it was a small piece but i'm surprised nonetheless haha thank you! Yesss. I'm a huge Talon fan so I adore that piece the most out of all your work. SUCh good detail on his face. Captures him perfectly. 10/10 If you could do more Talon art I'd be in heaven uwu If i had the money to support you I would but I'm broke. Keep up the great work.
Thank you! Following my work is a great way to support me even when you can't toss a dollar, I understand the struggle :3
Souji (NA)
: I love EraiViolett's work. Such a good artist! I love their Enduring Sword Talon especially.
Oh MY! thank you so much! And that one is a very underrated artwork of mine xD, to be fair it was a small piece but i'm surprised nonetheless haha thank you!
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Faliandra (EUW)
: Okay, can we move on from this momo challenge or whatever and focus on whats important? I. AM. DYING. Okay, you dont know how many times i have spammed refresh on your artstation the past 2 days cos my impatience was killing me. And fuck, it was worth the wait. I expected a more yellow-orange like outcome, but I fucking love the pink hues on top of that. It's everything I never knew I wanted. And while I love you for creating this piece of art, I hate you for it at the same time,because I know that, even if riot decides to create a SG Taliyah, it will NEVER be able to beat this concept. I really really wish they could just take this concept and put it in the game. It'd be an instabuy for me. So,all in all, I think Caitlyn and Taliyah are my favourites of this team. I also really appreciated Varus, which was surprising to me, because I wouldve never ever imagined him to fit into the SG universe, but you made him work so damn well. Basically, with Varus as well as Cait and Taliyah, I feel that you've captured the very essence of them. They look different (as thats the point of a skin), but they still look and feel like those champs. I can say the same about Akali and Irelia, loved them both, but Taliyah/Cait are top notch. As for Zyra, while the concept of her is gorgeous on its own, it didnt feel like Zyra, which is my only criticism I have regarding her. Before you released her, i was really excited to see how youd make her fit into the SG Line. And yes, it looked really pretty, but it didnt feel like its her. But since I have a hard time imagining her as a SG in the first place, it's also hard to point out what's missing. Other than that, once again, I'm completely blown away by your SG concepts. And take it from me, I hardly bother commenting on people's art...unless I'm really impressed which isnt that easy to do. So yeah, pls get hired by Rito and make SG Taliyah come true. Kthx
Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback and I'm really sorry It took me a while to get Taliyah done. Some stuff came up and my energy was running low. But well, I'm glad I took the time because I really wanted all of them to match the same quality, so rushing it would have been a bigger problem. I just misjudged the amount of work it would take. Anyways! Thanks again!
: Indeed xD But I don't think it's a huge issue, you did it for a cute reason. If you want you can change his name with "sheep" since the lil fella looks like one :P
It is a sheep with sparrow wings!
: Probably talking about the "Momo challenge" thing which is similar to blue whale.
Oh my! I just looked that up... What an unfortunate timing geez xD. Sorry, I was completely unaware of that thing
Reksee (NA)
: I feel like naming the SG pet Momo at a time like this is inauspicious.
Oh, why is that??? Momo literally means peach in Japanese and well, Taliyah's colors are very peachy, made sense to me
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RJay123 (NA)
: ....I just finished pouring over all of your art and wow... WOWOWOW. I'm an artist myself but I've never moved past pencil sketches. I do it often and I like my style but I never came around to incorporating color and more intimate poses and perspectives for my characters. It's something I've been trying to work on lately but this... you've got it all! The detail, the colors, the expressions and personality, everything is here and it's amazing. Absolutely incredible work, keep killing it on the drawing board cause this is stellar stuff. Now this is more of a personal request/ suggestion, you totally don't have to do this of course lol, but I wanted to bring it up cause, well, I want more of this.. you wouldn't happen to consider doing a Star Guardian, or Star Villain Evelyn, would you? {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Hey thank you so much!! Evelynn is one of my favorite champions, my jungle main! I never considered her for SG though, so I don't think I would work on her in the future. But who knows, my projects change all the time so we'll see!
: You monster made me wait this long. =( ________________- Love her outfit, especially the see-through skirt with hot pants. Nice combination and it has both components of badass and cute. Just like Caitlyn has to be! Good choice of colour in my opinion and the whole flower motive is great, especially for her traps. The rifle is well done, too, but I kinda miss the scopes on it. Maybe could have went with star-shaped lenses for this one. Cat familiar is a little bit cliche, I have to say. Personally I would have went with something resembling a mouse for the Mami Tomoe reference, but that's just me. All in all, really solid and great work. I hope your wish to become a Rioter some day will become reality so you can deliver us your great skins in the future. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hey thank you! I agree with the clishe for a cat familiar but I needed a familiar that was heavily focused on observing. I had a falcon or an owl as options, but considering how many other flying familiars i had put in the team, Cat was the remaining option. Nonetheless, I get what you are saying.
