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CrowV2 (OCE)
: Mordekaiser not on Noxus Universe Page as a champion
He really isn't Noxian though. He's pre-Noxian. He built the foundation that Noxus ripped off.
: Champions VGUs after Fiddel and Voli + pls do more per year
Yeah, I feel like there's a lot of stories they can't truly push forward without VGU's, cause it would be kinda lame to get one champion featured in something big, such as a comic or tv show, only to have that champion be reworked with new lore, and suddenly look different. Like Arcane seems to hint at Dr. Mundo possibly making an appearance (though its entirely possible that it's not him). And its entirely possible, if not likely, that we'll see Singed too.
GreenLore (EUW)
: To be fair, we still don't know what Demons really are in runeterra. The only one who has a known origin is Evelynn more or less and we don't know if she is the only one. So if he was a demon of unknown origin, he'd be still a mystery.
I'm pretty sure a rioter said somewhere on the boards that all demons are formed from the emotions of humans. Evelynn is formed from emotions like pain and lust, while Tahm is formed from greed and misery. So we do know the origins of demons.
: > [{quoted}](name=Eternal791,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=P4wInKd9,comment-id=000b000000000001,timestamp=2020-01-16T05:58:02.707+0000) > > Ivern came from Freljord, but became Ionian when he turned into a tree thing and spent the rest of his life there. And why would Xayah and Rakan not be Ionian because they're vastaya? Is a registered american citizen not an american if he's of black or latino ancestry? Or better yet, native american (as from what I gather, the vastaya were on Ionia long before humans were)? Same goes for Kled really. Yeah he's a Yordle. So what? He acts on behalf of Noxus, making him a Noxian. It's a matter of cultural identity. Do you think Xayah and Rakan share the same cultural heritage as, say, Yasuo or Akali? Grouping people into one identity just because they happen to live on the same landmass is shortsighted. Think about all of the different Native American cultures in the United States. Saying Xayah and Rakan are Ionian just like Yasuo and Akali are would be as ignorant as labeling all of the Native American groups as "Indians" and calling it a day. So in the case of Kled, yes, he is a Noxian. That is his cultural identity. But Xayah and Rakan aren't "Ionian" like Yasuo, Akali, Zed, and Shen are Ionian. They are Vastayan. Their cultural heritage is Vastayan. If you asked _them_ how they identify, they'd likely answer Vastayan. Xayah has many lines that reference her identity as Vastayan. And here's an interesting detail, she has several lines alluding to how she doesn't think very highly of--guess who--_Ionians_: "Ionia's meddling birthed our rebellion." "Ionians never learn." But since they happen to live on the Ionian continent, I guess that settles it, right?
I don't really care how people identify for the most part, cause often times it goes against the truth. I care what they are. If anything, Xayah and Rakan are more Ionian than any of the other Ionians, because their species was in Ionia far longer than humans. As for labeling all native american groups as Indians, I totally agree to an extent, because none of them are from India, live on India, or have anything to do with India. However, labeling all native americans as Americans along side foreign americans, is entirely accurate. They can have two entirely different cultures, but they both live in America and have for hundreds of years now, so they're both Americans. Same goes for Ionians and the Vastaya. Different cultures, but they all live on the same continent. Species an nationality are two totally different things. However, Ionia is a continent, not a country. So you could have a Vastayan country and a bunch of other countries, and they would all be Ionian regardless of race, country or culture. You could also apply this to U.S. citizens and Mexicans. Different countries, different cultures, but they're both on the North American Continant, so technically they're all Americans, just like everyone from every country in Asia, are all Asians. And when it comes down to it, Xayah and Rakan would likely help the other Ionian champions fight some big threat such as Noxus, cause even though they have totally different cultures and views, they share the same homeland and don't want anything to ruin it. And really, I'm not grouping a bunch of people into one identity, cause the way I look at it, Ionian, American, Asian, European aren't single identities. They are a collection of identities. Even getting more specific and saying Chinese, or even more specific and saying Native American, those are also a collection of identities, as there are different groups of Chinese people and different tribes of Native Americans, but that doesn't make all of those groups not Chinese or Native American.
: I'm 100% sure Fiddlesticks lore will boil down to "FIDDLESTICKS an evil primordial thingy and that thingy is now set loose and is being all evil and primordial all over the place, BUT NOBODY KNOWS WHAT IT IS AND WHERE IT CAME FROM" Like Nautilus Amumu and Rammus maintaining a sense of mystery is probably way better than anything else they can come up with.
