: Jungling 2019: Easy non-stress way to climb elo
Your actual winrate with this strategy would probably be 35-40%, if the enemy jungler wakes up then he wins the game, if he falls asleep than it becomes 50/50.
: Heres the thing: Positionals didnt help. People abused the hell out of it and got ranks they wanted or didn't deserve (looking at you 33% winrate bastards in d3+). Those people stopped playing once they got their ranks and positionals was eventually removed. Now they are back, mainly to fuck with the unranked to masters/grandmasters/challenger streamers.
: Morgana can play all 5 roles as can Zyra, and EFFECTIVELY in all of them. Far better success top with Morg than with Karma.
Good luck playing morgana top or morgana jungle against a real jungler. Lol
: Karma is a tank/top laner now?
You wanna talk about sylas 3 lane flex? What about karma 4 lane flex, she can literally play top, mid, APC, support. Crazy enough support is her least played role in pro play. She is absolutely the most annoying thing in top lane in both soloque and proplay. I remember about a month ago when the entire audience booed when karma was picked.
: Lul. Heimer has been dogshit since his nerfs.
He just got buffs to all his abilities.
: Let's Talk Hook Supports
Huh, so the actual somewhat fun supports that roam and impact the game should be nerfed and instead we should all just play enchanters, Okay.
: Patch 9.19 notes
Sylas jungle unplayable please just give us w heal on minions.
DrDubb (NA)
: Anyone else feels like there is TOO MUCH CDR in the game?
Too much cdr? In the optimal sylas jungle build its nearly impossible to get max cdr unless you compromise what items you build. Classic build is runic echos hextech protobelt and zhonyas, this gives you 30% cdr, the last two items you want, deathcap and morellonomicon / voidstaff dont give cdr so you either have to go cdr boots, or go for another cdr item like veil instead of morellonomicon. But this mostly happens because runic echoes only gives 10% cdr instead of the 20% from ludens. I could take transcendence but then I'm giving up the inspiration tree. For the magic resist problem I recommend adding {{item:4401}} to summoners rift. It won't be abused by bruisers because it doesnt give any health or offensive stats. It also is great as a first item for top lane tanks against mages and other ranged champions since it massively lowers their poke. It is also great for tanks because it becomes better the more health you have like cinderhulk. You cant really remove 10% cdr from ludens because then you end up with everyone having to go transcendence, but they already kinda do it anyways.
: > [{quoted}](name=MaskedMorals,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IUssF4MZ,comment-id=00090001,timestamp=2019-09-22T13:23:19.903+0000) > > you can't call it a tank meta if the tanks aren't the problem LOL but they are. first i define a tank by someone who builds majority defensive which is all that i listed. but tank class is also got some bs champions. Mundo can 1v1 mostly any adc's. in fact i have once tower dived during laning phase a fed lucian who came top lane. and killed him sejuani is super tanky but can still dish out lots of damage because freezing someone and hitting them lets you do major damage poppy same as mundo can 1v1 most adcs because for whatever reason she can do high damage despite being a tank Nunu so even though originally i didnt mention the "Tank" class. tanks themselves also deal more damage then they should.
Adc's arent supposed to be able to 1v1, they are glass cannons.
: May I introduce phase rush into this equation
No reason to run phase rush on darius, conqueror or hail of blades are way better.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=EternalDominate,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=H1ulsxPi,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-22T19:59:08.663+0000) > > How is he wrong? If you have +65 armor you wont get one shot by zed. Not to mention taking less damage from zed's abilities means his ultimate does less damage. > if you have +65 armor you wont get one shot by zed That's the point of building Armor , to not to get 1 shot , like why Even cry that you can't 1 shoot someone? You don't need to 1 shoot them to die , just poke a little to make them at 80% then all in , hit 2 Q's with 2 autos and ignite and you got a kill. And no mages don't 1 shoot someone who has {{item:3156}} {{item:3111}} with {{item:3285}} {{item:3165}} Only , not to forget that you don't need to get hit by everything , with {{item:3111}} Thier CC won't last long so you can dodge a lot of stuff , {{item:3156}} Heals you
Doesnt matter how long the cc lasts getting hit by 1 q from lux means game over. Either way he isnt wrong if the enemy builds armor zed wont be able to oneshot, the real problem is how convienent building armor is for mages. Seekers arm guard has a 94% gold efficiency right when you buy it and when its stacked up it has a 150% gold efficiency. Not only is it one of the most gold efficient items in the game but it also builds into the best item in the game zhonyas hourglass.
: What do you consider to be the biggest issue with playing this game?
