Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: You get gold with kills/assists and the passive gold generation etc You get 1k gold with the item, you don't need to pay for supp item upgrades and the passive gold generation was buffed It's actually pretty damn nice
What I'm questioning is how is it ok though as well. Think, if the gold per 10 was buffed from 2->3..... That means every minute I'm gaining an entire 18 gold. At ten minutes into the game I get 2 control wards and a health pot worth of gold. I'd hardly call that worth imo. Especially because I as a support am still gonna need gold too, regardless if I'm an enchanter, mage, or tank one.
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Zeyphel (NA)
: You think Riot cares about junglers when the only thing they were doing these last years is nerfing them?
its a net buff for season 10 though? by nerfing xp one one side to give it to the other, a jungler can start either side viably thus increasing path diversity in general, and because of this you're actually up 12% xp from this season. its a net buff for junglers season 10, especially the farm types.
Sukishoo (NA)
: But that is where he is intented to be. His design is meant for a duo lane. That doesn't mean he won't have people trying to play him elsewhere, hell I took Senna in to the Jungle in my first game as her XD Was it good? Hell no. However, there is a champion designed to be in the jungle coming later in 2020 (after Fiddle and Voli, who also happen to be Junglers). So there will be a true one soon.
then why is it so far fetched that aphelios be designed for the jungle as a marksman? kindred and graves already do it. besides its next to near impossible without his kit.
Sukishoo (NA)
: ADC other word too long XD They are still the same thing really, long ranged carry. Teemo is not one as he is out dated and plays more like an immobile assassin.
exactly thats my point though, a marksman is simply any long ranged carry that deals the majority of their damage via auto attacks. marksman doesn't necessarily shoehorn someone botlane. and immobile assasin doesnt even mean they cant be a marksman either, because so is twitch.
Sukishoo (NA)
: He's long since been confirmed to be an adc.. Even says on his bio page.
his bio page says marksman, marksman =/= adc. (teemo, graves, kindred, etc) can i get the twitter post tho, i didnt see them call him an adc just wanna check.
: No junglers released in over 2 years
me being optimistic: maybe aphelios will be a jungler
: What if we could have an optional program we could enable to regulate our chat
Id be in board only if it replaced and gave a TTS read out of ivern's or lux's quotes. Accompanying laugh of theirs after it as well. "Fuck this ff20" "The sun is shining... And we should too!" "Dogshit top" "Im a tree hugger! You should know that about me!"
: > [{quoted}](name=SparteN7,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=HBK4rP6i,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2019-11-18T13:55:05.587+0000) > > To be fair. By lore Qiyana is a pretty arrogant ... I would say this "GG EZ" just fits her charakter. Maybe it's not a good idea to release champions with that kind of character, then? Should Hillbilly Gragas get some new voice lines with racist slurs?
not all hillbillies/rednecks are racist though. the one qiyana in game we have however, is an arrogant ass.
: Riot works really hard to keep the game as toxic as possible.
> [{quoted}](name=Darth Sucadic ,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=8qTNJA9m,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-18T21:25:37.008+0000) > > Every game is the same. Some total ass hole on my team starts destroying the game either by refusing to help his allies because he only wants kills for himself or by feeding repeatedly without caring. refusing to help or feeding without caring has never been bannable, and kill stealing isnt either. its feeding with the intent to lose thats actually a problem. > These people are usually grouped with friends and the premade will start ganging up and blaming the solo players trying to get under their skin to entice a response. The solo player, such as myself, will stand up for himself by disputing the comments made against him, then the solo player will promptly get a chat restriction or ban for being toxic. and yet.... someone is being toxic and riot removed them? how is that promoting toxicity? mute them and you wouldnt be chat restricted > > They say just mute and report. Well no that doesn't fix the problem because if it did I wouldn't have a toxic bag of trash in every single one of my games. They say just stay positive and try to win. Well no, it's a team game and if one toxic player is basically playing for the other team, you cannot possibly win a 6v4 game, especially with how snowbally this assassin's meta is today. because its impossible to rid every single game of someone being toxic. especially because for chat based offences it take multiple offences before a punishment of any kind is justified, barring hate speech or the like. > > It is abundantly clear that the system is designed to protect the trolls and the bullies while punishing the victims who stand up for themselves. or it just punished an equally toxic player.