Faliandra (EUW)
: mate, you're INSANE! these are so good. I never wouldve imagined I'd want a SG Caitlyn... but now I do. I love how the feminine translucent cloth skirt overlaps with the tomboy-ish hotpants look. Does that make sense? My english is questionable sometimes. But then again, I also love the concept with the ruffled skirt and the stockings cos it kinda has a steampunkish look to it that just screams CAITLYN to me. Maybe that would've been a bit better for diversity considering you gave Zyra a very similar looking skirt. Anyway, 10/10. Can't wait for Taliyah! ETA? :D
Thank you! Initially I explored this flowery sheer skirt for Caitlyn and realized it fit better for Zyra. But I loved it so much that I decided this was like the base design for the women costumes in their original team! (Akali/Irelia and Varus have similar designs themselves cuz they are from a different team originally) But yeah, Caitlyn with the mini shorts and that skirt just felt so appropiate for me, I think that's like one of the bigger parts of the design that makes me love it the most! I'm happy you like it as well!
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Madjack01 (EUW)
: I love the faces you create. From a creative point I find them much better than Riot's design with newer female champs because your design looks more mature. Minor personal critique on flavor: the star on her chest looks a bit out of place. I assume that you either wanted to give the star theme a central position or you were reluctant to show some cleavage. If it is the latter then that would be a real shame. A bit of cleavage fits Zyra well and I hope you let your creativity roam freely without being too concerned about debated topics. From the looks of your designs you seem to know what you do and want though, so I'm probably rambling like a fool.
Thank you! I appreciate that :D I didn't really think it through that much, I don't shy away from sexualizing characters when its needed and I agree Zyra has some sort of "luring" tropes to her on her design, she's like a venus trap. Hell, she even has a few voicelines regarding that, "Come closer" "Venture off the beaten path" and so on. However, in this universe she doesn't really need to lure any pray in, the trope isn't as needed. She gets to kill monsters for free and she gains energy from that. Any sex appeal would be an extra. Or at least I think so. That said, The main reason why she has the star there is that all of the other guardians I'm designing have it in the center of their design, look at Irelia's for example, all lines around converge into the star or frame it in the center. Varus's is the center of his chest (considered puting it off to the side where he has the arrow opening on his actual character). Its just the design that felt most appropriate when i was exploring her!
: I like your design, but I don't really consider Zyra as Star Guardian material. Her personality is too malevolent. She is evil, she wants to kill humans to feed her seeds. If Zyra ends up in the Star Guardian universe, I would picture her as a member of the enemy team, alongside other "evil" champions like {{champion:28}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:127}} __________ Also: Caitlyn was supposed to be shown on 19th, why did you postpone it? {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Well thus far the response has been very very positive! Many would have thought Syndra was also not SG material but welp, it doesn't really matter since this is not a skin that is actually happening, i'm not limited by it :3 I also wanted the challenge to explore her in this universe, being so different from her. I needed more time to finish Zyra yesterday, so I had to move the schedule one day forward for the remaining guardians :(
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: you should call the two animals valmar and kai. it refers to the lore
Read the bio I wrote for this skin. The familiars used to be Kai and Valmar's familiars. They did not change after Varus came to be.
: That looks so good.... (and as a side note, in the future atleast if you want to be recognized as the original skin creator, let a friend post your content as in the terms of services for league you give up ownership of any of your original ideas when posted on the board.)
: I dislike it: The "splash art" is too static. Blades look weird to me, could be normal blades with some shiny effects at their end. Img 1 resembles the most the original skin , I'd prefer to see it, but it's also true SG skins are so different from originals. Also face could get some tweaks to make her more look not so generalized / similar to Irelia's face >It must be made purple.
Faliandra (EUW)
: so wheres star guardian zyra??? Ive been waiting all day ;_; (what im trying to say is...i love these...SO STOP TORTURING MEEEE D: )
Ah I'm really sorry, I only updated on twitter D: yesterday I worked all day for about 14 hours and pulled an all nighter to release her as promised. But by 7 am today I wasn't functioning right and started seeing blurry... so opted to push the date one day to finish her properly... she will be up tomorrow! Sorry for having you waiting :(
: I really like this idea! I'm not a big fan of the facial hair but the rest of it is actually really good. I know you posted this a REALLY long time ago, but I wanted to comment after seeing all the negativity.
