: Swain support = Soraka top
riot see any champion going support but it isn't their primary role: -riot " oh cool, sure you can do that, in fact lets balance around that" -morgana and lux "wait i'm only here because midlane isn't going well for me lately" - riot "yup yup sure, lets just give you base stats and butcher your scaling" riot see a support getting out of support role: -riot "how dare you?! go back to botlane you freak" -soraka and sona top "but we are just here because the toplaners that could destroy us suck, why dont you do something for them?" -riot "you dare to talk to me like that?, -5 ms"
Ãkâli (NA)
: Akali Balance suggestion
remove her dual scaling? then she stop building gunblade or is force to take it even if she gets nothing from the ad, does she even build any AD beside gunblade?
: Pro players consider top and adc the 2 worst roles in the game, riot buffs jungle
i think it has to be with how easy it is to make an impact or not for pro players, in the pro scene the meme of better jungler wins is in place because mistakes are more punishing right now, i havent seen pro players play scaling junglers that have no impact on the game early on but scale strongly top and adc feel a bit off right now, probably because of lack of meaningful choices
QuZeed YT (EUW)
: Why none plays Annie?
riot have three options to make annie hit the spotlight, all are a terrible idea, either she have such high numbers that she is just a walking nuke and the enemy team have no option but to respect annie when she have flash and never get near her at all. increase her range particularly Q and reduce the stun duration, or rework her to work as a short range tanky champion with reliance on tibbers to deal damage
: LoR Interactions You'd Like to See
{{champion:10}}:ah someone knows what justice means {{champion:86}} {{champion:25}} : what do you know about justice? {{champion:86}} any yordle to {{champion:150}} oh no it must be one of my cousins {{champion:29}} and {{champion:17}} poison and venom, we make a great team!
Śhunpo (OCE)
: Just revert Akali
i had to play akali once in aram, i never really play her so i just got that guardian horn and roll with it. then i saw the problem with her. she is just so fun to play but so annoying to deal with for the enemy, and damage seems to come out of nowhere with her, then you get your gunblade and things just get worst for the enemy, i think one of the mayor issues is gunblade and how powerful it is for her, if you remove it she would be much more balance in terms of damage and being able to punish her at all stages of the game
Zagi Fn (NA)
: LOL Champions as Movie Villans
{{champion:45}} for a disney movie villain {{champion:202}} for a detectives/crime movie full of serious stuff chasing this artistic psycho killer {{champion:142}} the cute girl that turns out to be the cause of everyone's problem {{champion:60}} fantasy movie trope villain {{champion:6}} and a distopian post apocalyptic world villain
: Eh... I get where you're coming from, but it's half because they're limited by the average PC's capabilities. Remember. That new mobile version of the game has superior visuals to the PC version. This is because the average league player plays on a craptop. There's only so much you can do when it comes to scalability for these types of games.
> [{quoted}](name=TitanAnteus,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5sgyd1F0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-22T16:00:23.663+0000) > > Eh... > I get where you're coming from, but it's half because they're limited by the average PC's capabilities. > > Remember. That new mobile version of the game has superior visuals to the PC version. This is because the average league player plays on a craptop. There's only so much you can do when it comes to scalability for these types of games. if a computer can already handle the new champions, it can handle the old champions looking like new too
Gradeient (EUW)
: What I´ve concluded when I saw League´s new website.