ZaFishbone (EUNE)
: Honor only indicates how good of a teammate you are. It says nothing about how you are to your opponents. You're prob just salty cuz you're honor 1 or 0 or something. GGEZ for the effort tho.
if thats what you think you missed the point of his post. honor is NOT supposed to be reflective of how exactly as you said, how good of a teammate you are (not to be confused with how hard you carried or such), but mainly how much *you as a player make the game enjoyable*, this of course includes interactions with the enemy team. spouting something intentionally meant to belittle/tilt others is the exact opposite of the reason it was created. besides, you can still lose honor or get a chat restriction or ban for belittling opponents.
: Protecting toxic players.
Great! so instead of actually attempting to make an effort to solve the problem, you became a part of it.
: Unless I'm mistaken, Yuumi becomes untargetable the moment she uses W. In which case, what ever CC is being used to keep her in there fails to prevent her escape. Normally, she'd be knocked back in when she becomes targetable again (I believe Tahm Kench's devour works this way), but that doesn't work if she stays attached to an ally (and therefore untargetable) for the ult duration. The thing to test here would be to have Yuumi W while affected by another grounded effect (Cass has one if I recall). If she can't W in that scenario, it's a bug with Camille's ult interaction. If she can W, then it's a case of W not being considered a movement skill (and therefore may be intended). Disclaimer: I haven't played Yuumi or Camille, and barely see them when I do play. So this is all hypothetical.
It shouldn't. Yuumi is completely targetable mid dash. In fact while she's dashing you can interupt it with cc or flat out kill her.
: Seeing minions yasuo has dashed onto
in theory this sounds nice, but i dont actually think it would be worth the potential effort. when you think about it, the max minions you would have to keep track of, would be 6. if any more in the lane its slow pushing to him, to which means he only needs about 2 to get across the lane anyway, and if its pushing towards you, he doesnt have that many dashes that would be too hard to keep track of anyway.
: Ranked Match Making heavily skewed this game?
are you sure youre talking about the right game? from i see qiyana is gold, not even in a past season was she diamond, and neither was brand in platinum
: nice b'staff hear this out on the from 1st minute :)))) THERE YOU GO BIG FELLA
he said "duo abusing" not "duo boosting" key difference being is that hes pointing out and saying duos have a blatant advantage because they're duo in high elo, where everyone is technically the best in the region. like i said, if they're good enough to fight challengers in lane regardless they're good enough to have been challenger anyway. because its impossible to be boosted to the top ~200 in a region you've just invalidated your own point. and even then what he is complaining about doesn't even apply to 99% of the games you're even in. next time you try to cite someone actually make sure to fact check it before posting.
: > [{quoted}](name=Koiyaki,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nxjyp6ah,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2019-11-12T19:56:42.126+0000) > > I highly doubt u got 1 shoted, the ult damage sacling is abysmall and she got highest damage because she does aoe mainly. a whole team getting tickled for 5 seconds wills till amount to more damage than vaye killing 1 person in 3 shots You lose.
Quite the opposite, try again. You didn't get one shot by the ult, she didn't use it at all. Nor did you get one shot. A q auto with a dark harvest proc isn't a one hit. You played yourself.
: This is actually not that surprising, I think. Caitlyn is poking alot in lane, poke champions tend to accumulate more damage over the time of the game. Jhin is more bursty. When he attacks you, his goal is to immediately blow you up. So he will get many kills, but not deal as much damage over the course of the match.
Why does the same not apply for senna then? She has a longer auto range then Janna. At least midgame just as much as fair as well.
: But it makes Riot’s cash grab for 2019 a failure if more people follow suit.
Once you bought the RP riot made its money. Refunding the skin doesn't make any cash grab a failure because you already gave them the money. Using it on a skin then refunding it doesn't deduct money from riots account, it just gives back the rp you spent.
: Jungle timers is probably the worst thing next season to all camps (and rants)
China Has had this feature for at least 5 years now. Not sure how it removes skill only now.
