: Jungle has been fucked for the past 2 seasons tbh. Ever since they gutted everything about the role. I mean it’s to be expected when riot guts a roles late game to try and fix their early game (don’t ask me this is pure rito logic) then guts their early game and leaves their late game shitty. Tbh after minute 6 Jungler isn’t even a role. They may as well change the name of this role to “lane bitch” because that’s all you become after level 4
I cant even learn lane because ive only ever played jungle and if I try to lane I face people who have played lane forever it's a terrible cycle and it's so boring
: Not to mention we haven't had a dedicated jungle champion since...Kayn? We had Sylas jungle for a little while but then the balance team NOPED that one out of existence. Seriously, what's up with Riot and hating junglers recently?
Yea we dont get any new champs to enjoy and we cant even enjoy the ones we have bc jungle as a whole is bad
: Yeah Jg's been in a shitty spot for most of this season, xp nerfs have made it so (if jg just farms their jg doesnt tax lanes) laners are almost always ahead of the jg past 15-20 min. Thankfully preseason theyre going to decrease camp respawn times by 30sec so that Jg's will actually have a jg to farm more of the time and spam ganking jg's will fall behind (also b/c of reduce duo xp making leeching not as good). But yeah the jg struggle is why i've been spamming jax, b/c since i actually scale (unlike a lot of jg champs RN) its easier for my team to accept me taxing waves and I'm generally able to stay more relevant through the whole game. That said, if one of my lanes giga-feeds or are just useless it can still feel like I'm basically a minion, but it is what it is, and at least come next season I'll have more ability to powerfarm if my laners are shitting the bed.
Yea that's why I said you're useless without a form of strong cc Udyr is pretty much a cannon minion with a stun rn and he is supposed to be really strong
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Flaithet (NA)
: Riot, you're a child
You talked this much in 1 game??? Just shut up and play, it's not typing simulator..
Thalmor (OCE)
: This Game makes people angrier than it does make people happy
> [{quoted}](name=Thalmor,realm=OCE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=3E8qIjYV,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-11T14:13:06.198+0000) > > sick to death of this BS game, used to enjoy logging in to play and now i just do it out of habit. > > uninstalled this shit, and i hope your game continues dying, thanks for ruining something good money hoarders After all the shitty patches s8 has ruined the game take us back to season 1-4 please
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