honestly i feel the main website is hardly the cover of a game this days when you hear from games in youtube and reddit and other medias way before you even visit the page, the main website feels like "ok fine i already know this game can i just find the download button already?" it is still important, but your presence in other media is way more impactful
: Things we can expect from the Lore in 2020
year 2030: riot already have a movie, three tv series, a broadway play and a book thrilogy but seriously my best hope is they try to fit the plot holes and explore those areas that feel they dont matter in the lore, things like alistar and the yordles arent getting enough impact in the story to feel like if you remove them all will crack down
: For some reason it seems like Riot thinks that out of Top/Mid/Support {{champion:43}} Mid is the most abusive because "AP scalings are bad." So while this was probably just meant as a Support buff, they just end up buffing Tank as well since it's really the base value damage that makes her so oppressive top lane. It's frustrating, because mid Karma is my jam but it's so much harder ever since they gutted the AP ratio on her Q. Feelsbadman {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
every support buff is a tank buff since it means she can build tank items without getting punish so hard more mana? cool now i have mana for spells more base damage? great it works so well when im not building ap utility? yes please i need more utility to be a proper tank as long as W heal base on missing health it will exist
: just dont like tanks meltin like butter
no one likes it, but also no one wants bruisers and assasins building damage reduction and being way too tanky, a tank should survive all the burst, and die to the hyper carries, but also a tank should not just survive all damage and 1v1 jinx like it is nothing
: As a Yuumi main, I haven't read a reasonable opinion for a change to her Q that sounds better than yours. If she hits her Q, 20% slow, but applies a mark that if an ally proc it, another big ass 50% slow. It makes her Q significantly better without breaking it. The current one is so half-assed - a love tap that deals negative damage, cost 85 mana and applies a 20% slow in 1s??
the current kit makes her feel like Q is there entirely to proc the support item and that you need tear to use the ludicrous high cost E, plus if the enemy have CC? sorry detaching is a death sentence, you might as well be a walking ward, they are trying to make yuumi detach to make full use of her passive mana return, while also making it extremely risky to do so
: Okay, I'll try that. but might I ask, what do I do if I'm in an awkward situation where lets say, I have strong defense Items, but Warden is being heavily contested?
thats when not building items right away works to your advantage, also if everyone is going for warden, or lets say three people is working on that, it means other comps might be wide open, as long as you can find a character that can use an item you have a chance. example, you got tornmail and warmog on braum, then realize two other ppl are going for wardens and have braums, it is time to decide, is one of those players going to lose so braum will be free eventually? or is it better to find another user for it? as long as you can find someone tanky like maokai, or amumu or someone that likes the front line like ornn you have a chance to turn things around also lets say you have 6 uncompleted items sitting around, which is something that many ppl do, then you have many options that you can tailor to the units you get, and just because you cant 3 star a unit doesnt mean a two star with strong synergy and items wont win
: How to improve at TeamFight Tatics.
i would say the most important thing in TFT is patience, you dont have to build items right away, not role hard for champions, let the economy grow, and since items are very important it is often better to tailor your composition for the items rather than hoping to get the right items for your comp. if you have strong defensive items why not go for wardens or any variation of them? attack speed? find someone who can use it, luden? find a champion that can spam skills. never be over fixated into a comp from the start, you never say "i want to build this this game" if the game throw woodland at you, you take it, if you can incorporate another synergy and the items allow it, do it, you dont have to go 6 light just because, keep it as an option but if suddenly you see you can add three light three beserker and put on hit items on those beserkers, well go for it
: All champs that talk about the **Summoners** should be priority in VO updates terms. {{champion:37}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:76}} I think, and more that I don't remember now.
sadly given how sona is right now she needs a kit change and small visual update like ezreal got, same for miss fortune i would say, visual and voice at least, but ahri and nidalee could get more VO
: Am i the only one disapointed by the fact they are prioritizing new champs over VGU?
im very disappointed, it isnt like every rework was a masterful success in balance and visuals, but i rather have fresh looking champions that riot can attend to balance over champions so old riot doesnt even care about making viable like udyr and mundo and tryndamere who have clear design problems so riot cant let them be too good
Séance (NA)
: As a movement speed buff.
> [{quoted}](name=Séance,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=sNt5B3YF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-21T18:33:34.436+0000) > > As a movement speed buff. and energy refreshment, and minion deaggro tool, which might or not make her harder to see sometimes, riot really dont know how to balance her at all, i still wonder what would be of her if gunblade didnt exist? anyone that play akali knows how she feel if you dont build gunblade?