: I did when he was free week and I felt like I was cheating. I was going to report my self for using hacks but all I was really doing was mashing buttons and getting free kills.
Everyone playing casually doesn't count you know this lol. I mean take him into a ranked game right now, and play him vs an opponent who will at least attempt some form of counter itemization.
: Zed has been broken for far too long. It's time for a nerf
: which is completly stupid.
its really not, no matter what because we're the boards, we can NEVER with 100% certianty, call something out like this. riot can though. shit like this is why it exists tbh:
AhernfVy (NA)
: Why does Kayn have more healing than Dr. Mundo with three dashes and more CC and invulnerability?
kayne flat out isnt an assasin if you want him to have and AoE knock up and healing. red kayne does this, the *bruiser* kayne.
: How to play ezreal without kelpto next season?
xelaker (NA)
: I'd refund it because I gave the pos riot money and further encouraged awful business practices and monetization of garbo.
: Can't touch league for a week now that Senna's been released.
sounds like they highlighted her and you banned her anyway. not saying they should flat out run it down, but being a dick to people you've never even met is just asking for trouble, much less the fact that you cause it but then expect it to not happen.
: If you started at the bottom climbing would not be impossible. You'd actually play with worse players, and climb because you are the only consistent factor among your games. The more you win consistently, the faster your MMR would grow, accelerating LP gains, and even allowing you to skip divisions...something the current system does as well. You have absolutely no evidence as to why "climbing would be impossible". The only way "climbing would be impossible" is if you didn't deserve to climb, skill-wise...which just means you need to improve. If you're unwilling to put in that work, why should you climb? Climbing is not a given. Its a merit.
MMR has a direct influence on your probability of winning. its a chess based system that works by taking some of the MMR of the loser(s), and giving it to the winner(s). because its used to determine probability, having an MMR of 0 would equate to a 0% chance of winning, which of course is the mathematical impossible. thing is, because you cant have anything less than an impossible happening, your mmr cant go negative. the problem arises when you beat someone with 0 MMR. because they have no MMR to take, there isnt any to be given. therefore, climbing would be impossible. even more problems arise when you have 0 MMR to start with, but beat someone with say, 2000. how much are you given being that you just beat them despite a statistical impossible? or what if you both have 0 MMR and beat the other? there again is no MMR to take, or for them to lose, therefore despite winning neither of you has moved an inch, and if everyone started at 0 MMR, *no one could climb past 0*
: We're supposed to have a ranked ladder, not a ranked slide.
because thats not how the MMR system of ranked works. you start at the 50% baseline because naturally the majority of players dont deviate too far from it. also because if you started at the bottom, climbing would be impossible.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dynikus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZeJwrU22,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2019-11-09T17:56:31.090+0000) > > Do you have a way to detect smurfs without ever having a false positive for a player just having some good games? There are times when they say " I am Diamond" , I think that helps. They like to do that a lot cause they think they are good making low elo games bad. But there is a difference between good games and 90 %- 80 % - 70 % - 60 % win rate, using the same champion over and over.
Lotz Boi (EUW)
: Just because 3.6% of the player base is diamond doesn't mean there's a 3.6% chance I'll have smurfs on my team? I have no statistics for how many of platinum accounts are actually smurf account. I can tell you from experience that there is at least a ~40% chance for a smurf on either your team or the enemy team.
no of course, its impossible to tell how many are smurf accounts. the definition of a smurf account is simply and "alternate" account. but thats what makes that 3.6 so important, because let say for the sake of the argument that your 40% chance is absolutely right; while you rerolled a smurf account with that 40% chance on either team, there is going to be less then a 3.6% chance they're going to actually affect the outcome of the game, as only 3.6% of the playerbase is skilled enough to reach diamond. there literally arent enough players to say there is a diamond smurf ruining your game every match. its impossible they will affect your climb apart from a few wins/losses.