Honestly I didn't even remember I had posted this here lol. I appreciate you
: oh my god I lovethis concept. Also the artwork is really really amazing!!! Can I write fanfiction of this...?
For sure!!!! Do show me when its done, I'd love to read it. (Ps if you do, contact me on twitter, there i'll be most likely to notice)
: Something something star guardian urgot something something dead meme
AHhhhh tell me about it. I stopped replying to whomever mentions it It's not going to happen xD
: the one problem is Varus's voicelines They really wouldn't fit this skin. good job though! The lore looks great even though i can't really read it due to stupid zooming limitations on my computer.
Yeah, but that's a pretty common problem, specially with edgelord champions. I mean, look at his Valentine's skin saying "there's no salvation" lol. Still, almost every concept i make I try to re imagine the champ, as Legendary skins or something
Terozu (NA)
: Why'd you repost this?
The other was incomplete, and I wanted to post Akali and Irelia on a different format. So might as well do so with this one
: I have to wait til the 19th for Caitlyn. {{sticker:sg-janna}} Y u do dis to me?
> [{quoted}](name=SatomiKun,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=ARKMAhqv,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-16T00:55:09.014+0000) > > I have to wait til the 19th for Caitlyn. > {{sticker:sg-janna}} > > Y u do dis to me? Teehee I think she's my favorite of the 6
: Hi! First of all, you're AWESOME. Have you considered sending your art to Riot someday? I've seen so many people getting hired in a couple months because of their talent. Oh, and I always thought that if Akali were a SG, she could be the lost team mate of Ahri; along side Evelynn and Kai'Sa, considering that K/DA Ahri plays SG Ahri and she lost three team mates. But your lore is better anyways!
> [{quoted}](name=Jolyne Cujoh,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=IQKpwOAE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-15T20:44:57.703+0000) > > Hi! > > First of all, you're AWESOME. Have you considered sending your art to Riot someday? I've seen so many people getting hired in a couple months because of their talent. > > Oh, and I always thought that if Akali were a SG, she could be the lost team mate of Ahri; along side Evelynn and Kai'Sa, considering that K/DA Ahri plays SG Ahri and she lost three team mates. But your lore is better anyways! Thank you! I started working on these concepts before K/DA was a thing, so I didn't really consider it xD. And It's my dream to work at riot, I'll be applying sometime next month!
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: Paywall- an arrangement whereby access is restricted to users who have paid to subscribe Access to unlocking the "rewards" is restricted to those who pay. If they want to release content we have to pay for I don't care that is how a business works. The problem is they are releasing the content under the idea that it is free and everyone can participate when it's really not. You have to buy the World Pass otherwise it's a month of grinding for a single border. The problem is it's a slimy tactic for sucking people into paying. The chromas cost 40 more points than you can get over the whole month event so you actually cant even get the good part of the event. They are giving you a hit of a drug to get you addicted. Not once did I play the victim card I just expressed my discontent with the way the event was being handled.
Lmao so access to skins is also a paywall?? None of this content affects your ability to play the game. Its not a paywall.
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: Dude i never comment or anything, but i saw your concept work and oh my god. Nice job man, it looks beautiful. I'd love to see it in game.
Ah thank you so much! I appreciate it a lot!
: I just think it would be hard to differentiate between Classic Ahri and this Eve skin at a glance. The outfits are almost identical outside of Eve's longer sleeves and they both have long shapes coming out behind them (tails and whips).
I suppose i don't need to change your mind, if it looks like ahri to you its for a reason, and thats completely fine. I do think though they look nothing alike but the mere similarity between inspirations, which is japanese clothing and folklore (that also has been used for Ionia and the Blood moon skins). Besides, I made different clothing designs for this concept some which look more like pre-rework Evelynn (check thumbnail #5) but people were way more inclined to 1, 3 and 6, which ended up being the design i'd follow through. Anywho, thanks for the feedback, next time I design something I'll try to make it stand out from existing designs as best I can.
: Outfit is too similar to Ahri's imo.
well they are both based in the Japanese kimono, of course they'd look similar... My inspiration for Eve were the Geisha :)
: And there goes my wallet & my Change Jar. You should look into getting into Riot's Skins/Marketing team, this & your PROJECT: Diana skin would definitely be popular skins.
Oh you know my Project Diana as well? lol thank you for liking my stuff!!! I hope I get to work on Riot one day :D
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: this is literally the worst thing i have ever heard of or seen. the meer thought of this thread should have gotten you banned
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