ßlameMyADC (EUNE)
: I didn't play for a while. What happened to jungle?
lets not forget that riot have been trying desperately to make support "fun" and allow mages, assasins and now even ADCs to be supports which make it more popular leaving jungle as the low popularity role that struggle to feel impactful if you make a mistake
: VGU's should take priority over new champions.
there are some champions that have a skin that makes them look way better, which is a show that their base skin isnt doing them justice more than the quality of the skin, spirit guardian udyr is the most obvious example, but compare mecha cho gath with base, even pool party mundo with base
Remus Wins (EUNE)
: True Damage Senna & Heartseeker Jinx, Yuumi
finally a yuumi skin its been so long... not like other champions need one
: Revert Malzahar
either make it a voidling per ability and each ability can only create one voidling (if E voidling is still alive recasting E dont give you another), replacing W with something else, or make W give us a single stronger voidling i think that might be interesting to explore?
RowGo (NA)
: i wish we had items like poaching dagger in this meta
someone wasnt here when sated devour was a thing i guess, it shouldnt be about encourage more farming but making, farming, ganking and counter jungling all equally posible and balance choices, if lee sin spend all day ganking and amumu farming they both should end having the same impact i guess, but at different points in time, amumu should end being strong in teamfights, while lee should have give a nice lead to his team, on the other side, counter jungling amumu over ganking should make the lee stronger than amumu but both teams end rather balance, the difference being amumu is now not as strong in teamfights giving lee sin team an edge entirely base on that when farming is too good for junglers you see things like yi and jungler farmers just afk farm until they get strong to kill everyone, if not then early game gankers run the game i feel all strategies should be efficient and have glaring weaknesses
: I thought they fixed the nunu bug?
fiddlestick's rework easter egg enjoy
: Janna - Rework - your thoughts
the fact that the shield increase offensive capacity for the adc while providing defense is the very reason they made the shield slowly fade, it punish instances where the enemy cant even deal damage to the ADC while favoring using the shield at any time just for the damage rather than protecting also i feel a knock up on ult will make my janna tank quite powerful, specially if you add healing and damage reduction, current janna needs to decide if she can keep channeling or her current position will be collapse on, with a knock up she lose the "divers away" and gains more of an ult that encourage her to channel as much as possible
: knockup seems strange for Jannas ultimate.
i think it only seem strange because we are so used to it pushing people
HalexUwU (NA)
: Can yuumi please get a few small buffs?
i get they dont like yuumi being an artillery cat obliterating ppl with Q while being impossible to kill sitting in a tank, but they could just shift the Q damage to a mark that can be proc by the ally yuumi is attach to, and balance her kit around that
WardMyBüsh (EUNE)
: League Of Legends New Skins: Tentative Jinx & Yuumi 🎀 +TD Senna PE
dont get me wrong i like yuumi, but seriously? before ornn?
NY64 (NA)
: Which champions should have one of their abilities make their opponents grounded?
shave off soraka's E damage mostly and make it ground ppl as well as increase the silence refresh, ppl just flash out off it after using another skill like lissandra E or zhonya, it shouldnt be an instant damage spell for poke but a heavy zoning skill
: Youtube - Chrome is unsecured browser?
someone please insert the spiderman meme picture already. have you try clearing the cookies? check your system date, and try to log in in gmail before jumping to youtube? my chrome is auto log in to all google related for example
NY64 (NA)
: Why is Lulu weak right now?