Yes. Take one from Warwick's book, and give Fiddlesticks a dark and mysterious background.
Manxxom (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tyermaillin,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=PEV7KERf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-16T02:48:57.066+0000) > > Vaguely? Probably, yeah. I think Fiddlesticks is a demon effecively once his VGU comes around. Swain wields the power of a demon. It makes sense their magics are similar. > > More closely connected? Also possible. The other demons' magics that we've seen thus far aren't all similar like, say, necromantic magic (sickly blue-green). Ergo there could be a direct link between Fiddlesticks and Swain. Even crazier theory, what if Fiddlesticks is the demon that Swain "borrowed" his power from.
I think that's what he means by "there could be a direct link between Fiddle and Swain." However, I honestly doubt it. Swain's demon seems to be more about secrets and knowledge. Meanwhile Fiddle seems to be about fear (though that makes me question what Nocturne will be, considering they already confirmed him to be a demon of fear). One thing to mention though, is that they said Fiddle would be of uncertain origins... meaning, he could not be a demon at all, but something entirely different and unknown to us; which I personally find scarier and more interesting.
: > [{quoted}](name=Chembaron Yamada,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=P4wInKd9,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2020-01-15T18:05:13.909+0000) > > Between Kayn and Jhin have also been Xayah, Rakan, and Ivern. > > There have been way more Ionian releases than you are accounting for here. > Meanwhile there are other regions which have a gap of 6 years between champion releases. Ivern is Freljordian. And I excluded Xayah and Rakan because they're Vastayans. Let me ask you this: with the addition of Kled, would you consider him a Yordle Champion, or a Noxian Champion? A person's first instinct is probably what would be most obvious: he's a Yordle.
Ivern came from Freljord, but became Ionian when he turned into a tree thing and spent the rest of his life there. And why would Xayah and Rakan not be Ionian because they're vastaya? Is a registered american citizen not an american if he's of black or latino ancestry? Or better yet, native american (as from what I gather, the vastaya were on Ionia long before humans were)? Same goes for Kled really. Yeah he's a Yordle. So what? He acts on behalf of Noxus, making him a Noxian.
Xonra (NA)
: " But Piltover and Zaun have completely occupied my love for regions." This is me. These are the regions I'm interested in, and I know I'm far from the only one.
Same. Easily the most interesting regions in all of Runeterra. Not only is the culture of these two cities fascinating, but the various internal conflicts and rivalries make it particularly interesting. On top of that, the threat of a Noxian invasion could lead to some interesting story arcs and even team-ups between champions that are normally enemies (I'd love to see, Cait, Vi, Camille, Jinx and Urgot all working together to stage a rebellion against Noxus).
: I wish I wouldn't have to post this here in the "obviously wrong answers" thread, but well. _____________ Roe from the story "Child of Zaun". She actually didn't die in Urgot's trial, Vi just thought she did. But the gas had a devastating effect on her body and she had to heavily augment herself with chemtech to survive. No longer the innocent girl she has been, she is now forming another crew of Zaunites to fight the Piltovan oppressors. She has a mask, maybe because of her chemtech augmentation, just like Urgot has a mask or because the trial has disfigured her. She refuses to die, clinging to life with her chemtech augmentations. Would love to see her resembling some kind of insect with her augmentations, like Husk who was heavily inspired by wasps in design. Maybe the group of Zaunites she is leading now could all have insectoid chemtech augmentations, as a hommage to her idol Urgot, the dreadnought, who has a cult using a spider emblem.
This would be cool. I'd also love to see Barren Voss, the warden of the Dredge. I could see her wanting revenge on Urgot and getting all kinds of augmentations to improve her chances when fighting him.
: Duh - it's the old man from the [Bard: Mountain teaser video]( at 1:42. He even has a speaking line! Come on, people. Do I have to give you everything?! ;)
: They're not being discontinued. In the exact words of [the video]( "We will be **primarily ** focused on new champions" VGU's are not gone and are not being discontinued Edit: Oh yeah, this is why Reddit > Boards. Post legit evidence and get downvoted
I feel like VGU's need more prioritizing than new champs. There's so many champions that are way too outdated and don't really fit in with the current gameplay, visual and lore standards.
: Fiddlesticks dev blog, it's... it's beautiful
Absolutely loving it as a horror fan. I hope his sound effects don't fall flat though.