The community is the problem, and the fact that no one actually understands anything about the game. They dont know about wave control, they dont know about pressure, they dont know about lane priority, they dont know about objectives. At the very minimum they could pick a champion that has cc so their team could carry them, but no they rather play fiora and int the game away in champion select. "I won lane but I lost game"
: haven't played the new morde but i do like what he brings to the game as a package either against him or when he's an ally. that being said, i don't believe his passive and W are well designed at all, the passive i can let slide cause there's a basic requirement of functionality for the champion to fulfill by having it be that, but his W is just not at all interesting to play against. but it's just one portion of his kit that i don't enjoy playing into, the rest seems to be in a good spot even the passive which i don't enjoy playing into at all. i would prefer if he had to execute an irelia E stun to get his shield honestly, and even make it a "fuck off" huge shield. maybe let him sustain HP by landing it on minions or something, who knows. there's things that could be done imo that are just so much better than "press once to shield, press twice to heal, no aim required"
Mordekaiser has 2 skills shots that he is completely reliant on, which means he actually has more skillshots than irelia. If morde doesnt hit those skillshots he isnt doing anything. I think his w is fine how it is. Also he does get rewarded with a bigger shield the more skill shots he hits because more damage dealt = bigger shield.
: it would be nice but a lot of players out there think duoQ is something they can't play without. IDK I hope something happens to improve this game or this game is doomed
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=EternalDominate,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=H1ulsxPi,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-22T08:12:19.037+0000) > > Hes not wrong He is
How is he wrong? If you have +65 armor you wont get one shot by zed. Not to mention taking less damage from zed's abilities means his ultimate does less damage.
Moody P (NA)
: Why would you nerf multiple champions if you want one to be stronger?
Well riven only has one hard counter which is poppy.
: does matchmaking in aram even exist?
It has no match making at all I got matched with a challenger on my team as a level 30 before.
: There are some problems with the game that I don't want to ignore
Some of your stuff is pretty true but alot of it is nonsense. Mordekaiser is a juggernaut so of course some champions cant get close to him, it makes 100% sense that an ADC (twitch) cant kill mordekaiser in his ultimate. If your team has any amount of mental fortitude early game junglers are useless. Late game they dont usually offer any cc and contribute little to teamfights. Jungle is still pretty much what it's always been, one giant mind game. I can't think of any ability in the game that has CC of longer than 2.5 seconds. And it makes complete sense that if you get chain cced for 5 seconds you will die. It also makes quite a bit of sense that full build champions will reach 40% cdr. There is nothing inherently wrong to self healing. You say that dashes are broken but you also say that point and click cc is broken, except point and click cc is the counter to dashes.
: no one's gonna buy QSS early, Mordekaiser's R starts a snowball from the beginning the issue is that he can 1v1 supports, champions who are not able to duel him at all, rather just kite him and hope for the best
Any champion can 1v1 supports? You mean the fact he can take them out of the teamfight? So can a malphite ult I dont get what you mean.
: How often have you been pissed b/c a champ was too tanky?
It's fun af to get fed on garen and literally become unkillable. Even better if you have a yuumi.
: almost every bruiser,fighter,juggernaut do this. they arent "tanks" but i call it tank meta aswell as blame it. a while ago i did rough calculating and darius could have 4K+ health with a base of 300-400 AD(which is typical assassin base damage) and true damage with conq. and of course he can use his execute ult which resets
Yeah but you realize he can easily be cced and kited, theres a reason darius isnt played in pro play.
: My only problem with someone being too tanky, is when they are also shitting out damage. Looking at you {{champion:92}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:5}} Jesus. I despise more champions than I thought.
: Singed, Malphite, and Galio. Get to tank AND do a fuck ton of damage
That is only an assassin problem. Malphite Singed and Galio arent champions you should be assassinating even if they are full damage.
: rune idea to break the game
This would be epic on sylas I could run revitalize ravenous hunter cosmic insight last stand and coup de grace. Then I would heal for my entire health bar.
Kai Guy (NA)
: High silver and Low gold is good. Mid silver looks to be the average. I define Good as above average. The 50% marker is in silver 2 when I checked last. Now if I was to use Normal distribution as a model and go off class intervals built out of that? Good would be in mid gold as that's where you see folks on the curve. MMR and Elo systems work around Averaged levels of skill and grade in comparison to that. So when I hear good that translates to me as provably above average, and I use the Mean value to judge what Average is rather then a Median or Mode.
When I started ranked on my first account after playing for 3 weeks I got placed in bronze 1 and claimed my way to silver 1 in 2 weeks. I dont think silver players are even playing league of legends.
: What the actual hell is ezreals absurd damage and yuumi
Oh no I lost my latest game now time to complain on the forums. Why is a full build extremely fed ezreal able to kill a 3 item mage with no resistances cmon riot please buff asol nerf ezreal :( Seriously though they just nerfed AP ezreal, also no counterplay? 1 cc and hes dead...