janna can stop ppl from getting in more easily, and push them away, nami can heal poke, provide damage and someone like leona who have a predicatable landing will get hit by Q, soraka have to play more safe but she does have her instant damage silence and her Q i feel that lulu have the strengh of shutting down one diver really hard with polymorph plus the ult plus the shield, but after does she really have the tools to stop more than one diver? protect more than one person? provide engage? when janna ults, she is healing herself, and all alies around her while push every enemy away, when you ult someone as lulu these days they just switch targets and kill someone else, could be an issue of less "one hyper carry" metas, no kog maw no tristana, little vayne and jinx, it is all about early power
2gudaiya (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=taleofsonata,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E5vVALQ3,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2020-01-20T13:19:04.390+0000) > > They destroyed her, she is straight up garbage. turned into a healbot with a 160 mana cost on her E LOL. she might have the worst q in the game now lol. but that aside, getting back on topic, sett has been a decent release. i'm of the belief his punish patterns are still being figured out and when they do get figured out he'll get nerfed, not because he's actually strong but because people won't care to figure out how to beat him when he's truly been unlocked.
her Q reminds me of sona's, since yuumi can easily direct her Q it cant be nearly as strong, just like sona's Q cant be miss so the damage (compare to this high damage meta) is inconsequential, still waiting for yuumi Q to turn into a mark system "attach ally can hit the market enemy for extra damage) that will be way better
: There Must be More Ways to Earn Orange Essence
well they do want you to buy the skins thats why they give you just enough orange essence so you feel like you could get a skin, i particularly save the 750 RP skin shards to reroll since they give so little essence it isnt worth to dischant them, you will get more value out of a random skin, thats how i got DJ sona too (so my luck is out and i be getting red baron corki and magnificent twisted fate if i ever get a legendary) it takes alot more skin shards being dischanted to craft any of them that one might think not to mention the amount of times you get a champion shard or an emote
Janakin (EUNE)
: This one {{champion:84}} definitely has no positive reception.
i like akali she looks cool i just dont want her in my games at all
: After looking at Sett's E interracting on practice tool, im pretty sure I know what happens. From my understanding: Fiora parried the first part of your E, where you pull opponents in towards you, therefor you got stunned. After she stuns you, the second part of your E, the stun, hit her since her parry had ended.
oh so it is a two parts spell like how thresh hook get only half block by morgana's shield
: There needs to be at least 3 VGU's a year, not 2.
lets complaing and ask for 6 VGU and then they can say "we cant but we will meet you in the middle and do 3" thats how you negociate i honestly would prefer they do more reworks and visual updates than new champions every year
x Kuro x (NA)
: riot missions encouraging bad players into ranked?
i hate the mission so much, im not bad at all (not iron material at least) but i dont feel like playing ranked this early in the year or this particular patch but i want to do the missions because i want free stuff, so i feel force to play ranked just to get it done, any mission that force you to play a mode you dont want to is a bad mission period
: New Tanking Items stat - Damage Reduction - few items thought up give demo
i think seeing how armor and mr scale, damage reduction needs more than a cap it needs a conditioning, maybe something like "if you have 200 armor and magic resist gain X% damage reduction" making it an item that scale with armor and magic resist on top of needing those stats already so it be clearly a late game item, not a second or third item, imagine you needing at least four defensive focus items before this one starts to be really good bur being able to build it after 1 armor and one magic resist maybe? but being too low to do that much
: You mean ANOTHER one? No thanks. Let's work on champs that need the upgrade first.
im up for her to get a small visual update, i also think riot should focus alot more on reworking the old champions, get them up to speed before releasing so many new ones
RomainDX (EUW)
: Exchange fragment of skins with friends
there are ppl that actually play multiple accounts so that might be a concern but also the system have to be very limited and only shards of equal value should be traded
: Where are the female axe wielders at?
they should make a long axe wielding female that spin it around her waist to create an aoe effect like shyvanas fire, or infront of her to create a blocking spell, plus a carrying her axe horizontally and moving forward a bit like sion's ult but that deals damage only on the blade side and knocks ppl away on the other, and you can click to invert it or use the skill again to cancel it
: How scaling champions are supposted to scale if almost every game ends in 20min?