: Sett Champion Theme
I don't care for Sett's visual design or lore, but I definitely like his champion theme. In some aspects, it reminds me of Camille's theme.
: I feel like I'm the only one who thinks he just looks super cringy : (
You're definitely not. I think all the clearly anime inspired characters look cringy. Cause anime is cringe incarnate.
: This next comic series
Ekko also deals with time travel to a small extent.
: Honestly, I think we should really give Ionia a stop for champion releases at this point, tho. All the regions I mentioned can't even reach 10 in total, while Ionia has 19. Other regions have to wait up to **6 years** between champion releases, I think it would be fair to have Ionia at pause for several years here, too. _____________________ Other regions also have lose ends which could get explored. If Ionia gets the 20th champion before we get another Piltovan, then I will seriously consider to leave this game for good, the bias for that region just starts to become overbearing at this point.
Its funny that after the Warwick and Urgot reworks, Riot said it was going to take a break from Zaun because they had released a lot of stuff for that region within a fairly short time period. Meanwhile Ionia gets way more champions and lore than Zaun, and there's no sign of them slowing down.
: Urgot could become an important part of the Noxian invasion to Piltover, a thing that is currently part of the Noxian plot or he could try to take revenge on Swain, that is not out of the picture. Maybe not Ivern, but another barbarian from the Freljord could try to do it. Similar to how the release of Draven opened the posibility of a new champion that works on the pits, and we got a champ like that this year with Sett. Rhaast could try to take revenge on the Noxians that put them there, or the Noxians could try to trap him once more in order to use him as a Noxian Weapon that drives the plot. Those champs can drive the story of Noxus foward, Just like Riven did with both, the Noxian and the Ionian side even if she is considered Noxian. My point is that a champion does not need to belong to a faction to drive the story of that faction fowards and some champs can "be" from more than one faction. Ezreal is from Piltover, but we see him doing important things for the lore of Shurima and Zaun. Olaf is from Freljord and he was a main character from Shadow and Fortune. One action of a champ, can snowball into a big conflict for a faction different to the original faction of the champion. Cassiopeia for example is a Noxian and she is the one who started the whole Shuriman Plot. The "Noxian plot" is not something that happens in a bubble and does not affect the rest of the factions, the lore of Noxus is directly connected to Ionia. Having tons of new Ionian champs is just a direct consequence of the "Noxian plot"... Just look at the list of Ionian champs posted by the OP, like 90% of them have some conection to Noxus thanks to the war between to those factions.
I'd kinda feel bad for any Noxian army that runs into Urgot while invading Piltover.
: kayn has voicelines that refer to him as ionian, either through his own dialogue or him being the subject of an "@Ionians" taunt, so i think that makes him a prime candidate for the ionians folder urgot also does the same for zaun, but i believe his "nationality" is kinda mixed in a way since he spent a much more significant portion of his time existing in noxus as opposed to kayn, who lived there for a bit before being drafted as a child soldier, then dipped
Also Urgot was a bit of an important figure in Noxus (enough to have an elaborate plot to remove him from the capital before Swain took over). Meanwhile Kayn was a child conscript who ended up spending the majority of his life in Ionia. Though none of them currently have any impact on the future of Noxus, so all of this is rather irrelevant.
: Unfortunately, Riot really seems to overdevelop Ionia here. The amount of champion releases this region got compared to any other region of the game is actually ridiculous. Which other region can claim to get 3 champion releases **in a row, just a couple of weeks between them**? {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:141}} __________________ I actually feel the same for Piltover. This region is so heavily underdeveloped when it comes to champions that it breaks my heart. I hope that after Sett we are taking a really long break from Ionian releases for a change and other regions can get a chance to get something.
I would love a break from Ionian champions. Honestly, besides Jhin, all of the Ionian champions are pretty boring to me. Maybe its just that the Asian aesthetic has never really appealed to me (though I love the environments we've seen for Ionia), but I'd love to see more champions and world building in any other region (especially Piltover/Zaun). There are regions that are much more in need of champions, lore and ongoing stories (Bandle City comes to mind) than Ionia. Though at least with Piltover and Zaun, we're getting a TV show, and just got a great short story that is definitely building up to something.
: Riot is trying not to trigger people's PTSD. It'd be a legitimate concern with louder gunshots.
There are a lot of games that have louder and more realistic sounding guns, and I've never heard of someone's PTSD getting triggered by it.
