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: Did you win?
nope not even close lol, we all kinda trolled and tried to just go for zed
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: > [{quoted}](name=Fanqie Jiang,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=cwo6fdNE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-08-07T05:48:23.714+0000) > > 1.IGN Fanqie Jiang > 2.Rank G5 > 3.Position/lane JG/Mid decent support too Alright man hmu in game and ill see what i can do for you!
> [{quoted}](name=Norolemodelzzz,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=cwo6fdNE,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-08-07T05:51:05.298+0000) > > Alright man hmu in game and ill see what i can do for you! sent you request
: Looking for dedicated League players for a ranked team!
1.IGN Fanqie Jiang 2.Rank G5 3.Position/lane JG/Mid decent support too
: So whats with the chat restrictions?
: I got perma banned
you talk so much in game lel
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: LMAO cant believe this just happend
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: Streaming! Come Watch!
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Machinë (NA)
: Serious team LF Mid and support main (Silver 1+)
IGN - Fanqie Jiang Role - Support/Mid Rank - Plat 5 Top 3 champs - Support - Thresh, Ali, Morg][ Mid - Ori, Zed, Xerath] Availability - i work friday through sunday 5-10 P.M. so any time other than that Can you shotcall? - Yeah i can Do you have ts3? - Yes Also i remember your name and i think we played bot together before
: [Back again] Silver team looking for more members :P
What division are you in. Gold 1 What is your main role - Been playing a lot of ADC lately Are you friendly - Yeah, pretty quiet dude How old are you - 20 When are you available - anytime after 3:00 PM weekdays what is your ssn - I'm 20 years old and my mom still has it :P what is your credit card number ( must put security code and express date ) Last 4 digits are 5937 (You figure out the rest) what is your zip code - 911 What is your social status - I still use Myspace i cant post a status Do you have any high school credibility - Graduated that dumb shit What time of day do you put your guard down - When i just wake up, vulnerable af lol Do you like anal - Buy me food and you in are you willing to try it - Only for food are you a fan of penetration - I get dicked in lane somtimes how much protection do you usually get before penetration is applied - RAWDOG BRO Do you know Adam - Fuck Adam Are you a riven main - Don't look at my match history if so, are you retarded? I don't wanna answer this Thoughts on presidential candidates - Dont really care are you a Donald trump or Hilary Clinton - Trump all the way Can you stimulate a giraffe. - no but i wanna learn can you assimilate a giraffe. - Idk what that means do you speak English ( this is a must )- Yes with an occasional Chinese do you have any sexy sisters that are down for foreplay. - My sister is basically a stripper, she is all yours do you have any sisters in general, that are down for all bases - ^ Do you love pie? ( this is a must ) Creampie
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: Hello there Summoners, Ranked team (Silver)APP
IGN: Fanqie Jiang AGE: 20 Shotcaller: I have my moments but not really Rank/Tier: Gold 3 Op.GG_LINK: Position: Support I'm in class until 3:00 PM EST atm, also Friday would be my only issue since i wont get off of work until 10-11
: making a ranked team 5's
Fanqie Jiang TheBestSummoner
: Looking for Bronze/Silver support player for ranked 5s
: New Ranked 5's Team |Excellence| EXLE
Duo bot lane, I'm support he is ADC
: looking for people to form 5 man
: Trying to find a REAL team
Fanqie Jiang Support {{champion:412}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:40}}
: TeamHolyPotato LFM
Rank: Gold 3 IGN: Fanqie Jiang Desired role(s): Sup/Mid Champion pool: Thresh, Ali, Janna Age: 20 Working Mic and Teamspeak? yea How active are you/available times: anytime after 3 EST
: LF members for a silver/gold team. Any position/ multi position players most valuable
Summoner name - Fanqie Jiang Age - 20 Elo - Gold 3 Time zone - EST Main 2 roles - Sup/Mid Main 2 champs from each role - {{champion:412}} {{champion:61}}
: Looking to make a team Bronze/Silver
IGN: Fangqie Jiang Role: Support Skype? yea Age: 20 Time you can be on: between 3-12 weekdays and after 10 pm weekends
Reborne (NA)
: Need Top/Mid Gold+ for ranked 5s
IGN: Fanqie Jiang Role: MId Rank: G3 Champion Pool:{{champion:61}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:238}}
LlamaMan (NA)
: Creating Serious Ranked 5's Team. Silver 2+ (NO EXCEPTIONS).
