: NA - Looking for Jungle Main for Clash tonight! Gold+ Only. Must have Discord!
Really? Why did you just unfriend me and kick me from the team? I met all the qualification you asked for, but you just disappeared while i was offline for an hour
: Zilean - Stay Old or Get Re-Birthed
I feel like he should be revamped and get a minor game-play update, but more to match his lore. In game, he's an old guy with a big clock behind him who throws pocket watches or something like that, while in the lore he used arcane magic to save the lives of people in Icathia by pulling his entire clock tower outside of time itself. Imagine if, in game, they revamped his ultimate to, instead of what it is now, he pulls an area of his teammates out of time (invulnerable), and gives them time to heal (a few seconds) so that they can try again. That feels like it fits him better than throwing bombs. Plus, when you look at the interactions and animations for other champs, they have huge pages of interactions and voice lines. Zilean has like, 2 voice lines and a few laugh versions. His hands are mostly one big block, instead of individual fingers. Plus, just a little question, but why does he float above the ground? In his lore, he is a mage just like everyone else, and used time magic to save his people. What part of that makes him float?
: NA - Looking for Jungle Main for Clash tonight! Gold+ Only. Must have Discord!
I'm a jg main, plat 4 and have discord. My username is Fresh Furry
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Dojigiri (NA)
: Renekton's skin doko?
There are other champions that need skins more than renekton though. Take Zilean for example. He has no interactions with anyone, and only has a very limited selection of voice lines. Giving him a new skin opens the possibility to upgraded animations, actual voice lines, and a new skins since his last one. (That last one being released 4 years ago, while Renekton got Hextech Renekton 9 months ago)
: {{champion:163}} Meanwhile since 2016.
{{champion:26}} Meanwhile since 2015.
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AColtZz (EUW)
: Earnable skins through playing
Its an interesting idea, but I have one issue with it. Yes, it'd be cool to have some skins that players can earn just from playing specific champions, but that would be an immense amount of time and effort, in addition to the skins and champions/remakes that riot produces. Take the amount of champions in the game. In order for this concept to become a reality, each of those champions would have to: A: Have their skin go through a large amount of concept work so that it correctly represents the time and effort the players put into it. B: Be made in whatever program that RIOT uses for their character models. (depending on what tier of skin, this could be even more time) C: Integrate it into the games programming so that they function properly. To produce these would take a very large amount of time. And even then it'd take longer if RIOT didn't shut down all the other skins they make for champs for skin sets and events, along with champion remakes and new characters. Don't get me wrong, this sounds cool and it'd be pretty cool to see in game, but If you want high quality rewards for your time and effort on a champion, no matter who you play, it'd take a very long amount of time and work and cause a roadblock for their current plan of releasing content to the game.
: As much as i like this i doubt it will be a thing due to bugs etc each patch or each time they do a themed map update. I was thinking something along the lines of the bombs being glitched or something or maybe a glitch looking summoner spell icon.
I feel like it could be a possibility. I got the idea from the arcade event that just happened, seeing the toggleable option for it at the start of the game. I feel like it'd be a good opportunity for Riot to not only bring back old map re-skins that they have, but also bring in new ones.
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: That abs looks OP. It's actually strong enough to grate cheese. Riot pls nerf.
*grabs a block of cheese and begins to grate it*
Urgash (EUW)
: Got same problem, cost me losses in TFT Ranked. still managed to get silver (lel) but it's really annoying.
Lol, really? Nice. I won my first game of TFT Ranked, and it placed me in Iron 1. On a win
: Same thing happened. These patches man i swear.....
Another thing to add to the post too. I just finished a ranked game that I did directly after the critical errors. The game ran flawless, and I did nothing different.
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Andevar (NA)
: He already has enough skins and he recently got Enduring (recent compared to other champs that haven’t gotten a single one in years)
*Silently sits here waiting for RIOT to reveal the Zilean skin the said was coming this year, since his last one was 4 or 5 years ago*
: > [{quoted}](name=Sky Cardis,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=0vLbnI79,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-13T19:29:00.835+0000) > > . . . I can imagine it be a rage fest like any after game lobbies. > Granted usually no one says anything and leaves right away... > But arguments break out far more then pleasantries. > > But I don't play TFT so take what I say with a grain of salt. It probably wouldn't be. TFT has like %1 of the rage and toxicity of LoL.
Yeah, was going to say. I've never had a TFT game where someone raged, and i've done a pretty decent amount of the game.
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: Shirtless =/= porn Also the states have rules about proper consent with minors If the OP is also like 16 then it's fine to be in a sexual relationship. Just can't film it or take pictures cause then it's porn which isn't ok.
I feel like we may be looking to far into this. And i mean Wayyyy too far into this
: Pool party Nasus when
I feel like a Pool Party Nasus would be pretty good. His brother Renekton has one, Imagine them both having pool party skins and together being the lifeguards of the pool.
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teneno (NA)
: Champion skins
Riot does that because those are the characters that are more popular, and thus skins that are made for them sell a whole lot better than one for a less played champ. That's also the case with Kai'sa. As a free to play game, Riot gives more skins to popular champions because its what pays the bills.