: He has a point that more guns would be awesome, tho. :3 A grenade launcher, for example, is something that I would love to see in a future champion release. And we could really use a "medic" champion, someone who uses **science** and technology to heal people, instead of all this magical "I lay a hand on you and now you feel better" mambo jambo. ________________ Besides this, I would love to get a maniac from Piltover wielding a hextech chainsaw.
Urgot has a grenade launcher (his Q).
: Yes, I have shot a real gun before. Have you? The noise they make is so loud that it's a safety hazard. A lot of consumer sound equipment isn't even capable of producing noise at that volume. If media (movies, games, etc.) tried to present it realistically in at least a relative sense by reducing the volume of all other sounds, it would basically be the only thing you'd hear. Volume in media is usually normalized - meaning that a whisper is as loud as gunfire - so that the audience can actually hear what's going on at all times. Now take a closer look at Graves' shotgun. It has a pump action, and it's a revolver, _and_ it's also a side-by-side. If you check the animation, you'll see that not only does it have parts floating mid-air, but the model also clips through itself during reloading and even while idle. How's that for realism? Finally, notice how the game is filled with wizards and shit. It's a fantasy setting. Quiet guns and bombs are among the most minor offenders.
Realism isn't the point. Having the guns sound more satisfying is the point.
Veselar (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eternal791,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=uQMhNE52,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2020-01-12T16:39:40.033+0000) > > Yeah, considering how big Urgot is and the fact that most of him is made of metal, that punch shouldn't have knocked him back so much. Did you forget that Cait has very good eye for details? Like sensitive spots on Urgot legs.
That has nothing to do with what you quoted. I'm talking about Vi upper cutting him and causing his whole body to move upward. He would be far too heavy for Vi to do that with her bare hands... maybe even gauntlets actually. Though as for weak spots on Urgot's legs, I honestly don't think they those tubes would be hydraulics. They seem to be filled with Chemtech, so it would make more sense for them to fuel his shotgun knees (which he actually doesn't have in this). So shooting those should only disable the shotguns, not the actual leg.
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: So about Vi and her Gauntlets
Yeah, considering how big Urgot is and the fact that most of him is made of metal, that punch shouldn't have knocked him back so much.
: More guns and LOUDER guns
I'd love Jinx's guns to have some more oomf to them, and sound effects can go a long way. As for Urgot, his autos could definitely use better sounds, though his shotgun knees are satisfying as hell.
: As I stated, they should have done something for his armcannon, yes. They basically just didn't because they wanted to let him fight in a cinematic and without his armcannon he wouldn't have any means to fight anymore. Bad enough that they took away his shotgunknees for this cinematic by adding the plating. And no, the plating I speak of is not usually there and above the shotgun barrels. What you are speaking of are these... let's say "triangle" shaped things above his knees with the symbol of his passive on them. They move down when his shotgunknees were used to cover the barrels. They are still there on this picture I took from the cinematic, but there is actually a way bigger plating which is not shown in his splashart or elsewhere. It also seems that it is riveted. Makes me think that this is something that the police added to block the knees.
They did actually do something to his gun by putting some sort of case over it. However it's not a very good one cause he just shrugs it off when his cell is opened. Also, I personally never thought of his lack of shotgun knees as the Wardens covered them up. I think Urgot simply hasn't gotten them yet. Otherwise nobody could really get close to him without being caught in a fiery chemical explosion of death. The next bit of story we see from him will likely have him upgrade himself, making him much harder to combat and capture (especially by the use of Cait's net, as the shotgun knees should be capable of removing that quite easily). Additionally, Riot has been known to have some visual inconsistencies between splash arts, in game models, and cinematics, so the difference in his knees could mean nothing at all.
: In the story "Child of Zaun", it seems that they are not sure how much of his body they could even dismantle without killing him. His bio also states that he has taken all his chemtech augmentations from people who relied on them to survive. Meaning that his parts probably all provide some kind of life support. And they don't know enough about his health condition to exermine which of these life supports he is actually in need of. But at least giving his armcannon the same treatment and blocking it in some way would have made sense.
How would his arm cannon have anything to do with life support? At the very least, they could have unloaded it and taken out the receiver. More likely, they could have taken the whole thing off without hurting him. Also the plates on his knees are usually on Urgot's knees, they're just usually above the shotgun barrels.
: I think he still has his shotgunknees, but where the outlet for them should be, there is some plating added. Could imagine that the police added this plating to rob him of this weapon.