Role: Support Rank: Gold 3 (In Provisional) for Gold 2) Age: 20 What you want to be called: Jesse Time Zone (Team TimeZone is EST when talking about scheduling and such): EST Champion Pool: Thresh, Morg, Nami, Janna, Annie, Alistar, Blitzcrank Strengths: Warding and late game plays Weakness(YOU HAVE LOTS): Can be overconfident at times curse/raidcall?(yes/no): yes both You can go along with the schedule 99% of the time?(yes/no): Saturday would be my only issue, i do not get off of work until 11 pm Have you read all the rules and agree to them?(yes/no): yea Days you are not available(Consistently): Weekends can be an issue during the day
: Serious Team looking for a top laner, Gold +
What is your IGN? iTz KingViper Age? 20 What rank were you? (Season 4) Gold IV What rank are you currently? (Season 5) Gold III How long have you been playing League of Legends for? 3 years How many days a week would you be able to practice? 4 out of the 5, i work on friday so i wont be home till around 11 pm or so What are your 6-7 top champs in your role? {{champion:68}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:114}} Why did you pick those 6-7 champs? Just fun champs to play Current life responsibilities? summer semester about to start so ill be at school on the weekdays until 3 pm and i work friday-sunday How do you deal with stressful or intense situations? Pretty quiet dude, i just keep it to myself most of the time What pro player do you role model? Why? Balls, he is probably the best rumble i have ever seen Describe your personality. quiet, funny, chill What are your strengths as a player? Pretty consistent and make some pretty good calls What are your weaknesses? (Things you want to work on) sometime can be over confident What would you say is your play style? Don't really just have one my champ pool is all over the place Are you willing to 100% commit to a goal? Sure am Why do you want to join this team? I would like to actually be on a serious team and not one that just plays a couple games and quits Why should we let you join this team? I'm an easy guy to get along with and i trust what others say in ideal situations
Wyllys (NA)
: Silver+ Serious Team LF Mid Laner
rank: Gold 3 role: Mid age: 20 champs mastered:{{champion:101}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:238}} what you will bring to the team: Consistent Mid laner strengths: Pretty good at making calls weaknesses: Sometimes over confident why you want to join: Looking for a fun group to play with are you committed: Mon-Fri yes
: Serious Team LF Dedicated Gold+ Adc *Applicaiton Required*
IGN - iTz KingViper Rank - Gold 3 Do you and will you follow the meta - I do and i will Do you have Skype with an operating mic - I do Strengths - Trust my teammates and follow what the say Weaknesses - sometimes over confident Best Champs (In order) - {{champion:236}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:96}} Why would you like to join this team - To learn and improve my play
: We offer coaching and and are recruiting for bronze gold and plat (silver tryouts are done)
IGN: iTz KingViper Age: 20 Which Team to try out for i.e (bronze silver gold combined): Gold Lane: Support Meta Champion Picks:{{champion:412}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:40}} Unconventional Champion Picks:{{champion:161}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:45}} Strengths: I ward well, very aggressive in lane Weaknesses: sometime over confident Why should we pick you: I'm a good listener and willing to learn Anything else you think we should be aware of: i Work almost everyday so only available after 5 p.m EST
Arcoly (NA)
: Creating 5s rank team Silver and above welcome
IGN: iTz KingViper Role: Support Time zone: EST Availability: 5:00 - 12:00 Rank: Gold 3 top 3-5 champs: {{champion:412}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:25}}
leglump (NA)
: LF TOP, MID, and JUNGLE for ranked 5s team TONIGHT @ 6 PST
ING: iTz KingViper Role: Jung Current rank and last season: Gold 3/Gold 4 Best Champions:{{champion:254}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:59}} Play style/ What you bring to the team: Aggressive ganker and dragon control
SkyVort (NA)
: LF a Top, Jungle and support for my serious ranked 5s team!
IGN: iTz KingViper Age: 20 Main Role: Support (Gold 3) Do you have skype, teamspeak, and raidcall (Y/N): Yes i have all Strengths: I make Smart plays and I ward well Weaknesses: sometimes over confident Why you want to join: Looking to have fun and improve
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