: How to fix League of Legends Gameplay
I think having voice chat in flex only, and having ranked solo/duo be only solos would be a big improvement to the game. That way all the fiesta stuff can stay in soloque. Also removing autofill alone would be a great improvement to games. I'd much rather have a game with everyone on role and que for 20 minutes then have an offrole support feed botlane and lose us the game with a 3 minute que time.
Aätrox (EUNE)
: Just take tiamat for better waveclear
1325 gold lost because of a nerf :/
pwc2016 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Saezio,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sa1rqJhR,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-22T06:05:11.278+0000) > > You totally fail to mention how late game nasus sucks and is a big fat zero in teamfights. Biased much? > > Any adc that is not trash can kite a nasus and nasus just dies without getting a single Q off. When did I say he was OP or broken? I said he was problematic. It's probelmatic in design to have infinite stacking. In fact what you mention is part of the issue. If Nasus is going to scale as hard as he does, he either becomes entirely useless or takes over the teamfights.If he scaled so well he should have a monster late game, but he does not. I'd say that's problematic.
Even if he had an infinite number of stacks and one shotted people with his q. He's still pretty bad in teamfights. Also man I recommend looking up his wiki page and learning exactly what his abilities do before complaining about him. https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=pwc2016
pwc2016 (NA)
: Nasus and Infinite Stacking Champions need reworks
Just play sylas, steal his r, and laugh at him.
Sageace (NA)
: Aftershock, the only Keystone Rune unable to be proced by every champion
Subdue (NA)
: Why is Zero Tolerance so Intolerant?
The ban system in general is pretty bad, you can be extremely toxic but as long as you avoid saying a few specific words and phrases you will never be banned, look at tarzaned, I remember the one time I tuned into his stream he was being extremely toxic the entire game, and then at the end his bait finally worked and he was able to get a valid report on his teammate.
: The Enemy Team Is More Likely To Get A Feeder Than Yours
Not really because if a lot of your teams MMR is based in you then you are highly likely to have a feeder on your team because they will be lower mmr than their lane opponent. If more MMR is based in your teammates than yourself, and you dont feed you are way more likely to win though.
: > [{quoted}](name=Slim Şhady,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LXeIfo2o,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-09-20T18:15:40.558+0000) > > I didnt mean to be so mean in general, but yes, I agree, champions are just overloaded, I mean look at garen/warwick idk E, compared to Akalis E, garen spins, warwick gets dmg reduction and fears people , Akali dashes backwards , throws a shuriken that deals damage , if hit champion/shroud, can be recasted to dash again to that spot , its just overloaded ^^ Wall of text incoming, TLDR below Well it CERTAINLY doesn't have to do with a CERTAINLY Senior Game Designer who is infamous for always making obnoxious, overloaded, and broken champions, who always, ALWAYS, breaks the rules of the game. Which causes several issues, removal parts of said champions kits, moving them around into new roles, and nerfing them to the ground because they just can not ever be balanced, nuh-uh no siree! … CertainlyT is a terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE game designer. Anyone who can code, make champions, and rub two brain cells together can easily make an overloaded broken champion that breaks the rules of the game. It takes true skill to make a balanced, play by the rules champion, that is still interesting and fun for all. What CT is a very professional at is MARKETING, which is what the new team at Riot is entirely all about. CT knows that his champions are busted and overloaded, and not only cares but counts on it. Every time a project that CT is involved, it gains more attention than any other project, including his own previous project. All the fans and haters look into his next project to see the excitement, and the eyerolls of what overloaded broken abomination is going to hit the game. Take {{champion:142}} for instance, she had a skin, a summoner's icon, and loads of emotes given to her for not even about a month after her release, while so many other champions collect dust. That's because when Zoe was announced, she gained more attention than probably about 80% of LoL's champions BEFORE even being released. As marketing goes, whether it's good attention, or bad, it always brings $. Look at every skin line, there is always a CT champion, and not just on the side line, but at the fore front. {{champion:157}} was the captain of the crew in Odyssey. {{champion:19}} CT's only balanced champion because he was held down by someone way higher up, he admits it and loathed it. He wanted to overload WW to the max, but couldn't and that angered him. anyways WW is the main opposition to {{champion:555}} in the recent project skin line, Pyke being another overloaded champion. Now we have {{champion:142}} yet again as the main antagonist of the Star Guardian skin line. Not only do CT champion's gain skins faster than any other champion, they're at the forefront, never sidelined. On top of that when CT is making a champion he targets a specific audience, and cranks that champion's concept to 11. {{champion:122}} was released for the old warrior fanbase, {{champion:238}} for ninjas, {{champion:157}} for samurais, etc. This makes