Sukishoo (NA)
: {{champion:26}} is already confirmed for one this year
> [{quoted}](name=Sukishoo,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=uHwwbzvY,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-06-21T22:04:09.890+0000) > > {{champion:26}} is already confirmed for one this year Oh believe me, I know. I may or may not be checking the PBE every other day or so to see if it opos up
: It's been 2 years since Syndra has received a skin :(. Make Coven Syndra happen 2019
While this does seem cool, there are some people that really need one more. (EX: Zilean, who hasn't had one since 4 years ago)
: Over 9000 is a scam
I understand you there. I hopped on about an hour ago, and it said i had a 12 hour wait to get in. I came back a half hour after I had initially joined the queue, and I saw that I now had a 30 hour wait. Seems Legit
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ToolooT (NA)
: I stopped playing for a full year and my boy Vel'Koz still doesn't have a new skin?
Mate please, Zilean hasn't gotten a new skin or even a chroma in 4 years.
Eeszsa (NA)
: Fan-Art Skin Concepts POLL By Eraiviolett
Ouch, no skins for Zilean and Zac. Theres some good concepts for them that could be there, like Tar Pit Zac (branching off the prehistoric theme, with dinosaur skulls and/or bones on his body), Dark star Zilean (his clock being a black hole, and his bombs being a black hole that collapses and explodes), and Hextech Zilean (just imagine him with a high tech futuristic clock, hextech energy flowing throughout him).
: The forgtten champion Kindred
Yeahhhh, though Zilean hasn't gotten a skin since April 2015, Kindred was released October 2015. In the entirety of Kindreds existence on the rift, Zilean hasn't gotten anything, while Kindred has gotten the Super Galaxy skin in addition to their release skin.
: oh, no. I wasn't meaning that as a skin idea. I was just saying it just because that's pretty much somebody's random fan theory about the history of Valoran's technology, particularly Piltover (where Zilean is rumored to be residing now) and I find all the skins revolving around technology sort of fits the theory. This is a completely different topic than the skin idea, but something I just find funny.
It'd definitely be an interesting take.
: Plot twist: Zilean *is* technology. Rather, he is the one responsible for all technology in Valoran, because his jumping through time with his clockwork bombs was the original inspiration for everything...but nobody knows that, because nobody understands the relevance of the timelord.
Something escalated quickly here. xD I feel like that would be too big of an impact for him to have.
: Very fair point. At least I was useful for something in the copper part. I could almost see this ending up as a legendary if done correctly...I'm just not the one to judge "correctly."
I really hope it becomes a reality eventually. League has a lot of skins that are based on robots or technology, but they are all futuristic (Hexteck, Mecha, Project). Having a skin that has technology from the past just seems like it'd be so cool. And I understand judging "Correctly". There is potential here, its just a matter of coming up with the proper design and feel of the skin.
: Volibear and Ornn For Next VS
I feel like that would be cool, but there are a lot of options to persue in that. You could have MF vs Gangplank, or Nasus vs Renekton. Azir vs Xerath in a battle for shurima theme, and many more.
Jisu446 (NA)
: Ekko Day of the Dead skin
While I do feel a skin with a day of the dead theme would be very interesting, I don't feel like Ekko is the one to do it with. I feel this because he already has his trick or treat skin that already has a skull mask. If he were to get another skull mask based skin, then they'd be too similar to each other. I see potential here though.
: 1 good reason why?
One reason why is because the project skins each align with a color. That's one of the ways that if someone is playing, say, project Ekko, the easily understand in an instant that they are facing a project Ekko. Now imagine being in a game against both a Project Ekko, as well as a Project Leona with a green chroma. The only way to add a green chroma and still have it fit the project theme would be to have the colors be as vibrant as it is in the Ekko skin, but then it'd be confusing in teamfights having 2 people who look very similar. Now imagine making chromas for an entire set of project skins, but with no duplicates of any color. You'd run out of options real quick, possibly even closing off future skins in that set because a color is already taken,
: I think it'd be pretty interesting to combine things in a way. I think the black and silver would definitely pop out more than the black and gold/copper, but maybe give him that copper/bronze idea of yours a more contorted vibe...like taking your clockwork idea and applying it to just like an arm or a leg as if he got that FullMetalAlchemist rebound that forced him to quickly change around the parts of the clock tower to function as his new appendage. If you think that's a good idea, I'd go with copper, since it turns a bluish-green hue when oxidized, and keeping that bluish glow over making a red one...it'd look more eerie that way. This is your idea, of course, not trying to steal your thunder. But Zil is one of my first champions I ever played, and I am now heavily invested in wanting to see the idea of a darker Zilean realized, be it from you, or from someone who sees this whole conversation and thinks "I should do some dark Zilean art." I will take this point to mention, I have the artistic ability of a baby walrus, so I'll leave actual designs to people with skill. xD
While I do think the idea of him having an appendage that is made of a different material would be cool, I just don't see how it'd tie into the rest of the overall theme. The theme is that he's been taken over by the magic, so having a part of him that seems to not belong may not fit too well. I can definitely see how a blue-ish green iodized copper look would go on this though. Doing that and keeping the blue glow of the magic could also keep the look of the magic taking over, transferring the eerie feel without going to the stereotypical red. That, and the iodized copper could really fit well if his mechanical body were made of old parts from, say, an abandoned out of service clock tower. Zil is one of my favorite champs to play too, one of my earlier guys. I just felt like he has a reputation for being a goofy champion, with how he has a revive (That causes him to laugh), as well as just speeding around the map. Just imagine an evil clockwork Zilean charging at you down the lane with his speed boost, ready to throw a time bomb at you. Sounds terrifying to me, but awesome.