Which is dumb, cause they could have simply taken his legs and arm off. Dismantle everything that isn't actively keeping him alive and bam, he can't do shit. The idea that they just through some chains on him and put him in a cage with all his weapons is just ludicrous.
: I think it makes sense that Caitlyn was able to bring him down with a shot. While Urgot is powerful, a big majority of his body is still machine. And machines usually have weak spots. Like, for example if his legs work with some kind of hydraulic, then she could simply shoot at a tube with the liquid in it and it could bring him down by disabling the mechanic behind it. And there **is** some liquid spilling from Caitlyn's shot, so I think this is exactly what happened. She destroyed the hydraulic of his leg. Keep in mind that all the machine's Urgot has augmented himself with were not meant for war! They are mining tools, so it makes sense that there are some weak spots left here and there uncovered. And Caitlyn is a master sniper with a hextech sniping rifle, so I guess she can easily aim at small parts of his augmented body. Hence why I also oftenly mentioned in discussions that Camille would put up a pretty good fight for Urgot. Her precision would allow her to go for weak spots. And while Urgot tries to free himself from weakness, there **are** still some spots left on the dreadnought which you can exploit.
My only problem with this, is those tubes made more sense fueling his shotgun knees than hydraulics. Though he didn't seem to have his shotgun knees in this.
: > [{quoted}](name=Eternal791,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=gOEPGij9,comment-id=0021,timestamp=2020-01-09T18:43:08.807+0000) > > Anyone else notice that Urgot doesn't have his shotgun knees? Obviously why he lost that fight. Can't fight properly without shotgun knees. > > On a serious note, I wouldn't mind if occasionally the bad guys won in these cinematics. They kinda made Urgot look pathetic both in Child of Zaun and in this cinematic. Sure he got some good shots off that destroyed Vi's gauntlet, caused her to sacrifice the other and blew up a bridge, but as soon as he takes one bullet to the leg (not sure how that even brought him down) he's out of the fight. > > I'd love to see this fight end with Vi and Caitlyn at Urgot's mercy as he lets them live because he sees them as worthy, and has a plan for them. Urgot actually uses his Passive, W, and R in the cinematic. Passive is the shot that demolishes Vi’s fist. W was when he was shooting at Caitlyn, and R was for again Vi.
What demolished Vi's fist was an auto attack, no passive involved. If it were his passive, there would have been a huge explosion coming from Urgot's knee.
: I don't like the visual update of Thresh ...
Personally, I don't mind them. Maybe the flames beneath his head could be a little more prominent, and the ult could to, but otherwise I like how everything looks.
: Warriors | Season 2020 Cinematic - League of Legends (ft. 2WEI and Edda ...
Anyone else notice that Urgot doesn't have his shotgun knees? Obviously why he lost that fight. Can't fight properly without shotgun knees. On a serious note, I wouldn't mind if occasionally the bad guys won in these cinematics. They kinda made Urgot look pathetic both in Child of Zaun and in this cinematic. Sure he got some good shots off that destroyed Vi's gauntlet, caused her to sacrifice the other and blew up a bridge, but as soon as he takes one bullet to the leg (not sure how that even brought him down) he's out of the fight. I'd love to see this fight end with Vi and Caitlyn at Urgot's mercy as he lets them live because he sees them as worthy, and has a plan for them.
: I feel the same way. The story has been great, but I wish there was a proper fight scene versus Urgot. My guess as to why there wasn't one is because Caitlyn and Vi don't wear any protective gear to speak of. So in order for them to survive unscathed, Urgot and his followers would have to miss every single shot, which would make for a poor fight. Although, if you ask me that would be an excellent opportunity to let a character lose a limb and have it replaced by a prosthetic. Given that it's Piltover we're speaking of, the prosthetic wouldn't make the character physically weaker, but it would still feel like serious consequences. Cait or Vi would be changed forever by the encounter, giving it significantly more impact. If we assume that it's Vi who lost a limb, that could also make Urgot's message resonate with her, even though she doesn't want it too. A subconscious thought of "I survived because I am worthy." that she doesn't want to think out loud.
I love the idea of Vi losing a limb to Urgot, forcing her to resonate with Urgot's ideal. That would be some interesting character development while making Urgot feel like more of a threat.
: Remember the last part he looked like a spider sitting in his web. I feel there is more coming. Urgot wanted to be captured probably so he can wreak havoc from the inside of Piltover and such.
