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Chermorg (NA)
: The ban only counts in matchmade games so customs won't count. Other than that, it should go down anytime you enter a game.
thank you for the help i got it off thank you!
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: The point of the game is to win, obviously. The easiest way to do so is to play in a team. If one member doesn't bring anything to the team, he will be flamed because his teammates still wanna win but that one guy is making it harder. I could be completely wrong though, some people are just jerks in general and will blame you for anything and nothing.
look at the scores
: Just use the mute button.
they were like this after not during game
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Darkrown (EUNE)
: Gatekeeper Karma
Looking at this looks amazing and could be the next ultimate skin if you put thought into it but idk my idea maybe a bit more clean and not so pixelized but other than that it looks amazing
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Jun Long (NA)
: When Enemy Garen keeps up with the ADC
: Your Main's Q can now crit and apply on-hit effects, how broken are they now?
{{champion:81}} Not Much ill take the crit though lol lol jesus noticeing how much damage that be a crit plus {{item:3078}} and {{item:3100}} would demolish holy crap {{item:3031}} this to lol
: Honey, sweetie, and babe are commonly used words like dude and bro. Often times it is a female saying it with the honey and sweetie, and they say it to males and females. Babe is just tossed around like candy at a 4th of july parade in the united states. Often times if you just ask them to not do that, people will listen and try to respect your wishes
ok true but i end up muting them for like 10 seconds then un mute them cause i just feel guilty and then just minimize my chat to small as it goes but i just idk feels weird i like to talk but im normally to busy talking over discord to be able to chat and im playing league at teh same time but it bothers me so much when they say it cause idk them but you are right they are used a lot
: @Riot Warning to all New & Vet league players that dont know this.
ok but if we like to have some custom skins that are fun to goof around with what would be some sites we could use and tbh ill never use them but this comment is jsut for the people that want them or is custom skins against everything to?
: "being good at the game doesnt give you the right to be a shitty human being"
It is sad i played with you as ezreal (no duh) and you as Mordekaiser (again no duh) and it was a fun game we lost but we had an enemy lulu and yi i think being rude as all heck was this from that game lol??
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