Lotz Boi (EUW)
: You can bring up your calculations which imo doesn't seem to make sense at all. But obviously the chance of a smurf being high diamond (or higher) is not just 3%. its a statistical fact. there arent enough diamond players to say "they are smurfing enough of my games to stop my climb". technically it should be *lower* then 3.6% actually, because as i stated before someone in diamond 4 "smurfing" in a platinum 3 average game is hardly even smurfing; youre still within the same mmr bracket. if less then 4% of the playerbase *worldwide* is skilled enough to reach that rank, its only going to be someone in that <4% who is going to actually be able to affect the outcome of the game. else its just people in your relative elo. edit: for euw its even smaller, its <3.2%.
: fix ur client riot games u are making me not able to climb
thats not how programming works, for large programs there i never a "its not too hard to fix" besides you played 9 games, and 4 bugsplat.... so honestly why did you even bother queueing up after the second time it happened?
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Lotz Boi (EUW)
: Platinum infested with smurfs
there is quite literally a less then 3.6% chance a "smurf" on either team will even be of a high enough elo to actually have an effect on the outcome of the game. someone who is d4 smurfing in a platinum 3 average game is hardly that much of a smurf.
Durooooo (NA)
: How do you be great without Freedom is Speech?
Someone you let into your house is free to say everything in your house is absolute shit, and you have poor taste. Doesn't mean you don't reserve the right to kick them out once you decide enough is enough. Remember Bois, freedom of speech =/= freedom from consequences
: Duo queue needs to be removed from ranked solo queue
If you say her winrate is artificially boosted by duo Smurfs you've already contradicted yourself by saying "most players are solo". Besides, mathematically speaking this is impossible. There simply aren't enough duos or high enough elo smurfs to even suggest that it could.
Butt Pee (NA)
: Queue dodging penalty should not apply across a different game mode
the only one i can say is ranked tbh, but only the actual LP penalty; now i AM NOT advocating saying it shouldnt be punished, just not for switching norms to ranked. to elaborate, its basically because dodging a normal game or aram, then switching to ranked and dodging (ie, because your teamcomp seems bad) it WILL count as a *second* dodge, subtracting 10 lp. what i think is that you keep the timer but should not face the tier 2 penalty until you've actually dodged a ranked game twice.
: Aurelion Sol
They pushed him away from an "outplay" directly sort of playstyle. They want you to focus heavily on your macrogame when playing him and win elsewhere as more of like a facilitator pick, hence why in a 1v1 he's actually pretty garbage atm.
: "It's not your teammates, it's you."
not all games are going to be winnable. climbing is about consistency. if i can get out of silver playing enchanters you sure as hell can do it playing nasus and aatrox. besides, you've got an entire sample size of 1. edit: on check up of your match history of games where you've won you can also see a similar trend of enemies feeding. you're a picture perfect example of the enemy team having just as many feeders as yours.
Tokishi (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=FOR JUSTICE,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QEA0Ncj9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-05T20:31:12.596+0000) > > abuse able, especially for people on throwaway accounts duoing, and not only that once the game seems lost someone actually trolling would stay in game for everyone else to lose full LP. > > could also cause one guy who is just doing poorly to be relentlessly flamed to get him to afk. They could just start linking our league accounts to a phone number like they do in KR. I don't think that's very problematic. Would reduce boosting, and also, smurfing is rather toxic for lower elos especially as it puts one team at a huge disadvantage. Currently, the only players who get punished right now are people who say naughty words and the teammates of the griefer because the blitz bot can't spot a griefer
> [{quoted}](name=Tokishi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QEA0Ncj9,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-11-05T20:36:07.601+0000) > > They could just start linking our league accounts to a phone number like they do in KR. korea uses your social security number, not phone number, and only because riot is legally required to ask for it. if they didnt have to they sure as hell wouldnt bother collecting it. case in point every other region. > I don't think that's very problematic. Would reduce boosting, most instances of boosting involve one person playing on the others account directly, not duoing, this wouldnt solve a thing for that matter. besides even if they were duoing, them both losing full LP or not wont stop them from being duo boosted in the long run. > and also, smurfing is rather toxic for lower elos especially as it puts one team at a huge disadvantage. because the majority of the player base is in silver to gold, any time you queue up for a ranked game assuming there is a smurf on either team, there is quite literally only a 13% chance said smurf will actually be of a high enough elo to actually affect the outcome of the game. a gold 4 smurfing in silver 3 is hardly that much of a disadvantage to the enemy team. > Currently, the only players who get punished right now are people who say naughty words and the teammates of the griefer because the blitz bot can't spot a griefer because no bot can realistically detect griefing. other then blatantly running it down 0/21 its impossible because there are many different kinds of griefing. how can a bot scan for afk farming vs just farming the side wave and not taking fights that seem dumb? how can a bot determine if anivia is walling her allies into enemies on purpose, or a tahm kench spitting his adc into 4 enemies? how can a bot determine if the jungle camp taking tryndamere is just behind trying to catch up? how can a bot tell if a tryndamere is just split pushing and dying, thus drawing 2 enemies vs just running it down?