his already popular champions even more popular and making more $. Further proof of this is with every VS match, CT's champions win, ALWAYS! It doesn't matter who it is, CT's champion will win. Thresh won VS Lucian, Yasuo won VS Riven, Darius won VS Garen. CT's champion will always win. Worst part is Riot figured this out, now every other champion designer is doing the same thing. Balance is thrown out the window for the sake of marketing. Sadly it works, hence forth the whole buff the champion, release a skin, rinse and repeat. {{champion:555}} was already overloaded with his ult, and was uniquely designed as a carry support instead of traditional support, and because of that became popular and became the forefront of the project skins, thus getting even more buffs. Champions that are already overloaded and broken become more buffed, while unpopular champions collect more dust. That is until they get reworked, become an entirely different champion to which the name might as well be changed, and become overloaded and broken, and then nerfed down so another overloaded champion can get the spotlight {{champion:266}} anyone? I mean look no further than {{champion:517}} a champion completely overloaded and impossible to balance. His kit without his ult is broken, and overloaded enough, but has to be because his ult could be any opponent's ult so it can't be relied on for a kit. He has a ranged skill shot with a slow blast, a targeted dash that gives life and even more life when low on life with a magic shield, a dash with another skill shot enemy dash. That alone is every melee's wet dream. On top of that Riot released a video bragging that "We couldn't even conceive this champion's design before, well now we have!" WELL NO %$#@ SHERLOCK! That design is an abomination, impossible to balance, and broken beyond belief! The old team never conceived it because the old team knew that was just a nightmare to balance! {{champion:13}}, {{champion:38}}, and {{champion:24}} are enough of monstrosities impossible to be balanced! It's also sad because a lot of people go "Everyone says when champion X is overloaded when they don't know they definition of overloaded! They're wrong, should learn to play the champion, should learn to play the game! Quit the game!" That's because we have gotten so used to overloaded that some of us have forgotten what it means! AND THE BAR KEEPS GOING HIGHER! TLDR: Riot knows they've broken the game, the employees know their champions are becoming overloaded. It's all done on purpose so they could get popular, release a boatload of skins, sell the skins, get money, rinse and repeat, balanced be thrown out the window. All because CertainlyT started it, and now people are following his designs, even though he is completely terrible at champion designs and game balance. CT however a professional at marketing which is what the new Riot team is entirely about, and do not care at all about the game being balanced.
Calling sylas's kit without his ultimate overloaded is just unintelligent, the only reason he is anywhere near good in pro play, is because they always have good engage ultimates that sylas can steal because they actually know how to draft. At all ranks in soloque sylas has a low winrate (about 46-47) because they play solo carry champions like riven and darius and kaisa and the like whos ultimate sylas is terrible with. And complaining about pyke is just {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Thresh is a certainlyT champion and he is infinitely better than pyke. Most of your other stuff is pretty true though.
: I should be in love with league right now. After something like 5 seasons, I finally broke into Plat. I even brought my old Silver practice account into Plat as well this season. Expectations are high for western teams at Worlds. And two support champs (my main role) were just released. Given all of these factors, I should be really excited to play this game, but that just isnt the case. Riot has managed to take a game I was in love with, and warped it into an experience that is somehow boring and infuriating at the exact same time. I've literally never played a game in my life where I've experienced both of those feelings at the same time. The levels of damage have destroyed the strategic nuance that this game once held. Its not a matter of, "Can I dodge enough of Zed's attacks to survive?" Its a matter of "Can I stay out of Zed's range, so he doesnt 1 shot me" Like theres literally a fraction of decision making around an opponents cooldowns, or even needing to actually understand what their abilities do, because the only metric that counts anymore, is whether or not you were in range for the one-shot Theres a different type of designer and balance team at Riot than there was before. Its plain as day when August says Rengar one shotting is good for the game. Or when Blaustoise says that CertainlyT "knocked it out of the park" with Yasuo and Akali. The edgelord bro culture is running things on LoLs design and balance fronts, and its been that way for at least a year now. The writing is on the wall. Damage and snowball games are here to stay. Hope the rest of you have fun with it, cuz after stickin with this game for over 5 years, im finally fuckin done.
"edgelord bro culture" KEKW they just gutted aatrox 43% winrate btw
R4ndom F1nn (EUNE)
: Can we have an actual soloq?
Normals are actually unplayable. Generally people are either trolling, tryharding with their duo que and being extremely toxic, or trolling with their duo que. Either way it always ends up with a bad experience. I've never been toxic in ranked but normals brings out the worst in me.


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