i had aram games last longer than SR these days (asuming both teams are equality balanced that is)
: They need to do the ahri treatment for many of these assassins like Akali. Ahri was too consistent and too powerful even when not using her whole kit so today she has virtually no kill pressure unless she does land charm. In Akali's case most of the time she gets by solely by Q+Auto you to death. If they made more of her damage packed into her E, so if she whiffs it she has low kill potential, it would be more balanced and they could give her Q waveclear back. Unfortunately she just E's backward as yet another dash most of the time. Once she gets gunblade she can just run it down whether you are vayne, ornn, master yi, doesn't matter she wins every 1v1 due to virtually unlimited stealth that effectively gives her Fizz E for a couple seconds where she also hitting you with Q spams.
thinking of that, imagine if gunblade didnt exist? would she be just as strong with other first item? how many champions realistically use gunblade today? jax maybe? is her dual scaling plus the lifesteal from gunblade the real issue maybe?
: Training Mode Upgrade Ideas
i could definetily use a CS training mode, like in that other MOBA, that really needed because of all the complicated stuff you have to get used to like targetting and denying your own minions and turning times that delay your autos, league might be simpler in that sense but sometimes you have too think about CS and that takes too much attention, being able to train efficiently so you can do it without thinking too much should help you can kinda do this things in the current game but they arent very efficient, jungle training for example, it sucks because you dont get a leash
: Now when you gut Akali...
i feel torn by akali, i like her theme of a ninja and aestetics and all but geez she is horrible to deal with even if she is hard to play as some ppl do. she suffers from a big problem, if the person really knows how to play her she just works so so well, to the point it feels unfair, but most ppl dont do so well with her so her winrate is terrible; this is why winrate isnt a good stadistic to a point. it is always about how ppl feel about a champion, if janna have 60% winrate but ppl dont think there is a problem then she is just a bit too efficient, but if yasuo akali or irelia get to that point they feel so unfair and broken due the nature of their kit making it feel like you didnt lose because the enemy player did better but because their champions is busted
Milieu (NA)
: Former Diamond Sona main for multiple seasons now. This change is definitely in the right direction since Sona doesn't really need points in E until the 8-10 minute mark if you're against supports that are pretty passive or a bot lane matchup that you can come out even/slightly unfavorable (Raka, Janna, Nami, etc.) However, an early point in E given the huge popularity of all-in supports really helps her survivability given right positioning and being able to 100-0 the enemy carry with your ADC. The sacrifice of early game survivability for late-game scaling has been an issue along the lines of pre-rework Kayle (level 11 for ranged attacks) but this E change gives her immense early game survivability since she usually also rushes Mobis before getting Ardent (as any good Sona should do nowadays since mobility is favored above all else) But Sona definitely warrants a rework. Her Q/W has issues that I don't even wanna go into rn.
you mean how in her W the shield keeps the heal from being strong and viseversa? the shield last too little and the heal is insignificant for the mana cost early on (again another lategame scaling tax) and for Q i think they are in the "it can affect the whole team so it has to be rather weak, also it target champions without missing" i would gladly let them make it a skillshot if that means it can have impact
: **_For the absolute and most definite record. Kalista's only skin that isnt worlds related is her launch skin_**
riot is waiting to see how to make her popular viable and not broken all at the same time, then watch her get skin after skin like akali
: {{champion:154}} Release skin, a team skin, and pool party..... Do a harrowing ectoplasm Zac with bones floating in the goo rito!
riot hates zac because they dont know how to make something impacful on him without being "zac with a different hue and color!"
: Champions VGUs after Fiddel and Voli + pls do more per year
i guess it do take work to make more but keep in mind they prefer to make new champions since it is easier to sell something new than to change somethin everyone already owns, so many champions need changes that when they finish with their current list the very first they reworked will need a rework again
: Akali crisis.....
she is trying to dethrone irelia as the nerf queen at this point
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