: LP calculation cut in half for team of ragequitters
abuse able, especially for people on throwaway accounts duoing, and not only that once the game seems lost someone actually trolling would stay in game for everyone else to lose full LP. could also cause one guy who is just doing poorly to be relentlessly flamed to get him to afk. on paper this sounds great but it also wouldnt work because its next to damn near impossible to actually judge whether an AFK is intentional unless there is a blatant admission in chat.
: god damn, he's gold 2 and he acts like a little kid?!?!!?
the thing is attitude has no correlation to actual skill. being *tilted* and such will affect how fast you climb, dont get me wrong, but for the most part you can be a toxic fuck but still climb if you're good enough, it just naturally takes longer.
: only solo queue
a few things wrong here: firstly, high profile streamers almost NEVER duo. watch any one. rarely do you see them duo unless its with either former pro teammates or just bros. next, you say a "better opportunity for low elo players to actually climb if you are good and are stuck." the thing is, if they're actually as good as they think, they flat out WOULD NOT BE in the elo they're at. being "hardstuck" doesn't exist, it just means you've reached your peak ELO. in fact statistically speaking being hardstuck is impossible unless youre at your peak, as thats how the MMR system works. you also seem to be under the impression that all duoing is boosting. if both players are of equal elo, then its not boosting as both players need to consistently beat their opponents to climb (or a bit harder, but one needs to get fed, while the other doesnt feed) this leaves three possible scenarios. say there are two players, one named jimmy, the other named sam. jimmy is in gold 4, but sam is in silver 4 and they duo. - if sam feeding, then jimmy is still managing to carry him anyway. this, you could argue he's being boosted of course. - if sam isnt feeding, hes proven hes at least, on par with his competition and thus deserves to climb just a little further and flatten out his elo anyway. but in this instance, since sam is silver 4, hes being proven to be on par with the gold players he's vs. thus, he doesnt deserve to be in silver. - if sam is getting fed, hes consistently better then those players hes matched vs, and thus deserves to climb anyway, regardless of if jimmy gets fed or not and end up stomping. therefore "duo boosting" doesnt actually exist, unless both of these conditions are met: either party is at least 2 divisions higher then the elo they're fighting with the other party (else theyre pretty much the same elo, which is quite literally no different then just copy pasting a discord link into the lobby chat) one of them is consistently feeding
scoot101 (NA)
he's so forgotten you forgot how to spell his name xd
Aosy (EUW)
: Matchmaking... Broken as per usual.
usually if you're bouncing from the top of one elo to the bottom/mid of it, youre just at your current peak.
Zeanix (OCE)
: Can we please move Shurima forward?
to be completely fair, kaisa *was* in fact a shuriman before she got eaten.
: when we gonna make age requirement for ranked
Chances are you just met someone pretty childish. Majority of the player base is at least 15. Also I see a glaring problem here... How the hell do you expect riot to enforce something like this? Like porn sites do??? LMFAO
Saezio (EUNE)
: But OP said they don't reside in NA. Or did I get that wrong?
Ah, that was edited after i posted (or I guess I'm just blind) But u rite.
Saezio (EUNE)
: IDK mate, usually LoL games consume very small amounts of data. Like, playing 3-4 games was the equivalent of a 10 min yt video for me. Doesn't your company provide combo packs for gaming?
in america charging for a pack like that is no longer illegal, but its not an available thing for the most part. he just has a slow connection.
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