: someone plays Zil like Reginald: murderous mid. :P When I first saw this, the image I immediately caught a flash of was sort of a haunting, dark skin. Think sort of like Zilean joining Org13 in Kingdom Hearts. A black cloak, with an ominous, silver clock with blackened hands and a glowing red backlight. Yours was definitely neat...I just figured I'd share my flash of inspiration from reading your title. xD That pretty much is Zilean's lore though: cursed to forever wander through time searching for an answer to his problem with the Void. So I was thinking when I read "Cursed" that it was going to be a more gothic twist on his curse. I am certainly not opposed to going more steampunk though. It adequately fits the theme of his magic twisting him in a way that makes my flash of inspiration look like child's play.
I definitely think the black cloak could tie nicely with the look. One of the things i like most of this skin is that is a more evil and sinister twist. Most of Zileans current skins are more relaxed ones, with Groovy Zilean, Old Saint Zilean, and Time Machine Zilean (maybe for this one). Having one thats a darker twist on his lore just sounds so cool.
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Zeanix (OCE)
: Wharf Rats and Arcade Poros on the Howling Abyss
I've had all of these, including the untextured poros. I dont know whats actually causing them, but it was fun having all the baby Wharf Rats
: How could you guys mess up every Ekko skin?
I think thats just your opinion, which you are entitled to, but that doesn't mean that they have messed up in the slightest. I personally love how they executed the project skin, as well as his first skin and the halloween one. They feel as though they were put together very well, and this halloween one is one of my favorites of his so far.
b4d (NA)
: Can we plz have a VU or a little VGU for Malphite?
While I do think that an update for him would be cool, considering he just barely got the new Odyssey skin, I don't see any updating coming out for him in the near future.
Wunderer (NA)
: They are thinking about reworking zilean
I am really hoping they are. He just doesn't really fit who his character is at all anymore.
: [Community Activity] League Champs FUSED! Make your requests here! FREE AND FUN!
Hmm... What about Nasus and Yorick? They're both very different, so a combination of their styles could be cool
Naalith (NA)
: Here's to hoping Riot is making an interesting Kayn skin based around his duality with Rhaast
Another option for your dual skin idea is PROJECT Kayn, while you have Program Raast
RuneGod (EUNE)
: Apprentice Arcanist Nunu & Willump
While I do think this skin would be cool and has potential, It may be a little bit since riot probably already has other skins in progress, and because the rework just came out, in which all of his skins got remade.
: A new gamemode :)
I do see a lot of jokes and some fun coming from this game-mode, but I don't thing it'll be a thing, at least in the near future for a few reasons. The first is because, while it does sound funny, it doesn't fit any sort of thematic aside from "What if everyone was a yordle". Most game-modes, or at least events, have a theme to them, whether it be blood moon, to star guardian, to URF. This one would be just out of the blue. The second is because of the amount of time this would take. If this were to become a thing, RIOT would have to make completely new models for each character to make their proportions and everything work. The work that would have to go into this game-more, to put it into a simple context, would be possibly equal to making a chibi skin for nearly every champ, (Excluding already yordle champs), along with possibly even new animations and modified particle effects to accommodate the change in size. Not to mention that, if they allowed skins in this game-mode, they would have do do the same thing for every single skin enabled in the new mode. Along with the second point, it would also increase the game size dramatically because all of these new models and animations would be added on to the already existing files. Again, it is pretty funny, but I feel like if this were to be made, the joke would die in about 2-3 weeks, maybe 5, then it'd just be there sorta like how dominion was. Some people would continuously play it, but it may not have the same kind of traction that the other maps do.
: Skin Idea: Ninja Pyke
I see potential in this idea. It has a good overall theme, as well as a good possibility of integration to the abilities Pyke has.
: Ivern Concepts 🌳
I can definitely see Groovy Ivern being a skin in the future, given his size, as well as the fact that Groovy Zilean already exists.
Johngle (NA)
: New Christmas Themed Kayn Skin
While I do feel like this concept definitely has potential, I don't see this coming out before another skin comes out for him first. I remember reading somewhere, (possibly for the newest Illaoi skin production), that they don't often do a joke skin for their first skin aside from the reveal skin. Its understandable, seeing as a large number of the Kayn fans would possibly prefer a more serious skin, rather than a comedy/joke based skin.
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