: Rank is an even worse indicator of skill than MMR. It changes too rapidly and randomly.
But my point is that it’s more fair for good players. Say a player is in gold 5 but his mmr would put him in plat 5, sure he would get a lot of lp per win, why should he be penalized with worse teammates or higher ranked players. It should just choose random gold 5 players or close to gold 5 players to verse until he ranks up. That would be far more fair than having him playing against people 3-4 ranks higher than him or giving him worse players on his team to balance it, without just moving him up to where he belongs.If his mmr is high just move him up ranks to where it’s normal instead. Then the rank would match the player.
: Right, but it would normally balance the pool by mmr right? Or you might get matched with all higher ranked players because your mmr is high but your rank is low.
I’m just saying that I should be versusing people my rank not my mmr
: So, you know those times where you get into the pregame, start banning/whatever, and see people on your team, and then someone dodges? When that happens you can end up seeing people who were on your team on the enemy team instead. This is because your team and the enemy team are pulled from the exact same pool of players. What this means is if the people you're being matched with are worse then bots, then not only is the enemy team worse than bots, but you are too.
Right, but it would normally balance the pool by mmr right? Or you might get matched with all higher ranked players because your mmr is high but your rank is low.
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: ***
Dude I got dropped 8 divisions with the new season lol. Plat 4 to silver 2
: 2018 Ranked Placements Venting post!
Yeah "soft reset" LOL, what a joke. **SOFT **Reset. how about plat 4 to Silver 2 in what way is that a Soft Reset
: Remove Surrender
Yeah, but none of those are what happened in this situation... 1. Was someone being salty? Constant Flame Not a reason to surrender a RANKED game, but any other type yes. Why should I suffer rank because you can't take someone being mean to you for 20 minutes. Excessive BMing/Pings Again not a reason to surrender, a reason to tell them to stop or ignore them yes. But pinging constantly is a reason to report after the game or to tell them to stop not to give up a potential win. Harassing and discouraging If your team is doing that, again still not a reason to surrender just don't read the chat, and report them after. They had to leave. Stupidest reason ever. Why would you start a ranked if you have to leave? And again still not a reason to surrender at least give your teamates the chance to save your mistake. Plus for the last one, if they have to leave in a ranked match instead of having the option to "surrender" they should have to afk and get reported. Because they are ruining the experience for others and wasting 40 minutes + of my life (due to Loading champ select queue and game) and 3 other people. All of these reasons seem like reasons a child would surrender for (except they had to leave). Sure you may hate a team for flaming or pinging, talking bad to you. But you suck it up for the next 20-30 minutes and win or die trying quite literally, and you never have to see them again.
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: MMR is Stupid
MMR is stupid, because your mmr is based not on performance but wins and loses, against people. Your rank is determined 80% by other people and 20% you. That's why the system is broken, because you can lose even if you had the best game of your life. Even if your challenger skill level you can have a low mmr, and have very little control over it.
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