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: New Story: Child of Zaun
I loved the story, but I kinda don't like how easily Vi and Cait captured Urgot. At the same time, his words before being locked away make me think its all part if his plan. I mean, all he needed to do to break the net was fire his shotgun knees which would have blown big holes in it and lit the rest on fire.
: Pajama Guardians << this is the equivalent of investing heavily in some company, but missing your projection completely Many Dark Star << many will disagree here, but I find most of these skins are messes of purple and black... I can't tell what's what Battle Boss Yasuo << actually ugly. Great effects though. Victorious Aatrox << nuf said Pulsefire Thresh << great effects, but wtf is his head Lancer Hecarim << an ok skin, but 10 gems? And his attack doesn't even use his lance point True Damage << Yes I'll go there. Just so boring. Maybe it's for the young hip millenials, but I just dont care for this line at all.
I definitely agree with you on True Damage. The skins themselves don't interest me at all, and I've always hated hip-hop, pop, and rap with a passion (I don't care for KD/A either).
: I mean, some of those make sense, but like.. cmon.. Cleric Jayce?
Yeah, I feel like Jayce would be more of a paladin.
: Piltover Jinx, Vi, and Cait
Atm, there isn't much (though look into Warwick's backstory and VO, as it does have something to do with Jinx and maybe Vi). However, they did announce Arcane, an animated tv series focusing on the origins of Jinx and Vi.
: LoR Backgrounds
Sweet, I've been trying to find the Piltover one for days.
EdgeLady (NA)
: Senna Theme, and Concept Art!
: I feel like if anything he'd be pretty peeved about people breaking out of his lantern. He is THE WARDEN after all. And the color story for him from what I recall painted him as someone who's a bit of a control freak, at least over what he thinks is his. Having him be a dispassionate warden, who doesnt really mind if people challenge him and break free of his grip, seems less of his character for me. Hes all about chains and walls and controlling who gets to go where and when with his kit too. I really hope you guys will revisit this sometime.
Being a sadist, I think he actually finds pleasure when people resist. Sure, he may have been initially annoyed when Senna was freed, but now he realizes that it will just be even sweeter when he tears their hope away later.
: > [{quoted}](name=GenoXx,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=I9bmE9jy,comment-id=0007000100000000,timestamp=2019-10-24T23:27:23.764+0000) > > That's beside the point though. He still ran into lucian because lucian was hunting him. That would leave an impression. Lucian may be hunting him, but in the grand scheme, he's likely no more to Thresh than an annoying fly would be to us. Just a pest you need to swat away every once in a while. It's not worth getting the VO [or a new one] in for Thresh just to give him a couple lines towards Senna/Lucian when they are so objectively insignificant to him.
But that still leaves the fact that Thresh likely knows so much about the Shadow Isles, and maybe even other regions. We could get a lot of lore from.
Reav3 (NA)
: We chose to not update any Thresh lines because we felt that ultimately Senna and Lucian aren't that important to Thresh, even though he is important to them. Senna and Lucian are just 2 people of many, many people that Thresh is messing with a tormenting, and making him care about them would actually diminish his character a bit, since he really doesn't care about 2 random people
I feel like this could be communicated even better if he had lines to show that he doesn't really care about them in any way.
: Great comment, I was talking about music themes, but, I notice that may not have been clear. I'm liking your summations though. I think Riot's strength is drawing on archetypes we find appealing, whether in presentation or background.
Oh, well in that case: {{champion:222}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:28}}
: Horror themed Volibear Is Better: Bring It Back, Or At Least Do Something For The Fans Who Loved It
Where are people getting this from? What makes you think they're not going for eldritch horror Voli? And why can't he be an honorable Cthulhu Bear of thunder rather than just Cthulhu Bear or just Thor Bear?
: What about {{champion:38}} he doesn't even interact with his own Daughter
And he definitely needs VO update. Honestly, all of the older champions that aren't scheduled for a VGU need VO update.
GreenLore (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eternal791,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=I9bmE9jy,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-23T20:29:33.662+0000) > > it is kinda odd that he has no interactions with either of them (despite having been released before either of them). > Well he doesn't have interactions specifically because he was released before either of them. After all voice over updates are very rare and almost no champ has interactions with someone who was released after them(so that they have still free reign when making the next champ).
I'm aware of that. I'm simply saying it makes sense to give him a new VO, now that he has two champions that are heavily involved in his lore.
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